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In parliament, Iraqi PM Abdel Mahdi revealed Trump threatened him during phone call.

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Published on 23 Jan 2020 / In News and Politics

On Jan. 5 during the parliamentary session, Iraqi prime minister Abdel Mahdi said:
" The U.S destroyed the country & refused to help with rebuilding effort & offered help with the caveat of 50% of oil revenue but I refused & sought the Chinese & made a very important & strategic deal with them. Trump is trying to stand in the way. The U.S threatened my life as well as the minister of defense & the marines are the 3rd party responsible for the death of Iraqi protesters & security forces. After returning from china, trump demanded the deal be terminated & threatened me with massive protests & indeed the protests began. After that, the marines started shooting the protesters from the roofs of buildings so that he'd increase the pressure on me. The trump administration are still to this day demanding us to terminate the Chinese deal. When the minister of defense stated the existence of a 3rd party, trump immediately called & threatened me & the defense minister with assassination if we specified who that 3rd party was. "


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