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In full: Dominic Raab suspends UK's extradition treaty over Hong Kong

Johnny Exodice
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Published on 21 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

THESE PEOPLE ALL FAKE SPACE and China and The U.K. are both on the U.N. Security Council that PLANNED OUT this (COVID19) WORLD DOMINATION PLOT by the UNDERGROUND Civilization known as FREE MASON Lodge Members...

The Commander~

The UK will suspend the extradition treaty with Hong Kong "immediately and indefinitely", Dominic Raab has confirmed.

The Foreign Secretary told MPs that the treaty was being suspended because there was uncertainty about how the new security law imposed by Beijing on Hong Kong would be used, noting it would not be reactivated "unless and until" there are "clear and robust" safeguards preventing the extradition being misused.

This was a "reasonable and proportionate response" to China's failure to live up to its responsibilities, he said.

Speaking earlier today Boris Johnson stressed there was "a balance" to be struck in the UK's relationship with China, saying we would continue to engage with Beijing, but would take a "calibrated response... tough on some things, but continuing to engage".

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