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Max Anderson
Max Anderson - 69 Views
Published on 07 Apr 2020 / In Film and Animation

Published on Apr 6, 2020
Well so far in california, and lousiana. and new york and massachusetts. be careful waht you asked for.

MSM LAST WEEK "EXPLAINING" TANK MOVEMENTS https://abc7.com/port-hueneme-armored...

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

And The Teacher Spoke…, 5G Death and FULL SCALE Implementation come “Easter Day” 2020 C.E. is what the U.S. Flag “Surgeon General” speaks in CODE to all his #QANON Free Mason Goons!!! For years I have “warned you” about them people whom ATTEND them FREE MASON Lodges “in your” HOME TOWNS and Mega Cities as they Run the Police Departments, The Prisons and Jails, The Courts and Hospitals, and as you are LOCKED DOWN in your nations, you do nothing to STOP the Madness of these Lunatic Insane “Cruel and Depraved” DEPLORABLE World Leaders from Trump the Chump to the Humps “on your” CAPITAL Hills from France to England from India to “Bangladesh” from Iraq to Israel and why not.?.?.? Cause you the “CITIZEN” of your Nation are Disparaged, Blinded by the Light, in deep Contemplation that “your mom” or dad, wife or husband, and even CHILDREN have “become” Demons and Devils and MONSTERS known as Jobs Daughters, Rainbow Girls, and The DEMOLAY.?.?.?.?.? Listen to me well NONMASON, your FREE MASON Kids or Parents to even “Brothers and Sisters” are Fulfilling the New Testament where I Christ Jesus TOLD YOU Mother Would “Turn” on Daughter and Sons would Turn on Their Fathers, and Brother or Sister would turn on one another if ONE “was nonmason” and the Other was FREE MASON!!! So here we are with {6 days} to the EASTER EGG HUNT!!! Now, do not “any of you” know what Easter Eggs are in a VIDEO GAME.?.?.?.?.? and have not you trained “your children well” to come kill you with all the Horror and Abusive and even “COP KILLING” Nintendo to X-BOX and Play Station.?.?.?.? The Q Movement of Trump and his RED FLAG LAWS [was always] a TROJAN HORSE, and these QANON come to kill we all as they worship TRUMP as the {MADE IN CHINA} Red Dragon from the BOOK OF REVELATION!!! From Brazil to Tim-buck-too your Military “are all replaced” with U.N. Troops known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and we whom belong to the UNITED STATES “FOR” AMERICA are all soon to be laid to waste.?.?.?.?.?, and you let Donna J. Trump Live and “ALL ASSOCIATED” with her.?.?.?.?.?.? Once the 5G is Turned on and LEFT ON, “all life will die” except them whom have some fucking CHIP “to regulate” the MODULATION of these Eugenics 5G EXPERIMENT on “all countries” populations, and you police and marshals whom SHELTER IN PLACE and do not get on the “Bull Horn” and Talk to your “communities” using your Local Radios of AM / FM and Broadcast saying: We have been used “by the” NEW WORLD ORDER whom are all “participants” in SEDITION committing High Treason, and Traitors to We All no matter the FLAG, “the Lodge” or the CONSTITUTIONS that make up our Flesh and Blood and Bones Celestial Beings……..., this JADE HELM 15 {PROJECT BLUE BEAM} is the Lesson of PURGATORY, and you have dammed your selves and “Your Children” and Parents all to die a miserable [PREVENTABLE FATE] +=+ and in the name of Christ Jesus Almighty, I damn you all too HELL!!!!! The Book of EXODICE!!!!!

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