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▶️ If Everything Is Hate Speech, Then Nothing Is | EP#233

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Published on 20 Jan 2020 / In News and Politics

One of the most important things we have is language and communication. Something more important than just having it is understanding it. This is why we should use the tool of language in the right way.

The point here being that when we dilute the meaning and or change the meaning of things. When someone calls everything hate speech or anyone that disagrees with a Nazi for example, they take away the power and meaning of these words and delegitimize the suffering of the people who suffered by them. If anyone and everyone could be called a Nazi, then technically no one is, including real Nazis. This is a touchy subject, but the point being that by trying to defame someone with words that hold great power, one really ends up hurting the victims of those terms. For example, one would delegitimize the suffering of Jewish people in the holocaust when they call anyone a Nazi that isn’t actually one in order to insult or defame them. Whether one might do so maliciously or even think that they’re helping the victims, it is very misguided to go this direction.

I hope my explanation suffices and makes sense and I hope you consider this whether you’ve ever done this yourself. This can take on many forms and the only way to avoid it is to be honest and judge people by their merit rather than the beliefs you impose on them. It’s all too often that people try dehumanizing another to give themselves a false sense of moral authority against them. It’s much easier to claim your opposition is evil than to ever consider that you may not be all good either.

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