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Idahoan Psalter: Psalm 31

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Published on 24 Dec 2019 / In Music

The Idahoan shares his paraphrase of the 31st Psalm.


In Thee, oh Lord, I put my trust: pray, do not fail me now!
Please condescend to hear my prayer, for merciful art Thou,
And speedily deliver me, for Thou my bastion art:
From Thee, my mighty fortress, Lord, my heart shall ne’er depart!
For Thy Name’s sake and righteousness, redeem me from this evil snare,
For in Thee I trust, Lord God of Truth, and my soul commit unto Thy care!
I cannot abide those who endorse deceptive vanity,
But I will be glad and rejoice in Thee, oh Lord, because of Thy mercy.
My troubles You did not ignore, but in adversity You befriended my soul;
You abandoned me not to the dungeons of terror, but delivered me from their control!

Deliver me, Lord, yet once more from doom,
For troubles with grief my heart and countenance consume.
Because of my sin all my strength faileth me, and my bones melt away with my heart.
I am dead to my neighbors and acquaintances, and my foes now do tear me apart.
My foes published slander throughout all the realm, and conspired my life to destroy,
But my trust is in Thee, Lord, for Thou art my God. Thy deliverance once more deploy,
For every age is in Thy hand: You are sovereign over circumstance,
Wherefore save Thou me for Thy mercy’s sake; let me bask in the light of Thy countenance!
Do not disappoint us who call on Thy name, but let the wicked be silenced and put to shame,
Who speak lies proud and contemptuous.

What marvelous treasures God hath wrought,
And laid up in store for those who’ve sought
His face with holy fear.
Them shall He hide from all men’s pride in the sanctuary of His camp,
From all the strife that wicked tongues do maliciously stir up.
“I’m banished from before God’s face!”
I cried in my distress and haste,
But my petition God did hear!

Unto a fortress strong and high the Lord delivered me,
That the marvels of His kindness I at last might see,
Wherefore bless the Lord on high and love him, all ye, His saints,
Who preserves all those who trust in Him, and evil men requites!
Let your hope be established in the Lord, and of good courage be,
For according to His infallible Word, the Lord shall strengthen thee!

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