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Idahoan Psalter: Psalm 19

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Published on 25 Apr 2019 / In Music

The Idahoan shares his paraphrase of the 19th Psalm.


God's handiwork showcased in the sky,
Day after day, night after night,
Year upon year doth testify
With ceaseless voice in heaven's height.
In every tongue and dialect
God's praise and glory they recite,
O'er every land, clime, and district,
Their witness fills man's very sight.

God has prepared a dwelling place
For the blazing radiant sun,
Like a tabernacle hung in space,
From whence his course o'er earth to run.
Like a champion set to run a race,
The sun rejoices to traverse
His prescribed course with measured pace,
For as all nature doth rehearse,
God's grand design great harmony
Enacts throughout the universe.

The statutes of the Lord are right,
Making the righteous heart rejoice;
From His law shineth perfect light,
And wisdom cries with clarion voice:
Its testimony doth compel
The soul repentance there to find,
And in the fear of God to dwell,
Enlightening the wayward mind.

More precious are the words of the Lord,
Than golden treasures laid in hoard,
And sweeter they unto the soul,
Than comb from hives of honey full,
For by them is Thy servant warned,
And in their keeping great reward.

Who can his own errors understand?
Lord cleans the stain of secret sin,
And from all error restrain my hand,
That I may be upright within,
"Til the meditations of my heart
Are manifest in word and deed
To proclaim how great Thou art,
And call all men Thy law to heed.
Thou, Lord, To me doth strength impart,
And my redeemer art indeed!

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