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Idahoan Psalter: Psalm 36

Idahoan Psalter: Psalm 18

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Published on 29 Mar 2019 / In Music

The Idahoan shares his paraphrase of the 18th Psalm.


The Lord Most High will I ever adore,
My God, my Strength, my Deliverer is He,
An impregnable fortress for me evermore,
And the power of salvation in Him do I see!
On the Lord will I call and His Name will I praise,
For 'tis He who shall save me from all enemies!

When the armies of evil did flood all the land,
And the anguish of death and hell compassed my soul,
So ensnared by death's chains I no longer could stand,
Then I cried out to God my distress to console.
Out of His temple my call He did hear,
And there came my petition in unto His ear.

Then the earth shook and trembled, its foundations did quake,
And the mountains like rabbits affrighted did flee,
When the Lord God Almighty was wroth for my sake,
And allowed me His glorious power to see:

His breath like devouring fire did blaze,
And embers it kindled beneath the smoke's haze,
The heavens at His bidding bowed low to the earth,
And mounted on wings of the wind, swift and fleet,
The Lord with His angels to battle went forth,
'til the powers of darkness lay crushed 'neath His feet!

His pavilion of victory thick streamers of cloud,
And swirling curtains of water did shroud,
A brilliant radiance of light from Him shone,
And from the swirling clouds at His feet,
There poured forth a hail of flaming brimstone,
Upon all who for glory with God did compete.

His voice through the heavens like thunder did peel,
When He sent forth His arrows, all pointed with steel,
Death and destruction from on high to rain,
With a tempest of hail and lightning and fire,
To discomfit His foes did the Lord God ordain,
'til all was laid bare before His righteous ire.

At His rebuke the earth dropped all its robes,
It's foundations and the channels of the deep to expose,
The Lord from the dungeons of the deep lifted me,
Whence by mighty foes filled with hate I'd been cast,
There restrained in the day of my calamity,
'til the Lord God delivered me from them at last!

In the Lord's perfect righteousness is my delight,
Therefore He delighted to favor my plight:
When all the Lord's statutes I take care to keep,
And from His service I do not depart,
Then His gracious favor in all do I reap,
For pureness the Lord doth behold in my heart.

God unto the merciful mercy shall show,
And those who seek justice, His justice shall know.
God saves the afflicted and the haughty brings down,
The light of His presence all darkness dispels,
'tis the Lord who gives righteousness, strength, and renown,
And His power all terror of the enemy quells.

Surely our Lord is the only true God,
Our immovable refuge Whose great Name we laud.
God's ways are all perfect, His Word tried and true,
By his strength every obstacle I may surmount,
In the power of His might I whole armies subdue,
For the Lord is the shield of all who on Him count.

My weakness God girdeth in His glorious might,
And my faltering ways He by grace maketh right,
The Lord makes me agile as the gazelle,
He in preparation for war trains my hands,
Though my foes should surround me like a bow made of steel,
Clad in His strength I shall shatter their bands!

When paths steep and narrow alone do I tread,
And the danger of falling my heart fills with dread,
The Lord causes my footholds to expand 'neath my feet,
That my steps may not falter as onward I go,
Girt with the Lord's might I shall never retreat,
I through Him did my foes utterly overthrow:

I pursued them and trampled them into the dirt,
Who out of hatred had sought for my hurt,
I crushed them as small as the dust of the earth,
For the Lord God subdued them all under my hand,
And none could deliver them from the Lord's wrath,
Though their cry for help rang throughout all the land.

From the strife of the world the Lord lifts His elect,
And doth raise up a King whom all men shall respect,
Whose sublime reign none shall dare to oppose,
But to whom all shall bow when of Him do they hear,
While those who work evil shall their own crimes expose,
That His people may serve Him with reverent fear.

Of all life the Lord is the true foundation,
And of my soul the only salvation,
I will Exalt the Lord and His Holy Name bless,
Who delivers me from all my violent foes;
It is God who avengeth me in my distress,
For He showeth mercy to all whom He chose.

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