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I Got Kicked Out Of The Penticton BC Wholesale Club Today For Saying Social Distancing Is Dumb 🤣

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 65 Views
Published on 19 Apr 2020 / In Film and Animation

LINK - https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLfNTFUBXxXu

#WholesaleClub #PentictonBC #Canada
#GammaMale #SecurityGaurd #ToughGuy
200 Carmi Ave, Penticton, BC V2A 6M8

These Sad Little Gamma Males Think This Is
Their Time To Shine And Push Everyone Around
With Their Passive Aggressive Communist Crap

No ... The Real N Word Is No

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

Teacher..., what must we do to save our Home World of Purgatory.?.?.? The Celestial Sphere just made THUNDER happen without using Lightening……..., so I will trust in the Source of all Creation…….., and the Source of all Destruction “for we must” get beyond this De – Ja – Vu Oraborus Curse that keeps WE THE PEOPLE “trapped” in this IRON AGE when cyclicaly we should be going through the 5 Ages of The GOLDen Age……., The SILVER Age…..., The Bronze Age….., The Heroic Age…., and yes..., at some point “return” to the IRON Age.., but not “be trapped” in REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT where these incubus and succubus in the MINDS “of our” Human Flesh and Blood and Bones say: YOUR State National Country CONSTITUTION are now null and VOID cause the INTERNATIONAL Mafia these FREE MASON “Lodge Members” think we are to incompetent too declare OUR CONSTITUTIONAL Rights no matter what U.N. FLAGS “fly and are Flown’ where we live!!! Therefore., good work for those whom DESCENT like “Alex Jones” and his Club of 300 to PROTEST these Chaldean's whom keep we the “Tartarian” REPUBLIC in check mate!!!! That said, if your Police, Marshall, Judges, Mayor, Governor, and “all connected” to this Pyramid Scheme of these PYRAMID PEOPLE will not uphold their OATH OF OFFICE “to our” State FLAGS, and State Boarders, then you are to [shoot them dead] for High Treason, Sedition, and doing the Treachery of C.O.V.I.D.1.9. aka This “COBRA” World Domination Plot of G.I. JOE where we the people “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition “are told” to STAY HOME like little children as these GOVERNMENTS “of the” UNITED NATIONS W.H.O. all live off the WELFARE of our Taxes as the WE ARE the “Tax Paying” CITIZENS of our lands.?.?.? We now see that WORLD WAR TWO was used to kill all my “Polish People” and our ROYAL BLOOD LINES as these Fakes like Trump the Chump says he is a Noble “Excellency Majesty” too save this world from EVIL LUNATIC SPIRITS in the minds of those whom {can not} SPEAK THE TRUTH.?.?.?.?, for all they do is LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING.?.?.? In this…., you can put up POSTERS “in your towns” and community places of Gathering like in COLONY SEASON ONE, and in your “Native Language” and EXPLAIN your Countries FLAG, Boarders, and CONSTITUTION, and tell “your people” is it right for U.N. TROOPS to wear our “Military and Police” UNIFORM COSTUMES as freemason lodge members.?.?.? We are the NEW WINE SKINS and we will “have nothing to do” with these OLD WINE SKINS of Banks, Lawyers, Governments, and RELIGIONS that do not TAKE AN OATH to uphold the DOCUMENT of our “States FLAGS Constitutions” as this ACT OF 1871 FEMA HOMELAND SECURITY of Washington D.C. that DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA has NATO moving into the E.U. to kill all E.U. “Member States” Citizens whom are NONMASON for the U.S. Flag of these FREE MASON Lodges, and too that, we The Society of nonmason say: Time to kill more of these TRAITORS whom are “entrenched” in our mist using “G4S” and other such BLACK WATER CORPORATE WAR Stockade and Bondage Mercenaries… The Book of EXODICE!!!


WE PAY THE TAXES, and they all from Miliary to Religions to Government live off OUR DONATIONS, so Stop helping them Steal your Right to exist!!!

The Commander~


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