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I am like The Church with a Sign that says: GONE FISHING!!! ha ha ha #TUMBLEWEED

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 182 Views
Published on 17 Apr 2020 / In Film and Animation

This is you life, and yes, you can download DVD and CD stuff onto VHS Tapes to have back up of those things, as well as, any movies and art and idea you might want to share with your FUTURE BIRTHS by creating TIME Capsules and Treasure Maps on how to find them.... The Tan Gloves of the Grey Coats.... [///|||\\\]

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 months ago

So, I been checking out that guy “Johnny Exodice” on YouTube whom is {The Write In President} of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, and I am going do what I want cause sense our [Mother Heaven] needs to shed her skin in rebirth, I am gonna plant food, and travel, and go see Lakes and Water Falls and even Sneak into the UNDERGROUND “Access Portals” to these Under World Cities, and since “THEY LIVE” lie about everything, I must go Spelunking to see if I can find a Passage to the “Inner World” of our Two Sided Realms known as FLAT EARTH in this Celestial Sphere, and I am learning how to make “USB Linux Mint” and Ubuntu……., and even making an old school Windows 98 Boot up “Floppy Disk” and a Windows XP Gamer System cause I cleared out a room here in my house in NEBRASKA USA, and 10 persons “are coming over” to make an OFF LINE Quake Championship Drinking “Vodka and Whiskey” and doing Hooka as we all LEFT our Tracking Phones at home!!!!


Yeah Man!!!!!



HOLY SHIT IT IS “KID TRUMP” The Red Man Comet!!!!!!!!!


I am “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, and too HELL with these W.H.O. GLOBAL CITIZENS “of and for” THEIR UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of FREE MASON Lodge Members…….., and their JADE HELM 15 [COVID19} Jade Helm 15 WORLD DOMINATION PLOT cause if any [C.O.P.S.] +=+ pull a gun on me as their FELLOW Citizens……..., then I will shoot them dead dead dead as {U.N. Troops} / * \ in our Police Department UNIFORM Costumes committing SEDITION to our 50 STATES CONSTITUTIONS “of and for” WE THE PEOPLE FOR AMERICA and fuck that ACT OF 1871 “District of Columbia” Traitors Back Wards U.S. FLAG PATCHES!!!


We are The Red Hand!!!! We are KILROY….. We Are The 5th Column….

The Society of nonmason~


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 months ago

Its all on TV, but that means nothing…

How far would you go to PROTECT a lie so great, and “so devastating” that you would allow the world to fall into madness before you told the people where we are, what we are, and what this place “we call home” is actually doing.?.?.? There are too many now that know [COVID 19] has nothing to do with a Deadly Pandemic {Space Invasion} of Aliens and that we live inside A Celestial Sphere where the heavens “rotate” as above so below` as the Sun and the Moon share their light on both sides of our World where one side is day while the other side is night… If you think FAKE SPACE is real, it is only because THAT WAS YOUR JOB “as a freemason” lodge member, but you know Mother is Heaven aka The Dome of The Rock, and that “Our Father” is these hallowed grounds we get named on as babies “whence” we are born into this world of Purgatory, and in that` Purgatory is about to meet CATACLYSM and that is why there are NO PROTEST “to reopen” our Cities Businesses as WALMART and other such Mega Stores feed those whom have not yet “Disappeared” as Christ Jesus said: One would Be there, and then one` would be gone…..

I do not know “the life” you have lived, but I took the time to “read and study” the works of Written Thoughts of Ink on Paper that showed A world before The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 where MUD FLOODS happened and “all was lost” as just as now` THE SKY IS FALLING for our Celestial Sphere called Heaven Above, and Hell Below must “shed her skin” as all life in this Enclosed Cosmology “Galactic” UNIVERSE is aware and living…., and we are but TEMPORARY Creatures here in this CORPOREAL World “for a reason” as we live forever in the ETERNAL Realm of Spirit, and Soul, and Symbiot… You STAY HOME cause “everything” is shut down, and we are forced to WATCH TV “too feed” their need, so we die at home when the “End of An Age” happens…., just as Paul the Apostle Foretold, and so did the MEMORY of REVELATION 8 where “that person” was an Eye Witness to SKY FALL…

If you wish to get out of your house and drive, you can…. There are no military or National Guard, or even your Local – State, or County too “City Police” to Molest you for “they know” things are not what they seem… There is no reason to RIOT, or Fight, or even “Steal” for all have enough, and THEY LIVE will keep the power and the “internet on” as long as they can, so you have some DISTRACTION that your whole life and world “and education” has been a lie… There will be no Digital I.D., No Digital Money, no Global Reset for a “Global Citizenry” cause when the Sky Sheds her skin, your Self Isolation will become the least “of your worries” for Jon Levi, Eric Dubay, and FLAT EARTH British and many others from Richie From Boston to all my “Angels and Demons” know what I know, and we drive, and we camp, and we protect “those we can” as this place must RESET – RESET – RESET for we are all trapped in the “Oraborus Curse” of The Old Religions where we can not seem to get out of this IRON AGE…., and so many dream in vain` for that GOLDEN AGE too return….

I have told the people that {too return} to The GOLDEN AGE……., THEY LIVE must Disable…..., and Destroy….., and at least TURN OFF The EDISON Machine of Forced Technology in “Santa Barbara” CALIFORNIA…., USA…. However..., too many FEAR we are “nothing more” then Holographic Projections of this Mechanization Mechanical BEAST.., so they “leave it on” hoping in VAIN that their 5G [Eugenics Weapons] will keep WE THE PEOPLE “preoccupied” as they all go into their D.U.M.B.S. to pray for the CAVES not to Fall on them as “The Book of Knowledge” was changed to say: And they will PRAY for the CAVES too fall on them., so they “do not see” The Face of God… Even if you and I and all people have [De – Ja - Vu] cause we all get downloaded at REPEAT – REPEAT – REPEAT into this Celestial Sphere SIMULATION…….., would it not be right………, and fair as MACHINE PEOPLE in Human Form that we be allowed to Eat, and Drink, and “be Merry” till The SKY IS FINISHED FALLING.?.?.?.?.?


Johnny Exodice


I will see you at The Camp Fires after the Celestial Sphere has Shed her Skin….. IT IS ALL A TV SHOW, so get out of Your “SELF ISOLATION” and live till she cracks up!!!!!


I like to watch “MY-HIME” all of them….., for it would be nice to Save The Day!!!!!

The Society of nonmason~


And if you want to DANCE.?.?.? Then go Dancing!!!!


The Commander~


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