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I am banned as The Write In President for the USA in 2020.. A Natural Born U.S. Citizen. #Liquiddirt

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 88 Views
Published on 11 Aug 2020 / In Film and Animation

Must you fight me my child???

I gave birth to you in your mothers womb, and by way of the Seed of the Male, and the Egg of the Female, we human beings of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones are born into this world… It does not matter what changes mankind has [done to you] #QANON /_\ where 5G Eugenics have turned your Blue Eyes Brown, and your Blond Hair Black, nor your Light skin A Permanent Dark Tan for the Palms of your Hands, and the Soles {of your feet} [{**}] show we were once all one people as all babies are born light skin, and then The Air Changes us to either PURE Perfection, or PURE Rejection, and I ain’t talking about “The Colour” of your skin!!!

You forget “little one” that the Flesh, and this Blood, and these Bones are but TEMPORARY “Items” for your Short Lived Lives in the {Experience of Humanity} +=+ while you are actually A Celestial Being living in a Celestial Sphere in a momentary TIME LINE known as “The Events” after the Great Nuclear Hydrogen Wars of 1853 to 1854 where all [you people] Q` were dead, and then you’m became INCUBATOR BABIES from the MUD FLOODS “after” the Days of Noah are now what you see……., and the People have “gone mad” / * \ with FLAT SCREENS in their FLAT EARTH doing Probation for the sins of their Ancestors…

The Egyptians said in their PRE MUD FLOOD World, what will happen to our Great Civilization and Our Great “Religion” not GOVERNMENT when the ANGELS fall from the sky.?.?.? Had you only known STARS Used to be called “Angels” [{*}] long before the BIBLE was put into Play, then you’m would know that Lucifer was once A STAR in the Firmament of the DOME OF THE ROCK, and when I Christ Jesus Said: And Satan Fell from the sky, and it looked like Lightening, you would conceive that The Devil was an Angel Shot out “of the Sky” in our Mother Heaven, and that Jupiter, and Saturn were also “once” called ANGELS long before the Word Stars, just as before that` we called them Celestial Luminaries Angles, we used to call them [Astrons] Q+ for Astronomy, and even older, we called them ASTER or Asters that became “The Cataclysm” known as The Great Disaster…

That WORLD is long Dead Dead Dead, and now WE THE PEOPLE “are born into” this THE GREAT WORK known as PURGATORY, where we whom “played” and acted A Part in the Destruction of our Home World was taken by The God of the Bible and placed in this SIMULATION {Celestial Sphere} /-\ as Holographic Projections “of them” that destroyed them selves doing WAR IS MURDER when Murder was against all Humans of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones RULES OF LAWS, and ORDER, and as you seek either Redemption or Reconciliation “for the lives” you’m have lived, many among you are NOT REAL, and they only seek to be The Dammed, The Cursed, and the Forsaken, and reject my Mercy as Christ Jesus “Returned” in the Year of our Lord 2020 A.D. or C.E. if you prefer this TERM for this Celestial Era……., The Age of Pisces…

Johnny Exodice


The FREE MASON Lodges changed “all books” of RELIGION too make you Hate one Another, and now that the GREAT NUCLEAR WAR of old is happening again with that ICBM from China that hit Mainland Lebanon, you best “decide” for your own FATE, am I A Child of a Loving God, or am I a Child of a God of HATE.?.?.? The Choice has “always” been yours for you are NOT Born Evil, Defective, nor even a Sinner, you were Just Born “here” into PURGATORY…

One last mention, since I Christ Jesus RETURNED am in {The Host} of this Person, then Satan that Devil in this never ending Video Game is in the Host of [another Person] on this same plain in our Doppelgangers (2 Sided) FLAT EARTHS inside this Celestial Sphere “Virtual Reality” DREAM WORLD where we keep waking up to the END OF DAYS...

The Sentinel…


The TRUE “Symbol” of the Dragon or The Snake EATING [its own tail] Q known as The Oraborus Curse of De-Ja-Vu is The Age of PISCES where “Two Fish” keep Chasing One Another Tails [for all time] Q in our Celestial Sphere that THE MANY are held in ETERNAL “Damnation” by A String of {The Three Fates} from the works of Ink on Paper in GREEK Mythos!!! We are all TRAPPED in the ETERNAL MOMENT of repeat repeat repeat by The God of the Holy (ROLE PLAYING) Bible Actors known as THEM PEOPLE on your 2D FLAT SCREENS doing 3D CGI of Fake Space, Fake Doctors, and FAKE GOVERNMENTS of these U.N. FLAGS…


The Society of nonmason~


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