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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 204 Views
Published on 06 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

On this Friday broadcast of The David Knight Show, we’ll look into how governments worldwide are taking advantage of the coronavirus, Chuck Schumer’s threats to the Supreme Court, the 184th anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo and much more.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 months ago

One Minute to Midnight…

To you whom get insulted “by my” Demons leaving me Gifts like a Stray Cat, may I remind you that they are “my children” just as you Angels are whom do NOTHING to feed the poor, heal the sick, or fix this world… In that, all I can ask “at this time” of you my Demons and Devils is that you do not Torture the Animals that you “shall eat” for do not we all of Flesh and Blood and Bones do “Sacrificial” on an unnatural level when you count all the BLOOD SACRIFICES of every “living creature” that has made YOU PEOPLE well fed of this world called food????????? Do not tell me HUMAN………, you do not know where Meat Comes from for it comes from an EMOTIONAL “Creature” just as you…….., be it your Dogs to your “Cows” too your Snakes!!! Too think you are better then a Demon means you have no REFLECTION on what the “true intent” of a Demon was before the Bible our “Book of Books” turned we all into Monsters!!!! Words do have meaning……., and the INTENT of a Demon is to be a PROTECTOR of life…

So what has happened……, where ALL Demons are “Red Devils” and Renamed SATAN a fucking machine known as THE EDISON of “5G - Forced Technology” in our Holographic SIMULATION place of Purgatory where when that “tick tock” little robot clock hits the MID – Knights….., and then these “so called” CONTROLLERS have “our permission” to Blow Up our Celestial Sphere once more with Nuclear Hydrogen Weapons of such a scale that “no life” lives on??????? Consider this well my Humans…., be you Angel or Demon for as your “King of Kings” and God of Gods what are you doing to PROTECT all our Children “no matter” the land…, the sea.., or the airs., of our lungs??? Do tell me U.S. General why I must “allow you” to use such a colossus TITANIC Device on any “people” for are not you My General a SLAVE as an Employee to the TAXES I do “pay you” for your SERVICE too Protect Life` NOT Destroy it, and “do tell me” how this COVID 19 NEW WORLD ORDER Virus is not just “one more way” for U.N. TROOPS to put on our Service mens Covering – Clothing – Costumes???

When I have an issue “with my” Neighbor too a Stranger, I do my best to NEVER let it get to the point where WE “would kill” each others families and children for “pieces” of Metals or Oils or Dirt called Land!!!! You in the MILITARY Say: You serve “we the” POPULATIONS of our Nations??? Then we the nonmason “people” demand you arrest all FREE MASON Leadership from Small Towns to These Trump the Chumps…., of the World.., and this means from Russia to China., and all United Nations People…, and Persons that are “actively” committing and commuting SEDITION and “High Treason” from IRAN to ISRAEL to all lands that say: FAKE SPACE IS REAL, now pay’ for your Destruction Humans????? I may not be the “brightest crayon” in the box……., but I can still make a Mark, and sin` too Sin is to miss the MARK then why do we the people “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition [allow anyone] / * \ whom lives off our TAXES and Tithes and even “Tribute” to Beat Us Their MASTERS??? Is that not the RULE OF THE LAW that {our leaders} +=+ will bow down to we the people “whom” EMPLOY THEM!!!!? For far too long…., we the people “have allowed” Monsters known as Incubus and Succubus “to call” all the shots, but they are not Demons or Devils, they are FOOLS!!!

A True Demon Fights “all” the INJUSTICE in this World!!! A True Devil does not bow down and grovel to A “mere” MORTAL known AS A freemason Judge, C.O.P.S., Mayors, School Boards, City Counsels cause THEY ALL Live off of OUR “Welfare” from the Town Rabbi to the Town Preacher to the Pope on dope and his Imams from Putin the Scootin to {Winnie the Pooh} [{**}] EMPEROR OF CHINA xi… Now “everyone” on TV…..., and the CROWDS “are all” FREE MASON Pukes, Cucks, Slags, and Traitors to we all…. WE have enough KNOWLEDGE “too know” how Bacteria to Fungus are deadly if injected into our “fucking veins” to just Good ole [Bat Snake] [{*}] Amazon Frog Poison “works” when you SPRAY IT IN THE AIR Vents of our local Eatery to “night time” dance bars!!! In any Legit COURT of LAW….., I could Prosecute “all these” Fucks with their own damn U.N. FLAGS “Legalize” Maritime Admiralty LAW…….., and if I can do it, then “what of you” LAWYERS and JUDGES and C.O.P.S. whom are “nonmason” allowing these FREE MASON to kill you and your children………, so they “can attempt” one more MUD FLOOD RESET?????????

Johnny Exodice


Plus we are doing “our own” CENSUS for FREEDOM FIGHTERS “of and for” Humanity!!!

The MACHINE A.I. is on Auto Pilot, we "do not" have to OBEY - COMPLY - SUBMIT to a Piece of Tech!!!!

The Commander~


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