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HR1: No-Show Sleepy Joe Takes Day Off Campaign Trail As Trump Campaigns In Pennsylvania!

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 103 Views
Published on 23 Sep 2020 / In News and Politics

On this Tuesday edition of Election Countdown: Take Back America, DeAnna Lorraine breaks down the left’s vow to overturn the Constitution to prevent President Trump from nominating a new Supreme Court Justice. She’ll also discuss why Joe Biden is still hiding in his basement while Trump holds a rally in Pennsylvania. --01

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Teacher…, what difference does it make if we Power Down all our Tech in our houses when we sleep.?.?.? You may have had bad dreams, you might sleep by TV light, or Mobile Phone Frights, but I tell you this, when you put the Plugs into a “Surge Protector” that with ONE CLICK you can power down all Alexa Blue Tooth and Room Watching Laptops, The HUMAN body does rest in a most healthy way… Think about all these “Devices” like your Cell Phones – Ultra HD Intensity, and them Video Game Boxes of Microsoft – Sony, and Apple Devices all MADE IN CHINA, and then tell me the U.S. FLAG did not betray all [U.S. Citizen] #QANON /_\ as our U.S. Military Works for the UNITED NATIONS U.N. Troops called “Peacekeepers” as The WORLD POLICE for these FREE MASON Lodge Members in our home towns!!! Not only did the U.S. Government ARM China as soon as World War Two Ended, the FREE MASON U.S. Government BLEW UP “Pearl Harbor” and used the Radio, and Newspapers to say JAPAN did it when they did not!!! Moreover, we know the U.S. Government did 911 for Talmud “Zionist” Jesuit FAKE JEWS of Israel and The Vatican too blame the Arabs in Afghanistan, and Iraq whom did NOT Attack the USA on that September Day… And we can go back to all the MUD FLOOD WARS of 1853 to 1854 where your Grand Parents were raised on Dime Store NOVELS about Cowboys and Indians that “never” existed just as FAKE SPACE, and Moon landings are nothing more then TV Shows from these “nonhumans” from the Other Side of FLAT EARTH in our Celestial Sphere!!! Theretofore, if you want [Narcissist] Q’s to RULE YOUR minds, your children, and tell you how to dress, what to think, and what you “nonmason” HUMANS are allowed to do, then keep all this RADIOACTIVE Technology “out in the open” making your minds susceptible to all their thoughts, but me and my people of Pak-Toe: do not care for The Racka or their ways, and we know they have Doppelgangers of each of “we the people” on this side of FLAT EARTH once known as Heaven, and their side of FLAT EARTH was known as HELL, and if you wanted to get to the Other Side of the World, you just “traveled” through the WORLD OF THE DEAD known as our Inner Earth till you came out on the {Other Side} [{**}] of this world in our Celestial Sphere… Heretofore, any and all people “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition need to put all there Big Tech like TV and Blue Tooth “Sound Bars” on Surge Protectors, and turn them off whenever you deem “you need” A Break from Radio Wave Microwaves, and their Intensity Frequencies and Vibrations, and make a LEAD Lined “Box” to put all Cell Phones, and Smart Phones and any other MIND Altering Technological {A. I. Mechanization} while you sleep and not in use, and you will see Your “Human” Mind Heal, your Depression – Anxiety – FEAR reduced for We The People on this side of FLAT EARTH know the “U.N. FLAGS” and their U.N. Corporations have done all this (COVID19) to kill off we the Remaining Human People “on this side” of FLAT EARTH during their IMPOSED and [Illegal] LOCK DOWN!!! The Book of EXODICE!!!


There another thing you need to know about the nonhuman from the other side of the world, THEY LIVE like to keep we humans on this side on FLAT EARTH in a state of childishness where things and stuff and status are more IMPORTANT that family, Friends, and Companionship… Now that you know anyone whom is Mean, Cruel, and Hateful comes from the Other Side of the World, deal with them appropriately, and always kill them in SECRET for no C.O.P.S. are needed once these Traitors and Enemies are Dead, and just throw their Dead Bodies in a Wood Chucker and Be done with it for The Rain will wash away the blood, and the animals and insects will take care of the rest… Eventually, You will have to tear down all 5G Eugenic Towers, but you can place a LEAD Blanket over your House SMART Meters to reduce their RADIO WAVES...

The Society of nonmason~


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