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HR1 FDA Goes To War Against American People, "GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH" 245 Years Later

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 92 Views
Published on 23 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

How will you fight back during this historic moment in American history?

On this Monday transmission of The David Knight Show, viewers will receive updates on COVID-19 as the left uses the crisis to push Universal Basic Income, “free” healthcare, 5G and more.

Also, as Americans’ rights are being stripped away in the name of coronavirus safety, today is ironically the 245th anniversary of Patrick Henry’s famous “Give me liberty or give me death” quote.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Teacher…, why is there so much TROOP MOVEMENTS while “all nations” are on LOCK DOWN by the W.H.O. of the United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of Freemason Lodges??? You must be new to we of Pak-Toe “whom are” at WAR with The Racka……..., and what has happened since 1984 is that the {U.S. Air Force} and the [U.N. Establishment] +=+ created JADE HELM 15 to Take over the nations when people “learned” and could Comprehend the RAMIFICATIONS about FLAT EARTH…….., and MUD FLOODS……., and Fake DNA to many other “misconceptions” [{**}] we the people had all been raised to believe “as truth” cause Incubus……, and Succubus are them TV Talking Heads from Hollywood to Bollywood….., and do not pretend that POLITICAL Leaders are not Actors and Actresses “whom send us” [{*}] to war when they could all live in peace if they were but Human on the inside of “these shells” we all live in known as our / * \ Body Temple Avatars…., and in that` there are many Species in the Esoteric` all using these same “Corporeal” Carnal Flesh…, and Blood.., and Bones bodies…. Therefore., while your Counties and COUNTRIES “are on” lock down, U.N. Troops have replaced [all nations military] from NATO to Russia from Bangladesh to Congo to you see that THEY LIVE “have decided” they must set up the stage for PROJECT BLUE BEAM and REX 84 where we are “to be slaughtered” in our City’s too Small Towns from the USA to Canada to Australia for the E.U. countries have already had their CIVILIAN Citizens “disarmed” thinking that their EMPLOYEES these Presidents of the G20 to the G8 would not “turn on we” the Tax and Tithe payers of TRIBUTE when we learn “those we employ” as PUBLIC SERVANTS have always seen themselves as our Slave Population Masters…., and in that` they go to the U.N. FLAGS Forums to use words like Your Majesty….., Your Excellency…..., and other such “probate rape” of our children for since the last WORLD WIDE RESET after the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of “1853 to 1854” The same doctrine is used… We are all under MARTIAL LAW…, and yet.., WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT., not the Governed……., and your “City Mayors” and City Counsels do as they are TOLD cause they “dare not” Question the FEDERALIST “U.S. Government” that is moving the U.S. Military around our States to SHOOT TO KILL…….., and RED FLAG LAWS to put us in Insane Asylums “just as they did” to we the people after our Ancestors them INCUBATOR BABIES of “1893” did so PROTEST WORLD WAR ONE and WORLD WAR TWO!!! If your “Local Police” will not PROTECT your Communities FIRE POWER……..., then you my “nonmason” CITIZENS of your Lands better go get them Weapons while “you still can” for all HOMELAND SECURITY and FEMA have to do is Take CONTROL of the Police Department, and your Local “Postulation” have no more State Militias to fight back when the “U.N. Troops” dressed in the U.S. Military Uniform lock down your County, City, Province, Village… Know that Q is the Q-anon movement of TRUMPS Special Invasion Task Forces “in your” Home Towns, and this is why they are so PRO WAR cause “this time” it will happen just as Christ Jesus Ordained!!! Brother Will Turn Against Sister, Father Against Son, and Daughter Against Mother and so on and “so forth” as Every Face is a Kingdom and all whom look like you are “your nations” and does not the Book of REVELATION state that Nation will turn against nation and “Kingdom” will turn against Kingdom????? If you still “hesitate” when it comes to these DEMOLAY – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls and “all the rest” connected and associated with them FREE MASON Lodges where you live, have no worries “they will” tell FEMA and NCI to take you away case you are Infected with “COVID 19” even when we know we are not…. GAME OVER... The Book of EXODICE!!!


P.S. The reason “you will” run out of Toilet Paper is not because “you poop” too much, but they have infected all populations with “Pneumonia” by way of the CHEM TRAILS Sprayed “above your eyes” in the Heavens known as Our Pale Blue Skies, and you will blow “your noses” till you die….

P.S.S. You do want your Nose to Drain for it is “spitting out” this man made UPPER RESPIRATORY Infection…. And you will need to cough “and hack up” all the Toxins coming out of your lungs as well…., so keep making “Hot Tea” with Gatorade…..., and this HOT Fluid will help “loosen” the Hold of this Infestation on your lungs and throat much sooner…, and make sure the little children “drink” enough fluids to “stay hydrated” and help with their fevers...

The Commander~


Finally, if you are new to my Teachings, you can download THE BOOK OF PUZZLES at my mewe.com Johnny Exodice Secure Private SOCIALIZING MEDIA where “we do not” have to Self Isolate, so they can come kill all we humans…. There are Videos “too study” under same name at UGETube.com

This is what the Q kids and Trump Lovers aka FREE MASON Plan to do to all we NONMASON!!!! Q+ The Pen` Time for we THE RED HAND to take the Battle to these FREE MASON Lodges in our Home Towns... The Commander~


I would keep up with the OLYMPIC Movements, and yes, it is very well known that COMPUTERS like the EDISON of Forced Technology is based on the Insect World, and insects too bugs to wasp DO "Dances" to tell their Drones how to find the food and resources in Our Celestial Sphere Home World of Purgatory.... The Commander~ [///|||\\\] P.S. do you have any updates on TROOP Movements in Russia by these U.N. Troops wearing our Military Uniforms to kill we humans as we Self Isolate for this Bat Snake COVID 19???


Dances are PATTERNS, so it would make sense that “Machine People” would communicate through Patterns and Symbols….., but we “Tartarians” have our own “Dances” and Tar Tan Patterns!!!

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