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HR1 Experts Say #Trump Must Seal The Border Like Israel & Italy Or Face Massive #Coronavirus Surge

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 146 Views
Published on 10 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

And the Teacher Spoke…, What I must say now should have been concluded by you when we first taught you about U.N. Troops putting on our GOVERNMENTAL UNIFORMS and Costumes “no matter” how THEY LIVE {trick or treat} +=+ you Humans into killing one another for these FREE MASON Lodges “in your” home towns… That Said, you know there will be [no food] / * \ on the Shelves……..., and then they “will say” [{**}] SHELTER IN PLACE as they pick you off one by one…….., and in that you won’t know what hit you……., or happened to your wives…..., your husbands….., and even your Children “Will Be Taken” to QUARANTINE CENTERS to protect them from this “fake ass” Kobe Burger Basket Case COVID 19 “Norad” United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of free mason INTERNATIONALIST to complete their WORLD DOMINATION PLOT just as they did back in 1893 where the “Incubators Babies” were raised to FAKE World War One…, and World War Two.., so they could “destroy” [{*}] all Antique Tech…. In this my nonmason populations “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Human Coalition., you shall not have MEDICATIONS for they are “all filled with” vile things now, and once you are told to NOT LEAVE YOUR HOMES for we the GOVERNMENT be it the U.N. Troops in our “Local Police” too our State National Militias the Coast and National Guards WHOM DO NOT Fly or Wears our “50 Individual” CONSTITUTIONAL Republic and Common Wealth “FLAGS” for all in your City Counsels, School Boards, Police Departments, Senates to Supreme Courts “all work” for Agenda 21 + 30 this PROJECT BLUE BEAM of JADE HELM 15 and REX 84 to this “very dire hour” where NOT One of you City Officials is not in on this Let us kill all the “Humans” so we the Profane FREE MASON Roman Jesuit Zionist of the Book of REVELATION that Synagogue of S.A.T.A.N. where Bug People feed us “bug food” and bug guts in our Rations “as they eat” fresh cow to lamb to pork to fish with all the Home Grown Veggies and Fruits “we are” so denied….., and in that…..., they will DELIVER Pharmaceuticals that you need to live, but they will be filled with “nothing” but POWDER Shaped Wall Plaster……., and you will die one by “one by one” till no nomason exist anywhere in or on our Celestial Sphere “Home World” of PURGATORY as these things from Other Realms have “invaded all minds” to do nothing but lay down and die… Where the Men “Blink” way too much…….., and their Women eyes turns “Satanic” Devilish Demonic BLACK!!! Had I the power to command an Army to a Navy to the Air force and Marines……..., I would not let you “my people” all die miserable horrible deaths…., but alas..., you are all Possessed of the “TV SCREENS” too say: They say we must all HIDE.., or “they will” shoot us dead!!!! Then Let them Military., and Police and “others” like G4S to Black Water private contracted MERCS known as “Academi” ground you all into ALT-MEAT and know you had 5 Years since 2015 A.D. to “Stock Up” on MEDICATIONS that are now all Worthless except to them of your FREE MASON “Lodges” in your home towns…. The Book of EXODICE!!!


You will see the WARS did not Happen, but Many “of we” Humans Did die as we always do….


You have to REMEMBER these INCUBATOR Babies “were now” in their 15 ages to 23’s by 1905 C.E. that lived on “after that” GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR of 1853 T.L. to 1854 T.L.


And “me thinks” during the COVER aka COVID of the Vietnam and “Korean Wars” of 1954 they Destroyed many many Tartarian “Hucksters” as we call them of Pak-Toe… Be READY FOR THEM RACKA BOMBS “too drop” once more cause No one seems to not ask: Hey???? Are all these Locks on the Water “Necessary” when COVID19 “U.N. Troops” in our Police and Military UNIFORMS are ordered to shoot “WE THE PEOPLE” to Stop the Spread of this Corona NATO Norad HARRP DARPA “Ratheon Weapons” of these Beings from “Other Realms” taking out all Human Beings of this Real???????


Now if you can take “one of these” to them 2 Continents Left Off the WORLD MAP you might “live through” the PROJECT BLUE BEAM Faked “Alien Invasion” with the CURE to the Alien Infestation among we all…. The Blue Hats of the Red Coats with the Black Vest of the White Shoes…


If you “nonmason” would have just CUT THE WIRES to all “TV” and Media……..., we could have “saved” our selves…

The Society of nonmason~

The FREE MASON and “The Greys” fear the [Knock Knocks] / * \ cause they are Vibration and {Sound Waves} +=+ so make a FULL SPECTRUM Sound Wave “Device” to hunt them!!!!


SHOW US all these “Patients” in them fucking Beds your FREE MASON Puke!!!!!


P.S. the 5G “sound waves” can destroy YOUR HEARING and the Lamps can create [Blinding Light] +=+ to the point we {HUMANS} are all Deff – Dumb – Blind “in our” Physical CORPOREAL Bodies!!!!

The Commander~


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