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How To Make CDS ( Chlorine Dioxide Solution) with Mini Mason Jar Method in 30 minutes

Arrow Durfee
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Published on 17 Jun 2020 / In News and Politics

How To Make CDS ( Chlorine Dioxide Solution in water) with Mini Mason Jar Method,
TO ACCOMPANY (not at expense of..low to no cost methods (protocols culling solutions) READABLE HERE FREE

WHAT: cheap, simple/easy fast just about 30 minutes to create 250-500 ppm chlorite is righteous
suitable for many purposes.

IT (CHLORINE DIOXIDE IN WATER SOLUTION) AKA "CDS") is a simple water like molecule DISSOLVED IN water like carbonation in beer or soda https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wik....i/Chlorine_dioxide#S

it Is Not sodium hypichlorite ( bleach market ed as Chlorox

WHY: CDS is a chlorine atom rooted gas dissolved in water, being nimble it tends to gas off quickly 24 hrs losing it’s killing effectiveness, so it's way better to make and take in small batches as shown here. This method makes it painless so easy/effective to always have on hand (e.g. #Coronavirus #virus 20k is nothing compared to bubonic plague, polio, Aztec infected blankets ..100-400 million deaths in those alone.

HOW: use a small glass mason jar + plastic lid + plastic juice/milk jug cap. Fill with *Filtered/distilled water* (to avoid salt reactions with highly reactive chlorine dioxide), 10-15 drops of each depending on what you need. Close cap, ‘brew’ 30 minutes.

For extra strength:
1) external (on cuts, including sinus infections): add a capfull of *standard 2% hydrogen peroxide* - this causes skin to react and foam pushing biofilms (think umbrella protection/cities for pathogens) away so that the CDS can better reach it (both sides) and burn out the anchor (fungal infections dig into tissue)

2) internal (gum infections, oral use) add 15-30ml of pharma grade DMSO as a penetrant (DMSO like water is a solvent and a carrier into tissues deeply, also helps break through cell walls good and bad). CDS doesn’t really react with our tissues in a bad way at recommended doses.

CDS contains chlorine but IS NOT THE SAME AS BLEACH.

1) do a search online for MMS purchase to find a source, it’s 2 parts the chloride and activator (typically citric acid)

2) testing with strips should be done poured out into a separate cup as it may leach out the testing chenicals and generally only needs to be done the first few times till you get dosing figured out, just follow the recipe above if strips aren’t accessible. Small Mason jar/etc are available most anywhere (grocery/retail/amazon)

3) CDS/MMS are broad spectrum but DO NOT KILL EVERYTHING.
Particularly if a fungal/yeast infection some do not respond, and if the bacterial infection ontop is keeping that in check, use of this can make it worse, as then the fungal has nothing to keep in check.

- iodine (diluted)
- colloidal silver (get a generator, much cheaper),
- coconut oil pulling (sinus/gums),
- mild non drying soaps (e.g. African black soap),
- red desert edible clay (has colloidal silver in heart
- essential oils like lavendar

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