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How to Make a Thermal Lance Kit - Hot Enough To Melt Rock - NightHawkInLight

bodhi_mantra - 310 Views
Published on 02 Jun 2019 / In Film and Animation

I came up with this project in an effort to replicate industrially made thermic (thermal) lances in a small, mobile form factor. Their use commercially is usually for demolition purposes as they have the ability to cut through incredible thicknesses of steel. Both because of the extreme heat they produce as well as their ability to oxidize and burn whatever material they are cutting, in addition to the simple melting action that would be provided by a torch.

I do not recommend you replicate this project without extensive experience with oxygen cutting tools. Pure oxygen is very dangerous and can burn through otherwise fire resistant materials. It should NOT be used without full welding safety equipment.

I want to thank my Patreon supporters for helping me make this video! I go through a lot of materials and project failures as I create designs worth making a video about. The extra contributions you have provided greatly help, especially for videos that are not sponsored. Your support will help grow my channel to bigger and better things. Here is my page if you would like to become a contributor: https://www.patreon.com/NightHawkProjects


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