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How I Make Money from Home the RIGHT Way ("Mission 100 in 30")

Published on 05 Sep 2020 / In Film and Animation

Here are some of the things you'll see when you see my original content I produce:

1. No Fear
2. Do NOT water down YOUR message.
3. Talk about things you are truly passionate about.
4. Get yourself and your message out there consistently (All out massive action).
5. Create your own content, videos, photos, words coming from you rather than sharing from others.

You'll see my content, or my message I'm getting out there are on subjects that some people would judge to be extreme, such as the risks of vaccines, our water being poisoned, the evils of the pharmaceutical industry, the propaganda of mainstream sources of information such as the TV, the dangers of wearing masks, the evils of the Federal Reserve System, the attack on Free Speech, the importance of learning about our God-given rights and the U.S. Constitution, the brainwashing of public schools, etc.

Those are just some examples of the content I'm putting out which is contrary to what you usually see and hear that you should put out.

Usually we hear we should never put out any content that anyone could get upset at. For example we are told we should water down our message to appeal to the masses by saying things like "Smile". etc.

But the mistake in putting out content that appeals to the masses that you are not connecting with anyone on a deep or personal level.

To get better results I have NO FEAR in my messages I put. I say things I believe or know to be true, things that I'm passionate about BECAUSE others who feel the way I feel will connect with me and I with them on a more personal level. Thus creating a much better connection and starting to build or continue to build a real relationship.

When you know the risks of vaccines and you see someone us also talking about you are going to become a fan of that person who also knows the truth and is also not afraid to speak out.

A real relationship develops.

And people do business with those they LIKE, KNOW and TRUST.

I have a goal of selling 100 Electrolyzed Water machines in 30 days by getting the TRUTH out (letting others know how I feel, sharing my testimony). I have nicknamed this goal "Mission 100 in 30".

See this Electrolyzed Water 💧⚡️ in ACTION here: http://WaterOfChampions.org

You can get it for as low as 45 USD a month here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?....v=E8Qk4uMjycw&li

#ChampionsNeverQuit #Mission100in30 #WaterOfChampions

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