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HOMELAND Security got me onto a plane back to Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA to kill the EDISON!!!

Johnny Exodice
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Published on 26 Apr 2020 / In Film and Animation

They say the Great Republic and Constitutional State of Georgia and our Georgian FLAG do not have to do anything the ACT of 1871 District of Columbia Murderers U.S. FLAG says, so reopen that dang Bars!!!! #QANON [///|||\\\] /_\ [///|||\\\]

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Enlightened_Rogue 2 months ago

$30 for a hat and no customers. Should be at least 50% off!!!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

And the Teacher Spoke…, we have done “much study” on the MUD FLOODS………, and our FLAT EARTH {Celestial Sphere} SIMULATION…….., so me thinks it would be a good time to look into the Old Nudes and “Pornography” that you can take the time [too ponder] the FACES of our Ancestors in the 1800’s to the Early 1920’s for this was during the TIME LINE of (Incubator Babies) [{**}] after The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of “1853 to 1854” had come to conclusion……., and the League of Nations was created by all these FREE MASON “lodge members” /_\ and their modern day creation of their FLAGS / * \ for their UNITED NATIONS “Olympic” International Mafia of S.A.T.A.N. a word we use “too” Substitute and talk in (our own) +=+ nonmason CODE WORDS…..., so we can know what we are talking about as these Chaldean's “The RACKA” have no clue whom we are….., where we are…., or when we are going [to kill them] [{*}] and their Pyramid Peoples PYRAMID SCHEME of this (COVID19) Alien Invasion known as PROJECT BLUE BEAM where the people and persons from them TWO CONTINENTS left off {The United Nations} FLAT EARTH World Domination Map have infiltrated all levels of society from the (rich to the poor) as INCUBUS and SUCCUBUS walking among we the people “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition!!! That said..., we know [YOUNG TRANNY SEX] web searches brings us little girls “grown up” whom had A males penis SEWN into them by FREE MASON Doctors and Practitioners at all these Hospital WORKERS living off OUR TAX Dollars “Dancing” to their Witch Craft and Warlock STAFF INFECTION WORKERS “of their” Kobe Burger Corona Beer BAT SNAKE NORAD Virus that we know are all FREE MASON lodge members “whom run” our City Counsels.., our School Boards., Our Police to Court to the Highest CAPITAL these GLOBAL CITIZENS of these [U.N. Citizens] where they do not have a CONSTITUTIONAL SYSTEM of Government, but only a MANDATED {Slave Master} ESTABLISHMENT, and in that` we know [these people] of flesh and blood and bones can be driven off the road, fed injections of deadly poisons, use Hydrogen and Oxygen (Car Bombs) on them, and so many other ways “for we” THE SOCIETY OF NONMASON to put an end to all FREE MASON Lodge Members no matter “their age” cause once you JOIN this BLOOD OATH Secrete Society, you get the SOLIDS aka THEM TOTAL BLACK EYES where the Whites of “your eyes” should be……., and this means “them people” and persons from elders to children have all be Wiped, Copied, and Replaced by THE MATRIX of “Esoteric” Electromagnetic ENTITIES, and they are no longer HUMAN BEINGS, but now, nothing more then {The Cylons} in HUMAN FORM from the Battle Star Galatica Newer TV SHOW!!! That said…….., you know what MUD FLOOD Building look like, but since you are here, and you live and “breath” and QUESTION EVERYTHING.?.?.? Look at the old Paintings, Photographs, and even “Moving Pictures” of our PRE MUD FLOOD Blood and Bones and Flesh Ancestors….. And the link I provide “below” looks just like today's Madonna in her PRIME back in the 1980’s and in that.?.?.? Since we do live in a SIMULATION HOLLOW DECK like that of the “Star Trek” Hidden In Plain Sight information……..., Madonna has never been a REAL Biological just like all in HOLLOW WOOD MODELS AND ACTORS for they are all (Synthetic Creations) by the BIOS of the EDISON Machine of “Forced Technology” and Slave STAR Labor too what we call S.A.T.A.N. ^^^ ^^^ * ^^^ ^^^

The Society of J.E.S.U.S.



If you are too young to remember The “Madonna Nudes” back in the 1980’s then look at them and compare the FACE and Body of this [Doppelganger] to her who lived way back in this 1920’s black and white photo, and in that….., only we the REAL “Biological” Human Body Temple Avatars can question our existence while these MACHINE PEOPLE “get reproduced” every 100 to 200 years in the RESETS as the “Same People” over and over from Trump the Chump too Putin the Scooten, and as these SYNTHETIC LIFE FORMS [they cannot] speak the TRUTH!!! Only REAL Human Beings can be Honest!!!!!


Compare this Madonna of the 1980s to the [VAMPIRE] Madonna of the 1920’s and you will see it is the same (PARASITE) as is Donald J Trumps son just ONE MORE {Synthetic Clone} cause WE Biological are NOT MACHINE Based……., and we can only “clone ourselves” by NATURAL Sexual INTERCOURSE to bring forth Child Birth in our WOMB-Men….., and this is why we do not “Murder Our Children” through BLOOD LINE Abortions as these [MACHINE PEOPLE] cannot give birth for they are a “Synthetic” and STERILE!!!!


This Construct is a “Holographic” Prison… DEAL WITH IT!!!

The Society of nonmason~


Furthermost, as your children STAY HOME they “lose intimacy” with their friends for they can NOT Touch, or Hold, or Kiss, or “play with” one another as young people should……., so what we have is 12 year olds to 15 year olds “looking at” this crap while I do so hope that you {16 to 18 year olds} +=+ are finding ways to “enjoy being” A PERSON in a Body and [use that body] to REMEMBER that Robots do NOT make Babies, nor do (Video Game) [{**}] PORN SITES such as this one “give you” soft touches and “taste” of each others sexual organs…..


These are your Ancestors.?.?.?.?.? Where did they come from after the last REST.?.?.?.?.? The more you STUDY these old FILMS of Hollywood and Bollywood, don’t you just see they are all just WEARING COSTUMES???? All DRESSED THE SAME????? Where are classes of Rich and Poor in these old Pre Mud Flood Movies of that Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854.?.?.?.?.?

The Commander~


More information at UGETube.com >>> Johnny Exodice and mewe dot com...

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

The Last Bar of Soap

The Alien Invasion of These (COVID19) Entities did not prepare the people to STOP the Machine known as The EDISON of Forced Technology in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA, and as the HARRP and DARPA {Trillion Watt Lazers} /_\ laid waste to the lands with its Scorched Earth Policy, none could comprehend that we were all [at the mercy] +=+ of Algorithmic Interfaces known as a Term Called A.I. or Artificial Intelligence a term that makes no sense cause either you have the Ability to THINK and REASON and COMPREHEND, or you do not.?.?.? I was a Fighter in the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 that was trapped in a “TIME LOOP” or Oraborus Curse of De Ja Vu if you like, and I followed The Teacher, and The Commander, but when you are trapped in a SIMULATION known as The Purgatorium, you forget that you are only to spend “one moment” in this place as the SYMBIOTS can never leave, and so I do comprehend “their desire” too wish to CEASE TO EXIST and STOP the “eternal damnation” of REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT in a Construct known as The Grand Architect of these freemason lodges…

It was my duty as The Oracle for the END OF AN AGE to “reveal all things” / * \ that conspire in this place of collusion's and aberrational “apparitions” where people are born into Debt Slavery be they Rich or Poor for they seem inescapable of letting go “of ownership” of one another.?.?.? I myself took the time to study this Stocks and Bonds WALL STREET where people [walked the halls] [{**}] of INSANITY as they Worship pieces of Paper known as The Monetary System of Banks, and Religions, and Governments where people had to (pay to play) [{*}] in a world that did not require Stockades or Bondage's to plant seeds and grow all “the resources” and material goods “one could wish” without the need for GOLD and SILVER “Chains” to be your ownership by these ball and chain {Gem Stones} of Diamonds, Rubies, Onyx, Sapphire, and all the rest in their NEVER ENDING WARS to own, and kill, and murder one another…

The Days of SELF ISOLATION created a generation [of children] whom were no longer allowed to touch, or hug, or kiss, and in this` the people became more despondent, and more disconnected, and in their STAY AT HOME Mandates by illegal FREE MASON Lodge Member Governments, Religions, and Schools of thought, the people stayed home, and began to lose connection, and just like that experiment in The Year of the Rat, they were given {all they desired} as far as stuff, and food, and drink, but they were never to be allowed to “Congregate” in Groups, and Dance, or Song, and little by little the Human Population continued to Depopulate for (Masturbation and Pornography) replaced ALL real human contact, and not one of these Android Synthetic “Sex Bots” could reproduce Biological Life…., and so the Earthlings all died out.., and the machine “shut down” once and for all…

You can allow these 5G “Eugenics” TIME MACHINE Towers to Repeat this story over., and over where we go back to the MUD FLOOD Extinction Level One of this VIDEO GAME “in our” Celestial Sphere that in 1850 A.D. or C.E. or T.L. or P.T. no matter “the renaming” of the EVENT, we all perished, and then we came back as only (Holographic Projections) of whom….., and what we once were for to do Magic and Sorcery…..., that can [only happen] if we live in a holo deck the size of an entire Planet……., and do not Magicians slice people in two.?.?.?, and even “disconnect” their heads, and then reattach them to their bodies.?.?.?.? You are a Hologram, AND you are here only too “learn the lesson” of a people gone mad…….., as LUNATICS destroyed their home world……..., and shot the moon till she bled BLACK WATER…., and “in that” you will NEVER KNOW if you are actually REAL, or just a Machine “with eyes” that go SOLID Black as a Machine would ONLY do in a Simulation…

Johnny Exodice


When you die to this world of Flesh and Blood and Bones, you will either “wake up” in your Real Body as a Celestial Being, or you are nothing more then a Choreographic “Projection” of The EDISON…


At 2:54 the face actually looks very close to Abraham Lincoln.... Maybe his true Burial Place.?.?.?


THESE DEMOLAY – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls are “The Blind” Leading the Blind spoke of in The New Testament Gospels…


When everything in your life has become a TV show, then “you know” you are no longer real… Therefore, If you can not say: (COVID19) is Malfeasance, then you are not real, just a machine and manque doing a TV MATRIX Puppet Talking Head Show!!!!!


The Commander~


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