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Have You Had It YET With The Tyranny In America .mp4
CitizenJournalist.News Gregg Huestis

History Repeats Itself Only If You Forget It

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 144 Views
Published on 21 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

It is a WAR for our Minds my people; theretofore, do not allow EVIL SPIRITS to rule "your thoughts" for all life is Spirit....., and all thought is spirit a well.... #TUMBLEWEED [///|||\\\]

This video explains why it is essential to know your history versus repeating the said stories written and taught by strangers that have never been proven.

IJHTMYT Films Present "History Repeats itself Only If You Forget It"



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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

It is well known that in the PRE MUD FLOOD Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 that we all had access to the UNDERGROUND Cities and were a part of this ONE WORLD Civilization where if you wanted to do 5G Eugenics, it was a personal choice, but after the CATACLYSM that set up the Oraborus Curse of [De-Ja-Vu] #QANON /_\ our VIRTUAL REALITY Sleep was shattered, and that is why our DREAMS do not work like they once did in the PRE MUD FLOOD Reality all our INCUBATOR Babies grew up to become WE THE PEOPLE, and these FREE MASON Lodge Members must be STOPPED at all cost for High Treason – Sedition – Treachery to WE THE PEOPLE of this FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere THE GREAT WORK Simulation…

The Society of nonmason~


At 11:53 so after the MUD FLOOD Nuclear War of 1853 to 1854 this land these Americas were the WEST Indies of the ROMAN Empire, and theretofore, what is the REAL Name of the Country called INDIA Today with all its 5G Eugenics "Motorola" Skins and Brown to Blue Eyes by (COVID19) Eugenics GENETIC Modifications.?.?.? Hold up!!! I must ask FLAT EARTH British as he gets all the OLD OLD Books stolen from the Vatican Library of Alexandria!!!!

At 16:00 if you will look at your PALMS and the Under of your Feet they are still Light Skins cause The Eugenics WARS made all “Light Skin” Blue Eyed people into GREEN and BROWN and Dark Iris known as BLACK HAIR ONLY PEOPLE with many shades of these {PERMANENT / * \ TANS} Woven into the Tapestry of your skin tones...


At 14:40 there is a MAP in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA where the EDISON Machine of Forced Slave Labor Technology A.I. Arrhythmical Interfaces resides, and these FREE MASON Lodge Members have most likely moved it since the 2018 A.D. INTERNATIONAL “Juneteenth” Movie FILM Festival in FEBRUARY of 2018 C.E., but I did see it with my own eyes, and I tried to capture the STATE OF AFRICA that was on the LAND MASS called ALL OF AFRICA The CONTINENT in our POST MUD FLOOD World… Sadly, on my Return Trip to SB, the LOCK DOWN was soon to come, and they had moved “many things” around in that OUR STORY City of “el dorado” city of gold, or The City of Gold from The BOOK OF REVELATION…


You can be certain we are all still using PRE MUD FLOOD Technology in our POST MUD FLOOD World…. Games are Games, but this GAME of the Underworld FREE MASON {NEWS} World Order can only be stopped by {USE OF FORCE} by we The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition as The Society of nonmason~


These EVIL SPIRITS will not leave The minds of OUR PEOPLE till we kill the PEOPLE….., and Populations {most infested} /-\ with EVIL SPIRITS in their thoughts, minds, and actions for it is said: Faith without Actions makes you “my nonmason” DEAD DEAD DEAD by G4S Academi U.N. Troops known as FREE MASON C.O.P.S. in our Police……., and Military Leadership...

The Sentinel...


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

When ONE is all, and ALL is One…

I bet you never took the time to comprehend that the Visions you see while you Dream are the Eyes inside Your Soul… That you would consider ONLY your Flesh, and Blood, and Bones matter when these TEMPORARY “Temporal” Bodies do so die……., and that your life is Corporeal for a Reason??? It does not matter to me as The Oracle for the [End of An Age] #QANON /_\ that you were raised in giant UNDERGROUND Ships……, and that “all your life” you were raised by 2D FLAT SCREENS….., and that you {were told} [{**}] you have been traveling through space too reach a DESTINATION…., but now that you have “the capability” to THINK FOR YOUR SELF now that you are no longer [trapped] +=+ in them UNDERGROUND Societies and Civilizations, you must see WE THE PEOPLE of Top Side of EARTH “do not like” being lied to about the WORLD we are all sharing…

I am sure The freemason “think” / * \ they created THE GREAT WORK this Holographic Stimulation Virtual Reality…….., but if that were true……..., then why can’t your LEADERS and COMMANDERS live forever.?.?.? If you control The CONSTRUCT this “Celestial Sphere” we all grow old…, and die in.., then you are not A GOD., or A Goddess among we mere MORTALS, you are as Mortal as all the rest of us, and why should I put my FAITH in your “World” Domination Plot known as the (COVID19) CORPORATE Take Over of all nations, all people, and all lands be it Top Side, or those whom live in the Underworld Cities??? Not to mention your SPACE COMMAND [Code Words] for Kulu and Atlantis /-\ these 2 Continents left off of the U.N. FLAT EARTH “World Map” that you call Mars, and The Moon in the ANTARCTICA TREATY…

Do so tell me world leaders, how many “Children” have you raised in the UNDERGROUND Civilization to think they are on a SPACE SHIP as they look out “Windows” made of CGI and LED, and Then you bring all your madness “above ground” and say: WE MUST DO WAR IS MURDER when Murder is against The RULE OF LAW and ORDER??? How many of my “own people” have you Bombed since The French Revolution, the American Revolution, and this continual CIVILIAN WAR being perpetrated by the [U.S. Military] Q of the UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of mobsters, gangsters, child rapist with your YOUNG TRANNY SEX “Human Trafficking” where every RELIGION Participates in the “Abduction” of my children from the CATHOLIC to the Zionist from Islamic Saudi Arabia to Tolstoy's COMMUNIST China, and Federalist Russia.?.?.? You are ALL Guilty of WAR CRIMES on we the people...

And now that WE THE PEOPLE know “this place” can not take one more MUD FLOOD Great Nuclear Hydrogen War……., you Human Body Avatars with EVIL SPIRITS “in your” Carnal Bodies DESIRE too seek to lie on the TV SCREENS doing MALFEASANCE, and saying that We The People whom pay all the TAXES as Citizens of our FLAGS must all STAY HOME and “Self Isolate” cause you control the BODIES of our World Leaders “be that” these CORPORATIONS, Religions, Governments.?.?.? IT is evident Trump is not the Chosen one….., for he is not [The Oracle] Q for the END OF TIME…..., and this written work was only done to say The “U.N. FLAGS” are the ENEMY of all my people, and in that` we can take back the UNDERGROUND Cities, and them TWO CONTINENTS “left off” the U.N. FLAT EARTH MAP…

Johnny Exodice


Everyone whom has [ever worked] Q at the UNITED NATIONS in guilty of War Crimes from the WAR on Korea in 1954 where the {U.S. Military} the WORLD POLICE called Peacekeepers made Korea become 2 States instead of one……., and all WARS are planned by the SECURITY COUNCIL of the U.N. where just 5 Pentagram Countries say: We will do WAR IS MURDER here or there, and as EVIL SPIRITS in these (Temporal) Human Bodies` no one will ever know WE ARE in the minds of MANKIND, and we will fill “their minds” with Lies, Deceptions, Manipulations, and Confusion as now THE WAR is called FORCED (COVID19) VACCINATIONS too kill every last human on Earth…


These FREE MASON are all Raised in the UNDERGROUND Civilization to come up here and be our Religions LEADERSHIP, and Governments, and What Ever from C.O.P.S. to court room Judges, and Hollywood TV Stars, Music Stars, Whatever PENTAGRAM “Pyramid People” can become once they come TOP SIDE into our Civilization “Tricking and Treating” We The People into WAR IS MURDER as The FLAGS of the UNITED NATIONS [World Police] Q called PEACEKEEPERS, and they changed our ONE WORLD LANGUAGES, so we would “not have” A ONE WORLD WAY Too Talk it out..…


We Are in TEMPORARY "Temporal" Bodies for a Reason, so to {kill one} that has EVIL SPIRITS it has chosen to Commune with is not a Crime to [The Source] of All Creation and All Destruction…


The Sentinel…


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Have You Had It YET With The Tyranny In America .mp4
CitizenJournalist.News Gregg Huestis