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Health and Human Services spokesman warns of armed insurrection after election

Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby - 234 Views
Published on 15 Sep 2020 / In Film and Animation

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Nancy Simmons
Nancy Simmons 8 days ago

Thsnk you Ms.Linda. Thankful to God he has our backs. Love you.

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Henri Musset
Henri Musset 9 days ago

research the virus "Brucellosis", that's what they're planning for the second wave...

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Pennysaver 9 days ago

Dems/marxists are perfectionists at stealing elections. Washington state had a governor race some years back greggoire (marxist/dem) vs. dino rossi (r). Dino rossi won! Yay! However, Dems "found" some chads (ballots) outside the machine after all voting was counted - they came from ?, all for greggoire & the judges said they must be counted. Happened a total of 3 times that Dino won, fair & square & 3 times after all voting was closed, ballots were found outside the voting machines & were allowed to be counted - all for greggoire. 3rd time, after election & all ballots & "mystery" ballots (all for greggoire) counted, greggoire "won". Dems/marxists are down & dirty. However, vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord, I will repay. These stupid dems/marxists wont know what hit them on judgment day & we will be there - probably sad for them they were so deluded by satan that they would lose their eternal lives all for a moment of power, greed & $money. God is in control! Hallelujah & Amen!

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Family777 9 days ago

Linda what you're saying makes sense. So far it hasn't been that bad here. I haven't seen any riots that I know of. But I agree it will get bad. Ammo is already hard to get. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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