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HD British Hydrogen bomb explosion test awesome

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 40 Views
Published on 07 Jan 2020 / In Film and Animation

all footage of detonations were by UK
all footage has been restored for better quality
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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Commander…, my child had been sent to War in IRAN!!! Calm down my wombman, you knew this was coming and you did not tell your child to abandon the U.S. Military or the U.K. Military, or any NATO to Russian to Chinese to even the Iranian Military and go on the run with their BUG OUT BAG!!! Do not raise your voice to me when the Teacher has told us whom we are, where we are, and what this place is…. I would not protect FREE MASON Lodges só the INTERNATIONALIST can now Set the Stage for the REAL WAR GAMES…. What of you children whom have now lost your Mom and Dad to this FAKE WAR that will have real consequences on your Parents??? Do you not feel dismay that they still choose to KILL and MURDER other nonmason Humans só FREE MASON Can remain Slaves to the GOLEM Populations??? Tell me what any war has done be it World War One – Vietnam – The Time the U.S. Military Pulled off the 911 Attacks on the USA, só you would send your youth and the CHILDREN OF THE NATION to die in far off lands and kill other peoples moms and dads, and their elders, and smash their Babies heads in as you Cut out The Celestial Being Developing in the Mothers Womb just as The Old Testament reminds us all that WAR IS MURDER, and It was not Trump whom did this for he is just one more FREE MASON SLAVE to the Pyramid People that UNITED NATIONS International mafia of FREE MASON Lodges the Jesuit Zionist Illuminati!!! So why Kill and Murder for them my nonmason Elders – Parents – Children???? You would do better to take that WEAPON you have been given and Shoot YOUR COMMANDERS for do I not tell you that The Commander get POINTS to be the New King or Queen of PURGATORY the more you murder INNOCENT PEOPLE be they in military uniform or not??? Why do you think I take RESPONSIBILITY for each of your kills when you Shoot someone you have PROOF they are Wicked and Evil People??? Is it not my Duty to allow you to murder the ones whom oppress you, tax you, and while you OUR CITIZENS are in IRAN, the U.S. FLAG Government will do more MUD FLOODS, NASA LAZER FIRES, and many other Depopulation while all the Zombies and Walking Dead keep their Head in the Sands of these PLASTICS that are made from sand called ENTERTAINMENT… I care not what U.N. FLAG of {Made In China} National FLAGS you bow down to……, and beg of as you WORSHIP your Nations Colours….., I only ask you as The Person inside YOUR Flesh and Blood and Bones Body Temple Avatar is it right for you to MURDER for WAR IS MURDER, and if it is not YOUR {Choice to kill people} just like you…., who have Bars..., and Dance.., and Music., and Sports Games, then why are you not Doing what [Loguns RUN] +=+ did and Run Runner Run!, and find ways to STOP all this {De-Ja-Vu} ORABORUS Curse madness by making your own Seal Team 6 and becoming RANGERS whom use Drones and Steal [to Sneak into] [{**}] Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA and Destroy {THE EDISON} [{*}] for it is NOT murder when you [kill a Machine] for it is only Gears and Wheels and PROGRAMMING……., and even though you went to Boot Camp {we Sociological} do bleed to death, and is not PURGATORY a Place of Redemption for [Your Eternal Soul] and not a Place of Damnation??? It is time to walk away from this LAST WAR…., and find {other ways} that do not require your mom and dad to cry as you kill other moms and dads crying for their children that you have murdered… The Commander~ [///|||\\\]


WHY NOT JUST NUKE IRAN??? As THIS Old Film is of the LAST Time we used nukes in The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 T.L. to 1854 T.L. and since we are in 2020 T.L. of the TIME LINE, is it not easier to just be Darth Vader, and go Death Star on all whom oppose the U.S. FLAG [RULE OF LAW] / * \ WORLD POLICE of the United Nations???

MeWe.com >>> Johnny Exodice


RED FLAG LAWS are Illegal!!! So are Executive Orders by any PRESIDENT aka Dictator!!! The Society of nonmason~

At 3:49 they have an EMPTY GRAVE!!! I told you that this man of IRAN was not killed, he is at a FREE MASON Lodge in Nebraska USA, and the Australian Military is now Rounding up Nonmason saying we are setting FIRES in Australia Bush Fires!!!!! Go To UGETube, and find the Proof!!! The Tan Goats of the Yellow Gloves... [///|||\\\]

Moreover, if you have NOTICED all them CARS driving at Night and Early Morning throughout OUR 50 STATES FOR AMERICA??? Those are Mercenaries to kill Americans while JADE HELM 15 Wraps up in 2020 T.L. then these People and Illegals in CAGES aka Them FEMA CAMPS Along the Boarder where 60,000 U.S. Troops used to be as JADE HELM 15??? Them are all these Cars as these FREE MASON Lodges plan to kill us All and use the People in Cages as the NEW RESET POPULATIONS for our Home Towns and Mega Cities…. Welcome to your end… Q+ The Pen`

Finally at 8:43 in this Above Democracy NOW Video…., too say ALLEGED does not mean he is GUILTY, to say Charges only means [to Accuse of] that means the same as the word INCITEMENT, yet do you see this ACTOR with His Walking Device??? Dressed in a SUIT??? You my nonmason have been to {U.S. FLAG Jails} where we never see our STATES FLAGS on OUR POLICE or OUR PRISON Guards cause [we nonmason] are not allowed to be protected by OUR 50 STATES FLAGS…., but you wilt see that FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST [U.S. FLAG] on Their C.O.P.S. {Their Judges} / * \ Court Rooms…., and as nonmason WE HAVE NO SAY in U.S. LAW even as U.S. Fucking Citizens!!!



Dekta One JETHRO SEAMS…. Niner One Two…. #BLACKOUT

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