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Hampstead Case is VALIDATED London Coven Convicted in Wales 2016

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Published on 21 Jun 2020 / In Film and Animation

Addendum: The extract from the Daily Mail below, reveals the extent of the continued cover-up of that case in terms of trying to account for the money those people had - clearly, from selling of child pornography etc. The Jury was persuaded the money was earned through the women prostituting themselves - so WHY images of children on his CAMCORDER? Please NOTE that there was NO mention of making & selling child pornography among their charges: £2,000 a MONTH made through regular-prostitution by just ONE member of that 'cult' ? That would be £50 each for 40 sex-clients a MONTH - all 3 making around the same - REALLY?

'Every time Millar entertained a client, she would send Batley a text message to tell him how much she had been paid. She had sex with more than 3,000 clients over a two-year period, making about £2,000 a month, a quarter of which went to him. It EXPLAINED how Batley, officially unemployed, could afford a £45,000 caravan and frequent holidays abroad.'

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