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Government Admits Geo-Engineering/Weather-Controlling Projects Are Live

Gee Gee Tee
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Published on 08 Sep 2019 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 5 months ago

When we Broke The World

This is but one place among many, and what others would call a Multiverse is not truth for we know where we go when we dream in our sleep and before the waking twilight moments......., WE ARE always The PERSON in the Dream be it scary as hell......, or an adventure....., and a lesson... What shattered our Dreams so that they no longer can be complete } only get pieces...., and places..., and most do not even remember they have dreamed while their body of flesh.., and blood., and bones was in stasis??? There had to be a time PURGATORY was much more comfortable then this, where we had enough food for all, and we shared in song and dance and played with the balls of sports and spirit and sang the words I AM, but then something went terribly wrong...., A slap, a hit, and then the Bombs...

To Destroy a Celestial Sphere is something beyond comparison [to all the evils] /*\ we see in this day and age when you will use these 5G Full Spectrum Microwave Titanic Towers to Boil the Moon, and the Sun till they crack the dome just as that sheet to Turin ripped in the TEMPLE when Christ Jesus Died on the cross, and to what extent {will mankind} +=+ continue to destroy all that is good in the blind oppression of ones only Soul to live forever as The Person whom is you in every Nightmare Made, Ever Terror Dream forestalled, and all the other Racka of those whom think too small... All you people with your Slave / Master Mentality are nothing more then Zeros and Ones in this SIMULATION PRISON of what was done an infinity ago, and though some of us come here to see if you are ready to come home, you are not!!! You Still beat one another, You Still Rape one Another, and you still Kill one another cause you will not QUESTION the Orders of your Commanders when they are so apparently wrong!!!

I have been to the Jails, and the Prisons, and the Concentration Centers you call Religions, you call Schools, you call Government where {all you teach} [{**}] is how to be a fool!!! Hold onto this, Hold on to that, but do not take the time to ask: Since I must die at some point in PURGATORY in our 2 Sided FLAT EARTHS Celestial Sphere Scared Geometry existence, then holding onto Gold is Worthless when we know it is just [one of many] [{*}] Rocks that grows in the hallowed grounds of so many dead indigenous peoples from Blood Diamonds to Dead Rubies to Sorcery from the Blue Sapphire, I have killed, and harmed, and raped the lands of my people, and still think I can escape Judgement by The Source of All Creation if i The PERSON can just collect enough STUFF before my frail human body dies in this MATERIAL World??? What have I done where I got 10 homes and so many others have none??? What Great Man am I cause I am a Billionaire, but i will not feed those in need, clothe those in want, and deny them shelter, so the U.S. FLAG Military {can continue} REX 84 and JADE HELM 15 Depopulation for Agenda 21 + 30 of this International FREE MASON Mafia known [as these] United Nations of Satan the RED DRAGON OF China???

The people are all gone, and only the empty buildings These TOWERS OF BABEL remain with {Automation Lights on - Lights off} +=+ keeps the illusion that there might be people and a population, but then again, more and more [self check out] as there are no more teenagers to work in them stores??? You sprayed the Skies with Chemicals, you set the Earth on Fire, you started wars with IRAN and North Korea and in the End Russia and the United States FAKED SPACE, so COMMUNIST China could say {on them} 2D FLAT SCREENS that the LADY IN RED, the Merchant Ships Whore of Babylon from the Book of Revelation was not the way....... I do not need your stuff, your banks, your priest, your CAPITALISM!!! You are the reason this Prison Place called The Purgatorium was made, and to follow in the foot steps of those whom WORSHIP Things {made by hands} means You'm never leave... We do not Worship, for to Worship is too Beg, and to Beg is Racka!!! We Are Pak-Toe... In PURGATORY, only those who learn to love leave...., and all others are trapped in this HELL forever to Repeat Repeat Repeat...

Johnny Exodice

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