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Gospel Re-Write of Unreconstructed Rebel (TIS165)

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Published on 27 Oct 2018 / In Music

The Idahoan presents a song titled "Reconciled Rebel," which is basically a gospel re-write of the Southern folk song "Unreconstructed Rebel."


Oh, once I was a rebel against God’s holy rule,
In sin and error I wandered and wholly played the fool,
Whether by fear or riot, whether by night or day,
My transgression abounded; there would be Hell to pay.

Yet God in His great mercy looked down from Heaven’s throne,
Said of a wretched rebel, “I chose you for My own,”
So from the halls of Heaven, Jesus came down to Earth,
From sin to save a rebel, despite my lack of worth.

For sin there must be bloodshed, the Holy Law did say,
So to the cross they nailed him, my ransom for to pay,
And there on Calv’ry’s mountain, my liberty He won,
And granted me a pardon for everything I done.

What’s more, now He’s ascended, His Spirit He did send,
My broken heart to suture and errant ways to mend,
And still His call is open to all who would believe:
Trust Jesus for salvation, and you he will receive!

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