Gopher explosion compilation

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Published on 07 Apr 2018 / In Pets & Animals

Have been trying to rid my back yard of gophers for 3 years now. Nothing has worked, so I brought out the heavy artillery. Propane and Oxygen. Here are the explosions we have gotten in the last few days.

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Boss Ross
Boss Ross 18 days ago

tell me more. this looks like fun. how are you igniting the gas? spark plug on a wire?

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Btowntaz 16 days ago

We used speaker wire with the ends connected by steel wool. Then hooked to a 12 volt battery and boom. Sometimes...... I guess the spark plug could work, but in your car needs the coil to drive the spark. Doubt hook it straight to a battery would do the job.

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Tetrasphere 21 days ago

I'm sure my grandpa would be amused to try this, laughed the whole time.

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Firepuddin 28 days ago

Very satisfying to watch I loved it

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Zoo9guy 1 month ago

Surprisingly satisfying to watch.... that's some awesome redneck vermin demolition work. #FireInTheHole

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Teddy’s Gun Shop
Teddy’s Gun Shop 1 month ago

Caddy shack love it

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