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GOD bless the USA ........mirrored

Tessa Cunningham
Tessa Cunningham - 82 Views
Published on 14 Jul 2020 / In Music

ALL typings are all IMHO:

I LOVE my country and anyone that lives in the states should too. People come here legally and illegally to obtain the American dream, STOP trying to turn us communist. IF you don't like it here, then get out, we don't want you. What makes this country one of the BEST is your RIGHT to say, worship, or write what you want and the 2A is there to make sure that that RIGHT is not taken. You even have the Right to leave and not stay in this country you hate so much. But with the times we are in, even that is trying to be STOLEN away. WE the People do need to take our country back from the career politicians that have forgotten that they serve us not they other way around. The American experiment did NOT fail we must stand up for it or they WILL take it away.

Have a blessed day
and know SPIRIT loves you


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