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Glen Beck exposes George Soros and gets fired from Fox

Ponzie - 645 Views
Published on 18 Sep 2020 / In Film and Animation

This was a Glen Beck show on Fox Tv years ago and he was fired after for exposing George Soros. He has since been smeared by all the mainstream media and turned into a quak. He has also been blacklisted from working on any mainstream media platform and has turned to the internet with successful shows like the "Blaze" and "GlenBeck.com"

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DeltaDawnie 1 month ago

George Soros is evil personified. He is old enough to die and hopefully, very soon.

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Ponzie 1 month ago

Hi, DeltaDawnie, he may die soon but his son Alexander Soros will take over and he is even more evil. You can google him

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