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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 112 Views
Published on 03 Jan 2020 / In Film and Animation

WORLD WAR THREE is happening time for we nonmason to take it to them The FREE MASON Lodges in our homes towns and mega Cities!!! The Commander~ [///|||\\\]

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 5 months ago

It is TIME for The Rangers To Awaken…

TO {all nonmason} whom belong to OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION……., you must now [Take Out the FREE MASON] / * \ Lodges in your Home Towns…..., Cities….., and all Locations for Christ Jesus said: THEY LIVE {will not know} the Day…., or the Hour we all RISE as one..., and do our part to Save the Little Girl La La – Delilah – Lucy aka [OUR MOON] Luna… It is evident that it is time to PROTECT THE PAWNS in this Chess Game.., and since {we nonmason} are on a scale of 2 to 1 when it comes to this GOLEM Population, then [we HUMAN Populations} have had the time to see {The Racka] for what they are., where they go, what they drive, and where they live, and [is it not] +=+ Pay Back for all the Death and Murder they have done {in this 21st Century} as their JADE HELM 15 [REX 84] U.N. Troops of G4S now own our once INDEPENDENT Cities, and Counties, and Provinces, as all is turned into REGIONS with REGIONAL COURT HOUSES {of the} United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of freemason lodges???

You must [consider this nonmason] that even our FLAGS once had {True Purpose} at one time BEFORE The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853…., and that even [our States CONSTITUTIONS} did have meaning before {FREE MASON] Took over all the Courts and Police and renamed themselves FREE MASON C.O.P.S. aka ENFORCERS where we as nonmason aka The LIBERATORS have NEVER elected anyone…., but {they say we do} with their ELECTORAL Electronic Banking Scheme where WE ARE not to be given [a Secure USB to login] too VOTE...., and Verify OUR nonmason “PROFANE” Votes matter… You trust the SECURITY of the internet to do online SALES and TRADE as you MARK yourself with [Amazon and Apple] [{**}] and Walmart FEMA Tracking of your Face and {Voice and Iris} to the Retna of [YOUR EYES] while you post [9 Mega Pixel Photos] of even YOUR CHILDREN on Facebook, and Twitter, and Reddit…., só free mason C.O.P.S. can come do a RED FLAG LAW [to send you to] an Asylum while they do {who knows what} PizzaGATE Satanist THINGS with your children?????

You no longer have the COMFORT [to sit and watch] [{*}] FAKE TV SHOWS from Fake Space to Fake History to you name the {Illusions and delusional} State of Mind you have been beamed into [day after day] as you WORK – Watch HOLLOW WOOD – Sleep…., and then repeat?, and for what??? A week, a Month, A Year, a Decade????, Your whole fucking NONMASON life!!! Brain washed and Brain Dead {you do not see} that up to 49% of this worlds population is FREE MASON kids and young Adults...., and the old Cronies, and their Chrome Domes [as The Centurion] aka CYLONS from Battle Star Galactica` that walk among us nonmason telling us FLAT EARTH is not real??? FLAT EARTH is a Psy-op??? This Celestial Sphere {where our Wombs} make and carry our Celestial Eggs that once impregnated by [another Human Being} becomes our Access Point at CONCEPTION to enter PURGATORY {this Celestial Sphere} we all live in, and to be Redeemed for what ever happened in another life…., but these [Trickster Spirits] just keep Tricking OR Treating you into {never awaking} to talk with your own mind, your inner spirits…., and your SYMBIOT [that makes you] a Celestial Being PERSON!!!

For all who do what must be done, it is good…., but we must [BREAK SHIT] not STAY CALM while these FREE MASON Steal and Rape our Children só they can make and watch {YOUNG TRANNY SEX] in their Google PizzaGATE Searches is more then A [good enough reason} to take THEM out be they Your [FREE MASON] Mayors, FREE MASON Sheriff of Nottingham…., FREE MASON Judges from the Book of Job, to the Ultimate and Utter Destruction of their Joke played on that man JOB in {Their Bible} where [Their G.O.D.] whom destroys a HUMANS life...., só GOLEM God and GOLEM Satan could place a BET {too see what happens} after they ROLL him out of wealth, and family, and hope??? Do not forget [my nonmason] People…., and Persons, it was the ROMAN FREE MASON Lodges {whom nailed me} to that Cross…., and then they Rolled the Die that are all called Dice cause {they are made out of} our Dead Men and our Dead Wombmen BONES!!! You Roll the Dice on Jesus??? We Roll the Dice on you…, Cause after you [killed that Man] you made HIS BONES into Die, só let's roll some Muther Fucking Bones FREE MASON!!! God is Plural...., and that means Male and Female, but the freemason took and made [The Book of Knowledge] into a MALE Only Entity...., and só much other Racka!!!! Read Genesis to know God is both Male and Female...., and {WE ARE} made in THEIR Images...

Johnny Exodice


As I did reveal, the Dream World where we Sleep will mix with Our Waking Reality for a Time…

P.S. The Sands on the Top of Africa and in Saudi Arabia is SEDIMENT from the Mud Floods and the World Wide Cataclysm when they Shot a STAR out of the Dome Revelation 8...

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