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Cool Jazz and a sunrise.     7/14/20
Tessa Cunningham

George Soros Connection in flaring riots using the false flag pre-planned event of George Floyd arrest and supposed death

Times of Truth
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Published on 01 Jun 2020 / In People and Blogs

"According to the store clerks, George Floyd attempted to make a purchase with a fake $20 bill. The clerk refused the money.
Floyd left without incident but decided to hang out in front of the store, just standing around.

In the meantime, just for practice, the clerk notified the police of the incident. The police then rushed right over because, you know, police in big cities are usually free to rush over to check fake $20s from people who have already left the scene. Happens all the time.

Imagine their good fortune to find Floyd still standing there. That’s what most people do after being caught with a counterfeit bill, right? Just walk outside and stand there.

I find it odd that these two men, Derek (the officer) and Floyd, may have known each other well. They used to work together for years, apparently.

I find it odd that the cop had his hands in his pockets while he put his knee on his friend's throat. Very odd.

I find it odd that they did not just put him in the back seat of the cop car. They were literally standing right next to the door.

I find it odd that a man who couldn’t get air was able to yell out repeatedly for a very long period of time, and did not struggle to live. Why didn't he call for help with all those people standing around filming him? He just laid there and passively "died."

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I find it odd that they just stood there and let people film this.

I find it odd the video is everywhere and so easily accessible when other videos of MURDER are removed or censored.

I find it odd that most of Derek’s weight is on his right knee, the one on the ground, not the left knee on his friend, George.

I find it odd the paramedics arrived on scene, approached so nonchalantly, then placed Derek’s very much alive (?) friend, George, into the ambulance without any sign of urgency. As soon as out of an ambulance paramedics and medical staff starts doing what they trained for - checking the vital signs - pulse, heart rate etc. Look in the original incident video what happened closely when the ambulance arrived at the scene; there were no paramedics but bulletproof vest worn police officers came out of ambulance. Anyone in the medical field know that they would have to stabilize the victims spine with a medical collar before moving him. They would never let his head flop around like that as they did - Total setup.

I find it odd that Derek’s neighbors never knew he was an officer. They stated they never saw him wearing a uniform coming and going.

I find it VERY odd that a cop started the riots. Thank goodness for an ex who outed him.

I find it odd that nearly everyone who was arrested for rioting and looting were from out of state.

I find it odd that the National Guard was not brought in earlier, and that they were unable to get these riots under control immediately.

I find it odd that these staged events only happen in Democrat run cities.

I find it odd that this "racist" narrative happened shortly after Biden's racist comment last week. I knew they were trying to distract us from something.

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I find it odd that this happened just as C0VID loses traction. Social distancing SUDDENLY flew out the window. Let's hope the masks and fear soon follow.

I find it odd that C0VID happened the moment the impeachment failed.

I find it odd the impeachment happened the moment that Russian hoax failed.

Can you see the pattern? Will you continue to chase the well orchestrated carrots? Or is there something in you that will stop for a minute and look for the truth?

This is all very interesting. Still a tragedy.

"When everything is planned to spread unrest and the main triggering incident was a false flag and a hoax.

1. Seattle Police Dept appear to be smashing windows looting all by themselves. https://youtu.be/LzivXrVcsk4

2.The police caught battering their own police car https://youtu.be/QjYJMmShTp0

Please make this go viral. Police and National Guard patrolling neighborhood and shooting civilians on their own property. Make America see this link :- https://bit.ly/36LRnkB

police officers escalating violence Videos link :- https://bit.ly/3esLGuC

For anyone who doubts the involvement of George Soros, simply head over to duckduckgo and search "George Soros paid protestors" all the data you need to do a thorough investigation is there... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/ne....ws/article-2913625/B

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Times of Truth
Times of Truth 1 month ago


When an independent police officer of an another state viewed the release of official video, his statement was this:- “ If George Floyd was unconscious then the paramedics would have ran BLS ( Basic Life Saving ) on him. If Floyd was dead they would have taped off the scene and done an investigation. You never put an unconscious body in an EMT vehicle without trying to revive it and you do not take a dead body from a scene without an investigation. Also why are there two officers getting out of an EMT vehicle? …”

False flag operations like collapsing of the building-7 without any airplane hitting it requires video analysis and asking questions because main stream media is just a propaganda machine of the establishment.

Now analyst and people are questioning the narrative of this news - what do you think ?

Naive and sheeple are those who never questions main stream media propaganda narrative.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Teacher…, whom are these people in “The Mirror” whom can take possession of our minds, and then wipe us, replace us, and then “mimic us” just like INVASION of the Body Snatchers that 1950’s Hollow Wood Movie.?.?.?.? I think you best give much thanks to all the “ACTORS” whom are not FREE MASON……., or Illuminati as they like to “presentation” themselves on these TV SCREENS, and that rather` we HUMANS are dealing with INTERNATIONALIST whom have broken into OUR CELESTIAL Sphere, damaged our Sky, killed Saturn and Jupiter, and [shot the Moon] /_\ with their NASA “ICBM” Nuclear Hydrogen Weapons till she bled BLACK WATER that is now called G4S and “Academy” Private Contracted FREE MASON C.O.P.S. for the “World Police” of these 192 U.N. (COVID19) FLAGS / * \ known as the U.S freemason MILITARY Academy!!! For every human ever murdered, raped, tortured, tormented by THEY LIVE “in our minds” [{**}] as EVIL Wicked Spirits of Willing HUMANS “too harm” their own humans` They Live achieved these 5G “Eugenics” WEAPONS to Microwave all people, persons, and populations to DEATH for this next RESET if they can no longer use OUR {Home World} this FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere as their Play Ground to [Trick or Treat] +=+ we humans and us {SYBIOTS} into hating….., hurting…..., killing “one another” for their TRU-MAN TV Shows [{*}] broadcast all over the plain in this Celestial Sphere “by way of” THE EDISON Machine of Forced SLAVE LABOR Technology in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA where (These People) hang out in all them UNDERGROUND CITIES hid below them GOLF Courses……., and that is why the U.S. Presidents always play golf, so they have “an excuse” to go into the UNDERWORLD of Pre-MUD FLOOD Technology stolen from we the once Proud, Dignified ONE WORLD PEOPLE , one language, and one wonderful system of many hair and “eye colors” before they did The GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR of 1853 to 1854 using Plasma Weapons, Weather Weapons, and BOMBS in the Storms, Bombs in the Oceans to make Tsunami like that one in “Shri Lanka” that somehow [MADE IN CHINA] always gets to rebuild what ever the U.S. freemason “MILITANTS” blow up from Vietnam to JAPAN to all the horror and terror of We The Blue and Green Eyed {Light Skins} whom would not do this 5G Towers EUGENICS to our own people……., so we the people “only had” BLACK SKIN, and BLACK EYES, and BLACK HAIR till all our other Traits that made life “our life” was taken by these [INSECTOID] thinking Machine People in the “Esoteric” World, so we the WHITE PEOPLE were all Murdered by these FREE MASON “White People” with their NATURAL HAIR Color……., and Blue and Green Eyes!!!! The HITLER Kids were rounded up and murdered and that is why only (8% of Blue Eye) people remain in this fucking SIMULATION Video Game…..., and That is “the tragedy” and cruelty of these FREE MASON LODGES, and Trump and Pence will KILL THE REST OF US OFF for these INTERNATIONALIST, so if you want to BLOW SOMETHING UP when “no one” is looking.?.?.?, then take out the FREE MASON where they live…..., when they drive….., and when they eat for they are the END OF MANKIND “be we” male and female, and These ENTITIES using their bodies are Trapped [in their] #QANON FLESH and BLOOD and Bones Men Bodies…….., never to do what they have done EVER AGAIN “once we” Kill them all in {Secret Ways} no matter their age………, or POSITION in life for [one day] ALL Children will be raised by WE ARE “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…. The Book of EXODICE!!!


Now why do THEY LIVE not just Shut down the INTERNET.?.?.?.? They need the Internet to control all them “Slaughter Bots” and Robotic DRONE Jets and Predator Drones of Obama the Cousin of George W. Bush whom Kanye West would say it right now if These FREE MASON would not [torture his children] too death: Trump and Pence Don’t Care about BLACK or White or even Brown nonmason PEOPLE!!! They only care about that CODE WORD [Americans] that means FREE MASON Lodge Members Only…., not we The TAX Paying “Employer” of The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT cause we all be NONMASON U.S. Citizens.., so (they live) will shoot you on sight my NONMASON U.S. Citizens cause the U.S. FLAG is a U.N. FLAG not a representation “Symbol” of the UNITED STATES FOR AMERICA CONSTITUTION!!!!

I mean just look at the Presidents, it says: The GREAT Seal of the President of the UNITED STATES…. STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not the United States OF America!!!! They are ALL “Traitors” doing Sedition – High Treason – Treachery!!!!

The Southern Republic…


Be ready for some {Fuckery} as you Travel to Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA on the 5th to hang out and meet [in person] Johnny Exodice and Jeppo Jinx!!!! Also, our Goddess says if you will “watch” the moon……., it has flown through the Night Sky in hours….., and you all know I your GOD of Pak-Toe filmed it fly through the Sky {in Minutes} while at the INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in 2018…

The Society of nonmason~


Go to mewe.com and get an account, then download THE BOOK OF NONMASON at Johnny Exodice.. You will be “known” to your self then... Q-ball`

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Cool Jazz and a sunrise.     7/14/20
Tessa Cunningham