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Renaud Be
Renaud Be - 735 Views
Published on 18 Jun 2020 / In News and Politics

Actions speak louder than words, as an Antifa riot and looting organizer pays off his thugs; And he was even caught on camera threatening worried folks, with violence, getting beaten and even threatened them with homosexual rape and killed, if they didn't stop complaining about the broken windows. But now that the whole world is aware of this game of distributing Soros' candies to professional rioters, Antifa idiots plays the misunderstood innocent victims, in front of leftist fake journalists, like NBC, very much involved with the sellout Deep State, who are really just trying to cover up criminal activity and economic sabotage terrorism, along with the complicity of corrupt Democrat mayors and governors, even undermining police efforts to bring back law and order. Some Antifa idiots even said they were just there to spread a message of peace and love, as we all know that nothing says better peace and love, than destroying and setting cities on fire. Antifa white men, paying off young black kids to trash their own city; Maybe some Antifa shouldn't be wearing black clothing to try to look black, but instead should wear their true color, the white of the KKK, the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan, with their real agenda to make the whole black community look bad in front of the corrupt fake news media, owned by racist fascist globalists. Whether it is Nathan Caraway, who works in the marijuana industry, or already caught on camera by Project Veritas communist Martin Weissgerber of the Bernie Sanders staff, who suggest to execute all Republicans, or The National's Aaron Dessner, or anybody else who does such acts of treason, they should all be sent to Guantanamo prison, as the enemy combatants that they are, to be intensely questioned and never be heard from, ever again. And if the government refuses to do their job, such clowns should be on everyone's hit list, along with George Soros, who is just a puppet himself, simply redistributing the candies from higher up on the fascist global elite food chain, from warprofiteers like the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and other useless parasites, along with the complicity of the oppressive Communist China party and brutal Middle East dictators.

PS: If it were up to me, paying off protesters or rioters should be punishable by law with automatic life in prison, at the very least.

2. https://videos.utahgunexchange.....com/watch/3cXLaWKtl

#Antifa #Riots #Looting #GeorgeSoros #NathanCaraway #MartinWeissgerber #Rothschild #Rockefeller

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TwoFeather 18 days ago

Of course. Those Lily White Leftist you see at an All Black blm rally, are Instigators. Hired ring leaders to rally up a crowd into a frenzy. They are following the communist program. Communist called them Useful Idiots. (Useful) To do their dirty work for them by turning on their own country. (Idiots) Because they were too stupid to figure out that once they completed their task, they were no longer needed and eliminated.

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