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FUNNY: Police Call Center Asking Gender Age Sexuality ..

Gee Gee Tee
Gee Gee Tee - 177 Views
Published on 10 Jun 2020 / In News and Politics

This will be MN Police when you call them in the future... share away! #defundpolice #justicefordaviddorn

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Teacher…, what are we to do where the waters meet.?.?.? What you will want to do if you are NOT a person of Magic or Sorcery is to learn a Trade be it Cooking – Farming – Caning – Fixing Motors from Jets to truck to Automobiles and even them old Choo Choo trains cause as the world is still in FLUX, we will need to Create Our own Economies that are not Associated with this BEAST SYSTEM of Stocks and Bonds for these Machine People, Persons, and Populations whom will continue down the path to The DAYS OF NOAH, and we must not get caught up in their TV SHOWS be it the NEW ONE WORLD RELIGION of Their FREE MASON Sports, Music, Dance, Schools or any of it… We can have OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition with 3D Printed Gold, Silver, Copper Coinage and Leaf, but it will have to be only for WE ARE THE {NEW WINE SKINS} and that means people whom know we live inside a FAKE SPACE Celestial Sphere Home World of PURGATORY, and we can make our [own stuff] +=+ from Cars to Cell phones to even TV SHOWS and Books at our FLAT EARTH Magical Academies… IN this…..., we know our nonmason children will have to MEMORIZE the “FAKE SPACE” Solar System……., and all that other crap, so we of and for our Rag Tag Rebellion may be left alone, and we will continue to change out FREE MASON with NONMASON wheresoever and whenever (this is applicable) so we may take back our Cities, our Towns, our Provinces, and eventually OUR NATIONS BACK “be they” from here to there as the FREE MASON are Speculative MASONS and not real workers of “The STONE” or THE WORD!!!! Continue to read The NEW TESTAMENT and use the word FREE MASON whenever it comes to these Wicked Vile “Profane” EVIL SPIRITS in the minds of Male and Females!!! Now if you are an Empath, Sage or Mage, then help those whom once were WARLOCKS – WITCHES – and any [other humans] /_\ seduced by False Ways when in truth, this world is our place of Growth, Redemption, Reflection, and Reconsideration, and any that` ones must seeks to get REDEEMED for their Regrets…….., that than we will and shall help them find the way home, so when they live, and WE ARE die to our MORTAL “Temporary” Corporeal Bodies……., we shall and will all find one another “once again” in the ESOTERIC Spiritual [Requital] of all knowledge and all sanctity… As for the many whom choose {too belong} / * \ to SLAVERY known as the word EMPLOYEES of these 192 U.N. FLAGS of Global Citizens and GLOBAL GOVERNMENT…….., let them be The Lost..., and the Dammed.., and the Forsaken to the “prescience” of the Holy Water Spirits., and The comforter whom shalt and wilt “guide we” whom know where we are , what we are , and whom we are “to a place” that is only for we of Pak-Toe, and THE Racka shall and will never be among we the people ever again whom are “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition for we say DEATH to their UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of FREE MASON lodges…. The Book of EXODICE!!!


Keep looking up big words, so we know how to speak the language of the RULE OF LAW!!!

The Society of nonmason~


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