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Fritz Springmeier interviewed by Gary Vowinckel, at the 2015 Free Your Mind Conference

Mike Fulmer
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Published on 13 Aug 2020 / In People and Blogs

They talk about their experiences in Federal Prison. Fritz talks about divine intervention when he got put in ‘the hole’ (solitary confinement). Then they talk about manipulations and abuses in the prison system that they witnessed.
7:12 - A word on how to survive within constrained situations spiritually.
9:45 - Federal abuses of inmates, causing acute mental distress.
16:00 - They talk about local involvement of the church exposing Billy Graham. The value of still going to church.
18:40 - Exposing evil in the world can bring people to Christ. The confluence of truth-seekers in the world and the spiritual truths spoken by Christ.
21:20 - Questioning the usefulness of involving politicians. And what type of revolutionary was Christ?
23:00 - Genuine converts through respect of personal autonomy and the Holy Spirits autonomy. Marrano Jews in Spain. Kazarian Jews, and obfuscation of the truth through a weight of dis- and mis-info.
30:00 - How can we unravel the deception surrounding the origins of the Bible which serves to discredit the bible for many. John the beloved. Perception of Catholic omnipotence in world affairs.
38:00 – Holy Spirit gives the discernment to understand the Bible.
42:50 – Can a genetically modified person be saved?
48:00 – Spiritual calling. Spiritual discernment using the word of God.
52:45 – How to walk after Christs path; what is not of faith is sin.
56:14 – What bible is the best version? The Jehovah’s Witness bible version exposed through court documents in Scotland. The divinity of Christ.
1:10:00 – Paleo Hebrew.
1:30:00 – Deception in the mainstream church leadership. Billy Graham and David Hill.

[There are a couple audio issues. A loud feedback screech around 26 mins. There are also some background construction sounds at 36 mins. and periodically after that, getting kinda bad around 49-52 mins. but then it basically stops. Sorry I don't know how to fix that.]

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