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Freedom Fighters OR Terrorist, What Will it be for the US.

Peace Terrorist
Peace Terrorist - 135 Views
Published on 30 May 2020 / In Entertainment

Freedom Fighters OR Terrorist, What will it be for US
originally published on Aug 5, 2012, boobtube

So what will it be, Fiscal Freedom Fighters or Terrorist, When the ship hits the fan.
Who will support us and arm us, The STATES UNITED, when we try to take back our country from the tyranny and corruption.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Now that you know FLAT EARTH is what they are [trying to erase] +=+ from the Public Human Minds, you must see that Space Command, Space Force, and this Space Council “is these” NAZI FREE MASON aka U.N. Troops RELIGION!!!!

We are inside a Celestial Sphere……., and the ONLY SPACE they “want to command” and control in THE SPACE of our 50 Sovereign Autonomous COUNTRIES called Nations just as there is a STATE of Israel that is a COUNTRY and NATION unto itself…….., we the 50 STATES FOR AMERICA do not see our CONSTITUTIONAL FLAGS on our Police, Militias “being the” Coast and National Guards, and we are all OCCUPIED {by this} UNITED NATIONS FLAG the ACT of 1871 District of COLUMBIA……., so as you “listen” to these TRAITORS doing “High Treason” and Sedition…..., know they are (not talking) /_\ to we the NONMASON Citizens / * \ of our lands….., but only their RELIGIONIST “of these” FREE MASON Lodge Members….


Watch – Listen – Learn “your enemy” The Racka my People., Persons.., and Populations whom WE ARE Pak-Toe whom are “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition….

SPACE TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT in “free mason code” means using their (COVID19) PROJECT BLUE BEAM of {JADE HELM 15} and REX 84 to Enforce AGENDA 21 and AGENDA 30 of the UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” of FREE MASON Lodges, and these Parasites have all Betrayed their OATH OF OFFICE to the {U.S. Constitution} with their FAKE SPACE Agenda….

At 11:11 they are building Super Big Nuclear “Hydrogen” WEAPONS to use on all nations!!!!!


American Means FREE MASON [Lodge Member] in their code talk….

The Society of nomason~


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

How much money would you take to ERADICATE the Human Race and allow INVADERS known as FREE MASON to run your towns, your courts, your religions, your schools, and your governments for that is all (COVID9) ever was, and now these FREE MASON GOVERNORS doing Treachery, Sedition, and “High Treason” with your TAXES want to continue to pay these {Crises Actors} when we know NO ONE died from the Corona Beer [BAT Snake] V.I.R.U.S. but that puke the Kobe Burger DEMOLAY!!!!

So just know…., a bunch of FREE MASON / * \ are “gonna get” even more MONEY for their PARTICIPATION of this U.N. (192 FLAGS) /_\ world domination plot while you my nonmason have lost your jobs, your businesses, and so many will not be returning to “your communities” cause they were killed in SECRETE by the [U.S. FLAG] doing JADE HELM 15 for Trump The Fake Space Chimp and Chump!!!!!


This FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere home world “we all live in” where EUGENICS was done to all mankind be we MALE AND FEMALE “too make” BLACK HAIR ONLY – Brown Eyed – Dark Skin people did not come from “their” FAKE SPACE Evolution RELIGION “of the” POPE ON DOPE……, and all other FREE MASON Religions from [Islam to Buddhist] to you name the DENOMINATION you were {Indoctrinated under} +=+ too believe THE TV “DOES NOT LIE” About faking the Moon Landings….., and going to space while PAID Protesters do “so called” RIOTS for your fucking “nonmason” TV FAKE NEWS SCREENS of Mesmerization!!!!


WAR IS MURDER…. [{*}] It always has been, and it always “will be” for we The Humans…. There are no other races……., we are all “one people” whom have had {5G Eugenics} done to we all till we NOMASON [don’t know] [{**}] where we are, what we are, or whom we are…… The Oracle for the End of An Age “connected” to The Source of all Creation and All Destruction has spoken……..

The Society of nonmason~


The FREE MASON want to replace all HUMANS aka People with MACHINES, so THEY LIVE can rule WE ARE for all time in this Celestial Sphere Home World of Purgatory…..



U.N. TROOPS taking out American Cities….. These are not the U.S. Military, they are U.N. Troops known as JADE HELM 15… The Society of nonmason~ [///|||\\\] (COVID19) is a WORLD DOMINATION PLOT of free mason lodges...


The Blue eyed Demon….., and the King of ANGELS and DEMONS has spoken!!!!!


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