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Freedom Day Aug 9 2020

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Published on 08 Aug 2020 / In News and Politics

Freedom Day Aug 9 2020.The Australian Governments are destroying our country and our people, our families, our businesses and our peace through spreading totally unfounded fear and panic based on unfounded premises that there is a SARSCoV2 virus (which has never been scientifically isolated) which causes a disease Covid-19 which has never been scientifically defined that has cold and flu symptoms that is tested for by an completely inaccurate RT/PCR test, that tests for RNA fragments common in all living creatures.
This absolute load of total unscientific rubbish is being used to destroy our peace, our country, our families, our economy, our future.
Let me repeat, the so called SARSCoV2 virus has never been isolated.
Covid-19 is not a scientifically defined disease
The RT/PCR test being used to destroy our lives and our country is totally false and tests for RNA fragments common in all life forms, including pawpaws, goats and birds as demonstrated by the President of Tanzania.
We are being used by 'Powers that Be' to achieve their aim, which is Corporate World Domination and Control of all people through Fear.
This current supposed Covid19 Pandemic is a Biochemical Arm of a Military Coup currently operating in Australia to take every Australian into an International Agenda to form a One World Government.

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2020Vision 2 months ago

In my opinion, in general, the Germans are smarting than your average Australian. If I want to uplift my spirits I rewatch the German protest and remind myself that there are 1.5 + million sane people left on this planet.

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