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FREE MASON Run all U.N. FLAGS as Thugs, Mobsters, and Pirates... #QANON [///|||\\\]

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 126 Views
Published on 20 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

It is evident that the BLUE EYED Populations ain’t gonna Revolt cause the BLUE EYES People get the Best Schools….., and the Better Homes……, and the Better Jobs then all we Brown Eyed too DARK “Eyes” BLACK HAIR ONLY People……., and I don’t really concern myself as A Blue Eyed Light Skin Person cause [The Oracle] #QANON /_\ for the END of an Age says: Look!!! The Book of Books the Bible is fulfilling every “Mandate” that was not Changed by these Blue Eyed DEVILS of TALMUDIC ZIONIST “JESUIT” ROMAN Catholics…….., and their BLUE EYES ONLY Popes since ROME Destroyed we {The Tartarians} [{**}] and used EUGENICS of (COVID19) 5G TOWERS to do Cellular Manipulation to our “Skin Tones” +=+ and Our EYES COLOURS……..., and since the only hope these BLUE EYES Corporations…., and their INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of Fake Space TV SHOWS has to keep “we the People” / * \ Submissive to the U.S. FLAG CDC/WHO World Police of (U.N. Peacekeepers) [{*}] is to do what THEM we are told we ELECTED to Represent THE WILL OF WE THE “BROWN” EYED PEOPLE!!!


Watch all these BLUE EYES on the TV SCREENS Saying: Wear the SLAVE MASK of we your MASTER MASONS cause the FREE MASON Lodges are the ones doing PROJECT BLUE BEAM using the TV 2D FLAT Screens to beam “Alien Submission” /-\ Tactics on all we BROWN EYED PEOPLE, Persons, and Population, and the U.N. Is actually RUN by just 5 Nations – Blue Eyes - USA / Blue Eyes – Russia / Blue Eyes – France / BLUE EYES - U.K. that British Empire..., and then the one Lackey the BROWN EYED of [Made In China] WAR MONGERS too serve the needs of the BLUE EYES to have at least ONE Brown Eyed PERSON on the (U.N.) Security Counsel.., and MADE IN CHINA has now killed all Protesters from The HONG KONG Peoples Republic!!!


Too Wrap this thought up MS-13 of the Boogaloo Movement to SAVE we The BLUE EYES whom are poor., and out of work by them whom OWN THE CORPORATIONS in this CORPORATE WAR, do tell me how the (COVID19) World Domination Plot of CORPORATIONS STOCK MARKETS can ever go back up, unless, WE THE PEOPLE are {Trick or Treat} into all out WORLD WIDE NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR with China, Russia, North Korea, and IRAN when DEAGEL.COM in the Section called “COUNTRIES” Says the Blue Eyed Land Continents must be reduced by 75% by the year 2025 C.E. ????


Go look, and tell me how come all (BLUE EYES) POPULATION will be decimated by the {U.N. MILITARY} of Millions of Millions of BROWN EYED “U.N. Troops” walking among we the people dressed in PLAIN Clothing as FREE MASON Lodge members.?.?.?.?.? And just so you know deagel DOT com has had this forecast since 1999 A.D. to END all Blue Eyes nations by 2025 C.E. is but just [4 years away] Q after the NUCLEAR ATTACK on “Seattle Washington” on Election Night of 11-03-2020 C.E. by the good ole FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST “U.N. FLAG” of the USA!!!

The Society of nonmason~


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