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Found $815 Phone While Snorkeling a Popular River (Returned to Owner)

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Published on 14 Sep 2018 / In Sports

My dad and I went snorkeling the river and we found an $815 phone, a bicycle, an old fishing rod, sunglasses, a cheese stick, lures and more! Believe it or not that is not the first bicycle we've found in the river!
I returned the phone to the owner and the guy at the TMobile store gave them my Youtube channel name, so they sent me an email and said the phone worked! I thought it would be long dead being in the river for that long!

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Micah 2 years ago

Thanks for being part of the community, spread the word about UGETube on Reddit, Facebook and Google plus by sharing your videos there.

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Ace Videos
Ace Videos 2 years ago

Already done!

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BRIAN THOMAS 2 years ago

Anybody who isn't stupid rich and pays $815 for a phone needs a lobotomy

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