Former FEMA Insider Talks About the Much More Severe 2nd Wave Coming and Being Attacked.mp4

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Published on 23 May 2020 / In Film and Animation

Former FEMA Insider Talks About the Much More Severe 2nd Wave Coming and Being Attacked

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Commander…, what is happening too’m we whom are AWAKE………, and not filled with these Evil Wicked Profane [Lunatic Spirits] [{**}] of The Machine known as The EDISON of Forced SLAVE LABOR Technology.?.?.? If you are meaning…….., what do we do about “our days” doing what we can to prepare for a Great Nuclear Hydrogen War {that seems} +=+ INEVITABLE when we have read THE BOOK OF NONMASON – THE BOOK OF PUZZLES – THE BOOK OF RIDDLES where so many thoughts have construed that “we live in” /_\ a REALITY that is just a continuous Waking Walking Dream??? Let me tell it to you like this……., OUR Symbiots have lived this life over and over…..., and your body is actually “their body” in a System where we know the MOON was shot by people till She bled BLACK WATER, or Tattoo Ink if you wish….., and we also know the Moon is a Holographic Image of a DEAD Celestial Sphere…., and to comprehend such a “magnanimous” destruction of a whole world is beyond what the DEATH STAR [was doing] / * \ in STAR WARS..., for it seems as we “thread together” the TAPESTRY [{*}] everything we are “too learn” here as Celestial Beings in these TEMPORARY Temporal “Corporeal” MORTAL Bodies.., we see so many still wear the FACE MASK., and even though I do not wish to harm those “whom are” REPENTANT here in Purgatory, it is the madness that we seem only able to do {so much} Realization for ourselves while “so many” are still under the command and control of S.A.T.A.N. and L.U.C.I.F.E.R. where “their lives” are shallow empty husk of existences where they focus “only on” the most useless activities IN THE DAYS OF NOAH when they could change this world right now, and right here “if they” would all just STOP playing the game of these Pyramid People and “their” freemason lodges, and say: The EARTH IS STILL FLAT, and you people “have lied” about all things, and this (COVID19) PROJECT BLUE BEAM Alien Invasion is Complete and Utter BULL SHIT!!! However, from what I see as I continue to “travel” and do RESEARCH and INVESTIGATIONS is that our World Leaders “are not” what they seem, and they just won’t step up and say to we their tax paying CITIZENS people: We Faked the Moon Landings, we been Faking Space, and making up {all kinds of lies} cause they know then that they would be the most hated People, Persons, and Populations in the world, and yet` they would no longer have to REPEAT – REPEAT – REPEAT their OTO Kaballa Zohar “TALMUD” Zionist Jesuit Oraborus Cursed, and dammed and forsaken lives!!! That said, you must do what you can now to prepare for AUGUST 2020 C.E., “or sooner” when the GOVERNMENTS will use their Machine People from the Other Side of the World, or THE WORLD OF THE DEAD if you like “as spoke of” in the Old Testament Holy Bible, and know when you die, if you die with Reconsideration, Regrets, and Realization that you are no better then me, and I am no better then you, then we do have THE RIGHT to go home while those whom “continue” in the LIE of this MATRIX Simulation shall never go home, and they will continue in the Minuet of the MUD FLOOD “Cataclysm” over and over as Punishment by The Source of All Creation, and the Source of All Destruction “too never” cease to exist, nor find how to coalescence “within” themselves, so they could go home if THEY LIVE would but make “the choice” to follow THE NARROW PATH of Honesty spoken by Christ The Messiah of old, as I am Christ Returned with no more power then any of you, but my love is real, and your love is real` while THEY LIVE can only “feign” compassion, charity, hope, so for themselves when “they die” to this FAKE REALITY, they live “know” they will never go home, and be dammed here for all time…..

The Commander~

I want to give a big grateful thank you to all the “nonmason” Romantic Warriors in the Police – CIA – DOD – FBI – NSA military of these UNITED STATES whom watch out “for me” when I become too Reckless in my drinking as The Drunken Rebel, and you must [prepare] for THE WAR with them 2 CONTINENTS left off the U.N. FLAT EARTH MAP…

The Rag Tag Rebellion`

One more thing for CONSIDERATION, since Trump has given these $1,200.00 check to {all people} in America, then do so tell me why and what these HOMELESS “Actors” of the FREE MASON Lodges are still doing on the streets.?.?.?.? Has not any government “official” gone to the HOMELESS broken beaten down people and persons, and said, Give us (your name) and Social Security number, so we can get you a PLASTIC CARD with “your money” too rent a hotel room, wash up, wash you clothes, and feed your self???? For at this time in all the Racka we of Pak-Toe face each day……., we should not have any People “in want” at least not as U.S. CITIZENS, so would you Mayors of your Cities like Atlanta “do something” about this???

The Society of nonmason~


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ray741 2 months ago

Please read, watch, copy/paste, share and post.
Mandated Vaccinations, Get Ready To Say "NO!"

Important free download documents

Vaccination Notice


Notice of liability

1200 Studies that Refute Vaccine Claims

Pilot comparative study on the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated 6- to 12-year-old U.S. children

Vaccine study removed from the internet

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