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Former Black Lives Matter Ferguson Organizer, Chaziel Sunz Exposes Democrats, Antifa, BLM & More

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Published on 01 Jun 2020 / In Film and Animation

Former Black Lives Matter Ferguson Organizer, Exposes Democrats, Antifa, BLM & More

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Livibassy 1 month ago

I am proud of you my brother. I'm so depressed when I look at the stupidity of our people allowing themselves to be used like pawns in this game the left is playing.

I was just as outraged as any normal human being would about the inhumane way in which George Floyd died at the hands of people who swore an oath to protect him.

HOWEVER, this does not give any one of us a right to destroy people's property and be advocating for violence.

They took 10 steps backwards without one single step forward. No strategy or justice; justice anger and revenge. NONSENSE!!!!

The other thing is, they've bought into this BS sold by the Mainstream Media so much that they find a way to connect every thing like this to Donald Trump. It's ridiculous man.

The part that is most alarming is to know that Antifa and BLM are out there destroying people's property with the aim of "DECONSTRUCTING CAPITALISM"...their words, not mine.

This is no longer about George Floyd. Even Mr Floyd's family said that. These people cannot be allowed to prevail.

I will close by saying one more thing. You guys in America MUST, see to it that Donald Trump gets a clear landslide win in November.

Sanity had departed the US thanks to these left wingers. They need to be reigned in. I have no more tolerance for their unhinged tyrannical behaviour. They are dishonouring the memory of George with this rioting and looting.

Nuff Respect from Jamaica to you my brother.

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jerryemerydelacruz 1 month ago

Playback at 1.25 speed.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

And The Commander Spoke…, Mr. Trump…, for you Preside over nothing but your FREE MASON TV Shows…. It has come to my attention that you have ordered your UNITED NATIONS U.S. Flag Military to Murder U.S. Citizens… Now, the Black Man as “your media” keeps calling that dead nonmason U.S. Citizen shows you will not [do anything] to these FREE MASON Lodge Members whom are your JADE HELM 15 U.N. Troops……., and since this is just (plain ole) MURDER of we the nonmason U.S. Citizens…….., by our {U.S. Citizen} +=+ PRESIDENT……., do so tell me why I should not “arrest you” for High Treason – Sedition – Treachery…..., as you have BETRAYED our 50 STATES FLAGS….., Constitutions…., and boarders to your [U.N. Military] / * \ known as the U.S. freemason Military.?.?.?.? I am sure your INTERNDEMENSIONAL Beings “in the” [{**}] minds of men that spy on we the people with your {Quick Silver} Mirrors are upset that we can now see when you are in your TIME TRAVEL Reflections..., and WE CAN SEE you among we the humans.., but IF you do not have NO REFLECTION “in that mirror” in the Club.., or Bar., or Work Out Center.?.?.?, will then` we are going to have to just “kill you” for playing with the minds of we the people in our Celestial Sphere FLAT EARTH [home world] of Purgatory!!!! There will be a link to a Bestiality Video, and this “poor human” is not free to do as she please, but she is tapped to a PizzaGATE FREE MASON “House Chair” with a Dog Collar on her as The Big Dog fucks, and rapes her case this {little girl} can not break free……., and even the most TIMID and MEEK of you need to “go watch it” for this is what Trump and his FREE MASON buddies do in “your home town” from FAKE AMBER Alerts To YOUNG TRANNY SEX human trafficking for these {192 U.N. Flags} whom all live off our Tax Donations, Tax Gifts, and Tax Tithing to their RELIGION and “Great Church” of S.A.T.A.N. and L.U.C.I.F.E.R. and even though we know all Churchers, and Moskers, and Synagogers are part of THE VATICAN Child Molestation Centers like U.N. “Members Only” Trump, Macron, Tru Doe, and all the rest use these RELIGIONS to “play games” with our populations as INTERDEMENSIONAL Beings called [Insectoid] [{*}] Machine People with Machine Minds whom can FAKE Emotions and FAKE Feelings……., so we humans would “actually” believe TRUMP and PENCE, and their Space Force are good things.?.?.?.?., so THEY LIVE can Drop Nuclear Weapons on the “Whole Wide World” for these fucking Pukes, and Cucks, and Slags, them Fucks these FREE MASON (Lodge Members) in our home towns….

The Commander~


The “Vaccines” have always been the 5G Human “Eugenics” that take away your Human Traits...


You can find LINK to Human Trafficking Video on UGETube.com >>> Johnny Exodice



By the WAY?????? Why do we not see our U.S. Citizens of George “PINK Floyds” Family on your WORLD STAGE leader of the U.N. FLAGS.?.?.?.? The Rag Tag Rebellion... #QANON

At 1:30 He the FREE MASON blames {The Governors] of these 50 STATES for not protecting the RESIDENCE.?.?.?., and he The TRAITOR to our U.S. CONSTITUTION “does not use” the correct Legal Term to Protect your DOMICILE [U.S. Citizens] of your Counties, Cities, and Nations!!!! He is just one more INTERDEMENSIONAL being in the mind of a (Cloned Human) what WE ARE have called THEY LIVE in the past as Hybrids….

The Green hat`


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nogoo 1 month ago

Spread the word

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