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Forbidden Kingdoms of Inner Earth - ROBERT SEPEHR

Johnny Exodice
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Published on 19 Sep 2020 / In Film and Animation

There are TWO SIDES to our FLAT DUEL EARTH, and if you know the passageways to the Other Side of the World where our Doppelganger have taken over "this side" of FLAT EARTH in our Celestial Sphere known as Incubus and Succubus, we could remove this Plague on Humanity, and send them all back to the nonhuman side on THE OTHER SIDE of this world... The Society of nonmason~ @BALL /_\

According to certain Buddhist and Hindu traditions, secret tunnels connect Tibet with a subterranean paradise, and they call this legendary underworld Agartha or Shambhala. Mythologies throughout the world, from South America to the Arctic, describe numerous entrances to these fabled inner kingdoms. Many occult organizations, esoteric authors, and secret societies concur with these myths and legends of subterranean inhabitants, who are the remnants of antediluvian civilizations, which dwell in massive hollow caverns inside the earth. https://atlanteangardens.blogs....pot.com/2020/03/forb

Atlantis and Antediluvian Anthropology

Meaning "to weave" in Sanskrit, the term Tantra implies a set of spiritual practices that direct the universal energies into the practitioner, thereby leading to liberation from the physical level of existence. This and other occult spiritual techniques were said to have been practiced by the members of the Thule and Vril societies in Germany, led by the medium Maria Orsic who, in pre-WWII Germany, conducted research into psychic phenomenon, and advanced propulsion technology, including saucer-shaped aircraft known in ancient Sanskrit texts as vimanas.

Hybrids and Rh Negative Blood

They believed that many ancient civilizations owed their origins to refugees from Atlantis, and a people that dwelt inside of the earth, advancing the idea of a subterranean civilization ruled by an ancient parent-race who had mastered free energy they called Vril, but is also known as Chi, Ki, Prana, Orgone, and Aether. This Aryan breakaway civilization was said to have survived the antediluvian cataclysms which ended the ice age and continued to thrive below the surface of the Earth such as Antarctica.

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Robert Sepehr is an anthropologist and author



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