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Florida Makes Texting and Driving and Primary offense.

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Published on 11 Jan 2020 / In People and Blogs

Starting in 2020 Texting in Florida while driving is now a 'Primary Offense', meaning you can get pulled over for texting.

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no0negun 2 months ago

Protectionist society abounds!
Laws are passed to prevent all people from living to their capacity while those who make mistakes are rarely held to account. Instead, governments want to restrict everyone’s rights.
Why can people drive at 150 MPH on the Autobahn in Germany and yet there are much fewer accidents in Germany per capita vs any US city?
They are held accountable for their actions individually.
It’s ironic that the Germans understand freedom more than Americans do in this regard.
By the way, I’m surprised to hear that cats could drive in your area. We’ve just barely learned to teach dogs how to go for a ride out here in the west.
Also, did you forget to say that you could drive while loading your standard capacity 30 round AR 15 magazines or Garand clips while driving, steering, shifting, smoking and inserting your CD’s?

Your point was well made by eating and driving.

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