Fitting the shorter P365 slide on a P365XL: Range Test

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Published on 14 Jul 2019 / In Film and Animation

Will the P365XL frame accept the P365 slide? In this video I try it out and see...

But first, a warning: Werkz LLC provides this for informational purposes only. This action may not be supported by the manufacturer (Sig Sauer) and may not be deemed by the manufacturer as safe. Try it at your own risk.

In short, the answer is that both configurations can be created:

* P365XL frame with P365 (shorter) slide
* P365 frame with P365XL (longer with optic cut) slide

I demonstrate that both function properly with 5 rounds at the range. However, I cannot speak to the longevity of either configuration.

In this video, we quickly drop the slides off of the P365 and the P365XL, swap them onto opposite frames, and try them at the range.

Benefits of running the P365 slide on the P365XL frame may include:

* Shorter slide length for better concealability than the P365XL as it is
* Larger (P365XL) capacity
* Utilizes the P365XL straight trigger

However, this gives up the P365XL optic cut, and may result in a configuration that is unsupported by the manufacturer.

Note that Werkz LLC is working on holsters for the P365XL, and should have them before the end of July 2019.

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