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Peace Terrorist
Peace Terrorist - 175 Views
Published on 17 Jan 2020 / In Entertainment

dr meno calling out to all sheeple to fire your incumbent. 90% of all congress and senators need to be fired. If not you deserve your fate by having the NWO take over your country. For allowing the corruption continue after decades of voting history. For allowing corporate America take your country from you.
I have noticed that the controversial videos are not being COUNTED AS VIEWS and LIKED properly. UTube has selective stats going on here. They are turning out to be part of the bias and corrupt media machine. The control of info.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

As The ORACLE to tell you it is time to REPENT in Our "Celestial Sphere" Home World of PURGATORY, I will do my best to go to [LOCATIONS] +=+ while in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA where The EDISON is the {A.I. Android Robot} / * \ Computer in Command and Control of these Ratheon HAARP DARPA NASA [U.S. FLAG] [{**}] MILITARY Weapons for [Made In China] and the WORLD POLICE FOR the "United Nations" INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of FREE MASON Lodges, and still not one nonmason {takes them and arrest them} and throw them all away for SEDITION – Treason – Traitors to we all "OF and For" [{*}] OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION where } Supersedes all Roman Papal Maritime "LEGALIZE" Admiralty RULE OF LAW once you print and sign and carry {OUR PAPERS] as Members, Constituents, and Representatives For [OUR WORLD REPUBLIC} no matter what LEGAL SYSTEM "you think" you must bow down to From Religious to Government to Corporate LAW??? Such is your choice!!!! The President "of and for" OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION, and you know them {WIRE Cutters} will STOP these Trillion Watt Lazers from Working that are [Burning all] the AUSTRALIANS – CANADIANS and about 9 States in The 50 States FOR America People alive in the houses and automobiles….

The Commander~



The Society of nonmason~


P.S. The RED Hand from the COLONY TV SHOW... Thumbs Down on all till FLAT EARTH is told, and you FREE MASON Lodges STOP Killing and Harming we the nonmasons of the world…


At 00:53 it has that SAME RUST that happens to METAL in these NASA Directed Energy Weapons Fires.…

At 3:09 these are now "The Children" of the FACTORY WORKER Children from 1910 A.D. in our MUD FLOOD Time Line and the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 C.E.

At 4:22 do NOTICE my nonmason YOUTH how these FREE MASON U.S. FLAG Governments always throw you the Youngest Away…. Why die for OLD People like Trump whom did not even go to Vietnam but was a Rich Play Boy just like Oliver Queen in The ARROW!!!! Trump and all World Leaders, you HAVE FAILED OUR CITIES!!! Why should we "The Youth" of Our Nations Die and Murder for you????

Q+ The Pen`

You better STUDY your MUD FLOOD History my nonmason POPULATIONS cause it is happening again... Jeppo Jinx~

All you gotta know too “know one” too see one??? THEY {ARE ALWAYS} IN THEM Suits and Ties…

They all live off OUR Welfare as FREE MASON Lodge members, it is called TAXES TITHES TRIBUTE!!!!



After China kicked the U.S. FLAGS ass in Vietnam, Nixon went to China for the "TERMS OF SURRENDER" that all things would be [MADE IN CHINA] and the U.S. FLAG of {Made In China} would do China's Bidding ever since then…




This is why ALL FREE MASON Lodges make their MEMBERSHIP Pay to Play!!! After all, we gonna let you FAKE SPACE…. and Get nonmason sick being Doctors and Pharmacist, and if the nonmason population get too TROUBLESOME, then we will have [WORLD WAR] and kill them all off, but you see, they hide that we are in PURGATORY…., and this place chooses YOUR Destination to Go Home to your Celestial Sphere when YOUR TEMPORARY Body Avatar Dies if you have done RECONSIDERATION and Repentance; otherwise, and in their Actions, PURGATORY {does not let them} REPEAT for only the Symbiots that are “Our Guides” in this Celestial Sphere FLAT Dual Earth “CONSTRUCT” get to go back to sleep till the next END OF AN AGE where [may that person] +=+ get at least as far as I did... This RULE OF ESOTERIC LAW by “the Purgatorium” then Judges you by your own Merit, and if you Choose to lie...., and YOU Chose to be evil...., it will know...., and then you will go to Worse places then EARTH...., but till that Day of my Death to my Flesh and Blood and Bones, I will Protect and Defend my Rights as A Member, Constituent, and Representative “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION!!! Johnny Exodice~


At 2:02 that is just one of many GIANT “Magnifying Glasses” carried by Drones too FOCUS the “Suns Rays” on your House or Car or Whatever just like the {Directed Energy Weapons} that Johnny Exofice at “UGETube” put up why they use [ALUMINUM] in the Sky Trains when they use DRONE Jumbo Jets to Spray us nonmason till we are all dead.... It is the SAME Principle as Using a Magnifying Glass to Burn Ants alive..., and since you are now the Ant…., if you see one, use OTHER SPECTRUM'S on your Sniper Riffles Cameras to SHOOT these FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST Weapons “out of” our Skies!!! Q+ The Pen`

At 7:12 is there still so many people whom will fall for PROJECT BLUE BEAM when it an apparent Hover Craft, and yet, we have no knowledge of them 2 Continents LEFT OF THE U.N. FLAG Flat Earth Map... #DEATHSTROKE

Ar 8:17 a backwards U.S. FLAG is not a LEGAL U.S. Forward FLAG... Those are all JADE HELM 15 U.N. Troops of G4S and Academi... The Yellow Coats of the Orange Gloves.…

I watched The Write In President latest Video with them Massive Colossus Ships or Earth Quake and Tsunami Machines in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA where he keeps talking about THE EDISON being a Man Made Machine that is A Collar on our Home World Celestial Sphere, and I did NOTICE the two biggest UNDERWATER Land Slide Machines had 4 dot lights??? Hope someone can get more info off the GOOGLE EARTH if it can still be seen at that Los Angeles Location... Timothy Smith...


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