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Female Reporter Demands Private Time With Candidate

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Published on 13 Jul 2019 / In News and Politics

BBC, CNN & a female reporter are outraged that a candidate doesn’t want a female reporter to “ride along” w/o a third party in the #MeToo age. And, the US Lesbian Soccer Team says “hide your wife, hide your kids” as they party in NYC after throwing a black Christian off the team for not wearing gay pride colors.

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0U8123MTA3 4 months ago

I learned back in the 1990s to avoid being alone with a woman in the workplace. Most have low self esteem and throw themselves at others socially. They fear each other because they all know how manipulative they can be towards each other. They believe men think the same as them. Perhaps some men do but it runs mostly among the womenfolk. The ladies are nice if you pay them money. No money, no relationship. True. Money will always come up in casual conversation at some point. I have never worked with women that simply focus on doing the job and working as a team.

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