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Kalandar mast
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Published on 16 Mar 2020 / In Film and Animation


Posted:sgt report, 15Mar2020

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

WE need our rest more then we need Sexual Abandon…

This War of Wars has made The GOVERNMENTS of the UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of FREE MASON Lodges lock down all countries, counties, and cities, and in that, they have placed the Human Population in a world of ISOLATION… Now, when you want to have COMPLIANT Slaves that is the definition of the word EMPLOYEE, you use events to make them get pregnant, so they fear fighting and protecting their right to Sovereign Autonomy, and even though you, and I understand, and comprehend that all GOVERNMENTAL RELIGIONS live off of our “Tribute” known as the word Tithing that in all Truth is just “another word” for TAX MAN!!! No matter yous RELIGIONS Books, please do tell me why an ETERNAL DAMNATION G.O.D. would need a puny “Mortal” Human to say: I speak for the Words of God, and you must give God your Money when God made all??? If we are not Gods ourselves, then we were not “made by” God or Goddesses…

Without Fruition……..., the U.S. FLAG of the “U.N. Flags” has placed the Citizens Military to point Weapons at {We The Citizens} +=+ as if the fucking Military does not work for WE THE PEOPLE??? I know [COVID 19] is Agenda 21 + 30 of these U.N. Flags where they will come DOOR TO DOOR…….., and disarm we the American “50 States” ONE BY ONE……., and since our Children in The Police to the “National Guards” do not have the Guts…... or Dignity….., or Courage to Rip off them “Back Wards” FLAG Patches…., and place one of our “50 State FLAGS” on our Fathers and Mothers in the Police…, and State Militias.., they will allow the “U.S. Military” of FREE MASON to come kill all we “nonmason” be we in JAPAN to Britain as NATO is just an EXPANSIONIST of the U.S. FLAG’S Military INDOCTRINATION SYSTEM., and not “one of you” is honest or brave enough to LEAD other men be we “male and female” for a LEADER is only made by A “Promotion” in this Illegal Sediticous System???

You see my people “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, we know the whole world FAKES SPACE, so Trump and Pence can use the “Code Words” SPACE FORCE to unleash Gestapo KGB “SS Nazi” Star Wars EMPIRE Troops on we the Citizens and “Civilians” while Trump and Pence and all the rest from the “Town Mayor” to the Town Preacher LIVE OFF OF OUR WELFARE!!! They do not “have the right” to use the Idiot TV Box too tell us we can not Gather in Groups and fight back!!! The U.S. Constitution “let alone” YOUR States Flags CONSTITUTION demand you push back “once you know” The RULE OF LAW, and since G4S Academi Black Water U.N. Troops “have put on” our National Guards to U.S. Military and even Secret Service CIA to FBI to NSA Types whom all “Betrayed” Their OATH OF OFFICE to protect “we the people” from Their Kind a long long long time ago when they “Faked the Moon Landings” with China, and Russia, and all the rest, so why do you hesitate???

Your “Government” are THE GOVERNED!!!! Not you “my people” and persons of every nation, creed, religions, too schools of thought…., and yet they have you “so turned around” my nomason that you Permit FREE MASON {Profane Filth} [{**}] to take your TAXES and use them to say: We are on Lock Down, and if you do not OBEY – COMPLY – SUBMIT we “The Governed” will lock you up and kill you??? Maybe you are just too cowardly….., or you “fear” they will take your Children……, and raise them as their own?.?.?.? However……., when “everything” is a LIE, and these Governmental Types from the “TV Shows” to the Local Radio all PARTICIPATE in the lie…….., then have they not already “stolen” your children's minds, and your babies will “never be allowed” to research, and teach FLAT EARTH MUD FLOODS……..., or our Celestial Sphere “Home World” of PURGATORY cause you hide in ISOLATION as “they come” too kill you, and your families anyway…
Johnny Exodice


Oh, I don’t “even want” to know this day….., but I’m going too!!!


That is just too fucking funny!!! I know all whom listened to me “3 Months ago” to CASH OUT know I now “have your” Fucking Attention!!!! HA HA HA HA!!!!


The Oracle for the end of An Age and this TIME LINE Connected to the Source of All Creation and All Destruction has spoken….


WWW will shut down next, and you will “have not” INTERNET!!!!


[*] ///|||\\\ H^H (*) WW

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