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EXCLUSIVE: Katie Williams speaks after losing Ms. Nevada crown for pro-Trump posts | Keean Bexte

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Published on 23 Aug 2019 / In Film and Animation

http://bit.ly/30xE8Ak Keean Bexte of TheRebel.media reports: Katie Jo Williams sits down for an exclusive interview to speak out about how she was stripped of her title as Ms. Nevada due to her political social media posts.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Teacher..., WHAT THE HELL!!! Why are you {hanging out in} Las Vegas at The 322 Fremont Hostel??? Well......., I needed a break {from Atlanta Georgia} USA cause there is a Summons for me [to come to] one of those FREE MASON Courts......, and since we know these U.N. Troops of {JADE HELM 15} are the G4S Academi International Globalists [FREE MASON C.O.P.S.] I could not go to Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA to get into The EDISON {to release} The New Source Code where La La is the Unicorn of Christ Consciousness....., and since this World of The Racka [want us to use] Digits and Cryptozoic Currency...., so THEY LIVE can track us Romantic Warriors down and kill us...., I thought I would {hang out with} nonmason Nevada Police as they still have Their [State Constitutional Flag] on their nonmason uniforms... That said.., I know there are all these Surveillances of The CYLON in Las Vegas Nevada., and even though the Nevada Constitution {was Wrote by} the Act of 1871 illegal U.S. Flag Government with their [Back Wards] Satanic Patches on all our National and Coast Guards, we nonmason {whom are} The RED Hand, and as The Commander said: It is my duty to continue [to pass out] Papers on the Streets for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION to all people...., so they can join The Resistance of {ALEX JONES} cause The Time is Right Now [for if you are not} Taking out The Racka, then they are taking you out with {Floods and Destruction] from these Weather Weapons of HAARP DARPA Ratheon that GOLEM {Dick Cheney KBR} Trump and Obama Storm Troopers!!! Moreover, since we use Gold - Silver - Copper LEAF [to buy and sell] and trade among those in our 50 States FOR America Coalition, I can get a {Yellow or Checker} or any Taxi and never use the UBER or Lyft of these [REX 84 spies] for them FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST!!! No matter how much {MADE IN China} RED DRAGON Agenda 21 + 30 happens in all lands cause we The Grey Gloves of The Blue Coats always [have ways] to take out the Black Gloves of these Red Coats TRAITORS {to humanity} whom serve The Golem EVIL ONES in The Holy Bible...., and since there is this FREE MASON Museum [in Las Vegas] as well as The NEW WORLD ORDER Regional Court House, thought I would {study up on} the new Legalize Admiralty Maritime PAPAL LAWS to see [if we nonmason] CITIZENS have any rigths as United Nations nonmason Citizens {of the} Vatican Jesuit Zionist??? O.K. Here comes the Las Vegas bus [to take me} to The Pyramid Casino {on the Strip] and to do some Recon, and Investigative Research with my new {hidden camera} from the nonmason in the FBI-CIA-NSA-DOD-Mossad MI-6 of our [Mission Impossible] James Bond 007 End of An Age deadline...., so we might STOP the Pineapple and the Popcorn and become {the New People} and the New Persons in our New Heaven and New Earth of our [2 sided FLAT EARTHS] Celestial Sphere SIMULATION home world... The Book of EXODICE!!! ///||\\\ [*] #NOVEMBERTWENTY

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agJlqBl0bbM #POPCORN #PINEAPPLE #DRUNKENREBEL

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