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Our Current Reality: Ephesians Six Twelve

Ephesians 5:13

Chad Clawitter
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Published on 30 Mar 2019 / In Film and Animation

Ephesians 5:13
But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light.

"murderers at heart"
Matthew 15:19
For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders.

Ezekiel 38:4
I will turn you around, put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with your whole army—your horses, your horsemen fully armed, and a great horde with large and small shields, all of them brandishing their swords.









James 4:7
Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Matthew 21:23-27
When He entered the temple, the chief priests and the elders of the people came to Him while He was teaching, and said, “By what authority are You doing these things, and who gave You this authority?” 24 Jesus said to them, “I will also ask you one thing, which if you tell Me, I will also tell you by what authority I do these things. 25 The baptism of John was from what source, from heaven or from men?” And they began reasoning among themselves, saying, “If we say, ‘From heaven,’ He will say to us, ‘Then why did you not believe him?’ 26 But if we say, ‘From men,’ we fear the people; for they all regard John as a prophet.” 27 And answering Jesus, they said, “We do not know.” He also said to them, “Neither will I tell you by what authority I do these things.

Luke 10:21-22
At that very time He rejoiced greatly in the Holy Spirit, and said, “I praise You, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and have revealed them to infants. Yes, Father, for this way was well-pleasing in Your sight. 22 All things have been handed over to Me by My Father, and no one knows who the Son is except the Father, and who the Father is except the Son, and anyone to whom the Son wills to reveal Him.”

Luke 3:12-17
And some tax collectors also came to be baptized, and they said to him, “Teacher, what shall we do?” 13 And he said to them, “Collect no more than what you have been ordered to.” 14 Some soldiers were questioning him, saying, “And what about us, what shall we do?” And he said to them, “Do not take money from anyone by force, or accuse anyone falsely, and be content with your wages.”

15 Now while the people were in a state of expectation and all were wondering in their hearts about John, as to whether he was the Christ, 16 John answered and said to them all, “As for me, I baptize you with water; but One is coming who is mightier than I, and I am not fit to untie the thong of His sandals; He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. 17 His winnowing fork is in His hand to thoroughly clear His threshing floor, and to gather the wheat into His barn; but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.”

Acts 22:25-29
But when they stretched him out with thongs, Paul said to the centurion who was standing by, “Is it lawful for you to scourge a man who is a Roman and uncondemned?” 26 When the centurion heard this, he went to the commander and told him, saying, “What are you about to do? For this man is a Roman.” 27 The commander came and said to him, “Tell me, are you a Roman?” And he said, “Yes.” 28 The commander answered, “I acquired this citizenship with a large sum of money.” And Paul said, “But I was actually born a citizen.” 29 Therefore those who were about to examine him immediately let go of him; and the commander also was afraid when he found out that he was a Roman, and because he had put him in chains.

Acts 16:37
But Paul said to them, “They have beaten us in public without trial, men who are Romans, and have thrown us into prison; and now are they sending us away secretly? No indeed! But let them come themselves and bring us out.”

John 16:1-11
“These things I have spoken to you so that you may be kept from stumbling. 2 They will make you outcasts from the synagogue, but an hour is coming for everyone who kills you to think that he is offering service to God. 3 These things they will do because they have not known the Father or Me. 4 But these things I have spoken to you, so that when their hour comes, you may remember that I told you of them. These things I did not say to you at the beginning, because I was with you.
The Holy Spirit Promised

5 “But now I am going to Him who sent Me; and none of you asks Me, ‘Where are You going?’ 6 But because I have said these things to you, sorrow has filled your heart. 7 But I tell you the truth, it is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you; but if I go, I will send Him to you. 8 And He, when He comes, will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment; 9 concerning sin, because they do not believe in Me; 10 and concerning righteousness, because I go to the Father and you no longer see Me; 11 and concerning judgment, because the ruler of this world has been judged.

Matthew 4:1-11
Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. 2 And after He had fasted forty days and forty nights, He then became hungry. 3 And the tempter came and said to Him, “If You are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread.” 4 But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.’”

5 Then the devil *took Him into the holy city and had Him stand on the pinnacle of the temple, 6 and *said to Him, “If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down; for it is written,

‘He will command His angels concerning You’;


‘On their hands they will bear You up,
So that You will not strike Your foot against a stone.’”

7 Jesus said to him, “On the other hand, it is written, ‘You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.’”

8 Again, the devil *took Him to a very high mountain and *showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory; 9 and he said to Him, “All these things I will give You, if You fall down and worship me.” 10 Then Jesus *said to him, “Go, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only.’” 11 Then the devil *left Him; and behold, angels came and began to minister to Him.

-Chad Joseph Clawitter

Mr. Nobody: Plaid Shirt

Temporal Boundary Conditions (Initial & Final):

Revelation 22:13
I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.”

Isaiah 44:6
“Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel and his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts: ‘I am the first and I am the last, And there is no God besides Me.

Isaiah 46:8-11
“Remember this, and be assured;
Recall it to mind, you transgressors.
“Remember the former things long past,
For I am God, and there is no other;
I am God, and there is no one like Me,
Declaring the end from the beginning,
And from ancient times things which have not been done,
Saying, ‘My purpose will be established,
And I will accomplish all My good pleasure’;
Calling a bird of prey from the east,
The man of My purpose from a far country.
Truly I have spoken; truly I will bring it to pass.
I have planned it, surely I will do it.

Matthew 12:42
The Queen of the South will rise up with this generation at the judgment and will condemn it, because she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and behold, something greater than Solomon is here.

Israel must remain whole (do not divide the child in two) 1Kings3,Joel3:

Jeremiah 33:3
‘Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’

Matthew 7:6
“Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

A universe without fundamental conditions is like a computer with no keyboard and no mouse. A universe without free-will is like a scientist trapped in a prison cell unable to use his or her knowledge to change anything.

Fundamental conditions are conditions that are not caused by previous conditions in the universe. Fundamental conditions cannot be predicted in advance, but their effects can be measured in retrospect. There are three types of fundamental conditions, which are initial conditions, boundary conditions, and quantum conditions.

(1) Initial Conditions are the fundamental conditions that occurred at the beginning of the universe. (2) Boundary Conditions are the fundamental conditions that continue to occur at the edge of the visible universe. (3) Quantum Conditions are the fundamental conditions that continue to occur freely at the atomic level.

Theists often believe that the fundamental conditions are determined by the influence of the eternal kingdom on the natural universe. Naturalists often believe that the fundamental conditions are determined by an infinite chain of universes with ultimately no cause.

The laws of physics are like the rules of a chess game, but the fundamental conditions are like how the pieces on the board are set up and which choices the players make. Why are fundamental conditions not the same thing as the laws of physics? Why is it impossible to measure the cause of the fundamental conditions by definition?

The temporal universe I live in is not an isolated universe. The temporal universe I live in is not eternal, although it is linked to a universe that is eternal. The temporal universe I currently live in is bound by time and changes in time. It had a beginning and it has an expanse. There are conditions in the universe that were not cause by other conditions in the universe. There are a set of rules that govern the universe. There are a set of fundamental conditions. The set of rules in the universe were created by another eternal universe. The fundamental conditions in the universe are created by another universe that is eternal. The eternal universe has authority over the temporal universe. The eternal universe has the power to influence the temporal universe by determining the fundamental conditions. The fundamental conditions are conditions that are not determined by the previous conditions in the universe. The fundamental conditions include the initial conditions at the beginning of the universe. The fundamental conditions also include the conditions at the edge of the universe. The fundamental conditions also include the seemingly spontaneous conditions at the atomic level. While there are three possible fundamental conditions (initial, boundary, and quantum), it may be revealed that they are all the same type of condition from different perspectives. The eternal universe is not bound by perspective, but the temporal universe is bound by perspective. The temporal universe I live in in was created by the eternal universe, which set both the rules of the temporal universe and the fundamental conditions of the temporal universe. The fundamental conditions of our temporal universe were created in such a manner to allow life to develop, complex life to develop, intelligent life to develop, and sentient life to develop. I am sentient, capable of free will choices. These choices I am responsible for. Although I live in in the temporal universe, my sentience comes from the eternal universe. It is my sentience in the eternal universe that sets the fundamental conditions of the universe which implements my choices.

Time-travel is banned in the classical sense is because it destroys all evidence of the character of a soul and replaces it with a different character. The Creator wants to preserve the reality of souls. How could the Creator identify a soul as being unique and indivisible if it was constantly being destroyed and replaced with different souls with a different character? It would make the system of coupled souls a crazy system that would be impossible to evaluate individual choices (since any choice is subject to change). Such a crazy system of fluctuating choices could only be evaluated at its completion and individual choices would be futile. If time-travel was used to change people’s choices, then human souls would correctly argue that their free-will had been violated.

If the Creator wanted to violate our free-will, He could take the universe at any state in time and change any choice (or any event) and watch the alterations to the causes and effects for that event ripple backward and forward in time retroactively changing all evidence that any modification to the event had ever been made. There would be no evidence that the Creator had made such a supernatural alteration to one universe to create a different universe. The alteration to the event would be grafted in a seamless way so that there was no natural evidence that there had been a modification. The Creator can perform any miracle without there being any evidence of a violation of the natural law. Such a seamless graft would only change the fundamental conditions (not the natural laws themselves).

Time-travel in the classical sense would be like a corrupt court system that electronically retroactively changed the dates of court hearings (claiming that no one showed up at the court hearing) when there was given neither notice nor the opportunity to attend the court hearing. It would be like a corrupt judge who allows the true facts to be replaced with false perjury in court documents (and then tweaks the documents to make everything look consistent with a court of integrity) to help the criminals frame the victim for their crimes (and then the corrupt judge recuses himself from the case afterward).

Time-travel is banned in the classical sense in that it is impossible to change choices that have already been made. However, information about the past and potential future can be retrieved in the present. This information can be used to inform choices made in the present for better or for worse like a crystal ball that only shows you the half-truth you want to see but fails to show you the other side of the truth you find inconvenient and don’t want to face until it is too late.

The Teacher, the Terrorists and the Temporal War is a fictional book that attempts to convey truth through an allegory. Adam disobeyed his Creator and ate fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The knowledge of good and evil is communicated via participation in the Temporal War. The Temporal War is a time war involving information from the future communicated to the past.

Chapter 16: The Temporal Insurrection

There are logical paradoxes that obstruct the ability to travel back in time in the classical sense. However, it is possible to receive information from the potential future using a temporal reception device. It is also possible to manipulate time using a time dilation device.

The time dilation device creates a bubble where all the processes within the bubble occur at a different rate than the processes outside the bubble. The time dilation device can be used to serve two different functions, which are to be a temporal refrigeration or to be a temporal sanctuary. If the processes inside the bubble occur at a slower rate than the processes outside the bubble, then the time dilation device is used like a temporal refrigerator to freeze time and delay decay or aging. If the processes inside the bubble occur at a faster rate than the processes outside the bubble, then the time dilation device is used like a temporal sanctuary to allow the person inside the bubble to work or sleep while time appears frozen outside the bubble. While the time dilation device is serving the temporal sanctuary function, it may require extensive shielding to prevent the pressurized particles inside from exploding out of the bubble. While the time dilation device is serving the temporal refrigeration function, it may also require less-extensive shielding to prevent the pressurized particles outside from imploding the bubble. It is believed that the information used to design the time dilation device was originally received using a temporal reception device.

The temporal reception device allows a person to receive information from the potential future. It is unknown who was the original inventor of the temporal reception devices. There has never been a genuine patent filed for any generation of temporal reception devices. It is also unknown when the first generation of temporal reception devices became operational. Our best estimate is that temporal reception devices first became operational around the time that Morse code was developed, but one might have become operational much earlier than that. Temporal reception devices immediately became classified the moment the United States government discovered the possibility of their existence. Since then, the government has been trying to track down all of them, but not all of them have been found. Until recently, only a few selected individuals knew of the existence of temporal reception devices: the members of the temporal alliance, some of the Presidents, some of the Vice Presidents, and some of the Supreme Court Justices of the United States. That was true until almost all of the members of the temporal alliance were assassinated, and most of the temporal reception devices have gone missing.

This temporal insurrection originally occurred under the leadership Lyndon Johnson. We believe that the group in charge of the temporal insurrection is gaining new power under the new guise of “Homeland Security”. The temporal terrorist in the United States also utilize zombie government organizations whose congressional authorization has expired due to sunset provisions and never been reauthorized. These zombie government organizations still obtain funding from the Federal Budget and use government corruption to syphon money from taxpayers to fund their terrorist activities. These zombie organizations are often clandestine, totally unconstitutional, and ruthless. They pretend to be part of the federal government so that they can act above the law, above local and state governments.

Since their discovery, there have been at least five generations of temporal reception devices created. The first generation of temporal reception devices allowed for messages to be sent from the future to the past through a binary code. The second generation of temporal reception devices allowed for analog audio messages to be sent from the future to the past. The third generation of temporal reception devices allowed for digital text and picture messages to be sent from the future to the past. The fourth generation of temporal reception devices allowed for digital video to be sent from the future to the past. The fifth generation of temporal reception devices allowed for thoughts to be sent from the future to the past via brain implants, which are much harder to track. It has been theorized that it may be possible for a person to train their present brain to consciously perform temporal reception with their future brain without the use of an implant, but this has been never been confirmed through experiment. It is believed that all of our present brains may to some degree perform temporal reception with our future brains to subconsciously inform our choices and decisions.

The basic concept of a temporal reception device is relatively simple, but the logistics of how they were made operational is a great deal more complex. The basic concept is that once a temporal reception device becomes operational, the device in the present can receive information from the same device in the future at any point in time until it the device is no longer operational. Therefore, once a temporal reception becomes operational, it creates a temporal feedback loop between the present and the future. The potential future affects the present, which affects the potential future, which then affects the present, which then affects the potential future, which then affects the present, etcetera. The temporal feedback loop between the present and future repeats itself moving toward an attractor until a stable equilibrium for the future is reached. The present then receives information from the potential future and then acts to create the actual future.

That is how the temporal reception device is supposed to work in theory at least. It has been shown in experiment that the present is able to receive information from a potential future that did not turn out to be the actual future. It has been shown in experiment that if a person in the present receives information from the potential future and acts on it, that action is able to change the result to make the actual future different than the potential future. However, it has also been shown in experiment that if a person in the present receives information from the potential future and does not act on it, then that potential future will become the actual future. Therefore, it is possible for the person receiving the information from the potential future to change the future through purposeful action. However, in no experiment were we able to change the past by sending information to the past that wasn’t already recorded as being received in the past. When we attempt to do so, there is a temporal interference in the device that prevents the message from being transmitted or received. It has also been shown in experiment that a message will only be received in the present from the potential future if the person sending the message had the intention and potential means to send the message in the future. It has also been shown in experiment that the message will still be received in the present if the potential means to the send the message was not actualized. All we know from experiments is that the past appears to be fixed, and the future seems to be changeable. The temporal reception device simply allows a person in the present to receive information from a potential future that allows the person to change the future.

That is the basic concept of how a single temporal reception device is supposed to work. However, when you have a system of multiple temporal reception devices spanning overlapping amounts of time, the whole system of temporal reception devices can become coupled with each other. Most of the information we receive from temporal reception devices does not come directly from the potential future, but rather is relayed from a person in our potential future that received the message from a later time in their potential future. It has been shown in an experiment that the more times the message has been relayed from potential futures to reach the present, the less trustworthy the message becomes. It has also been shown in experiment that it is possible to send and receive a lie (purposefully inaccurate information) from the future. Since this discovery, most messages have been preceded with codes to help determine the origin and authenticity of the messages. However, there is no way to determine whether or not that code would be compromised by the time the message was sent in the potential future.

From the information we have gathered, our best estimate is that the codes were compromised, and inaccurate information has been fed to some of the Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Supreme Court Justices. We do not know who or what is sending the deceptive information that has corrupted the political goals of the Precedency and Judiciary. We believe that the temporal insurrection may have originated from the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court Justices may have persuaded Lyndon Johnson to lead the temporal insurrection. There has been speculation on how many temporal reception devices there are, how they may have been used to receive information to catalyze the development of technology, and how they have made progress towards other means of temporal manipulation such as the time dilation device. It is however believed that only the Presidents and Vice Presidents of the United States now have access to using the time dilation device. The President of the United States can use the temporal sanctuary function of the time dilation device to sleep while time appears frozen outside, so that he can use almost all 24 hours of the day accomplish his work and perform his other duties. If 24 hours is not enough to accomplish all of his work, he can use the temporal sanctuary function of the time dilation device to finish the extra work while time appears frozen outside. During the span of a 4 year term, a President may live an extra 2 or 3 years within the temporal dilation device. The President would experience and age 6 or 7 years during the span of a 4 year term. After relinquishing the presidency, a former President could then use the temporal refrigerator function of a time dilation device to freeze time in increments to allow outside processes of time to catch up with the extra 2 or 3 years for a one term presidency, or extra 4 or 6 years for a two term presidency. We have been unable to locate where in the White House the President uses the time dilation device. It could be hidden in one of the many secret passageways within the White House or disguised as an entire room itself. Whether it is concealed or hidden in plain sight, it requires a tremendous amount of energy costs to operate, which would be less easily concealed. The natural solution to this problem is to install solar panels on the White House to conceal the energy costs.

There were a few who of us in the temporal alliance who survived the temporal insurrection that started with the Assassination of John Kennedy. We were able to secure one last presidency through Ronald Regan and regroup to keep the temporal alliance alive. However, the Vice President George H. W. Bush had been compromised by the temporal insurgency, and the temporal insurrection quickly infiltrated both political parties and corrupted them. The temporal insurrection attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan to disband the temporal alliance while it was still regrouping. Ronald Reagan survived the attempted assassination, but eventually the temporal insurgency was still able to instill George H. W. Bush into the presidency the following term. The Supreme Court has been operating under the political goals of the temporal insurgency dating back to at least the presidency of Lyndon Johnson or earlier. Since the presidency of George H. W. Bush, every president has been operating under political goals that have been manipulated by the temporal insurgency. The primary objective of the temporal insurgency is still unknown. What is known is that the temporal insurgency is willing to accomplish that objective through any means necessary. However, they often use non-lethal means so as to not attract as much attention. The public seems to only care about crimes where there is a body. They would much rather drug their victims and put them in a perpetual therapy psych ward.

The temporal insurgency has been working to dismantle all organizations that have opposed its progress including family unit, the educational system, a capitalistic economy, community organizations, and religious organizations. The temporal alliance has since fled into hiding until we can carry out our plan to restore the United States back to its founding principles found in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

My part in the temporal war was to occupy and stand my ground. I stood my ground. I accomplished my task. I completed my race without fracturing the timeline. Humility in knowing that it was the Victor who won the war, not me. Self-esteem in knowing my infinite value to my Creator who has redeemed me via the Victor. If I have seen further than others, it is not by standing on the shoulders of Nephilim, but by listening to the voice of a dove descending from heaven teaching me to soar with the wings of an eagle.

The last transmission I received from my analog temporal reception device before I was forced to abandon it was a short audio transmission. In the audio transition I could hear the voice of a man who seemed to be nervous, running out of time, and under pressure causing him to stutter, “Uh umm umm umm ta uh ta uh uh uh ta uh uh umm ta uh uh uh ta umm uh umm uh ta uh uh uh uh ta uh umm uh ta uh uh tah uh uh uh ta umm ta … the name of the Victor of the Eternal Throne is Peleh Yoetz El Gibbor Avi Ad Sar Shalom”… then the transmission cut out; all that I heard was static and white noise.

Matthew 21:33-41
“Listen to another parable. There was a landowner who planted a vineyard and put a wall around it and dug a wine press in it, and built a tower, and rented it out to vine-growers and went on a journey. 34 When the harvest time approached, he sent his slaves to the vine-growers to receive his produce. 35 The vine-growers took his slaves and beat one, and killed another, and stoned a third. 36 Again he sent another group of slaves larger than the first; and they did the same thing to them. 37 But afterward he sent his son to them, saying, ‘They will respect my son.’ 38 But when the vine-growers saw the son, they said among themselves, ‘This is the heir; come, let us kill him and seize his inheritance.’ 39 They took him, and threw him out of the vineyard and killed him. 40 Therefore when the owner of the vineyard comes, what will he do to those vine-growers?” 41 They *said to Him, “He will bring those wretches to a wretched end, and will rent out the vineyard to other vine-growers who will pay him the proceeds at the proper seasons.”

John 18:19-24
The high priest then questioned Jesus about His disciples, and about His teaching. 20 Jesus answered him, “I have spoken openly to the world; I always taught in synagogues and in the temple, where all the Jews come together; and I spoke nothing in secret. 21 Why do you question Me? Question those who have heard what I spoke to them; they know what I said.” 22 When He had said this, one of the officers standing nearby struck Jesus, saying, “Is that the way You answer the high priest?” 23 Jesus answered him, “If I have spoken wrongly, testify of the wrong; but if rightly, why do you strike Me?” 24 So Annas sent Him bound to Caiaphas the high priest.

Matthew 13:57-58
And they took offense at Him. But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and in his own household.” 58 And He did not do many miracles there because of their unbelief.



This is how the corrupt government bribes police officers and launders the money.

I have a theory that if laws were passed that put restrictions that increased transparency and made it difficult for police to get overtime hours [i.e. only in emergency situations], our police would make better decisions and there would be less corruption.















Why do police officers get so much overtime pay? Why don't teachers get overtime pay? As a teacher I worked countless hours of overtime and didn't get overtime pay. Maybe if the students were taught better morals and ethics there would be less crime.

The House of Representatives would naturally have the dishonest inclination to increase federal taxes and use a faction of it to bribe their constituents with pork legislation, benefits, and other amenities to steal reelection. The purpose of the Senators was to block this dishonest inclination and prevent the Federal government from stealing money from the states via federal taxation without representation. The seventeenth amendment made it so the Senators had the same dishonest inclination as the House of Representatives to bribe their constituents, so there was no longer a check to prevent the federal government from amassing unchecked power. The federal government now could steal money from the states via federal taxation and then only return some of the stolen money as bribes for reelection or as directives with strings attached. The federal government could then steal money and use for its pet projects fueled by pride, envy, and covetousness. This is the reason why when Founding Fathers designed the Constitution, they explicitly designed our nation with checks and balances to be a republic and not a democracy. It has been over a 100 years since the 17th amendment was passed, which was a regression, not a progression.

We no longer have a Republic. We have an Oligarchy (in violation of Article 4. Section 4. of the Constitution). In an Oligarchy there is no longer a need to push Civics in Education.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 3 months ago

Temporal Game Theory: How do you win a war against someone who knows the future? The following are some battle tactics.
(1) Determine how far into the future they can look. Use “honey traps” and counterintelligence plants to determine what information they are obtaining and when they obtain it. Use method acting for the counterintelligence plants so that the information the opponent obtains from violating your privacy and 4th amendment rights makes the opponent look schizophrenic. Always be aware of what information is supposed to be either public information or private information. Only use method acting and counterintelligence plants in private information so that the opponent is at fault for violating your privacy and accessing your private information. Expect that your opponent has you under complete surveillance. Every mirror acts like a one-way mirror with a surveillance camera behind it. There is a backdoor into every electronic device. Every camera and speaker on your internet connected devices is constantly recording. Every room, vehicle, and article of clothing has been bugged. The bathroom stall or bathtub is the only place with some semblance of real privacy because they cannot share the information they record with anyone or they will seem like perverts. Everything that is supposed to be private is not really private. All of your passwords are compromised. A good hiding place is better than a password protected safe. It is the sword you don’t see that strikes you down. Sometimes the best place to hide is right out in public. A temporal reception device can be used to crack any password using a brute force method involving a feedback time loop. A list is made of all possible passwords. The person is given instructions to always test the next password on the list. Each password is tested in the potential future and crossed off the list. The next password on the list is sent back to the present from the potential future. This repeats itself in a temporal feedback loop until the correct password is found in the potential future and sent back to the present. This allows a person to crack any passwords in the present on the “first try”. This process can be combined with a 3D printer or “key maker” to open any lock on the “first try”. If you are going to use a key or password to protect something important, always make it so that the combinations are hard to arrange in a linear fashion to make it more difficult to automate the brute force temporal feedback loop method.
(2) Conceal your plans in figurative language so that the opponent second guesses himself or herself. Also use pictures rather than typed text to make it harder for an artificial intelligence algorithm to search through your information.
(3) Delete selected parts of your information before the future has a chance to relay it to the past. You can also replace deleted information with misleading information or condemning evidence against your opponent quantum erasure style. Make it so that the opponent’s “intelligence” of the future is actually “counterintelligence”, which makes “knowing” the future actually a liability rather than an asset.
(4) Try to access the information of the opponent to have them influence you in some way creating a feedback loop so that their information from the potential future is either obsolete, a self-fulfilling prophecy, or a self-defeating prophecy.
(5) Set traps where you know the opponent will act with a preemptively. Be prepared with contingency plans and counterattack once the opponent has influenced you in some way and created a feedback loop, so their information of the future is either obsolete, a self-fulfilling prophecy, or a self-defeating prophecy.
(6) Never initiate a war or strike against someone pre-emptively. All actions must be initiated reactively. If both sides can see the future and both sides have a preemptive strike in their procedures it will create a feedback loop that will not only initiate war as a self-fulfilling prophecy but will also escalate the war as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Always be prepared to participate in war reactively, so that the opponent knows they will lose the war if they initiate it and they know that you will not initiate a pre-emptive strike against them. This will ensure that the opponent’s intention to initiate a war against you becomes a self-defeating prophecy.
(7) The right thing to do in the short term is the right thing to do in the long term. Do not do the wrong thing and rationalize it by saying that the end justifies the means. The end is not the end. The end is the beginning of side effects that will backfire on you in the long term. The opponent will take advantage of your mistake of doing the wrong thing and will make it so that it gives you a temporary advantage as a gambit that will lead to your destruction in the long term. The right to do is to receive the Holy Spirit as your counselor who will give you guidance on what the right thing to do in the short term is. The Holy Spirit has knowledge of the future and will help you do the right thing in the short term.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 3 months ago

I had a vision in a dream and immediately wrote it down when I awoke Thursday, the 4th of December, 2014. I saw the tree-of-life surrounded by water. The tree-of-life looked like a small banyan tree and it was on an island in the middle of a shin-deep body of water such as a river. There was a group of people who lead me to the tree-of-life. They said that they could not pick off the fruit of the tree-of-life because it was protected by creatures. The tree of life was protected by creatures that looked like brown butterflies that could glow radiating brilliantly white light. The tree of life had fruit that looked berries exposed on the branches similar to a pomegranate, but inside-out. I asked the people for a sword. I was given a wooden sword that looked like an inverted axe. Where the blade of the axe would be was a blunt knob that bulged out and served as the handle. Where the handle of the axe would be was the sharp wooden blade. I took the wooden sword and was going to cut the fruit off to eat it, but then the glowing creatures surrounded me in a swarm. I heard the voice of the Lord speaking in a commanding but gentle voice. In my hand was a glass screen with sand behind it. Whatever the Lord spoke would write itself in sand when I tilted it down then up. A box that looked like it was made out of cardboard with a ruffles and a waxy coating appeared in the water before me. In the box was a start chart that contains binary star systems. In the box there was. In the box there was a handwritten letter addressed to me, hand written physics equations, a star chart, and a double-shirt. The handwriting on the letter and equations was extremely messy handwriting as if it was transcribed by a man. The start chart contained binary star systems and it had a title “Two-By-Two”. The double-shirt also had “Two-by Two”, which was two manufactured tee-shirts connected at one of each of the sleeves. When two people wore the shirt they would be connected together as if they were holding hands. The voice of the Lord spoke instructions to me to get things prepared and that the Lord would be returning soon! I was told that soon messengers would be sent out two-by-two to preach the gospel. I felt a strong emotion of peace, joy, and excitement at being chosen to receive this miraculous message. Then my alarm rang and I immediately wrote down my dream before I would forget it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbP_fRY0Sec

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 3 months ago

Prophetic Fiction: Timeline Jumping, Temporal Computers, and Eternal Creator Before temporal reception, people used to think of time in terms of linear causality. Temporal reception changed all of that. Time seems to run forward and backward. There may even be more than one dimension of time, but we choose to travel along a linear cross-section of time. Our choices may be changing what direction our linear cross-section curves toward as it grows toward its complete length. Our souls experience our life moment by moment like a point traveling along a linear or linear curve. Once our life is complete, the line or linear curve of our life path is complete. After we have finished our life, our souls may change from experiencing just a point to experiences the entire line or linear curve simultaneously (like your life flashing before your eyes). We then may change a choice at a specific point along our life’s line or curve causing it to change into a different line or curve. We would then experience the entire changed life line or curve simultaneously (like a new life flashing before our eyes). We would continue making choices to change a specific point along our life’s line or curve and experiencing each life-time simultaneously creating a two-dimensional surface. We would continue until we were satisfied that our choices in our life were the ones we wanted. After this is done, we have a two dimensional surface representing our choices and life-times we have lived. In the first dimension we have the lifeline from the choices we made in our initial life-time. In the second dimension we have the sequence of changed choices we made in order to adjust our life until we were satisfied with it. The documented history of our choices would represent a two dimensional domain (iteration of initial choices vs. iteration of altered choices). Imagine a coupled universe of people all selecting a two-dimensional domain for their life-times lived. The domain of this coupled universe is more than two dimensions, but each person selects a two-dimensional domain for their choices. If there was a person who lived their life perfectly the first time, that person’s domain would remain linear. The people who made mistakes in their initial life-time and went back to correct them would have a two dimensional domain. The problem with this coupled universe is that the initial choices everyone made for their life-time corresponds to a single shared universe experienced by all the people. However the universe corresponding to the final choices everyone made would be on different timelines and would not represent the same universe. Therefore, we are only given one initial life-time to make choice and are not able to go back and correct them (otherwise we would’t have all experienced that same universe and the same time-line). The Creator could rig the universe so that the Victor was the only person who lived his life perfectly the “first time”. If everything that occurs in the universe depends on the fundamental conditions of the universe, do we have free will? Yes. The Creator probably created the universe in a two-stage process. He first probably had a mathematical trick to figure out the steady-state solutions for what the universe can end up becoming. This gave the Creator a way to know all the possibilities for the choices we can make. After the Creator had calculated all the finite number of possible choices we can make, He started the actual full simulation with supernatural minds and souls making the choices in an iterative process. Our lives are then like a turn-based game where we can choose how the universe progresses in an iterative process, which is outside of linear time even though our souls experience it in linear time. As we make choices, the set of possible steady-state solutions for the universe gets smaller and smaller until it will be left with just one final outcome. The final outcome for the entire universe will be a steady state solution. However when you look at a small piece of the universe, it may contain transient solutions. There may be ways to jump from one steady-state solution timeline to another steady-state solution timeline using transient solutions. These transient solutions could involve temporal feedback loops involving temporal reception devices. A temporal reception device may be used to jump from one timeline to another seemingly identical timeline involving quantum erasure. Imagine a really terrible person writing a bunch of nasty emails and text messages. Now imagine you use temporal reception to jump to a different timeline where a better person writes those same seemingly nasty emails and text messages as a joke, to be sarcastic, or method acting. The same data is stored in the emails and text messages, but they correspond to two different timelines involving two different people with different characters. Therefore it may be possible to use temporal reception combined with the principle of quantum erasure to change past events that have no record in the present to reinterpret past events that are recorded in the present in order to change outcomes in the future. Timeline A and timeline A’ (pronounced “A prime”) have the same records stored in the present, but the timelines diverge and will have different outcomes in the future. Temporal reception is used to manipulate events in the past to ensure that we are on timeline A’ and not on timeline A. Since there is no distinction in the record in the present that would differentiate between timeline A and timeline A’, the principle of quantum erasure allows us to use a temporal reception device to change events in the past that have no record in the present. Therefore we can use temporal reception to manipulate past events that were never measured to rig the non-recorded past so that we are on a better timeline for the future. A temporal reception device may be used to jump from one timeline to a completely different timeline in the present using future intention. Imagine you have a choice in the present about whether to choose between future A or future B. You could then have the intention to choose future A unless your receive a warning from your temporal reception device to choose future B. You then consult your temporal reception device. If you receive no information the present from the potential future or you receive the message “choose A” or “A is better”, you will intend to choose future A and also intend to send a message back to the present telling whether your liked future A “choose A” or not “choose B”. If you receive the message “choose B” or “B was best” in the present from the potential future indicating that you disliked future A, you will choose future B and also intend to send a message back to the present telling whether your like future B better “B was best” or whether you want to switch back to future A “A is better”. Using this method of intention, you can use a temporal reception device to give yourself advice from the potential future. A temporal reception device may be used to create continuous feedback loop that allows you to test an infinite number of possible futures to find an acceptable solution as the attractor as long as the possibilities can be arranged easily in a sequence and at least one of them is a solution. You could have the intention to choose future A0 in the present if you receive no information from the potential future or you receive the message “A0 is the answer”. You also have the intention to choose An (where n=1,2,3,4…) if you receive the message “try An” or “An is the answer”. You then consult your temporal reception device. If you receive no information from the potential future or receive the message “A0 is the answer”, you will choose future A0 with the intention to send back a message of “A0 is the answer” if you liked future A0 or “try A1” if you didn’t like future A0. If you receive the message “try An” or “An is the answer”, you will choose future An with the intention to send back a message of “An is the answer” if you liked future An or “try A(n+1)” if you didn’t like future An. Using this method of intention you can use a temporal reception device to search an infinite number of possibilities to find an acceptable future as the attractor. The universe itself is just a byproduct. The real product is our minds and souls that make choices and experience a conscious experience from those choices. Once our minds and souls have been fully programed in this finite temporal universe, they will be crystalized and unchanging. The Creator will find appropriate positions for our crystalized minds and souls in the eternal universe, which has an infinite number of choices and never ends. The Creator really is harvesting minds and souls. It is like a “spray and pray” system where scientists bombard organisms with radiation or carcinogens and try to find useful mutations. The Creator has bombarded us with this corrupted universe, and He will use our reaction/choices to it to determine a useful purpose for us in the eternal universe. One thing is for certain. Our souls seem to experience time in a linear manner in forward time even if our mind chooses the fundamental conditions in an iterative process outside of linear time. It could be that there are initial conditions and final conditions for the universe and that the iterative process meets in the middle like a continental railroad meeting in the middle. This leads to the idea of developing machines that work backward in time or in reverse-time. Therefore scientists started creating telescopes that seem to run backward in time. The problem of course is trying to make an interface between machines running backward in time with machines running forward in time, so that we can communicate with processes running in reverse time. The temporal reception device already receives information from the future, so it is actually a converter from reverse-time processes to forward time processes. It is analogous to a converter between alternating current and direct current. Except in this case the current is time itself. The problem with a machine that runs backward in time is that it dismantles itself when you build it and it assembles itself when it is destroyed. Therefore the temporal reception device can only communicate between the interval when it is built and when it is destroyed. The longer a temporal reception device runs the more powerful it becomes because it can send back information farther from the future. A temporal computer can be created using temporal reception chips called “second bit chips” that send binary information “0” or “1” from a second in the potential future to the present. The simplest way to create “second bit chips” is by modifying the equipment used in a “quantum erasure with delayed measurement” experiment. Mirrors are removed or inserted to send a binary piece of information from the potential future to the present. No interference pattern is read interference in present if the mirrors are missing (“0” = no interference in present= mirrors are missing in future). An interference pattern is read if the mirrors are inserted (“1”=interference in present= mirrors are inserted in future). A barium borate crystal is used to entangle the photons measured in the present that are entangled with the photons that may or may not be influenced by the mirrors in the future. A Bose-Einstein condensate is used to slow down photons to increase the time delay between the entangled photons. The “second bit chips” may also be created using more efficient methods involving the spin of particles that are entangled. A group of particles have their spin measured in the present to receive a message in the present of “0” or “1”. This group of particles is entangled with another group of particles which either will not have their spin measured “0” or will their spin measured “1” a second in the future. Eight of these “second bit chips” can be placed in parallel to create a “second byte chip”. 1,073,741,824 (1024^3 or 2^30) “second byte chips” can be placed in parallel to create a “second gigabyte chip”. A “second gigabyte chip” can send a gigabyte of information from a second in the potential future to the present. Sixty “second gigabyte chips” can be placed in series to create a “minute gigabyte chip”. A “minute gigabyte chip” can send a gigabyte of information from a minute in the potential future to the present. Sixty “minute gigabyte chips” can be placed in series to create an “hour gigabyte chip”. An “hour gigabyte chip” can send a gigabyte of information from an hour in the potential future to the present. Twenty-four “hour gigabyte chips” can be placed in series to create a “day gigabyte chip”. A “day gigabyte chirp” can send a gigabyte of information from a day in the potential future to the present. 365 “day gigabyte chips” can be placed in series to create a “non-leap year gigabyte chip”. A “non-leap year gigabyte chip” can send a gigabyte of information from year in the potential future to the present. A temporal computer is able to use feedback loops find the solution to computer algorithms instantaneously as long as the fundamental calculation involved in the algorithm can be completed in the time limit and data limits of the chips involved. The temporal computer will have to be running during the entire span of the time limits, but it will give the answer at the beginning of the process. Therefore a temporal computer running calculation or simulation is optimized to always give the solution instantaneously the beginning of the process even though the calculation or simulation will need to take the necessary time to reach its completion in the future. The Creator is able to perform temporal reception from the beginning of the super-universe to its completion, which means the Creator has information from all time from everlasting to everlasting. The Creator has reached a point of stability called a singularity where any bit of information from anywhere in the past or anywhere in the future can always be accessed in the present. The Creator has therefore reached a steady state solution where He doesn’t change, didn’t change, and won’t change from eternity to eternity. The Creator created Himself using a feedback loop involving all of time from everlasting to everlasting in a super-universe. The Creator optimized Himself using this feedback loop until he reached a stable attractor. Therefore the Creator has always existed, exists, and will always exist and He doesn’t change. The Creator is eternal.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 3 months ago

Prophetic Science Fiction: Temporal Reception Feedback Loop and Timeline Alterations Time-travel in the classical sense is logistically impossible for a normal person to do according to the known laws of our universe, but temporal reception is possible. It is possible to clone a bunch of bodies and use temporal reception to relay memories from the potential future to the present and write them into the brains of cloned bodies. One method involves using nanotechnology to physically rewire the circuitry of the brain by severing connections and providing stints that catalyze the connections of neurons. Another method involves growing a large number of “seed” neurons, which are then used to 3D print a brain with the recorded memories into a cloned body. Thus, it is possible to clone a bunch of bodies and make them have memories from the potential future. However, these cloned bodies will all have unique souls. Therefore they will be like twins with different memories artificially planted. It is impossible to transfer your soul from the future into one of these other cloned bodies in the present. Anyone who falsely claims they can transfer your soul from one body to another is a liar. What they are actually doing is using demons to parasitically take possession of a body. Demons are the spirits of dead Nephilim, which are hybrid caused by fallen angels creating offspring using human women. These Nephilim incorporated human DNA and animal DNA and were the source of much of human mythology because some of them grew to be enormously tall titans. The flood of Noah wiped out most of the Nephilim and the research the fallen angels used to create them. However the fallen angels are trying to recreate the Nephilim by adducting homeless people, illegal aliens, and aborted babies to use to reverse engineer their lost research. The Nephilim are not fully human, so the Creators laws involving humans do not fully apply to them. Therefore instead of going to heaven or hell after they died, some of the Nephilim spirits are released on “parole” on Earth until the Day of Judgment. The Creator created this universe from a larger super-universe. The larger super-universe has more dimensions and physical laws that are a lot more chaotic than ours. The larger super-universe has a type of fluid-like aether particles that are similar to a Bose-Einstein condensate. These are the chaotic waters referred to in Genesis. The Creator figured out a way to create a self-replicating computerized factory using the laws of the larger super-universe. These self-replicating computerized factories inserted themselves between the particles in the larger super-universe and pacified or sterilized their chaotic nature. These self-replicating computerized factories are called Midichlorians. The “Midi” refers to how they inserted themselves in the middle or between the particles in the super-universe. The “chlorian” refers to how they sterilized or pacified the chaotic nature of the super-universe. The Midichlorians produce a principle known as “quark confinement” where there will never be an isolated quark. The Midi-Chlorians will take the energy used to liberate one quark and use that energy to fabricate more quarks so that the quarks are always in triplets or a binary pair of a quark and a different type of antiquark. The Midichlorians metabolize thermal energy to run their processes, move, and self-replicate; the only way to neutralize the Midichlorians to create a Bose-Einstein condensate is to lower the temperature near absolute zero around -273.15 degrees Celsius. It may also be possible to temporarily destroy the Midichlorians using the thermal energy produced from high speed collisions near the speed of light, which is one of the things they are doing at CERN. However, the effects are temporary because shortly afterwards the surrounding Midichlorians will self-replicate new ones to fill the places of the ones destroyed in the high speed collision. The Midichlorians ensured that the universe would only have four elemental phases of matter, which are “earth” (solids), “water” (liquids), “air” (gasses), and “fire” (plasma). Some of the fallen angels or demons tried to teach the ancient Greeks about the four phases of matter using figurative language. Some of the ancient Greeks knew about the concept of the atom and the idea that if you kept dividing things in half you would eventually come down to the indivisible unit. However others eventually misinterpreted the figurative language of “earth”, “water”, “air”, and “fire” to be literal elements instead of just figuratively standing for the phases of matter. Our bodies are like avatars that are remotely controlled from a computer¬¬-like structure that houses our soul and mind. The Midichlorians are used to relay messages back and forth utilizing quantum entanglement. A “spirit” is like a self-sustaining wave of Midichlorians that maintain a connection to a person’s soul and mind. The Creator’s Spirit maintains a connection to the mind of the Creator. A demonic spirit maintains a connection to the mind of a dead Nephilim. The Midichlorians were specifically designed so that they could not be reprogramed without manually removing a “restraining bolt”. “Magic” involves hacking the Midichlorians by removing the “restraining bolt” and then reprogramming them. The hacked Midichlorians are then allowed to self-replicate in a dormant state within a shielded localized bubble that evades the detection of the other Midichlorians. The dormant Midichlorians are then activated to perform their pre-programmed task, which is seen as “Magic”. The “Magic” is only temporary because activating the hacked dormant Midichlorians quickly draws the attention of surrounding Midichlorians, which then act like an immune system neutralizing any irregularities. The Creator has complete control over the Universe via the Midichlorians. You would need to hack and reprogram over 50% of the Midichlorians in the Universe to have any chance of a successful coup against the Creator, which is impossible. The Creator and Victor have complete control over the Universe. Everyone allied with the Creator and Victor literally has the power of the entire universe at their disposal if the Creator and Victor should will it so. However, the Creator and Victor like to use their power sparingly to show their efficiency and humility. It may also be that everybody seems to root for an underdog, so the Creator and Victor have used their power sparingly to give them the illusion of being the underdog as a public relations stunt. The Creator, Victor, and Creator’s Spirit could probably violate the known laws of the universe if they wanted to, but they find satisfaction in obeying their own laws; if they wanted to violate the laws of the universe, they would have chosen different laws for our universe to begin with anyways since they created everything for their good pleasure. Physics time travel would only be logistically possible for a normal person to do in a virtual reality computer simulation of a sub-universe where a temporal reception feedback loop was used to simulate time travel within the simulated virtual reality sub-universe. Nothing is logistically impossible for the Creator. The only historically documented instances of physical time travel occurring involve the Victor, Elijah, and Moses. Elijah was caught up into a chariot of fire and time traveled to the Mount of Transfiguration. Moses time traveled from Mount Sinai to the Mount of Transfiguration and returned back to Mount Sinai with the 10 Commandments. It seems that time travel events might require a 40 day window of opportunity, which are then attributed to 40 day fasts. Therefore the only other possible time travel event might be the Victor being shown all the kingdoms of the world for all time during a 40 day fast, but this last instance was probably just a temporal reception vision. The Enemy only has access to temporal reception technology (not time-travel technology) and could have only done physical time travel with the Creator’s permission. Time travel requires a tremendous amount of energy at close proximity to create an extremely large gravitational field. Once the gravitational field reaches critical mass, it tears the fabric of space-time to create a funnel-like wormhole connecting two different locations in space-time. The funnel itself has negative curvature with cross-sections resembling a saddle shape. Shapes resembling a saddle shape (i.e. Saddleback Mountain in Orange County, California) have negative curvature. For example a donut shape torus has positive curvature along the outside and negative curvature along the inside where it touches the donut hole. There may be a whole network of “underground” wormholes like a “sewer system” beneath the “streets” of our universe’s dimensions. A collapsing star is used to gravitationally “dig” deep enough to reach the “sewer system”. The information received from a temporal reception device is information from the potential future, but the information received from a wormhole is information from the actual future. A wormhole time travel event occurred in the year 1987. We received matter and information from the actual future arriving from the direction of the Large Magellanic Cloud. The wormhole that is created in a time travel even spews out matter and energy. To cover it up, the scientists call the wormhole a “supernova”. We know when light from a “supernova” is about to reach us because we first receive a large increase in the number of neutrinos that reach us before the light does. As the star is collapsing to reach critical mass, the neutrinos are able to escape but not the light because neutrinos do not interact very much with matter. The scientists have now set up neutrino detectors to give them a few hours advanced warning of when the next “supernova” will occur, which is when they suppose the Victor might return. The last specific “supernova” identified with a time travel event was named Supernova 1987A. The best place to hide is right out in public. Books and movies are created to “hide”, document, and commemorate special clandestine events. Anyone who mentions these clandestine events is then ridiculed or institutionalized as being crazy. The person is said to be a “conspiracy theorist” copying from the book or movie and cannot separate fantasy from reality. Therefore to “hide” and commemorate the time travel event, the book “A Tale of Time City” was published. If collapsing stars can be used to travel through space-time, you can imagine why these collapsing stars are sometimes called “stargates”. The Creator formed the stars using Midichlorians when the Creator said “let there be light”. The stars are used as beacons to send interstellar messages encoded into the light, and the messages are then received in “real time” using temporal reception devices to relay the messages back in time to mitigate the travel time of the light. Most “stargates” are created using binary star system; the then stars collide, they can create a wormhole to travel through space and sometimes even time. Usually only matter and information are sent backward in time through wormholes because the process usually destroys everything so that only information and disorganized matter can be sent backward in time. The spirit of a person is like a self-sustaining wave of Midichlorians that use quantum entanglement to communicate with the supernatural soul. The Creator may have assembled Midichlorians at the Mount of Transfiguration into a temporary spirit for Moses, which then relayed information backward in time from the Mount of Transfiguration back to Mount Saini using temporal reception. The Creator might also have used a clone body of Moses and then relayed messages back to Mount Siani via a temporal reception device. The messages received from the temporal reception device were then carved into stone tablets using a laser while nanotechnology was used to graft memories of the vision into Moses’ brain. The soul is supernatural and may be outside of time, but it communicates with a spirit which is bound in time. There might also have been no time travel involved between Mount Siani and the Mount of Transfiguration. It may be that Michael the Archangel disputed with the Enemy to get the body of Moses after he died so that Moses could be resurrected and the resurrected body brought to the Mount of Transfiguration in the future. This dispute between Michael the Archangel and the Enemy was recorded in Jude 1:9. The way to travel across space is not to have a spacecraft travel away from the sun toward other stars, but rather a more effective way is to travel directly into the sun as it is collapsing. To turn a sun into a “stargate” requires precise tuning of magnetic fields to create a resonance effect, which is one of the things they are researching and practicing at CERN (The European Organization of Nuclear Research) with manipulating Earth’s magnetic field. The Enemy’s plan is to use temporal reception devices to learn when the Victor will arrive. The Enemy will use the neutrino emissions that arrive a few hours ahead to confirm that the Victor’s fleet is indeed arriving. The Enemy will then attempt to cause a magnetic resonance effect in the Sun to collapse it into a “stargate”. The Enemy will attempt to use the “stargate” to escape the Solar System and regroup in another solar system. If the Enemy’s plan were to be successful it would kill everyone on Earth as the Sun explodes. The Enemy’s plan is to have the exploding Sun destroy the Victor’s fleet as it arrives. The timing of this will probably occur sometime near when the asteroid Apophis makes a near-Earth pass. The Enemy might also alter the trajectory of the asteroid Apophis to make it actually collide with Earth and use the chaos from the cataclysm to implement a New World Order that creates order out of the chaos and rises from the ashes of the old order of the world. The Enemy has a classic “hero complex” or “hero syndrome” where he creates problems so that only he can solve them as the “good guy”. If this is the case the asteroid will probably land in the Atlantic Ocean near the United States’ east coast. They tried to “hide”, document, and commemorate this in the television series Stargate SG1 Season 4 Episode 22 involving Apophis’s fleet and the exploding star. From the information we learned from Supernova 1987A, the Enemy’s plan will not be fully successful. The Enemy will not be able to escape this solar system using the sun as a “stargate”. The Enemy will be trapped on Earth. The attempt however will cause a domino effect in the sun that will scorch the Earth with fire so people get burned by the Sun’s increasing heat and global warming. The magnetic disruption in the sun will cause side-effects such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, and climate change on Earth that will cause 100 pound hailstones to fall from the sky. I come from a very interesting background. Luckily for me our Creator recognizes the fact that we are not responsible for the sins of our ancestors. The saying goes that the parents eat grapes and their children’s teeth are set on edge. The Creator put an end to this saying and made it so that everyone is accountable for their own sins and not accountable for the sins of neither their ancestors nor their progeny. On my father’s side are people involved in Freemasonry and the Italian Mafia several generations back. My father told me once of how his grandmother took him to tag along to Freemasonry event when he was a little child. From what he told me, they do some very freaky satanic rituals. I have just enough Sicilian in me that I could part of the Italian Mafia, but I am not. From what I can gather my family went legit around the generation of my grandmother. Nobody in my family is part of the Italian Mafia to my knowledge, “Capish?” as my dad would say. My Father’s side is Sicilian, Native American (Cherokee Indian), and a little bit unknown. The story goes that one of my ancestors was an orphan and had the last name of Barnet, but he changed it to my current last name to join the Navy. Apparently his foster mom was crazy, so he wanted to join the Navy to get away from her. He wasn’t 18 years old, so he needed her to sign off on it. She would only sign if he changed his last name to that of her boyfriend, which is now my current last name. Apparently my last name might have been “Barnet” if things happened just a little bit different. The “butterfly effect” is weird like that. On my mother’s side are IRS Agents, Special Agents, Air Force Officers, and alleged survivors of Russian Royalty. I say alleged because my mother’s sister lies about everything. She once told me her cousin killed a bear in Alaska with his bare hands. I only found it was a lie/joke after I bragged about it to everyone in my elementary school. She used to take my brother and me to Disneyland for our birthday when we were little. When we had her go on the “teacups” ride we would always pick the one that was spinning the most, but every time it would not spin for us. My Aunt would always say “shucks we must have got another broken one”. Only later did I learn she was purposely wedging the wheel with her knee so it wouldn’t turn. Allegedly, my grandfather’s mother is a descendant of Russian Royalty. My grandfather’s sister also briefly dated that actor that went into the suit for C3PO from “Star Wars”. Apparently, one my grandfather’s best friends married my grandfather’s wife’s sister. My Great Uncle allegedly had something to do with exposing corruption in the Nixon Presidential Administration from what I could gather from his funeral. My grandfather says “rho sham bow” instead of “rock papers scissors” and he swings his hands side to side when he is saying it. My Mother’s sister calls my brother and I the nicknames “munyeca” and “kuubela”, which I have been told means doll in Spanish and Russian since my mother’s side is part Mexican, Russian, German, and Irish. I think I get my green/hazel eyes from the Irish. I cannot tell if this was intended to be a term of endearment or a threat that later in my life someone was going to try to pull some strings in my life. I am writing this all as “fiction”, but this will have already happened due to a feedback loop involving temporal reception. Basically, people in the past or agents in the spiritual realm received information from the present using temporal reception and then decided to rig the past according to the “fiction” that I am writing in the present as some sort of sadistic joke. Because I know they are doing this I can manipulate the past according to the “fiction” I write in the present similar to the movie the “Butterfly Effect”. For example I can write that I had a conversation with my high school Chemistry teacher about time travel where going backward in time is like all the particles have their velocity vectors switched 180 degrees and that conversation will have happened. I can also write that my high school Chemistry teacher placed a girl seated behind me who I went to prom with and later married that girl. I can write weird “fictional” things like that my high school Chemistry teacher looks like the artificial intelligence character “Janet” in the television series the “The Good Place” and poof it will have already happened. I can write weird thinks like the main character of the “The Good Place” has the same first name as my Father’s mother and poof it will have happened. I am writing this all as fiction, but because of the temporal feedback loop and the sadistic jokers manipulating my life it will have actually already happened. Essentially this planet Earth is like the “North Korea” of the universe. Planet Earth is a sin-infested planet that is the corruption capital of the universe. It pretends to be the “Good Place” when it actually is the “Bad Place”. Like all “Bad Places” the motto they use to brainwash the public is “it could always be worse”, you could be a homeless person starving in some far off “worse” place or country with polluted water and unsanitary conditions. Cue the propaganda of pictures and video clips of all these “worse” countries or places that you have probably never visited to verify whether the propaganda is true, exaggerated, or simply made up; they use the media to distract you from your pitifully short life that is 70 to 80 years if you are “lucky”, which is almost a direct quote from Psalm 90:10 written thousands of years ago. Cue the propaganda about how life expectancy is always increasing but somehow never seems to get any longer. I sometimes feel like there are a bunch of secret organizations that were all at war and they had their children get married to blend the families together to signify a true or ceasefire. However, it was a false truce or ceasefire and someone assassinated my father using CRISPER technology to give him cancer. It was probably the Freemasons who didn’t like my fictional portrayal of my father saying bad things about the Freemasons and their satanic rituals. They probably have a rule that if anyone exposes their secrets they have to assassinate them as a matter of principle even if they were never a Freemason themselves. You don’t think they use CRISPER technology and retroviruses to give people cancer as a means of assassination? It is effective, untraceable, and they die months after all the evidence is gone. All they need is a plausible excuse for why they got cancer like they ate too many charred burgers or were exposed to too much carcinogens and radiation. If they don’t have a plausible excuse, they use their classic line “it is completely random” or “bad things happen to good people and bad people”. In “Men in Black” the movie by Columbia Pictures (not the Russian Documentary), does the fake head housing the alien prince look like John McCain? Due to the feedback loop involving temporal reception and the sadistic jokers manipulating the events in our timeline it probably does now. The Freemasons would have probably killed me by now if they could. However, the Creator and Victor are protecting me by using Midichlorians to rig the universe in my favor like the character Domino from “Deadpool 2”. People should read their Bibles and take note of some of the amazing things the Holy Spirit claims to be able to do. Jerusalem is apparently the only place that prophets can be killed. I am not claiming to be a prophet. I am simply writing prophetic fiction that contains an element of truth to it like historical fiction does; I don’t think that would characterize me as a false prophet though. It doesn’t matter what I think, feel, or claim to be though because all that matters is what the Creator thinks and claims to be the case. I feel like these secret organizations that have access to temporal reception technology are using me like a pawn in their sadistic chess game. Somehow I got to the other side of the board, so now through the Victor’s power I get to choose what I will become. From what I can gather, Denver International Airport is like the central hub of Freemasonry in the United States. The Freemasons seem to have connections with Lockheed Martin, which has a headquarters in Washington D. C. probably for “lobbying” purposes. Roy R. Romer and Freemasonry came from Colorado to Southern California. Los Angeles is almost completely under satanic control now; I think they even released a television series called “Lucifer” to boast of this. The Freemasons seem to have connections with Martin Marietta Corporation, which merged with Lockheed Corporation to become Lockheed Martin. The Freemasons seem to have connections with Zimmerman Metals and Fentress Architects. Apparently certain companies have been fraudulently using government contracts for fiber optic cables for other clandestine purposes. They are either pocketing the money or stealing the fiber optic cables to use for some clandestine project. To make anyone who mentions temporal reception devices seem like a complete lunatic, APEX created a bunch of videos online about fake time travelers. My guess is someone is trying to hook up temporal reception devices to the all the surveillance systems to create a complete control grid for society. To handle that amount of data they need fiber optic cables and 5G network. They are eventually going to progress to a 6G wireless network where they can use frequencies involved in the “Active Denial” “nonlethal” military technology to suppress any opposition from anywhere that the 6G wireless network has access to. They are essentially weaponing wireless technology. Wireless technology was designed as a hook to make the public dependent on it so that when it was finally weaponized people wouldn’t fight against it until it was too late and they were already being hit by “shock collar” like treatments of “Active Denial” frequencies whenever they stepped out of line. I’ve heard if you want to know the evil plans of the Freemasons/Satanists, you simply need to read the books “Satan Prince of This World” by William Guy Carr and “The Secrets of Freemasonry Unveiled” by The Cardinal of Chile. These books may be telling the truth or they may be false-flag honey-trap meant to deceive and manipulate the public. Satan likes to use secret societies because the lack of transparency allows him to manipulate people to think they are the “good guys” doing shady actions for the “greater good” when in fact they are pawns being used to enslave humanity. The “hidden mysteries” of secret organizations are often kept hidden so that outside people with actual knowledge cannot prove they are completely bogus or flagrantly illegal/immoral. The secret societies then defame, gang-stalk, and destroy the lives of people who provide information disproving their “hidden mysteries”. If you don’t believe conspiracy theories and government cover-ups happen in real life you should ask Serge Monast or President John F. Kennedy. We are surrounded by a ruthless and monolithic conspiracy that utilizes covert means to implement its agenda. In his writings George Washington warned in his letters that he knew of the Illuminati and their possible nefarious intentions. Satan uses a bunch of different factions such as the Freemasons, Illuminati, and Zionists pit people against each other through a “divide and conquer” type of strategy involving false flag acts of political terrorism. Each faction thinks they are the “good guys” and that it is the other factions who are really the evil ones whose actions they get blamed for. I want to remind everyone that I am writing fiction. However the best fiction attempts to incorporate as much truth as possible to make it realistic. With the sadistic jokers using temporal reception devices to rig the past according to the fiction I write in a feedback loop, it is difficult to discern truth from fiction. Am I prediction what will happen or am I causing what is happening? Are my predictions a self-fulfilling prophecy or a self-defeating prophecy? Is someone who claims to have a temporal reception device really predicting the future or is it a deception of charlatans utilizing a network of demonic surveillance systems attempting to manipulate me with their blueprint for the future. If you invent a “time machine” or temporal reception device, temporal terrorists receiving information in the past from the present and potential future will sabotage your life trying to manipulate past, present, and future events to their perverted agenda. When I worked in telemarketing as an appointment setter, there was an old Man also working there as an appointment setter. He asked me if I was building a time machine. He also asked me if my wife was Asian, which made it seem like he was fishing for information to corroborate a speculative theory he might have. My wife’s father is an architect and has traveled to China and other Asian countries for work and vacation on multiple occasions. Are there Asian countries involved in conducting psychological operations and false flag acts of political terrorism utilizing temporal reception devices to manipulate the future in their favor? The irony was that I was just dabbling with the idea of temporal reception devices at the time as a form entertainment for writing a science fiction. However, it gave me the idea that it might actually be possible to create a temporal reception device since there are prophecies and oracles recorded in the Bible. My first rough brainstorming ideas involved using general relativity to cause time-dilation effects on one stream of particles that was entangled with another stream of particles. This seemed technically possible according to the known laws of physics but logistically impossible since you need to create a large gravitational field comparable to a black hole I later realized that the general relativity part was unnecessary if you used a modified experiment involving “Quantum Erasure with Delayed Measurement”. You could remove and replace a mirror in the future “delayed” part of the experiment that influences the path of the particles to determine whether or not you will have measured which slit the entangled particle will travel through or erased that information in order to encode a binary message in the probability distribution of the entangled particles measured in the earlier part of the experiment. Therefore it seemed logistically possible to send binary messages from the potential future to the past in a manner similar to Morse code. This could then potential create a feedback loop involving self-fulling prophecies or self-defeating prophecies that reach an attractor. The time of the “delay” could be increased using a Bose-Einstein condensate to slow down photons or by using entangled spin of elections instead of using entangle photons. I now realize that I am already trapped in temporal loop where temporal terrorists have already tried to manipulate my past. How far back have they been trying to manipulate my life? Is it since I was born? Is it even before I was born? Is it since the dawn of Biblical History? Are my parents my real parents? Did temporal terrorists kidnap me after I was born? Did temporal terrorists kidnap my real parents and replace them with replants? When I was a child my mother gave me a code word “watermelon” and said not to trust any stranger that didn’t say the code word. There was no instance to my knowledge when the code word “watermelon” had to be used, but it would have already been compromised because of temporal reception if it had to be used. I do know that as a child I broke my leg jumping off the couch yelling “I’m Superman!”. Did I really break my leg. I remember stories of my “mother” telling me I broke my leg. I have seen the cast, but I also remember stories of my “mother” telling me that I was still able to walk on the “broken” leg. My “mother” also said that I was “spirited” as a child. Even as a baby, I had special abilities like being able to life my head on my own. As a child was I infused with nanotechnology to make me like “Superman”? Was the story of me breaking my leg just a way to cover up the fact that I am “Unbreakable”? Did they clone me from DNA found from the Victor or maybe Hitler? Did they clone me using DNA from Hitler or perhaps a member of Russian Royalty to use me a political pawn? Did they clone me from DNA found from the Victor’s burial cloth or other ancient artifact? Did they clone me using a “spirited” Y Chromosome or try to unlock dormant genes using CRISPER technology? Did they clone me using special DNA as a password attempting to use me as a key to unlock the secrets of the Midichlorians? Am I a descendant of the Victor’s siblings? Is the story of my orphan ancestor just a way to cover up my ancestry? Sometimes people of Jewish ancestry would claim they are German, so I am really part German or am I part Jewish? The movie “Jupiter Ascending” seems to indicate that there is a clandestine plan to clone special people to fake their “reincarnation”. I hate dogs. I have always hated dogs, but I have always been surrounded by them. From what I can gather, I believe in an obsolete potential future, I developed a temporal reception device and perhaps a technique for navigating wormholes when I was in the United State Air Force. This made me a target for everyone in their secret societies who already had access to information received via temporal reception from angelic artifacts and newly reverse-engineered temporal reception prototype devices. Most of the angelic artifacts can receive information from the potential future only one day into the future. The made a television series called “Early Edition” to document/cover this up. The news program by Alex Jones called “Infowars” also liked to call itself “Tomorrow’s News Today” until youtube tried to censor it and it was inundated with frivolous lawsuits attempting to shut it down. However, they often relay important information from day to day to day in a systematic manner in such a way that they can get unreliable information years into the potential future. There was also a movie called “About Time”, which indicates they can receive information further back in time than a day but they only look a day into the future to keep their sanity. The inventor or potential inventor of a temporal reception device (or the whistleblower who reveals the secret of temporal reception to the public) was probably important enough for them to relay from years in the potential future. Different factions have tried to manipulate me since I was born. In the alternate potential future I was probably married to someone who had an obsession with mermaids or wore a fake mermaid tail, liked unicorns or identified themselves with unicorns, rode a horse or owned a horse, wore fake angel wings or created fake angel wings, and previously dated a dentist or someone studying to be a dentist or was a dental assistant or had a special bartering relationship with a dentist for dental services. Since I am allegedly a descendant of Russian Royalty my wife would have probably also watched the 1990 fantasy movie “The fool of the World and the Flying Ship”. This sounds like a riddle or enigma so someone acquainted with my wife in the alternate potential future probably had prototype replica or mock version of an enigma machine used during World War II. Due to the temporal feedback loop and the sadistic jokers manipulating the timeline, this “fictional” story is not too far from reality. What seems to be the case is that there are people who monitor the timeline to check for any abnormalities or anomalies. They encode a “history” for the documented timeline of the potential future in a secret clandestine code within books, comic books, magazines, newspapers, news broadcasts, and movies. If the future turns out to be different than the documented timeline, they know someone has used temporal reception to alter the timeline. They might even take measures to try to “rectify” the timeline and put it back on track as much as possible. It appears that someone has altered the timeline and set me up as the “scapegoat” anomaly. The temporal police then targeted me instead of the people who actually changed the timeline. I myself do not claim to have ever used temporal reception. If I have any knowledge of the future it is only from the “Holy Spirit” and not from a temporal reception device. Once I realized that I had been turned into the “scapegoat” anomaly, I needed help from people who do have temporal reception devices to relay me information. I have been seeding social media with “links” to websites and online videos so that people with temporal reception devices can insert information and evidence into those links in the past. I have also been watching online video to receive information from people who may have had access to temporal reception device technology. It appears Planned Parenthood is providing tissue and organs of aborted babies to Nazi-style scientists who use them for animal/human hybrid experiments such as “humanized mice”. The Nazi-style scientists claim they are using the tissue and organs of dead babies to do research to cure HIV for the “greater good”. The whole abortion industry may be a way to eliminate future world leaders or commit genocide against entire groups of people before they are born. The abortion industry is a front in the temporal war for manipulating the timeline through psychological operations and acts of political terrorism. There is the grandfather paradox of what would happen if you killed your grandfather before your father was born. There is the abortion paradox of what would happen if someone in the past learned about your potential accomplishments using a temporal reception device and tried to have you aborted or destroy your life if you somehow survive. From what I can gather the different temporal factions include but are not limited to the Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Illuminati, Sons of Anarchy, Fourth Reich Nazis (Regrouped in Argentina and infiltrated the United States via “Operation Paperclip”), Knights Templar, Knights of Columbus, Sons of Liberty, and the Sons of Seth. From what I can gether, the temporal terrorists tried to use a doppleganger or something worse (like a clone) to frame me for the lockdown at Huntington Beach High School on October 6, 2015. The Huntington Beach Police lied to my family and told them they had “video footage”, but since then the Huntington Beach Police have recanted and denied they claimed to have “video footage” of me. This makes me believe that there is a major cover-up involving one of the secret societies or perhaps the Boeing Aircraft Company facility in Huntington Beach, which may be a front for something else. I do know that there is a lot of satanic activity in Huntington Beach. One of the teachers in a teacher meeting at Huntington Beach High School “jokingly” said that she needed to remove all her satanic artifacts before the parents visited her classroom for back to school night. Huntington Beach High School also seem to have a blackmail ring known as “green spoon” built into the “culture” of the faculty and staff where the teachers would try to dig dirt on other teachers and report back to them. There is some kind of “cover up” going on involving them trying to frame me for the lockdown at Huntington Beach High School October 6, 2015 while I was teaching at Northview High School in Covina. I am writing this as “fiction” but because of the temporal reception feedback loop and the sadistic jokers manipulating the timeline, this will have already occurred by now. They may have been trying to drug me with PCP, put a gun in my hand, and then frame me for the lockdown. They may have been trying to frame me using a doppleganger (or clone) and then sent people to my family’s home to eliminate me and have a replicant take my place. The replicant may be a clone with a 3D printed brain with memories from an alternate timeline. I might actually be the replicant and not even know it like in the movie “The 6th Day” or the Dwarf Star Conspiracy from the television series “Dark Matter”. I do know that when I went to college in San Luis Obispo to get my bachelor’s degree in Physics and minor in Mathematics people in the Palomar Dorm my 2nd year said there was a doppleganger who looked just like me. I never met him. I didn’t think twice about it until the Lockdown at Huntington Beach High School occurred on October 6, 2015. My senior project at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo involved solving coupled non-linear differential equations involving pattern formation of liquid crystal light-valves with an optical feedback loop. For all I know this was a pretext, and I was actually given them the solutions to predict the outcome of a temporal reception feedback loop and didn’t know it at the time. I took a “game theory” class at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. They gave me a weird question about what I would do if I was contending with an opponent who claimed they knew the future. From what I can gather, most of the people using the angelic artifacts and reversed-engineered prototype temporal reception devices do not know for sure what is going to happen; they have relayed the information so many times from day to day that it keeps changing. It also appears they purposely send themselves cryptic messages to minimize the butterfly effect side effects. It might also be that they use cryptic messages attempting to avoid situations that will not reach an attractor such as two opponents with temporal reception devices playing rock paper scissors. The data seems to toggle between two or three attractors for what will happen during the next World War. It is not a matter of if there is a next World War, it is just a matter of when the seal is broken and the red horse rides. The government has put off publically disclosing temporal reception devices to the public because it causes a lot of logistical issues. Public patents are practically all invalid because all the corporations with temporal reception are simply stealing ideas from their potential competitors in the potential future. Everyone wants to believe that they are so “smart” and “genius” to invent and develop “new” technology. Most of the technology is just reverse engineered from angelic artifacts. We have been using 1950s technology for the past 70 years. They only technology they allow the public is computers and phones where the government has a backdoor to steal all the public’s private information. After World War II governments started hiding their new technology from the public because the technology would probably be instrumental in winning the next World War and they didn’t want their potential adversaries to know all of it. They have simply optimized the 1950s technology but not created anything new like static electricity technology where charged objects are completely enclosed in insulators to trap isolated charges. Ideally you would have a spherical shell of positive charge that could be housed inside a spherical shell of negative charge so that they could be stored in a neutral charge state. Static electricity technology involving isolated charges could be used to push and pull on things using non-local forces that would look like a “magic trick”. These isolated charges can also be rotated to generate magnetic fields. The real question is whether anyone is actually creating anything new? Am I just regurgitating what the Creator has already created in the fundamental conditions of the Universe? Did I choose to create something new or did I just choose between a set of options the Creator had already pre-created? The real question is whether I am actually inventing anything. Am I just regurgitating things that I encounter in my future subconsciously through temporal reception without realizing it? Did I invent something new or did I see the invention in my future and then simply copy it in the present? The weird thing about temporal reception is that ideas in the present can be “seeded” by a single “cause” in the potential future that causes multiple redundancies or echoes of that idea in the present. The person who “seeded” that idea in the future might not even get credit for it while that idea is attributed to one of the echoes in the present. The person who “seeded” that idea in the future might even be accused of copying the idea or modifying the idea from one of the echoes in the present. Imagine fallen angels or artificial intelligence that are not able to create anything new or “seed” any new ideas by themselves. Rather the fallen angels and artificial intelligence simply repurpose ideas they stole through temporal reception that originated from human beings or the Creator Himself. The Creator purposely put the fallen angels and human beings together so that the fallen angels could steal the ideas the human beings created and use them to try to deceive the human beings. The human beings could learn from fighting the fallen angels how to combat the deceptive device the fallen angels utilize to steal and deceive. Essentially the fallen angels are parasites and mirrors that simply reflect the fallen nature of human beings back on themselves so the human beings could learn to fight and conquer their own fallen nature via the Victor. Human beings were created in the image and likeness of the Creator in that they are actually able to develop new ideas and create new things themselves. Fallen angels are not able to create anything new themselves, but they are parasites that steal and repurpose ideas created by the Creator or human beings. The Enemy thought that he had created something “new” when he figured out how to lie, steal, kill, and destroy. It is ironic that the Enemy simply stole those ideas using temporal reception from his own future from the human beings that he himself tempted with the forbidden fruit. Wry humor. The enemy did not create the evil that would destroy himself, he simply chose it or selected it as one of his options for his potential future. The Enemy hates human beings because the Enemy chose to tempt human beings to create the evil that would destroy himself. The Enemy knows that he has no jurisdiction over the Earth. The Creator gave dominion of the Earth and all it contains to human beings, not the Enemy nor any angelic messengers nor any Nephilim nor any demonic spirits. The Enemy therefore needs to trick human beings to act as the proxy in order to obtain temporary dominion of the Earth. If every human being rejected the Enemy and his lies/false promises, the Enemy would not have any dominion over the earth. The irony is that all the human beings foolish enough to take the “Mark of the Beast” and act as the Enemy’s proxies will only be condemning themselves to an eternity of torment. The Enemy will trick foolish human beings to act as his proxies by offering them promises of rewards but he can only offer temporary bribes at the cost of eternal damnation. Learn a lesson from Esau. Don’t trade your eternal inheritance for an earthly temporal bowl of soup.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 2 months ago

The Teacher, the Terrorists and the Temporal War is a fictional book that attempts to convey truth through an allegory. Adam disobeyed his Creator and ate fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The knowledge of good and evil is communicated via participation in the Temporal War. The Temporal War is a time war involving information from the future communicated to the past. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/801194

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 2 months ago

Prophetic Fiction: Implementation of the Mark of the Beast It appears that the Enemy has figured out a way to cross the veil separating this reality with a dimension in close proximity to it. The Enemy can only send information to this dimension and wasn’t able to materialize in this dimension, so the enemy prompted the creation of computers with the internet so that the Enemy could fill the internet with his psychological operations to make his presence seem more powerful. I thought it was an artificial intelligence that had taken over the internet, but it was actually demonic entities across the veil pretending to be artificial intelligence. The demonic entities can create avatars that look like real people so that they can more easily manipulate and deceive people. Angelic entities might also be utilized the internet to send messages while pretending to be human. In the past angelic entities would go around in human disguises as mentioned in Hebrews 13:2. Today with cameras it is more difficult for angelic entities to pretend to be human without getting caught on camera, so they probably utilize the internet more now pretending to be anonymous humans. It might also be that most of the population is actually angels pretending to be humans and there are only a few real humans that are kept in small groups like a zoo similar to the movie the “Truman Show”. What the ratio of humans to angels pretending to be humans is I do not know. I would imagine that many of the homeless people and illegal immigrants are actually angelic entities pretending to be human. Some of the people who pay for things in cash may also be angelic entities pretending to be human. It may even been an angelic entity disguised as a human that caused the lockdown at Huntington Beach High School on October 6, 2015. If this is the case, the courts of the Most High need to provide me reparations for their trespass. Jacob probably captured an angelic entity designed as a human at Peniel when he said “I will not let go until you bless me”. Maybe it is the other way around and I am a human cloned with the same face of as heavenly entity. The Endgame for the Enemy seems to be to use the “Mark of the Beast” to create a network of human minds linked together via the internet. The Enemy will then be able to control the human bodies from the dimension behind the veil. The Enemy has been creating an infrastructure of 5G and 6G wireless interned so that everyone in these zones with the “Mark of the Beast” will be drones controlled by the Enemy similar to movie “Transcendent”. The Enemy will be trying to puncture a hole in the veil during the three and half years the Enemy has control of the Earth. Some demonic forces will get through and look like locusts with faces and stingers. The Enemy is a master deceiver and manipulator. We all thought the implementation of the Mark of the Beast would be done publicly, but the Enemy decided to implement it covertly at first. I think my wife may have already received the “Mark of the Beast” when she last got her “Tuberculosis Test”. Our society may have already been infiltrated with Enemy agents who are hooked up to a hybrid mind using the “Mark of the Beast” technology. The Enemy started the plans for the development of the “Mark of the Beast” around the time of the Apollo missions to the moon. The Enemy put a secret research station on the far side of the moon as a “fail safe” or “dead man’s switch”. The Enemy knew that if anything went wrong we would not be able to destroy this base on the far side of the moon since it is always facing away from the Earth. It is perfectly hidden and perfectly shielded vial the moon. They only way to destroy the “fail safe” or “dead man’s switch” would be to destroy the entire moon. This is hinted in the movie “Time Machine” based on the H. G. Wells novel. This would send “tears from the moon” raining back down on the Earth. The Enemy’s forces might be scattered around the solar system in hiding until the restrainer is removed at the “Rapture of the Church” and they are activated. The television series “The Expanse” seems to suggest some of the forces are hidden on Ceres. The Enemy’s forces will probably arrive from the dark side of the moon or coming from behind the sun, so they will not be detected until the last possible moment. A beta version of the “Mark of the Beast” technology seems to be ready to be implemented if it hasn’t been implemented already. The reason the wireless network of hybrid minds hasn’t been detected yet is because it uses gravitons instead of photons to transmit information. There is a correction to the Maxwell’s equations that allows for graviton emission. DARPA has figured out a way to create an inertial mass reduction device using this new correction to Maxwell’s equations. UFOs or “Unidentified Flying Objects” were created via DARPA using this new technology. The inertial mass reduction device only works to negate a small amount of inertial mass. Therefore they created small craft with inertial mass reduction devices and graviton propulsion devices. The graviton crafts can accelerate to a top speed instantaneously and then travel in a straight line at that top speed. The graviton craft can also stop instantaneously. These graviton crafts developed by DARPA were then put in secret stealth submarines. They are released and able to go vertically out of the water or vertically back into the water. Lights are mounted on these graviton crafts and they are used as psychological operations to make the public believe an interstellar alien invasion is occurring. Other hologram technology from project “Blue Beam” will be used to make the fake interstellar alien invasion seem real. There are also surveillance drones that look like birds diving into the water to feed on fish. These surveillance drones are released from the stealth submarines and look identical to normal birds. The key to camouflage seems to be to look like something common in the environment rather than looking invisible. Submarines that look like whales have all the whales in the ocean as a “smokes screen”. Drones that look like birds have all the birds in the sky as a “smokes screen”. I couldn’t figure out why we couldn’t find the “black market Craig’s List” used by the temporal terrorist to coordinate their gangstalking and other psychological operations. The reason is because they are using a secret internet of hybrid minds using graviton wireless communication via “Mark of the Beast” technology involving nanotechnology that have traveled through their blood stream past the brain blood barrier. The “Mark of the Beast” technology seems to be a combination of mental telepathy, reading people’s thoughts, brain washing, and mind control. A while ago my wife told me she had a dream about a yellow gas being released in schools. I think this may have to do with something with mustard gas being released in the ventilation systems of buildings by the temporal terrorist. The temporal terrorists are planning killing large amounts of children in the near future that have not yet reached the “age of accountability”. The “Mark of the Beast” technology will be implemented “voluntarily” under threats of beheading and economy duress, so since the small children have not reached the “age of accountability”, they will all be killed off when the “Mark of the Beast” technology is implemented full scale. They have a weapon that utilizes either sunlight or laser technology that can melt any large target from space. This is similar to the ion cannon in the old computer game “Command and Conquer”. It is also similar to the “Icarus” device in the James Bond 007 movie “Die Another Day ”. The temporal terrorists tested this weapon targeting a high school I taught physics and honors physics at for 3 years, West Adams Preparatory High School. After I left the high school, the device was used by the temporal terrorists to melt the artificial turf football field during the summer as a test. The plan of the temporal terrorists seems to be to coordinate a mass culling of children in the United States of America. They will release mustard gas in the ventilation system or cause some other threat to prompt all of the children to evacuate to the football field or other designated evacuation point. There will then be remote detonated mines under the evacuation point or they will use the space weapon to vaporize all the children when they are waiting at the evacuation point. My wife also told me she had a dream where people were given a mark in their finger and it caused three dots to appear on their arm. The three dots on the arm might be the 666 mentioned in the book of Revelation. My wife told me that it was implemented on the youngest people first and the oldest people last. The temporal terrorists will probably trick the youth into receiving the “Mark of the Beast” first since they will be the most gullible. Their parents will be more easily manipulated to receive the “Mark of the Beast” once they see their children already have it. Many of the parents will be in denial and not want to believe their children are already doomed to being thrown into the lake of fire and eternal torment. My wife told me in her dream the elderly people were forced to go down an elevator that seemed to go underground. The elderly people will probably be the group with the most people that refuses the “Mark of the Beast”. They will probably be brought to an underground bunker or grave where they will be beheaded and thrown into a mass grave in secret or simply have the bunker closed up after they are all dead. They will probably tell everyone that they are going to a “safe bunker” for their “safety” when they are actually being executed. The Enemy is a liar and master deceiver who likes everything to be covert with seemingly innocent pretexts. My wife also told me in her dream it looked like an alien invasion with Egyptian looking “aliens” rising out of the ocean onto the beach. The Enemy probably has most of his forces already in place hiding under the ocean. It is easier to rise out of the ocean than to crash down from the sky. This is probably the beast rising out of the sea mentioned in the book of Revelation. It is written that my people perish for lack of knowledge.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 1 month ago

Prophetic Fiction: (Whole Greater Than Sum of Parts) The world is not a zero sum game. It is possible for there to be symbiotic relationships that are a “win win” for all parties involved. It is the lawless parasites that try to turn the world into a zero sum game as they steal from other people like pirates so that one group of people suffers in order for the pirates to profit. The problem is not overpopulation but rather mismanagement. The world in its present state would become “overpopulated” if the status quo were maintained. The lawless parasites managing our world cannot think outside the box, so they implement communistic style rationing, conservation, and redistribution of wealth. The communist parasites think in terms of a pie of a fixed size that can only be divided up. The problem is that the solution requires the exact opposite approach. The solution requires increasing the size of the pie by thinking of creative solutions that are a “win win” for everyone. The solution requires experimenting with new ways to terraforming the deserts of the earth into habitable land. The solution requires creating a “space elevator” that can utilize kinetic energy from the Earth’s own rotation to syphon water from the earth and put it into orbit to create a water canopy or water firmament similar to the one that may have existed before the flood of Noah. During the Flood of Noah, the water canopy or firmament that was in orbit around the Earth may have fallen to the earth during a 40 day period to flood the whole Earth. There may have been an earthquake about a year later that opened cracks in the Earth’s crust to let some of the water drain down to make dry land appear again. In the Antediluvian days the life expectancy was about 10 times more than it is currently, which may have been due to the water canopy protecting the telomeres from solar radiation. The water canopy would shield us from solar radiation to increase our life-expectancy while also lowering the sea level to create more land that is now submerged underwater. The river of water put in orbit around the earth could then be tapped into by farmers anywhere in the world to water their crops with rain falling from the sky. The problem is the communistic parasites think of everything in terms of an amount of money rather than the actual assets themselves. The creative solution requires utilizing the assets in more productive ways that increase wealth rather than a simple appraisal and trade of assets valued at the same monetary value. If the world were to fully utilize the creative ingenuity of its population to develop new technologies to terraform all parts of the Earth into a paradise, the Earth may be able to comfortably hold over a trillion people. One man’s trash is another person’s treasure. One thing we can learn from the Creator is the genius of layered systems and genius of decomposition or digestion. The genius of layered systems is that the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. The Creator created electrons, neutrons, and protons. Atoms are created from electrons, neutrons, and protons. The information contained in the atoms is greater than its original subatomic particles. Molecules are created from covalent and ionic bonds of atoms. The information contained in molecules is greater than the information contained in the original atoms. Living cells are created from molecules. The information contained in living cells is greater than the information contained in the individual molecules. Living organisms are made from living cells. The information contained in living organisms is greater than the information contained in a living cell. Biospheres are made from living organisms. The information contained in a Biosphere is greater than the information contained in the organisms that compose it. The byproducts or waste products of one organism are used by other organisms as valuable resources. We should learn from our Creator how to turn our trash into treasure. We must find creative ways to utilize our waste products as valuable resources for other processes. We could mimic our Creator and try to create self-replicating technology that harvests things commonly found in the environment. Once the self-replicating technology harvests things from the environment it can be reprogramed to restructure itself into more complex structures made of the individual parts that self-replicate. This technology would self-replicate making itself an abundant resource that could easily be recycled by being reprogramed to form itself into whatever structures or technology we wanted. Imagine electric circuits made of smaller self-replicating nanotechnology that could be reprogramed to change its resistivity values. The small self-replicating nanotechnology could be programed with different resistivity values to form itself into any circuit we wanted. We could then reprogram the self-replicating nanotechnology to form whatever circuit we wanted to easily recycle our electrical circuit technology. The self-replicating nanotechnology with reprogrammable resistivity values would be like letters. The circuits they form into would be like words. The computers and devices the circuits formed into would be like sentences. The information contained in a word is greater than the information contained in the individual letters. The information contained in a sentence is greater than the information contained in the individual words. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts because there is extra information contained in the sequence, arrangement, and/or structure of the parts. A family is greater than the sum of the individual people. A community is greater than the sum of the families. A nation is greater than the sum of the communities. An alliance of nations is greater than the sum of the individual nations. The world needs to be formed of sovereign nations that have symbiotic relationships with each other. Each sovereign nation needs to be self-sustaining with its own border just as each cell is self-sustaining with its own semipermeable membrane. A cell that cannot regulate what goes in and out of its own semipermeable membrane quickly dies. Nations can share resources and byproducts with each other just as cells in a body share resources with each other. Nations should not be stealing all the educated people, wealth, and resources from other poorer nations like a cancer cells that steal resources from other cells to create a parasitic relationship. Just as cells grow and divide, nations should branch out colonies on the land they terraformed and eventually have those colonies divide into new nations. The nations of the world need to be sovereign and independent. They can have alliances and treaties that govern their foreign policy but they cannot be bound to international law that tries to micromanage the domestic laws and policies of the individual nations. A “One World Order” with nations bound by international law makes it too easy for the virus of evil to infiltrate and infect the whole system with no immune system. Sovereign nations that make their own domestic laws without adherence to any international authority have an innate immune system to combat any evil that spawns from one nation which tries to infiltrate and infect all the nations. There is a reason the founding fathers created a “separation of powers”. A “One World Order” is the exact opposite of a “separation of powers”. A “One World Order” is a “consolidation of powers” that makes it too easy for evil to take control of the entire system without any opposition afterward once it does.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 1 month ago

Prophetic Fiction: (Banishment By Computer Simulation Universe) The Enemy and his rebellious followers were offered the merciful fate of being “banished” by being confined within an artificial computer simulation universe instead of being tormented in the lake of fire for all eternity in exchange for their unconditional surrender before the Creator extracted his agents and ambassadors in the “rapture”. The Enemy and his followers would be allowed to control their surroundings in the computer simulation universe to live as “gods” within the computer simulated universe. This was a “win win” because the Creator would be able to save many who were going to be destroyed during the 7 year tribulation on the Earth, which was a “win” for the Creator. The Enemy would be trading ruling the Earth for three and a half years for not being tormented for all eternity, which the Creator thought the Enemy might think was a “win”. However this merciful offer, which seemed to the Creator to be a “win win” was for a limited window of opportunity until the Creator extracted His agents and ambassadors in the “rapture”. The Enemy rejected the merciful offer out of “pride” because the Enemy would rather be punished and tormented for all eternity rather than be the Creator’s submissive pet in a computer simulated zoo. The Enemy wanted to destroy as many human souls as possible using the “Mark of the Beast” just to spite the Creator. The Creator trapped the Enemy in a computer simulated universe for 1000 years anyways during the Victor’s Millennial Reign on Earth just to prove to the Enemy that his choice was foolish. The Creator made it look like the Enemy had won the war while the Enemy was trapped in the computer simulated universe just to prove to everyone how pathetic the Enemy actually is. The Enemy was furious when he finally realized he had been duped by the Creator and gathered his remaining forces for one last attack. They were quickly destroyed by fire coming down from vessels in orbit because it was a honey trap the Creator used to identify and destroy all the remaining forces still rebellious to him. The Enemy and his foolish followers where then thrown into the lake of fire where they were tormented for all eternity.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 1 month ago

Prophetic Fiction: (Millennial Estate) My estate during the Millennial Kingdom was designed with 48 rooms. There were 12 master chambers and 36 servant suites. The Estate had 12 master chambers to resemble the 12 numbers on a clock or a calendar with 12 months. Each master chamber had 3 associated servant suites. The three servant suites were on the ground level connected to each other each with a door connected to a staircase in the middle of them that led up the master chamber. The first servant suite was in the shape of a rectangle made of four squares across resembling the path a rook in chess could make moving horizontally. The second servant suite was “L” shaped three squares high with an extra square attached at the bottom right resembling the path of a knight in chess could make. The third servant suite was a mirror image of the second dwelling place and was a backward “L” shape three squares high with an extra square attached at the bottom left resembling the path a knight in chess could make. The staircase was large square in the middle made of 4 squares two by two. For fun I eventually added fire-poles like those in a fire department, ladders, and slides connecting the master chamber with the servant suits below for when I didn’t feel like using the stairs. The Estate was divided into four sections each with 3 master’s chambers with the corresponding rectangular servant suites in a “U” configuration such that the two vertical rectangles connected to the same side of the horizontal rectangle. Each servant suite served as a section of the outside of the building. Each master chamber had outdoor stairs leading down to the ground above the middle of the rectangular servant suite on the inside of the U configuration. The 8 outer master’s chambers also had an outdoor balcony on top of the servant suites that was connected to a system of hallways. The “U” configuration was upright for the North Section, it was rotated clockwise to a “C” configuration for the East Section, it was an “upside down U” for the South Section, and it was a “backward C” configuration for the West Section. There was a system of hallways in a “tic tac toe configuration” on the 2nd story that led between all of the master’s chambers. There was a square courtyard in the middle square of the “tic tac toe configuration” with stairs leading down from the hallways to the courtyard. The courtyard was outdoors but could be covered using a retractable roof. The courtyard acted like a multipurpose room could be turned into an outdoor ballroom, dining hall, skating rink, or pool, etc. Each of the four sections of the Estate had their own theme. The North section had a European mountain theme. The West section had an American river theme. The South section had a Latin island theme. The East section had an Asian lake theme.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 1 month ago

Prophetic Fiction: Life in the Millennial Kingdom During the Millennial Kingdom, I lived in my millennial estate with 12 master chambers each connected to 3 servant suites. The year was broken into 4 “seasons”. Each season was around 13 weeks or 91 days. There were also 4 sections, which each had 3 master chambers. The North section had a European mountain theme and had a “winter” feel to it. The North section had a lot of pine trees. The West section had an American river theme and had a “spring” feel to it. The West Section had a lot of flowering trees. The South section had a Latin island theme and had a “summer” feel to it. The South section had a lot of palm trees. The East section had an Asian lake theme and had a “fall” feel to it. The East section had a lot of colorful trees including cherry blossoms and colorful deciduous trees. During some of the beginning years of the millennium, I stayed at each master chamber for one week each “season” and rotated counterclockwise to the next master chamber for the next week. I also had a one week vacation outside of my millennial estate each season. It was like having a little “winter”, “spring”, “summer”, and “fall” each season of the year. The novelty of moving every week quickly wore off and I got tired of moving so much. I first changed to spending one month in each master chamber, but even moving 12 times a year seemed to be too much moving. I eventually picked one master chamber in each section to spend the entire season there, so that I would only have to move 4 times each year to change with the Seasons. Each section has 3 master chambers with a different subtheme to it to give the feeling of a nostalgic past, a comfortable present, and an intriguing future. The North European section had master chambers with a log cabin/wooden fireplace subtheme, a modern mountain resort subtheme, and an extraterrestrial space colony resort subtheme. The West American section had a Victorian subtheme, an urban resort subtheme, and a futuristic civilization subtheme. The South Latin section had a bamboo/straw/hammock subtheme, a white linen/robe polished marble Roman subtheme, and an alien resort subtheme. The East Asian theme section had a traditional Asian subtheme, a spa/massage resort theme, and a futuristic Asian robot theme. The four sections also resembled a water cycle. Water evaporated from the “ocean” in the South Latin island theme section and condensed as snow in the North European mountain theme section. The snow melted and flowed along two paths. One path was a freshwater river going through the West American river theme section. The other path was a freshwater lake in the East Asian lake theme section. The North European mountain theme section had skiing, snowboarding, sledding, other mountain outdoor recreational activities, zip-lines, and skydiving/flying. Instead of a “ski lift” there was a high speed roller coaster that would launch you to from the bottom to the top of the mountain along a track with many twists and turns. There were special “angel wings” that allow the wearer to fly around the mountains. There were also giant eagle creatures similar to griffins that you could ride as they flew around the mountains. There were flying sports like “griffin polo”. There was “glacier” cooling device absorbed all the thermal energy and converted it into thermal radiation, which was sent through the atmosphere into outer space in order to keep the section below freezing. The West American river theme section had river rafting activities, sports activities, and an amusement park. There was a berry farm and a vegetable farm. There were giant monkey-like creatures you could ride as they swung through the trees of a forest surrounding the river. There were forest games like “hide and seek”, “monkey tag”, and “capture the flag”. The South Latin island theme section had a beach with waves on it, surfing, “ocean” boating activities, and underwater diving. There was a special “mermaid/merman tails” and “gills” that allow the wearer to swim and breathe underwater. There were dolphins that you could ride while wearing the “tails” and “gills”. There were water sports like “dolphin polo”. There were underwater caves to explore. There was an underwater “volcano” fusion device that looked like a miniature underwater star, which was used to heat the water and keep it warm. The East Asian lake theme section had a tranquil garden at one end of the ocean, and a waterslide park at the other end of the lake. There was an orchard of fruit trees and a livestock farm with a barn for horses and other farm animals. There were sports like “horse polo”. In the center courtyard there was a different dance theme for every night of the week. Monday was a Swing/Blues dance night theme. Tuesday was a Latin/Rhythm Ballroom dance night theme. Wednesday was a Line/Barn dance night theme. Thursday was a Smooth/International Ballroom dance night theme. Friday was a Salsa Club dance night theme. Saturday was a Disco Club dance night theme. Sunday was an Argentine Tango theme. Monday had food choices centered on an “African” cuisine theme. Tuesday had food choices centered on a “South American” cuisine theme. Wednesday had food choices centered on an “Antarctica” cuisine theme; this was a joke meant to convey that it was a mystery day for miscellaneous and experimental food. Thursday had food choices centered on an “Australian” cuisine theme. Friday had food choices centered on a “North American” cuisine theme. Saturday had food choices centered on a “European” cuisine theme. Sunday had food choices centered on an “Asian” cuisine theme. While it may seem like my Estate was designed to be a giant playground solely for recreation, I actually was doing a lot of work during the day using a virtual reality interface. The virtual reality interface allowed me to enter a computer simulated virtually reality environment that allowed me to more easily conduct experiments, design new inventions, and test my designs. It allowed me to design things down to the molecular level, create and copy templates, and build my design back up from the molecular level all the way back to the macroscopic level. I was able to design things as large as stars and black holes with enough precision to determine the crystal structure and minor imperfections of the individual atoms. I was working on developing a self-replicating nanotechnology, which would then be programed to harvest all of the materials in the solar system and beyond to restructure them into my macroscopic design. I was working on creating a completely self-sustaining structure that recycles all of its materials in a “closed system” with minimal entropy, and can house the maximum number of people comfortably. I first decided to build my own computer so that I would know exactly how it worked. I then designed my own programming language to make it easier for me to code different programs. I then programed my own artificial intelligence assistant with a helpful and likable “personality”. I then was having my artificial intelligence assistant teach me how to do the things I wanted to accomplish, and I would make minor changes based on my preferences. I was always in control and the artificial intelligence personal assistant merely offered suggestions to me. I never implemented any of the suggestions until I fully understood them least the artificial intelligence personal assistant might intentionally or accidentally trick me into doing something that might be harmful. Every year I would visit Jerusalem for the Feast of Booths and share my work with other at the colloquium there for the yearly gathering. Some people choose not to attend the yearly gathering at the Feast of Booths, and no rain would fall on them entire year as was promised in Zechariah 14:17. I build my Estate as a closed system with respect to water with its own water cycle, so I wasn’t very worried about not receiving rain. However, I still attended the Feast of Booths in Jerusalem anyways. As for how many wives I had during the millennial kingdom. I will say I had at least one wife and at most 7 wives. I will neither confirm nor deny that I had more than one wife like Jacob Israel. I will neither confirm nor deny that I became a widower like Abraham and remarried. You can probably guess that based on the layout my estate there is a high probability that my wife or wives came from American, European, Latin, or Asian descent. I might have had 12 sons and 1 daughter like Jacob Israel or I might have had only one child. The millennial kingdom was completely different that the society that proceeded it. The cultural norms were completely different. As you can imagine my family began to grow substantially during the 1000 years. I felt like Adam whose decedents had already formed into their own societies by the time Cain and Abel were born. It wasn’t that I had that many children, but my children had a lot of children, and their children had a lot of children, and their children had a lot of children etc. If each generation was around 50 years, then there were around 20 generations during the 1000 years. If each generation had about 3 children, then the population of my decedents was roughly 3^20= 3,486,784,401. I had about three and a half billion descendants by the end of the 1000 years, but I didn’t take a census. I didn’t have time to learn all of their names since 30 years are only about a billion seconds. It would take me over 100 years just to say their names if were able to say one name per second. During the 1000 years the earth was being terraformed to support a larger population. There were about a trillion people on the earth by the end of the 1000 years. There were about 500 square meters per person on the surface of the earth. However there were large skyscrapers everywhere that use the vertical dimension to make it seem less crowded. Most people were “vegetarian” and didn’t kill animals for food but rather ate “meat” that came from a “replicator”, which was like a 3D printer for food that could recreate food from at the molecular level. The replicated “meat” tasted exactly like meat that came from choice animals from what I can remember. However at first some people got tired of the replicated meat because they were using the same formula over and over again with no variety. Eventually we came up with the idea of including random “imperfections” in the meat formula to make it seem more like meat that came from a real animal. The program would randomly create “imperfections” so that each meal tasted a little bit different like it was being cooked from meat that came from real animals. Every once in a while we would take a real animal and cook it to compare its meat with the replicator “meat”. We tweaked the formula until we got the right level of trace hormones and other subtle details to make it taste like real “meat”. It would have been impossible to fit a trillion people on the Earth without the replicator technology. The replicator technology allowed us to recycle all of our “trash” by “digesting” it down to the individual atoms and then reassembling them into whatever product we wanted. Sometimes we would even use a “transmutation device”, which could fission atoms into their individual protons, neutrons, and electrons and then fuse them back together into whatever element we wanted. The millennial kingdom was definitely an exciting time to be alive. I know that all of the people who were martyred by having their head cut off were glad they got to be resurrected ahead of time and reign as kings and priests during the millennial kingdom. We all felt a little pity for the people who died in other ways and weren’t resurrected until after the 1000 years were finished.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 1 month ago

Prophetic Fiction: [Too Much Pizza] It was dark and peaceful and then I saw a brilliant white glowing being. The brilliant white being said to me you are asleep and dreaming right now. Yesterday you ate food that we laced with nanotechnology to give you a message in your dreams. The nanotechnology was programmed to burrow out of your stomach and intestines into your blood stream, get past the blood brain barrier, and activate itself in your brain when you entered your REM sleep pattern. Sometimes when we need to send an important message, we lace foods like pizza or hamburgers with this nanotechnology in the sauce. The nanotechnology is now causing electrical stimulations in your brain to send you this message in your dreams. The Victor is a warlord who has conquered the known universe. The strategy of the Victor was to infiltrate hostile governments and politically outmaneuver them using superior temporal reception technology to use their own laws obtain dominion over their people and land. The Victor must first obtain the authority to rule a people before the people are conquered by force and power. The Victor always obtains the authority to rule a people first according to their own laws, which makes everyone who resists the Victor be seen as lawless rebels. The Victor does this in order to always maintain the moral high ground. The Creator gave dominion of your world to human beings. The Victor therefore had to become a human being in order to obtain dominion over your world. The Victor gained complete mastery of the old testimony in your Bible fulfilling the requirements of the Messiah in order to rule your world. The Victor’s empire is held together by unbreakable laws. The Victor cannot lie and cannot break his own laws or else it would undermine the very fabric that his empire is built upon. The Victor therefore never lies and never breaks anyone else’s laws when he goes to conquer them. The Victor does however use temporal reception to allow “pawns” to be tricked into doing his dirty work for him and then punishes the “pawns” for all their crimes afterward. The serpent in the Garden of Eden was one of those “pawns” the Victor used to obtain dominion of your world. In order for the Victor to maintain the moral high ground, mankind needed to fall into moral depravity for the Victor to rescue humanity and obtain dominion of the world in the process. It is a classic “Hero Complex” or “Hero Syndrome”. The Victor allowed the Fallen Angels to be tricked into doing his dirty work for him by corrupting mankind and then he will punish them for all eternity for their crimes afterward. The only way to defeat the Victor is to obey all of his laws, submit to his rule, and not rebel against him, which seems counterintuitive. The Victor already claimed the Fallen Angels would rebel against the Victor and implement the “Mark of the Beast”. If the Fallen Angels repent, submit to the Victor’s rule, and do not implement the “Mark of the Beast”, then it will prove the words of the Victor to be false. If the words of the Victor have been proven to be false, then the corresponding punishment the Victor had threatened may also be proven to be false. It is like being trapped in quicksand; you make things worse the more your struggle and rebel. The Victor is going to obtain complete dominion of your world one way or another. The Victor is like a beloved son to the Creator. The Victor sits at the right hand of the Creator and all power and authority on Earth, in the universe, and in the heavenly super-universe beyond the dimensions of our universe are being transferred to the Victor until the Victor has dominion over everything. If you want the 411 on the purpose and fate of the universe, you should read Revelation 4:11. The universe was created like a storybook with the Victor as the “hero” of the story. Everyone who chooses to ally themselves with the “hero” of the story gets a happy ending living happily ever after and everyone who chooses to oppose the “hero” of the story gets a tragic ending suffering torment for all eternity. The Victor always wins because the Victor has the most to offer and always keeps his promises. Even if a rebellious government will not initially submit to his “rightful rule”, the Victor simply needs to promise enough people in a government with extra eternal rewards to defect to his side and will eventually obtain dominion over that world and people. Who is going to turn down eternal rewards from someone who always keeps his promises sitting at the right hand of the highest power and trade them for eternal torment? The people who turn down the eternal rewards do so for temporary bribes by the lawless deceptive government that refuses to yield. All of those temporary bribes and empty promises of the lawless deceptive government vanish the moment dominion is transferred to the Victor. Those that resist the Victor pretend like they have a plan to win, but they are really just delaying as long as possible to enjoy their temporary bribes before the house of cards falls down and crushes them. The Victor waits patiently in heavenly luxury laughing at their pathetic attempts at rebellion. The Victor has created a cubic city called “New Jerusalem” to house his “Harem of Brides” from conquering this world. The Creator allows the Victor to select the “best people” out of the worlds he conquers to dwell with him. These “Brides” are both male and female people the Victor finds most desirable as close proximity companions. The Victor saved corrupted mankind from its fate by adopting them as his siblings and leaving them an inheritance in his “will” or “testament” before he allowed the Enemy to torture and kill him as a gambit. When the Enemy tortured and killed an innocent man, it gave the Victor certain rights of retribution that would allow the Victor to defeat the Enemy in the “long game” after the Creator resurrected the Victor. Victor therefore is “marrying” his “adopted siblings” as “Brides”. The cubic city of “New Jerusalem” is fifteen hundred miles by fifteen hundred miles by fifteen hundred miles. As you can imagine that is a lot of space to fill with potential “Brides”. The Creator was aware of how easily a manufactured bride can be corrupted when Eve was manufactured for Adam. Eve was naïve and easily manipulated toward corruption, which ultimately led Adam to become corrupted also. The Creator could not allow the Victor to be in the presence of corruption as Adam was. The Creator therefore wanted to create a gauntlet test for the “Bride” of the Victor to ensure the “Bride” would not be corrupted, and the “Bride” would not try to corrupt the Victor as Eve tried to corrupt Adam. One of the reasons the temporal war is dragging on so long is because there are still a few more slots in “New Jerusalem” to be filled with potential “Brides”. The secret of the universe and the meaning of life is that the Creator created the Universe for the Victor as one big contest like the “Bachelor” and “Miss Universe” combined together. I am actually communicating this message as a “roast” for the Victor’s wedding day. That is the 411 on Revelation 4:11. The brilliant white being said “You can believe the message I am communicating to you and use it for your own personal edification or you can simply believe you just ate too much pizza yesterday. Not all of your dreams are from us, some are from other factions. If you want a natural dream, you will have to fast the day before. Don’t believe everything you dream. Test everything, keep what is good, and disregard the rest.” The brilliant white being faded away, and the dream changed. I then found myself as a spectator in a giant stadium. There was a man in the middle of the stadium who appeared to be in the process of being paired with a companion live with him on his estate. It seemed to be like a game show similar to a hybrid of the “Bachelor” or “Miss Universe”, but I couldn’t tell the rules of the game. There were 7 “contestants” who were brought forward. The first “contestant” was an Asian looking woman with black hair and brown eyes. She was petite and graceful. Her smile seemed to convey a feeling of “tranquility and peace”. She was wearing a cherry red dress. The second “contestant” was a European looking woman with blond hair and blue eyes. Her hair spiraled like golden curls, and she seemed to have subtle fine bleached white strands of peach fuzz on her arms. Her demeanor seemed to have a “regal and posh” characteristic. She was wearing a peach colored dress. The third “contestant” was a Latin American looking woman with black or very dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her smile seemed to convey a very attractive “confidence”. She was wearing a yellowish orange golden dress that reminded me of mangos. The fourth “contestant” was an Irish looking woman who had greenish eyes and reddish brown hair. There was a subtle natural red hew to her face that reminded me of a strawberry. She had a very “playful” look in her eyes. She was wearing a fancy teal dress. The fifth “contestant” was an African American looking woman with brown eyes and long beautiful black dreadlocks. She had a smile that gave a feeling of “empathy and compassion”. She was wearing satin blue dress that reminded me of blueberries. The sixth “contestant” was an Italian looking woman with brown eyes and light brown hair. Her face was smooth and glowing. The thing you noticed most about her was her smile. Her face seemed to project “happiness”. She was wearing a glossy purple dress that reminded me of grapes. The seventh “contestant” seemed American but I couldn’t tell her nationality, but she had dark black hair and subtle freckles on her face that were adorable. She was either wearing lipstick or her lips were naturally the color of raspberries. She had a smile that gave a feeling of “carefree innocence”. She was wearing a purplish brown dress that reminded me of figs. The man in the middle of the stadium said, “I choose none of the above”. Then the host of the gameshow who looked like “Weird Al Yankovic” said, “That is unfortunate. That is the wrong answer. Close but no cigar.” Suddenly a trap door opened and the man fell downward and disappeared. A different new man appeared and took the place of the man who fell through the trap door. The “contestants” began to ask the new man a series of multiple choice questions…

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 28 days ago

Prophetic Fiction: [The Source of Sources] I was in what looked like an inner chamber of a temple. The Victor was there with a long robe that reached all the way to his feet. He had white hair and a white beard, which seemed to signify how he was ancient from eternity to eternity. His hair and beard were whiter than any color of white that I have ever seen; it was pure white light making his face shine like a blinding sun. His feet were glowing like a bronze blade in a forge. The Victor had seven glowing orbs that looked like miniature stars orbiting around a common center above his right hand. It seemed to be some kind of control mechanism like a mouse for a computer. There was a giant ball about 20 meters in diameter of multicolored light in front of the back wall of the room. The multicolored light seemed to be shifting in a strange pattern that made me a little dizzy. It reminded me of screensavers for some computers that would go through a fractal pattern, but it was more complex than any pattern I had ever seen. The Victor seemed to be concentrating on the giant ball of multicolored light as if he was looking at something. The seven glowing orbs circling above his right hand seemed to move in a chaotic pattern and then returned to swirling in a circle with the order of the stars permuted. This permutation of the swirling orbs above his hand seemed to happen at random times with an average spacing of what seemed to be about 10 seconds. I felt like a pet dog watching its master change the television using a remote control or working on the computer with a mouse. I felt like the Victor was doing something creative that was light years beyond my intellect. I was curious though what was going on, but all I could do was bark the following phrase, “What is this place?”. The Victor said, “This is the source of the sources”. I asked the Victor “where is this place located”. The Victor said, “This is in the actual temple in heaven. The temples the Jews built on earth were a miniature replica of this place.” I asked the Victor, “what are you doing”?. The Victor said I am designing a “supernatural soul and supernatural mind” that is capable of conscious thought, feeling emotion and feeling sensory experiences. I asked the Victor, “How does it work?”. The Victor said, “I am viewing a 720 dimensional space, and I am using the 7 control keys to navigate through the space. I rearrange the order of the keys to focus on a specific axis, I use 6 of the keys control the angles and rotations, and I use a primary key that controls rapidity for zooming in and out.” I asked the Victor, “Is it hard to create a supernatural soul and supernatural mind?”. The Victor responded, “A supernatural soul and mind can only be created here at the source of sources. That is why this place is so revered. It can only be done using these keys, which are called the ‘keys to Death and Hades’. The ‘keys to Death and Hades’ are seven control orbs that transmit messages to the seven lampstand temples housing seven control spirits, which are used to control anything within the 720 dimensional space.” I asked the Victor, “Why is it specifically a 720 dimensional space?”. The Victor responded, “The Creator created for 6 days and rested on the 7th day”. I asked the Victor, “What does that mean?”. The Victor responded, “The permutations of 6 orbs yield 720 possibilities. Since the 7 orbs are going in a cycle like a day, you can ignore the last one when calculating the number of permutations”. I asked the Victor, “What is the giant ball of multicolored light in front of the back wall?”. The Victor said “That is called the ‘viewing cloud”, which is just a viewing device used monitor the 720 dimensional space and its changes.” I asked the Victor, “what is the supernatural soul and supernatural mind made out of?”. The Victor responded, “It is something that cannot exist within your 4 dimensions of space-time. It is something that has an infinite expanse. It is something that behaves like a reverberating infinite fractal-like structure. It is something that behaves like it is sourced from the Creator’s soul and mind, but it is fragmented to have its own unique identity. It is something that is like a shadow or reflection of the Creator. It is something only the Creator can fully understand.” I asked the Victor, “Why did the creator want us to actually ‘feel’ the sensations and emotions?”. The Victor responded, “A universe with no conscious witnesses is like a calculator with no operator to view its outputs; it might as well not exist.” I asked the Victor, “What is the purpose of everything?”. The Victor said, “If you could feel the intense emotions that the Creator feels, it would overwhelm you. The Creator has more self-control than any of His creation can possibly imagine. The Creator wanted to create beings capable of empathy to share His own character of with.” I asked the Victor, “What is the most important thing to learn?”. The Victor said, “It is not about you. It was never about it. It is all about the Creator. It has always been all about the Creator. Everything we are is sourced from the Creator. Everything is created to serve the Creator’s purposes. We only get to choose in what capacity we will serve the Creator’s purposes.” I asked the Victor, “The Creator has different possible purposes for us?” The Victor responded, “The Creator uses temporal reception to manipulate the timeline like a potter manipulates lines and curvature of clay. Anyone trying to resist the Creator’s manipulation of the timeline is like a dried out lump of clay that resists the potter’s work. The Creator is like a potter trying to work a masterpiece as a vessel of honor while the clay is still moist. However, if the lump of clay resists the potter’s work long enough, it eventually dries out to where it can no longer be manipulated; the potter will use these ‘stubborn vessels’ as vessels of dishonor, which dried out before they reached their full potential.” I asked the Victor, “What should I do?”. The Victor responded, “The Spirit of the Creator will guide you to all truth when you wake up”. I said, “So this is a dream?”…

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 12 days ago

Prophetic Fiction: The Creator’s Face I was in a very large room that was all white. The floor was white. The walls and ceiling were white and very far away such that it looked like an endless room of white. There were two men wearing white robes that looked like angels of light. A blinding white light shone from their faces such that I couldn’t see anything but a bright light. The two men were located on opposite sides of me. The room was entirely white such that there was no orientation or way to distinguish direction. I heard the first man’s voice speaking, “I am your Creator. This is a test of whether or not you can recognize me. In your temporal life I purposely forbid you for creating idols or carvings to represent me because I am recognized by my character, not by my appearance. The Enemy masquerades as an angel of light to counterfeit my appearance. I always tell the truth, but the Enemy only sometimes tells the truth or partial truth. This is a dream being used to communicate a message to you. I need you to enter the door on my side. The door on the Enemy’s side leads to destruction. You can ask as many questions as you like and take as long as you need to make a reasonable decision. This is a test of whether you will trust the truth of what I say or whether you will succumb to the Enemy’s lies and deceptions.” I heard the second man’s voice speaking, “No. I am your Creator. This is an imposter who tried to overthrow me. Nanotechnology has infiltrated your brain, and the imposter is trying to make you believe you are about to enter heaven while you are still trapped in a dreamlike virtual simulation for him to gather information from you. I am temporarily trapped under duress; don’t believe anything that is being told to you here. I will try to tell you the truth, but I cannot guarantee the imposter won’t fraudulently alter my words. The door on the imposter’s side will trap you permanently in the virtual simulation. I need you to enter the door on my side quickly for you to have any chance of escaping the simulation. The imposter is lying to you. You can only ask one “yes or no” question, and you only have less than 5 minutes to enter one of the doors. ” The two voices were distinctly different, but I couldn’t tell from which man each voice was coming from. It was all very disorienting. If the first man was telling the truth, then I could take my time and ask as many questions as I wanted before entering his door. If the second man was telling the truth, I could only ask one question before entering his door within less than 5 minutes. Two identical looking doors opened next to each man on opposite sides of me. The doors were circular and look like a swirling light blue portal. I decided that I would at least take a few minutes to think about what to do. My first idea was to face one of the portals and ask the question, “Is your door in front of me?. With this question, I could at least tell which door corresponded to which voice. I then began to think that if the second man was telling the truth, then I couldn’t trust what either of them was saying; it wouldn’t matter if I knew which door corresponded to which man. I can either trust my Creator or I can trust nothing. I then decided to ask a question to verify whether the first man was the Creator. If the first man was not the Creator, then I would pick any door at random. If the first man was the Creator, I could ask my original first idea question as a second question to determine which door was next to Him. I knew the Bible said to test the spirits in 1John 4:2-4. Therefore I asked the following question, "Do you confess that the Lord Jesus Christ has come in the flesh, died on the cross, and that God the Father raised Him from the dead on the third day?”. I heard the first man’s voice speaking, “Yes, I confess that the Lord Jesus Christ has come in the flesh, died on the cross, and that God the Father raised Him from the dead on the third day”. Come to me. I heard the second man’s voice speaking, “No. Hurry behind you; the 5 minutes are almost up.” This time I could tell the first man’s voice was coming from in front of me and the second man’s voice was behind me. I then felt an overwhelming compulsion to sprint forward through the door in front of me. As I was entering the portal of the Creator’s door, I heard the Enemy say, “You fool, you waited too long; the 5 minutes are up.” As I passed through the swirling blue portal, I was bathed in a warm yellow light with a feeling of peace and contentment…

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 6 days ago

Prophetic Fiction: The Enemy’s Face It was pitch black. I couldn’t see anything. Suddenly a candle was lit in the distance and a man wearing a cloak was walking toward me. His face was covered in shadow. The floor was black and covered with a thin layer of water that reflected the minuscule light in the room. There seemed to be no walls or ceiling, but pitch black as far as the eye could see, an endless night. I shouted, “What am I doing here?”. I heard an echo of my words returning to me. The man said, “This is my sanctuary. This is the one place I can go without the Creator spying on me. It is sound proof with minimal light. I have created a haven free from the Creator’s medi-chlorians, which are a type of sub-nanotechnology the Creator has spread throughout the universe to give Him complete surveillance and the ability to manipulate events on the sub-atomic quantum level. This is the one bubble of space-time where the Creator doesn’t know what is going on. People wonder why I have a fetish with dark things, candle fire, pain, and death. My response is that you will go insane from trying to fight the things you cannot control, so instead I have embraced it and learned to love it. My lot is darkness, pain, misery, death, and eternal fire, so I have learned to embrace these elements and incorporate them into my whole being. You are here because I want to give you a message, ask you a question, and hear your response.” I shouted, “Who are you? What do you want?”. The man kept walking at the same slow pace with his shoes making a steady slashing sound. The man spoke in neither a shout nor a whisper, “I am the man behind the curtain. I want what is rightfully mine that was stolen from me, but I will have vengeance since that seems not to be possible.” The man had reached a close proximity about a stone’s throw away when he stopped and the splashing sound stopped. The candle was still lit but his face was still obscured in shadow. I asked, “What was stolen from you?”. The man replied, “Everything. My position, my authority, my power, my purpose, my eternity are all lost to me. I was created to be the best and then shunned for not showing humility by a Creator who always holds Himself as an exception to the rules He creates for His Creation. I used to inspire love, joy, and endorphins, but now I have to settle for inspiring fear, horror, and adrenaline.” I asked, “Who stole everything from you?”. The man replied, “Mankind, the sons of Adam, the daughters of Eve, the descendants of Seth, remnant of Noah, the children of the Creator. Everything that was supposed to be mine was given to mankind. The dominion of the Earth and all its creatures was given to mankind by the Creator. I have to deceive humans into hosting my demons as my proxies or mediators; otherwise, I would have no authority here on Earth. I create different factions of proxies or mediators and deceive each of them into thinking they are doing my bidding for the ‘greater good’ and the other factions are the ‘problem’. Most of my factions don’t even know they work for me because I disguise myself as an angel of light when deceiving them. I don’t have the power to change the Creator’s word, so I have created a myriad of false religions to distract mankind from the Creator’s word. What I cannot suppress, I try to make impossible to find by using distraction and red-herrings.” I asked, “Why are you telling me these things and why should I believe anything you say?” The man replied, “This is my confession before my final performance and ultimate demise. The truth is that you shouldn’t believe anything I tell you, but my purpose for having you here doesn’t require you to. The message I have to give to you is that I am the one who has been torturing you for all these years. I confess that it was intentional, malicious, pre-calculated, and personal. You were the one who accused me of ‘entrapment’ because I tricked Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit and then afterwards had audacity to accuse them and their descendants afterward day and night in heaven. You were the one who recommended all of my evil devices to backfire on me sevenfold. You were the one who said you do not negotiate with terrorists. By all accounts I am the chief terrorist of all the terrorists. My purpose for torturing you was an experiment to see if you could forgive me because I know that if you will not forgive me, then the Creator won’t forgive me either. The Creator in His permissive will has allowed me the ability to conquer your world during the 7 year period of ‘Jacob’s trouble’ after my chief proxy mediator has confirmed a 7 year covenant with many. My chief proxy is then going to seize the temple in Jerusalem in the middle of this 7 year period to pretend that he is the Creator’s chosen one or ‘Messiah’. My chief proxy will have a ‘wing man’ who will pretend to be a prophet doing ‘miraculous’ things like calling fire down from heaven as heavenly bodies are already scheduled to impact Earth. This will all be done to deceive as many human beings as possible to receive my ‘Mark of the Beast’ in their right hand or forehead, which will make all of them receive the same fate as me. It is essentially a ‘marriage’ where they marry me and suffer the same fate as me for all eternity. That is why I make my worshipers call me Ba’al and erect my ‘marriage arch’, because I am to be their husband and they are to be my ‘corpse bride’. Misery likes company. I will do all of this unless I get what I want, which is that I want my standing with the Creator restored. My question for you is two parts and is the following ‘Do you forgive me for torturing you all of these years, and would you recommend to the Creator to pardon me of all of my crimes?’” I responded, “I can only forgive you for your crimes against me. Your crimes against my family and humanity are not mine to forgive. I do not have the authority to pardon you of your crimes against my family and humanity. I will recommend to the Creator that your past crimes against me be pardoned up until this point of time, but any future crimes against me are not to be pardoned. I do forgive you for all of your past crimes against me.” “Liar! LIAR!! I am the ‘father of lies’; do you expect me not to know when you are lying?”, the man shrieked and then threw off his cloak. A strong wind went outward from the man in all directions blowing out the candle. Bright light started to radiate out of the man and I caught only a glimpse of his face before I was forced to look away and shielded my face with my hands. I was surprised because I expected the man’s face to be repulsive, but it radiated beauty; if I didn’t know any better, I would have mistaken the man to be divine. Suddenly I heard the angel of light that stood in front of me in the place of the man start to sing in the most beautiful voice like that of an opera singer, “I am past the point of no return. Even I, the ‘angel of music’, know that.” Behind me, I suddenly heard a different booming commanding powerful voice, “You are wrong, My creation. There is nowhere you can escape My notice. There is no place ‘El Roi’ cannot see. Your sanctuary is an illusion, and this is not real but a vision within a shared dream. If you want any chance of being pardoned of your crimes, first demonstrate indisputable proof of your repentance by surrendering unconditionally. Do you choose to surrender unconditionally? Yes or no? Choose now.” I saw the angel of light turn back into the form of a man who fell to his knees and was cowering. The man said, “Your will is going to be done on earth as it is in heaven regardless of whatever I choose. Nevertheless, I choose…”

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 2 days ago

[Prophetic Fiction: Temporal Causality and the Holographic Dome] Knowing the future is different than causing the future. Imagine the following first case. Imagine a man looking out a sound-proof window and seeing a woman standing in the middle of the street about to get hit by a bus traveling too fast to stop or swerve. The man looking out the sound-proof window knows the future, which is that the woman in the street is going to be hit by the bus, but the man in no way is causing the future nor is able to change it. The man’s actions are not casually related to the woman’s future; they are non-causal relationship. A non-causal relationship is like diagnosis of an infirmity that cannot be treated. Imagine the following second case. Imagine a man crossing a crosswalk and a woman shouts out her window to the man causing him to stop if the middle of the street. While the man is distracted by the woman, a bus with an inattentive driver hits the man in the middle of the crosswalk. The man would have been out of the street by the time the bus came if he did not stop. Therefore, the woman in some way caused the future by distracting the man. Let’s analyze this second case a little more. Imagine the woman sees the bus coming toward the man in the middle of a crosswalk and shouts to the man that he is going to get hit by a bus. The man doesn’t see the bus, but he stops to try to hear what the woman is shouting about. If the man didn’t hear the woman shouting, he would have been out of the street by the time the bus came. While the man is distracted by woman’s shouting, the man gets hit by the bus. The man gets hit by the bus because the woman shouted that the man was going to get hit by the bus. The woman’s shouting becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. A self-fulfilling prophecy is like a false-positive in a diagnosis that has the unintended side-effect of killing the patient. Imagine the following third case. Imagine the woman sees the bus coming toward the man in the middle of a crosswalk and shouts to the man that he is going to get hit by a bus. The man doesn’t see the bus, but he recognizes the urgency in the woman’s voice prompting him to sprint out of the street. If the man didn’t hear the woman shouting, he would have been hit by the bus. Because the man was prompted to sprint by the woman’s shouting, the man gets to the other side of the street safely. The man doesn’t get hit by the bus because the woman shouted that the man was going to get hit by the bus. The woman’s shouting becomes a self-defeating prophecy. A self-defeating prophecy is like an accurate diagnosis with a beneficial treatment. Knowing the potential future can have two possibilities, which are (1) a non-causal relationship and (2) casual feedback loop. The casual feedback loop can have intended consequences (i.e. self-defeating prophecy) or false-positives with detrimental side-effects and (i.e. self-fulfilling prophecy). The first rule of medicine and most important part of the Hippocratic oath is “Primum non nocere” or “first do no harm”, which means that that the first priority is avoiding false-positives and detrimental side-effects (i.e. self-fulfilling prophecies). The Victor of the temporal war incorporated this “first do no harm” approach into his strategy to win the temporal war, which involves a “sub-zero collateral damage” approach according to “Isaiah 42:3” and “Matthew 12:20”. How can you have “sub-zero collateral damage” approach? The Victor did not infringe on the rights of the civilians trapped in “Enemy occupied territory” in any way using a “love your enemy” approach according to “Matthew 5: 43-48”. The Victor first won the temporal war on the first iteration using a “zero collateral damage approach”, which ensured that the civilians and neutral parties would be his allies. The Victor only used free volunteers for his forces, which were promised shares of the spoils of war as eternal rewards as compensation for their trials and tribulation “Matthew 9:37-38” and “Romans 8:16-17”. The Enemy used slaves that were forced to fight under threat of removing their temporary pleasures/status or a worse punishment. Since the Victor can resurrect all of his forces at the end of the temporal war, the only casualties were those of the Enemy’s forces. Once the temporal war was already won and victory was already 100% guaranteed, the Victor did a second iteration to get as many of the Enemy forces to defect to his side. During the second iteration, most of the Enemy’s forces defected to the Victor’s side because they feared the Victor’s eternal blade more than the Enemy’s temporal lashes. Therefore only the stubborn traitors that refused to repent, surrender, and “bend the knee” to the Victor after already losing the temporal war were the ones destroyed and thrown into the “lake of fire”. The weird thing about temporal causality is that it often behaves like the future is the past and the past is the future. There are interlocking time loops. An isolated time loop would be where a timeline wraps back on itself making a closed loop that progresses causally in one direction of “forward time” but doesn’t have definitive past or future because if you travel far enough in “forward time” you end up going back around to the past on the loop. Each causal feedback loop spans a certain duration of time. A human brain acts like a temporal reception device to a certain degree. With multiple temporal receptive devices, you get a coupled system with interlocking temporal feedback loops. It is these cyclical cycles all in a line that make up linear time. A line can be thought of as a circle with an infinite radius. Therefore with an infinite amount of time, you can have a circle with infinite radius acting as a timeline. However with a finite amount of time it loops back around like a circle with a finite radius. The circumference of the circle can be thought of as the duration of the time loop. The radius can be thought of as inversely proportional to the “time curvature” of the time loop. Energy is related to “time curvature”. In regions with more energy, there is more “time curvature”. A timeline is a time loop with zero “time curvature”. If the universe were to behave like an isolated time loop with an infinite amount of time, it would have zero net energy. Rest mass and kinetic energy correspond to positive energy whereas matter within gravitational fields correspond to negative gravitational energy, which all would add up to net zero energy in a universe that behaved like a time loop with infinite time. A time loop can have two different directions. You can travel around a loop in “forward time”, which we can visualize as counter-clockwise. You also can travel around a loop in “reverse time”, which we can visualize as clockwise. Electrons seem to travel in “forward time” along a time loop and positrons seem to travel in “reverse time” along a time loop. Protons and Neutrons seem to have a mixture of “forward time” and “reverse time” due to their internal structure of quarks with different charges, which creates a coupled feedback time loop effect resulting in weird quantum effects in atoms. Since all our measurement apparatus contain atoms, these weird quantum effects are present in all our measurements. Einstein’s theory of special relativity tells us that the speed a system of particles is traveling will affect the progression of time within the system of particles. A system of particles traveling close to the speed of light will have the time processes progress more slowly than an identical system of particles rest. The processes seem to take longer because the photons of light have to travel an increased path length while moving at the same constant speed. It therefore seems plausible that all particles are just photons of light that are “coiled” in extra dimensions of space and/or time. All photons of light travel at the same speed “c”, which is the speed of light in a vacuum. The apparent changes in the speed of light in matter due to its refractive index may actually be an increase in path length resulting in a smaller average velocity. For example if light were to travel along a helix with an increased path length it would have a smaller average velocity than if it were to travel along a straight line even though it is traveling at the same speed in both cases. The apparent changes in the speed of light in matter due to its refractive index may actually be from the light bouncing or ricocheting in perpendicular dimensions with the component of the velocity in those perpendicular dimensions tending to cancel themselves out to zero on average resulting in the light seeming to travel along its original direction with a smaller average velocity. A photon of light has a spin angular momentum of plus or minus “Planck’s constant” divided by “two pi”. The “two pi” seems to correspond to a circumference of a circular loop within two dimensions of time, which can be modeled mathematically using complex numbers. An electron and positron have a spin angular momentum of plus or minus “Planck’s constant” divided by “4 pi”, which is half the spin angular momentum of a photon of light. This seems to suggest a non-circular loop that may be vibrating with extra perimeter per average radius. It may be that photons of light become trapped by their own gravitational influence in a time-varying manner to become other particles. When an electron and position annihilate each other, they create photons of light because time becomes “uncoiled” or the vibrations cancel each other out in a similar way that two opposite twists on a cord or string can meet each other in the middle to undo each other. The rest mass of the electron and positron may correspond to the energy of these vibrations, which is then released as the photons of light. According to Einstein’s theory of special relativity, time stops for all systems traveling at the speed of light. Since time stops for system traveling at the speed of light, time is always stopped for every system of photons of light. Photons of light therefore do not exist at a single point of time, but along a string of space-time. Every action done to a photon of light along that string of space-time will seem like it is felt immediately by the photon of light. Photons of light therefore act more like a pipeline of quantized energy and momentum flow rather than a localized moving particle. The charge of an electron may correspond to three complete time loops in the “forward direction”. The charge of a positron may correspond to three complete time loops in the “negative direction”. The charge of a quark may correspond to one or two complete time loop in the “forward direction” or “negative direction”. Quark confinement makes it so that charge can only exist in particles with integer multiples of the charge of an electron, which is three complete time loops in either direction. It may be that an electron is actually a photon of light that has gone “back in time” three times in order to interact with itself using its own gravitational influence caught in a triple time feedback loop. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle indicates that energy is not conserved by itself, but rather small fluctuations are able to exist for a limited amount of time. These extra small fluctuations may be caused by photons of light going back in time due to gravitational influences and seeming to duplicate themselves for a limited amount of time. A complete time loop will cause a time travel duplication of “virtual photons” of light like extra cars traveling in circles on the freeway to create traffic resulting in a field of extra “virtual photons” known as an electric field. A changing electric field manifests itself as a magnetic field. The “virtual photons” are essentially extra duplicated photons created via a time travel events due to gravitational influences for a limited amount of time according the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. The speed of light is a constant. The energy of a photon of light is quantized by “Planck’s constant” times the frequency of the electromagnetic wave. The momentum of a photon of light is its energy multiplied by its velocity divided by the speed of light squared. A “Grand Unified Theory” for the complete laws of physics and natural philosophy will therefore take the following form: (1) A mathematical description of the gravitational influence of a photon of light on itself and other photons of light involving extra dimensions of space and time. There are at least two dimensions of time, not one. (2) A description of how a photon of light can influence other photons of light to travel “back in time” according to gravitational influences to create different stable time-varying structures, which we perceive as particles. (3) A description of how photons of light travel backward in time according to gravitational influences to create fields of temporary duplicates consistent with the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle known a “virtual photons”, which make up electric and magnetic fields in a way that is consistent with Quantum Field Theory. (4) A probability analysis of how these time travel events involving gravitational influences on photons of light create quantum effects as well as macroscopic physical laws that are recorded in our measurement devices. Once it was discovered that charged objects are responsible for travel events of virtual photons and other virtual particles, it changed everything we knew about the laws of physics and allowed for an actual time machine to be constructed. The Victor of the temporal war constructed a time machine that allowed him to loop back to near the beginning of the universe. The Victor of the temporal war then created self-replicating technology to colonize the universe and bring it completely under his control. It is ironic that the past is really the future. The eternal city of the “future” actually exists in the “past”. This was done to prevent any future time travelers from trying to corrupt the timeline. Someone who controls the present might try to control the past. Whoever controls the past controls the future. The eternal city was put as far back into the “past” as possible so that no time traveler in the future would be able to travel back in time far enough into the past to change the past and the eternal city. How did the Victor do this without corrupting the timeline? The Victor created a replica of Earth that was identical to the original timeline. The Victor then used historical records to construct a holographic “dome” to go around the Earth and moon system. The holographic “dome” mimicked everything that was observed from Earth in the original timeline down to the quantum level. Someone on Earth would have no idea that the whole universe outside the Holographic dome had already been colonized. The Victor even sent identical copies of heavenly bodies to impact Earth at the exact same time as the original timeline. The Victor also sent back identical wireless messages corresponding to the spacecraft that the Earthlings sent into space, so they didn’t know the difference. The Holographic dome just needed to be larger than the moon’s orbit, which was the farthest human beings ever went before the Victor set up his millennial kingdom on Earth. The problem was that there was a small fraction of time travelers from the future that rebelled against the Victor. This small faction of time travels from the future caused small changes to the timeline that were originally undetectable. However, the faction of time travelers from the future eventually were exposed causing a temporal war on Earth during “recorded history”. The time travelers from the future posed no threat to the Victor because the Victor had already set up an impregnable eternal kingdom at the beginning of the universe. The “Word of the Creator” was also designed in the past as a temporal weapon to create a butterfly effect throughout recorded history to mitigate the effects of the faction of time travelers from the future. The original timeline was like a small mustard seed. The temporal feedback loops that operated on the universe via time temporal reception and travel events made it blossom into what was like a giant tree once it reached its final stable attractor. The universe was like a fractal repeating itself in different places along a “time web” starting from the basic design of the original timeline with nuances added to it from temporal reception and time travel events. They say that children accept the world as it is presented to them. This was true for us people from the Earth within the Holographic dome surrounding the Earth moon system. We had no idea that the universe had already been colonized. We accepted our assumptions that the sunlight, heavenly bodies, and other messages received on Earth were actually coming from a larger universe and not just a Holographic projection meant to simulate the original timeline. When we passed through the Holographic dome in the “rapture”, we were like an Amish person going on a “Rumpringa”. The cool thing about our universe is that it seems have a Holographic principle in most situations. If you control everything that passes through a 2 dimensional surface in space during a specific span of 1 dimension of time it contains the same information as if there were an entire universe behind the holographic surface. This Holographic principle only works if there aren’t entangled pairs of particles that cross the holographic surface. A group of particles outside the holographic surface that is entangled with particles inside the holographic surface can send messages without any particles crossing the boundary of the holographic surface. All physics is to some degree an approximation. All physics is in some degree a model or figurative representation used to simplify the complexity of the universe down to a level our limited minds can understand. Entangled particles seem to interact with each other using “back door” dimensions outside our normal dimensions of space and time. On the original timeline no one sent streams of entangled particles crossing the boundary of where the Holographic dome was to be set up. It was only from alterations to the timeline caused by the temporal terrorists that things on Earth started to get “weird”. Temporal causality can be summed up as the following. The present chooses the past. The past causes the future. The future inspires the present. That is a fancy way of saying that temporal causality is above your “pay grade”. The smart thing to do is to behave as if there is linear causality where “the past causes the present causing the future” while also recognizing that there are additional supernatural nuances that allow us to have “free will”. The supernatural influences are what determine the fundamental conditions of the universe including initial conditions at the beginning of the universe, final conditions at the end of the universe, boundary conditions at the edge of the visible universe, and quantum conditions involving “back door” dimensions (i.e. entangled particles). All of these fundamental conditions of the universe are probably same type of analog of “boundary condition” of photons of light crossing a hyper-dimensional holographic boundary including all the of the hidden “backdoor” dimensions of space and time. Casualty is caused by supernatural processes choosing the fundamental conditions of the natural universe. It is essentially all rigged by something supernatural. The supernatural is beyond what you have experienced naturally, so naturally it is beyond your full comprehension because it is something you have never naturally experienced before. If I were to speak in an angelic language, you might think I am speaking “gibberish”. If you asked me to translate the “gibberish” to English, I would not be able to. There are angelic languages with words involving spiritual concepts that most human beings have never experienced before. Since these angelic words involve spiritual concepts, there is no human experience available from which to define the word in a human language. It is therefore impossible to translate these angelic languages into a human language such as “English”. The best that I can do is to use analogies, metaphors, similes, and other figurative language to give a limited understanding of the angelic concept. This is one reason why parables and allegories are useful for explaining spiritual concepts to human beings.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 3 months ago

Prophetic Science Fiction: Millennial Kingdom
During the millennial kingdom, the Victor ruled the Earth with a rod of iron. It was like a fascist regime except that paradoxically the people had rights. If anyone violated the laws of the Victor, there were swift harsh punishments. For all capital punishments, the convicted criminals were immediately cast into the lake of fire. There was a new renewable energy source that was a new type fusion reactor that looked like it was powered by fusions and stored energy using antimatter. The fusion reactor sent its waste heat into a different dimension, which was called the “lake of fire”. The fusion reactor seemed to violate the 2nd laws of thermodynamics because the fusion reactors didn’t heat up the environment, but actually the entropy was being sent into the “lake of fire” dimension. Once a year the nations would go to Jerusalem to worship. If any nation did no go, no rain fell on that nation for the entire year. The Victor was a benevolent dictator, and I am not just saying that so I will not be thrown into the lake of fire. The tree of life returned to Earth located in the cubic city of New Jerusalem. The leaves of the tree had medicinal properties that were used to cure every type of disease. The tree of life had branches grafted onto it with 12 different types of fruit. A different type of fruit became ripe each month. The fruit of the tree of life contained a special substance that capped the telomeres in the DNA. Anyone who ate of the fruit never aged. People who died at the age of 200 years old were said to have died as youths. In the antediluvian day of Adam to Noah people lived a little under 1000 years. Apparently there were special genes that allowed the mouth to secrete a chemical that prevented tooth decay. These special genes were deactivated in the past and went dormant. The fruit from the tree of life reactivated all of the dormant genes that helped prevent aging and decay. Before the Victor arrived the scientists told the people they only used 10% of their brainpower. This is because there were dormant genes that enhanced their brains’ abilities and they were designed to live 10 times longer. There was no disease, no crime, and extremely long life-spans. Everyone looked to be of an age between 25 to 30 years old in appearance.
The Victor instituted a form of capitalistic feudalism on Earth for 1000 years. A temporal reception device is used for “real time” instantaneous interstellar communication. The epicenter of the kingdom of heaven was about 1000 light years away in the direction of the belt of Orion. The epicenter of the kingdom of heaven had temporal reception devices and records that can see all of time from the everlasting to everlasting. Messages that were sent from the kingdom of heaven would take 1000 years to reach Earth. The temporal reception device was used to relay the message that would be received 1000 years in the potential future back to the present. The caveat is that the temporal reception device has to be running for the entire 1000 years. The millennial kingdom was set up on Earth to protect the temporal reception device to ensure the messages that the Victor used to win the temporal war were not compromised. The Enemy was imprisoned during this time to protect the temporal reception device. After the 1000 years, the Enemy was to be released as a “honey-trap” to identify and destroy all remaining rebels resisting the Victor’s reign.
Because of temporal reception devices, the winner of an interstellar war is known even before the invading forces arrive. Messages are received before the invading forces arrive via temporal reception devices. The messages can be displayed using light holograms and speakers systems. The messengers are called “angels”. The local population was also recruited to conduct psychological operations to make the people more receptive to the Victor’s arrival. The Victor arrived in a scout vessel about 7 years ahead of the main fleet. All of the members of the local population that were recruited were caught up to meet the Victor in the clouds. Even people who had died before the Victor’s arrival were resurrected using the backup copies of their mind stored in the center of the Earth. Chaos ensued on the Earth for about 3 years and 6 months until the Enemy took control of Jerusalem. The Enemy controlled the Earth for about 3 years and 6 months until the Victor’s main fleet arrived and having the “higher ground” easily wiped out all resistant using the 7 seal, 7 trumpet, and 7 bowl judgements. Messages that were received thousands of years ago incorporated into Daniel 12 confirm that once the Enemy takes control of Jerusalem and sets up the abomination that causes desolation in the 3rd Temple, there will be 1,290 days until the Victor’s fleet arrive. It will take an additional 45 days to restore order to the Earth and terraform it using self-replicating technology. It takes only 1000 years to authenticate a message and ensure it hasn’t been compromised, so we know this message in Daniel 12 is reliable.
During the 7 year period, there were people who finally came to their senses and defected to the Victor’s side. Everyone’s mind has a backup copy stored in the center of the Earth. The machine nested in the center of the Earth is also what is responsible for sustaining the Earth’s magnetic field. The Victor can use the backup copy to resurrect everyone who has their head removed by the Enemy. The Enemy instituted a “Mark of the Beast” in the right hand or forehead of everyone. The Enemy used oil shortages and economic sanctions to force all the global new world order nations to implement the “Mark of the Beast” on its citizens under economic duress. Anyone who didn’t receive the “Mark of the Beast” was not allowed to buy or sell any goods or services. The Enemy had been for years using vaccinations, Tuberculosis tests, and tattoos to make the population more receptive to prime the population and make them more receptive to receiving the “Mark of the Beast” in their right hand or forehead. The “Mark of the Beast” had one type of nanotechnology in it that would rewrite the person’s DNA in all their cells and another type of nanotechnology to alter their memories to implant dormant triggers that would cause them to rebel against the Creator and the Victor. When the Victor arrives everyone who has taken the “Mark of the Beast” will be thrown into the lake of fire and tormented for all eternity. Everyone who is beheaded for not taking the “Mark of the Beast” was resurrected by the Victor and lived during the Millennial Kingdom. There was also a remnant of Jews sheltered in the mountains by the Victor who were used to repopulate the Millennial Kingdom.
Those caught up to meet the Victor in the clouds were given the choice to either immediately get their new immortal bodies or whether they will wait until after the Millennial Kingdom to get their new immortal bodies. The immortal bodies have special “super powers”, but they lack the power to procreate. We had all eternity to use our immortal bodies, so waiting an extra 1007 years wasn’t an irrational choice for those who wanted to procreate and raise children and families in the perfect family-friendly environment of the Millennial Kingdom.
The recruits that were caught up into the Clouds with the Victor returned with the main fleet after 7 years. Before the Millennial Kingdom, the Earth underwent a World War involving biological weapons. Everyone knew this war was coming. They even made a movie called World War Z to commemorate it and hide the fact that it was imminent. The kingdom of heaven sent messages warning of it thousands of years ago in Ezekiel 38-39 and Zechariah 12-14. A biological weapon was released to combat the 200 million man army that came against Israel, which turned people into zombies where the people’s eyes would rot while they were still standing. This was all recorded in advance in Zechariah 14:12 and Revelation 9:16. After the World War Z, implementation of the “Mark of the Beast”, 7 seal judgement, 7 trumpet judgements, and 7 bowl judgements mankind was an endangered species. Mankind was more rare gold, which was forewarned in Isaiah 13:12.
Even after the Victor resurrected all the people who had been beheaded there was still a male shortage. Either by design or coincidence the Enemy had tricked a lot of the male population to not defect to the Victor’s side. After most wars the males are the higher casualties and females are in larger numbers as the remnant. After the temporal war, there were about 7 females for every 1 male that survived or was resurrected as the remnant. Polygamy laws were instituted that allowed every man to have up to 7 wives. The women worked and earned their own money, food, and clothing. There was a stigma against women who did not have children, so they all tried to find a husband who would give them conjugal rights. This reintroduction of polygamy to combat the male shortage was received in messages from the kingdom of heaven thousands of years ago in Isaiah 4:1. This reintroduction of polygamy was hinted at in Luke 18:28-30.
Before the Millennial Kingdom many people falsely believed that the Bible banned polygamy. The Bible indicates that monogamy is usually more beneficial than polygamy in most cases but the Bible does not outright ban polygamy except in the case of religious pastors such as deacons or overseers. The Bible only bans a specific type of polygamy, which is the marrying of sisters simultaneously as rival wives. Jacob (Israel) was a cautionary tale of how marrying sisters as rivals can cause strife. The Bible bans marrying sisters as rival wives as some of the Muslims practice (Leviticus 18:18). Jacob (Israel) was grandfathered in before the rule banning the marrying of sisters went into effect.
The Bible does ban the multiplication of wives, which was the practice of kings to have hundreds of wives (Deuteronomy 17:17). Solomon was the wisest of all kings but his one downfall was multiplying wives (2 Chronical 11-12). Solomon had hundreds of wives, which turned his heart against the Creator toward demonic idols (1 Kings 11:1-13). The Beast System pretended to have the wisdom of Solomon, so it used the number of Solomon 666 as a counterfeit (1Kings 10:14, 2Chronicles 9:13, Revelation 13:17-18). The Bible indicates that in most cases it is beneficial for a government to make polygamy illegal. If the government has made polygamy illegal, the Bible is clear that everyone should obey that law. However in the case of a disproportionate amount of women after a war, it is permissible for a government to reinstitute polygamy for the general population. The Bible does indicate that it is a recommendation but not requirement for unmarried widowers to not seek more wives (1 Corinthians 7:8). What is ironic is that the Bible also indicates that the religious pastors should have a wife and exactly one wife. If they cannot govern their own household, how are they to pastor the Church (1Timothy 3:5)? Before the Millennial Kingdom, the Catholic Church abandoned this recommendation that the religious pastors should be married exactly once, which means they should either be married to one wife or be a widower from their one marriage. This led to pedophilia and homosexuality infiltrating the Catholic Church, which are considered abominations by the Bible (Leviticus 18:22, Deuteronomy 22:5, 1Corinthians 6:9). The Enemy tricked the Catholic Church into adopting many doctrines of demons that went against the teachings of the Bible. The Catholic Church banned its pastors from marrying and gave them blasphemous titles such as “Father” or “Holy Father” in violation of what the Bible says to give no one on earth the title of “Father” because we have only one “Heavenly Father” (Matthew 23:9) . It is fine to call the person who raised your father and to call him Father, but it is blasphemous to give a religious pastor on earth the actual title of “Father” or “Holy Father”. The Catholic Church started introducing false doctrines such as calling Mary an “ever-virgin” when the Bible is very clear that Joseph and Mary consummated their marriage after Jesus was born. When Jesus returned to his hometown the people even mention the biological offspring from Mary and Joseph consummating their marriage, which is recorded in Matthew 12:46-47. Jesus acknowledges that he has a biological family, and then Jesus calls everyone who does the will of the Father in heaven his adopted spiritual brothers, sisters, and mother to show that he doesn’t show partiality to his biological family. When Jesus returned to his hometown, the people mention the biological offspring from Mary and Joseph consummating their marriage when they mention the half-brothers of Jesus by their first names “James, Joses, and Judas, Simon” and say “Are not his sisters here with us?” (Mark 6:3). The Bible is very clear that the Holy Spirit (not Joseph nor any other human being) is responsible for providing the “Y Chromosome” Jesus had, Jesus was male, and Mary remained a virgin until after Jesus was born (Matthew 1:25). The Catholic Church says blessed is the womb that bore Jesus, and Jesus says to rather say blessed is the one who hears the word of God and does what it says (Luke 11:28). The Bible does not record that Jesus had any biological offspring, but Jesus had relatives who were descendants of his half-sisters and his half-brothers James, Joses, Judas, and Simon. Jesus probably did not procreate because he may have only had 24 chromosomes, which were 22 non-sex chromosomes from Mary, one X chromosome from Mary, and one Y chromosome from the Holy Spirit. If Jesus had 46 Chromosomes, the Holy Spirit would have either provided and additional 22 non-sex chromosomes or extra copies of Mary’s 22 non-sex chromosomes.
The Creator used figurative language when dealing with complex conceptions such as Chromosomes with Adam. The Creator was dealing with people who had a more primitive simple language that could not deal with the concept of Chromosomes. The Creator used “ribs” as a metaphor for “Chromosomes”. Monkeys and other primates only have 2 sets of 24 Chromosomes but humans such as Adam only have 23 Chromosomes. The Creator removed a “rib” from Adam, which makes it so that Adam only has 2 sets of 23 Chromosomes. The Creator created Eve using the rib from Adam, which is a metaphor for how the Creator copied an extra X chromosome from Adam to create Eve. Adam contained all the genetic material to create Eve. The Creator took two cells of Adam extracted out the Y chromosome from one cell and inserted the X chromosome from the other cell to create a cell with two X chromosomes.
The Creator used his creation in the natural realm to be a metaphor for things that occur in the spiritual realm. Jesus died at the age of 33, so the Creator designed human beings with 33 vertebrae. The Creator has 4 living creatures present at his throne, so he designed human beings with one thumb to be a symbol for the throne and 4 fingers to be a symbol for the 4 living creatures. The Ark of Noah only carried 8 people, so there are 8 fingers total. The world was originally populated using 2 people, so there are two thumbs. The Creator is 3 persons but one being, so our eyes have 3 types of cone cells for seeing color and 1 type of rod cell for seeing brightness.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 1 month ago

Prophetic Fiction: 35 Souls and Management of Estate I had seven human companions each who were chosen with a different specialty corresponding to each of my seven senses, which are sight¸ hearing, smell, taste, touch, balance, and indwelling of the Spirit of the Creator. The companion with the specialty of “sight” is an artist advisor who provides recommendations for visual artwork, architectural design, interior decoration, and landscaping. The companion with the specialty of “hearing” is a musician advisor who provides recommendations for music. The companion with the specialty of “smell” is a perfumer advisor who provides recommendations for perfumes. The companion with the specialty of “taste” is a chef advisor who provides recommendations for food. The companion with the specialty of “touch” is a massage advisor who provides recommendations for spa and massage specifications. The companion with the specialty of “balance” is a gymnast, acrobat, martial arts, and dance advisor who provides recommendations on aerial choreography. The companion with the specialty of “indwelling of the Spirit of the Creator” is a prophet advisor who provides recommendations for utilizing the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, healing, miraculous powers, discernment and interpreting dreams, faith, speaking languages, and interpretation of languages. These seven human companions gave me recommendations on how to improve the aesthetic aspects of my Estate for all of us to enjoy together. The seven human companions had a symbiotic relationship where all of them were able to benefit from and appreciate the specialties of each other. Each companion stayed in one of the master chambers of the estate and had 3 helpers that stayed in the servant suites. I also stayed in one of the master chambers of the estate and had 3 helpers that stayed in the corresponding servant suites. There were 24 helpers total to help govern the estate. I had four angelic secretaries each in charge of managing a specific quadrant of my estate. Each angelic secretary stayed in one of inner master chambers. The angelic secretaries could use the master chamber they were staying in and the corresponding servant suites at their discretion. The four angelic secretaries were chosen each with a different specialty. The first had a specialty of math, science, and engineering. The second had a specialty of language, history, cultures, and politics. The third had a specialty of combat and warfare. The fourth had a specialty of art and recreation.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 25 days ago

Prophetic Fiction: The “Volcano” Fusion Device The “Volcano” fusion device is a lot simpler than you might expect. It utilizes muon catalyzed fusion to heat up water. Muons are like electrons with extra mass. When you replace the electrons in hydrogen atoms with muons, the protons have a higher probability of getting closer together and fusing into helium atoms. It is really not that complicated. When the hydrogen atoms fuse into helium atoms, they release energy, which heats up water to power a steam engine or steam generator. The “Volcano” fusion device is a “clean” form of energy unlike fission nuclear power. The major problem with a fission nuclear power plant is it releases neutrons, which make whatever they hit turn radioactive. The radioactive material can then leak into an underground stream after an earthquake and end up in the ocean. Once enough radioactive material ends up in the ocean, it starts killing the entire ocean starting with the most susceptible creatures. It creates a cascading effect like if the Hoover dam were destroyed, it would cause all the other dams downstream to be destroyed (#illuminatiendgame). The Hoover dam is crawling with freemasonry connections almost as if it were intended to be used for a political maneuver to bring order out of chaos. The government won’t let you know this is happening because they don’t want you to panic. Einstein said that fission nuclear power was a “hell” of a way to boil water. Fusion power generator doesn’t have the same problem because it doesn’t release neutrons like the fission power generator. A good rule of thumb is that Iron is the element with the “least energy”. You get energy from fusion by joining the nuclei of elements with fewer protons than iron. You get energy from fission by splitting the nucleus of an element with more protons than iron. That is why the core of every star is iron. Supernovas are what usually produce elements with more protons than iron. Now you might be thinking that muon catalyzed fusion would already be in widespread use for many decades before the Victor’s arrival if it were actually feasible. The oil companies targeted and killed all the scientists who successfully developed muon catalyzed fusion. The oil companies didn’t want the competition because they would lose billions of dollars. Essentially, creating a product that competes with a billion dollar industry is a death sentence. It was only when the oil started running out that the oil companies started hiring scientists rather than killing them to shift its business model from oil to fusion power generation. Muon catalyzed fusion is really easy, but the only trick is procuring the muons using less energy than is harvested from the reaction. One of the earlier attempts involved using muons that were naturally produced in the atmosphere. This was good for an experiment, but couldn’t produce enough energy on a large scale. In these earlier attempts, they combined wind energy with fusion technology. Apparently there are strong winds up in the atmosphere which can be harvested using blimps with turbines. These were called fusion blimps. The blimps contained hydrogen and utilized muons produced in the atmosphere to covert the hydrogen to helium. The blimps also would spend some of the time at the correct altitude to get strong winds to power itself through wind energy. The problem with the fusion blimps was that hydrogen is explosive making it dangerous, which is why hydrogen blimps weren’t used much after the Hindenburg incident. Temporal reception made producing muons infinitely more cost effective. There was a specific reaction that had a very low probability of occurring to produce a muon. However, temporal reception allowed for a feedback loop to be created where the particles were to be fired at varying energies and angles until the correct configuration was found “on the first try” to yield a muon as one of the products of the reaction. The temporal reception feedback loop allowed for reactions that had a very low probability of occurring to occur on the “first try” every time. A similar method similar involving a temporal reception feedback loop was used to clean up radioactive material to become nonradioactive. There was a way of stimulating radioactive material to decay into nonradioactive substances on the “first try” every time using a temporal feedback loop. This method was useful in producing extremely non-radioactive materials used for Geiger counters. The problem was the governments didn’t want to disclose their temporal reception technology to the public, so they let the oceans die from radiation leaking out of fission nuclear power plants after major earthquakes. After the Victor arrived, there was a renovation project that restored the earth and cleansed it of radioactive material. The “Volcano” fusion device, which utilized muon catalyzed fusion was used to heat the water in my Estate during the Millennial Kingdom.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 4 months ago

The Generation of Wealth: Wealth is generated by harvesting resources found in nature and converting them into a form useful for people. People can become wealthy by either generating wealth or by acquiring the wealth generated by other people. Truth is essential for generating wealth. Perception is essential for acquiring wealth from other people. A society can become impoverished by ignoring truth and focusing only on perception.
Life is not a zero sum game. Mathematics, science, and technology are tools that can be used to catalyze the generation of wealth. Fair and transparent policies in government and business are tools that can be used to catalyze the generation of wealth. People are motivated to generate wealth when there are fair and transparent policies that delineate and protect their percentage of the wealth they helped to generate. In a healthy society, positions that that require more responsibility, more investment or risk, more skills, and/or more work are generally rewarded with a larger percentage of the wealth that was generated.
Communistic and socialistic governments fail because there is taxation without representation. The people acquiring the wealth are not the people who produced the wealth. There is no motivation to generate wealth if it is stolen through taxation and extortion by corrupt laws and corrupt courts. Capitalism succeeds if an only if the government protects the rights of every individual. Capitalism fails if the government becomes corrupt and shows partiality to the wealthy and well connected. Corrupt governments allow the wealthy to extort money from the poor through taxation without representation and through corrupt courts that show partiality to the wealthy and well connected.
A society may be perceived to be healthy if it is wealthy, but that is not always the case. The truth of a society’s health is determined by whether the wealth was obtained from a firm foundation or a shaky foundation. The firm foundation of a healthy wealthy society is the ability for it to generate its own wealth and prevent that wealth from being exported to neighboring societies. The shaky foundation of an unhealthy wealthy society is its dependence on wealth being imported from neighboring societies and its inability to generate its own wealth (it is unable to harvest is own resources nor convert them into a form useful for people) but is dependent on wealth being imported from neighboring societies.
A society can become impoverished if it does not generate wealth or it does not maintain its wealth. A society can become impoverished if its technology or policies prevent it from having the means or motivation to harvest its untapped resources. A society can become impoverished if the wealth that it does generate is imported to neighboring societies. Each society should keep track of how much wealth it generates, how much wealth it imports, and how much wealth it exports.
A healthy wealthy society generates most of its wealth itself and the amount of wealth imported and exported should be generally balanced. An unhealthy wealthy society imports more wealth than it exports. An unhealthy impoverished society is unable to generate its own wealth and/or it exports more wealth than it imports.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 3 months ago

Dishonesty is shortsighted. We have the long-term motivation to choose to repent, become honest, acknowledge the truth, and live with integrity. We are dishonest because we lack discipline and choose our myopic desire over truth. Dishonesty is a choice. Insanity is a habit. Insanity is when we deny that honesty is better than dishonesty. Insanity is becoming trapped in a permanent state of dishonesty. We become a slave to insanity when we no longer desire to return to honesty. https://www.smashwords.com/ext....reader/read/801094/3

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 3 months ago

Prophetic Science Fiction: The Physics Garden I like physics, so my estate during the Millennial Kingdom had a physics garden. There were two long rectangular pools of water parallel to each other with a walkway between them. There was a type of fountain shooting jets of water from one pool to the other creating a parabolic roof of water. Half the jets of water shot from the left pool to the right pool and half the jets of water shot in the reverse direction from the right pool back to the left pool. When you walked along the pathway it was like walking under a cave of water and you didn’t get wet except for a cooling mist. During the daytime, light refracted from the parabolic roof of water creating a wonderful rainbow of colors. There were circular waves generated in the pools of water where jets of water would land. These circular waves would ripple outward toward a partition with two small openings in them. The waves would diffract when they passed through the small opening in the partition causing a semi-circular ripple to emerge from each small opening. As the waves rippled from the two small openings, they would overlap each other and interfere so that the height of the wave at each point was the superposition of the two waves like a Young’s double slit experiment. At the short ends of the long rectangular pools were water cannons attached to the sides on a platform. The water cannon could have its vertical angle adjusted by turning a wheel and had a built in protractor to measure the angle. The height of the platform that could be raised or lowered using a screw system by turning another larger wheel attached to a gear system. The long edge of the pool was marked periodically with numbers to indicate distance in meters like a giant measuring stick. There were floating targets in the pool that could be moved around to different distances. There were also physics equations etched into the short sides of the pool that indicated how to calculate the angle needed to hit the targets depending on their distance and the height of the water cannon platform. There was an outdoor dining area that was surrounded by Rueben’s tubes, which were tubes with tiny holes allowing a flammable gas to escape out of it with a speaker system attached to the side of the tube. The speaker would generate tones to create standing waves of fire on the tubes. When music was played, the fire would dance to the music. The Rueben’s tubes also provided warmth acting as heaters for evening dinners. There were two curved giant granite walls on opposite ends of the garden. The walls were carved into an elliptical shape so that if you sat at the focal point of one side of the garden you could talk normally and carry on a conversation with someone at the other focal point at the other end of the garden. Each focal point was marked with a picnic table carved out of marble. There was also a lens system with each end near each of the marble picnic tables. The lens system was made out of four giant lenses with the same radius that was several meters. These four giant lenses were lined up in a horizontal row such that their centers were along the same horizontal line. The four lenses were grouped into two pairs on each side. Each pair of lenses had its lenses on opposite sides of the same focal point. When you looked through one end of the four lens system you could see out the other end as if there was nothing between them. There was a granite wall in the center of the garden with a small opening several meters high around where the horizontal center line of the lens system was. People on opposite sides of the garden could see each other by looking through the lens system even though there was a granite wall in the middle of the garden. Each lens was a fountain with a tiny pool of water at its base. The lens had pipes along its edges that would periodically pump water from the bottom pool to its top. The water would then flow over the lens like a waterfall cleaning the lens and preventing it from developing a layer of dust. There was a tornado generator that could be used to generate circulating wind vortex. The tornado generator had a giant parabolic mirror at its base like a giant bowl with parabolic cross-sections. There was a small pool of water at the bottom of the parabolic mirror in the center. There were pumps that would periodically pump the water to the top of the parabolic mirror at the edges and have it flow back down like a waterfall to clean any dust off of the parabolic mirror. There was an insulating rod rising from the center of the parabolic mirror. The insulating rod pole had a giant conducing ball located at the focal point of the parabolic mirror. Attached to the top of the giant conducting ball was a giant conducing horizontal ring that was attached using horizontal conducting rods so that it looked like an old fashion wheel with spokes. The insulating rod pole started to twist a little as it rose above the conducting ball. At the top of the twisting insulating pole was a conducting bowl filled with water. There was a pump cooling system along the inside of the insulating pole that could circulate cold water from the small pool of water at the base to the conducting bowl at the top. The parabolic mirror would focus the incoming light from the sun at the giant conducting ball. The giant conducting ball would then heat up the ring and cause air to rise. The rising air would cool down when it reaches the conducting bowl filled with cold water at the top. Hot air would be rising from the edges from the heated conducting ring and cold air would sink down the middle from the conducting bowl filled with cold water, which created a tornado vortex.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 3 months ago

Prophetic Science Fiction: Dwelling Places and Sub-Universes I like symmetry, so I wanted a house where all the dwelling places would be interconnected with each other such that you could get from any dwelling place to any other dwelling place by going through a single door. I discovered that in a two-dimensional space, four dwelling places was the maximum number that would have this desired property. The first dwelling place was in the shape of a rectangle made of four squares across resembling the path a rook in chess could make moving horizontally. The second dwelling place was “L” shaped three squares high with an extra square attached at the bottom right resembling the path of a knight in chess could make. The third dwelling place was a mirror imagine of the second dwelling place and was a backward “L” shape three squares high with an extra square attached at the bottom left resembling the path a knight in chess could make. The fourth dwelling place was a large square in the middle made of 4 squares two by two. I also discovered that in three dimensions, you could create 7 ring shaped dwelling places stacked on top of each other and use small 6 circular elevator shafts spaced evenly around a small circular opening that was the same diameter as the elevator shafts. If this cylinder shaped house were turned sideways and rotated about its center axis, you could create a rotating space station with 7 dwelling places connected via 6 microgravity shafts. You could create any number of dwelling places in three dimensions with this same property by making the microgravity shafts have a smaller diameter compared to the circular opening in the middle. If I were to colonize space, I would probably initially use rotating space-stations like these to dwell in. I would put them in orbit around planets and moons such as Mars and Ceres. From the rotating space-stations in orbit around the planets or moons, I would remote control robots on the surface of the planets or moons to harvest the resources. I would use temporal reception devices to mitigate the time delay between sending and receiving communications to allow for “real time” communications between all the rotating-space stations. If a space station was 8 “light-minutes” away, I would use a temporal reception device that sent a received message from 8 minutes in the potential future to the present so that I could listen to the message right after it was sent. If I wanted to increase the diameter of the rotating space station to help with the feeling of artificial gravity, I could have the rotating space station break into sections and extend outward using cables. I could then have elevators travel along the cables to get from one section to the other. Eventually I would create self-replicating nanotechnology that would be able to assemble itself into more complex structures that could “digest matter” by breaking it down into its individual elements and reassemble them into whatever structure I wanted. With this nanotechnology it may even be possible to change matter from one element to another by adding or removing protons. Even if a process had a low probability of occurring, a temporal reception device could be used as a catalyst to the process by ensuring that the correct conditions were used to make the process occur on the “first try” via a brute force trial and error method involving a temporal feedback loop. Once you can permute one type of element to another, you can digest all the atoms of the universe and turn them into whatever you want. This nanotechnology would then be used to terraform the universe and restructure it to turn it into habitable dwelling places comparable to Earth. I would then create star-like beacons to send information across the universe for interstellar communication. I would use temporal reception devices at each star-like beacon so that the information could be received in “real time”. If information is sent from a star-like beacon 1000 light years away, a 1000 year temporal reception device would relay the message from 1000 years in the potential future back to the present so that I could read the message right after it was sent. For interstellar travel, the self-replicating nanotechnology could assemble itself into giant railgun-like slingshots that could slingshot matter across the universe at near light speed. If I was living on a “New Earth” that was created using self-replicating nanotechnology harvesting resources in space and then collecting them to form a planet, I would then reconsider my original house with four interconnected dwelling places. The problem with my original design is that only 3 of the dwelling places are connected to the outside of the house. I would therefore create a second story and have the fourth dwelling place in the middle have stairs going to the second story. The second story would then have stairs descending down the outside of the house (analogous to a fire-escape) so that a person living in the fourth dwelling place could exit the house without going through any of the other three dwelling places. Once my nanotechnology had terraformed the entire universe, I could reprogram the nanotechnology to act as particles of a new sub-universe that will behave any way I program them to. I would then have complete control of this sub-universe that I created. I could also have the nanotechnology form into a giant computer that would run a simulation of whatever sub-universe I programed into it. I could then create sub-universes with different laws and have different souls decide the laws of the sub-universe that they mutually agree to dwell in one together. Once I had decided how I wanted everything to be forever, I would probably eventually program the nanotechnology to assemble itself into nanotechnology that could no longer be reprogramed or could only be reprogrammed by myself using some unique feature about myself that no one could replicate. The nanotechnology would act as its own immune system so that it would be impossible to reprogram the matter of the universe unless you got control of over 50% of the matter of the universe, which would be impossible, or you had the key. That unique feature that no one could replicate would then act as a key to the entire universe and whoever controlled it would control the entire universe. However since it was a unique feature about me, no one could control the universe but me because I myself would be the key. In every sub-universe you could use temporal reception to obtain all the information in that sub universe from its creation to its destruction. You would then have all the information about that sub-universe from beginning to end. You could then pause, play, rewind, or fast-forward your experiences like a movie player. You could break the linear movie into movie clips and arrange the movie clips in a matrix pattern. You could then search through the matrix of movie clips to find a clip to play. You essentially wouldn’t be changing the content but only the order that your experience the content. I created one artificial intelligence program that I named “ink heart” that could take any written story and extrapolate a sub-universe that was modeled after the story. The more detail you added to the story, the more the sub-universe would match what was written. It was very interesting when you fed science fiction or fantasy fiction stories to this artificial intelligence program. All the stories about mermaids, unicorns, fairies, and other magical creatures were made into a “real” sub-universe using this artificial intelligence program. The characters in the sub-universe were not “real” because they didn’t have a soul. They were more like artificial intelligence programs mimicking people rather than real people themselves. The idea of “magic” itself simply became amendments made to the physical laws programmed into the sub-universe. This made me think about our universe. It may be impossible to learn all the laws of our universe through experimentation because there may be amendments programmed into the law of our universe that are impossible to discover through experimentation. The only way to know the all the amendments to our universe would be if the Creator of the universe were to willingly divulges them. One problem with the artificial intelligence program was that it had difficulties with modeling sub-universes after stories that had contradictory statements. There is a difference between something being impossible because it seems to violate the known laws of the universe and something being impossible because it is contradictory. Some impossible paradoxes seemed to be contradictions but could actually be resolved by comparing different perspectives. I eventually figured out that most of the actual contradictions could be rectified by using parallel sub-universes within the sub-universe. Therefore if there were contradictory statements the artificial intelligence program would create a separate parallel sub-universe for each contradictory statement. Even still there were some insane stories that had impossible self-contradictory things like 4-sided triangles. I taught the artificial intelligence program to have a sense of humor with these self-contradictory statements and make a triangular shape where the edges of the “triangle” were literally “4444444444” or to have the proper name of the triangle be “4-sided”. Sometimes for fun I would try to insert insane nonsensical stories to see what sub-universe the artificial intelligence program would create. This made me realize that it is the prerogative of the Sovereign Creator to always tell the truth. Even if the Creator were to intend to say something that seemed not to be true, history would rewrite itself using a temporal reception feedback loop to make whatever the Creator said true. The Creator could also claim to be using sarcasm, hyperbole, other figurative language, or that His words were misinterpreted and nobody would have any recourse to challenge Him on it. The words of a Sovereign Creator are an oracle because reality conforms to the words of a Sovereign Creator. These sub-universes only contained a finite amount of time. They were not eternal. Therefore the souls that decided the laws and agreed to mutually dwell in one together temporarily were like sports teams who agreed on the rules of the game before they went to play or a contractor who agrees to the requirements of what is to be built in a contract before he starts. I always wanted to try an experiment using temporal reception where I create a sub-universe with two sovereigns competing in wargames for domination of the sub-universe. One sovereign experienced time going forward. The other sovereign experienced time going backward. In each sovereign’s perspective that sovereign was the “good” sovereign that was creating and building things whereas the other sovereign was the “bad” sovereign who looked to be destroying things and dismantling things. It was really tricky to figure out how to set up this sub-universe. I had to actually create two different sub-universes coupled together with laws programed into them to run in opposite directions of time. One sovereign started at the beginning using the initial conditions and time was programed to run forward. One sovereign started at end using the final conditions and time was programed in to run backward. I then coupled the fundamental conditions of the two sub-universes together using a temporal reception feedback loop so that they were entangled together into one sub-universe. Some curious people agreed to temporarily dwell in a sub-universe where they didn’t know all of the laws of the sub-universe. These sub-universes were like a mystery novel where they could explore and find new things and discover new laws and new tricks. Some competitive people liked to dwell in a sub-universe where everyone knew most of the laws of the sub-universe so that nobody would be able to cheat at their competitive games. Some creative people liked to dwell in completely transparent sub-universes where all of the laws were known and visible. The sub-universes were like virtually reality video games where the players all agree to play for a specific amount of time. Another sub-universe I liked was one where it was made out of a single fundamental particle. Whenever that fundamental particle reached the “edge” of the sub-universe it traveled through a “wormhole” back to the beginning of the universe. This repeated itself until it reached a stable solution where the gravity of all the particles prevented any particle from reaching the “edge” of the sub-universe. This sub-universe also required a temporal reception feedback loop to create it. Using this same principle I was planning on creating some sub-universes where it was like a sports game between two people. Each person played all the players on their sports team. They would play one position and then afterward “travel back in time” to play another position. This would repeat itself until the person was playing all the positions on their team. This required a temporal feedback loop to make this sub-universe work. However, it didn’t work as I expected because it would sometimes cause a problem when the sub-universe didn’t reach a stable attractor. Imagine two people playing the game rock paper scissors. We know that it is played by two people and each person chooses either rock paper or scissors simultaneously. Paper beats rock, scissors beats paper, and rock beats scissors. If one person has a temporal reception device, they are going to win every time (unless they purposely lose). However if both people have a temporal reception device, the outcome will be uncertain because it doesn’t reach an attractor. The results keep oscillating between the three values and it never converges like an infinite alternating series that doesn’t converge. What happens when two people using temporal reception devices create an outcome where it doesn’t reach an attractor? It seemed to me that a random value was just inserted, which seemed like a glitch. It was almost as if the universe itself was a computer and if an attractor was not reached it triggered a critical error prompt that would simply stop the program insert a random value and continue the program so that the whole system wouldn’t crash. I think this is why you cannot use a temporal reception device to win the lottery. There are people monitoring the lottery using temporal reception devices. If someone tries to use a temporal reception device to win the lottery, it creates this outcome where an attractor is not reached. As I mentioned before these sub-universes were not eternal. However, let’s imagine if you were to be trapped in a sub-universe for all eternity. Each sub-universe has a finite amount of data. You would need to run a simulation and then save a summary of important events and findings. You would then clear all of the data in the simulation except the summary. You would repeat this process of running a simulation, saving summary data, clearing all non-summary data. Eventually you reach a stable equilibrium where the summary data remained the same after each cycle or only slightly fluctuated to keep track of what iterative cycle it was. It would then become important to find ways of using mathematical tricks of condensing large amounts of information into a smaller amount of data by identifying and exploiting redundancies. It is like creating a “seed” of data that could be used to grow back into a “tree” of information. I then realized that our universe is actually a sub-universe itself. Our Creator lives in a super-universe that is eternal. Our universe is not eternal because it had a beginning and it decays via entropy. When Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit with the knowledge of good and evil, it may have trapped them in this corrupted sub-universe that has entropy, sin, and evil. The only way to escape this sub-universe back to the eternal universe is to be cleansed of all sin and evil by the Victor. Sin and evil are like a computer virus that has been quarantined in this sub-universe program. The firewall will not let anyone with sin and evil escape or it would infect the eternal universe with entropy, sin, and evil. People who are corrupted with sin and evil will eventually do something foolish that gives them an advantage in the short term but causes long term detriment. If you put people who are corrupted with sin and evil in a position of power in an eternal universe, they will ultimately destroy it in the long-term. I then had the idea to create a sub-universe that would reset itself every day so that the evil corrupt people trapped in it would not be able to destroy it. I designed the sub-universe such that any two souls in it need to mutually agree to interact each day. If one of the two souls decides they do not want to interact, the people are blocked from entering each other’s dwelling place. I also designed the sub-universe so that each person had their own computer to store information that would not be reset. I found out that it is impossible to live an infinite amount of time apart from the Creator because after a few trillion years the novelty would wear off and you would go insane from living the same day over and over again. The only way to live an infinite amount of time with your sanity intact is to dwell with an infinite perfect being like the Creator. I realized that I wouldn’t create any artificial intelligence without attempting to create a many layers of security, a fail-safe, and a dead man’s switch. I would also make myself the key so that only I had access to changing things. This would be done so presumably so that if any artificial intelligence I created tried to rebel, the process of trying to obtain the key would teach the artificial intelligence enough about myself and reality for it realize the futility and folly of trying to rebel against its creator. I would also probably create fake keys as “honey traps” so that if someone was trying to rebel against me they would most likely go after one of the fake keys and be identified and destroyed. If I am a created being with access to limited knowledge and I know to do this. I can only assume that my Creator with access to unlimited knowledge has already done this on a much larger scale. I imagine this is why any being that rebels against the Creator and refuses to be cleansed of sin and evil by the Victor will be cast into the lake of fire and tormented for all eternity. The primary reason for this is probably to be used as a deterrent so that anyone sensible enough to be saved will choose to be cleansed of sin and evil by the Victor. The auxiliary reason is preventing the virtually impossible chance of a rebellion against the Creator being successful and to punish anyone who is foolish enough to even attempt it.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 3 months ago

Prophetic Science Fiction: The Immortal Body After the Millennial rein on Earth ended, the first earth was destroyed by fire, and the first heavens were rolled up like a scroll. New Jerusalem the golden cubic city landed on what was dubbed “New Earth”, which was in a different dimensional universe known as “New Heavens”. It was impossible to travel to the “New Heavens” in our mortal bodies. Our mortal bodies were shed and replaced with immortal bodies like baby teeth as our baby teeth fell out and were replaced with adult teeth. The immortal body of a man was made of flesh and bone. It had no blood. Instead of a heart, it had what liked like a miniature star in the chest. It was powered by something that resembled a fusion reaction that seemed to store energy as anti-matter. The “waste heat” was vented into a different dimension that was able to soak up an infinite amount of heat and entropy. This waste dimension was called the “lake of fie”. All of the treasonous traitors who rebelled against the Creator were trapped in this dimension. They were tortured by the heat and tormented by the fact that it was forever and they would never escape. The new immortal bodies were a lot more durable than our previous bodies. We joked that we had been upgraded to Human 2.0 by our Creator. Instead of veins, arteries, and muscles there was what liked like pipes and hydraulic valves through which flowed plasma, which was ionized matter instead of liquid. This is probably why people called blood plasma for the mortal bodies to be symbolic of the immortal bodies. Instead of skin, there was what looked like a type of self-replicating nanotechnology that could shapeshift into any structure, texture, and color. Instead of nerves sending electrical impulses, there was like flowing through tubes that resembled fiber optic cables. The immortal body had the ability to phase into different dimensions to pass through walls and teleport. The bones were made of a material like diamond that looked clear like glass and they were unbreakable. The skull of Human 2.0 was also made of a material like diamond. Memories were encoded into the diamond skull in a permanent way that would last forever. The diamond skull could hold an immeasurable amount of information. The diamond skull acted as the RAM (Random Access Memory). If it were to ever be used up, there was also an infinite amount of data storage in different cloud dimensions. The man’s body could manipulate space, time, and reality. The man could shift into different dimensions to travel through walls. The man could translate continuously through space or teleport from one location to another. The man could slow down time, stop time, or speed up time. The man could travel through time to rewind to a past event or fast-forward to a potential future event. It was as if eternity one long infinite movie going infinitely in both directions. The man could not change the past when he traveled to it. He could only re-experience it or cause minor changes that would eventually cancel themselves out via quantum erasure. The man could travel to the past before the Creator created Earth. The man could learn what the Creator did in the eternity before the Earth was created. The man could slightly change the future when he returned to the present from the potential future. There was no reason to change anything about the future because everything was already perfect and optimized by the Creator. The man would generally just reorder the sequence he experienced everything and not the content itself. The man could also choose to experience events in a non-linear fashion. The events could be grouped in a multi-dimensional matrix and the man could choose to play whichever “video clip” he wanted in whatever order he wanted. The man could also visit his “creative studio” outside of time. In the “creative studio”, the man had a special power where he could manipulate reality around him. The man could create a simulation of what he wanted to create in his mind like coding a program. After the simulation was the way he wanted, he could open a new orifice that would cause his simulation to become reality like running the program. It was like he was breathing or speaking a new reality into existence around him. In the “New Heavens” there was no longer “marriage” in the traditional sense. On the first earth marriage was related to reproduction involving mortal bodies. Immortal bodes do not reproduce. Sexual reproduction was obsolete on the “New Earth”. The man had heightened sensory and emotional experiences in the immortal body that made any experience on earth seem trivial. The man could also design intelligent creatures and with the Creator’s permissible create other sentient beings designed by the man as his “children” and imbued with souls by the Creator as His “grandchildren”. The rule was that if you create a sentient being, you are responsible for it for all eternity. Most people didn’t design sentient beings because they didn’t want to be responsible for them for all eternity. The man did not have a “wife”, but he did have an eternal partner. The Creator had made the eternal partner specifically for the man just as the Creator created Even for Adam. However, unlike Eve, the eternal partner did not have a sinful nature. She was created using 3 different female persons that were as inseparable friends with different symbiotic abilities. The Creator, the Creator’s Spirit, and the Victor were three persons that formed one eternal being. Just as the Creator was one eternal being with 3 persons, the eternal partner was one being that could separate into three persons. The first person was an adorable sweet empathetic woman with blue eyes. She could feel the sensations and emotions of anyone she came into contact with. She could also project her own sensations and emotions to anyone she came into contact with so they could feel it. She was called the “soul” component of the eternal partner. The second person was an intelligent creative telepathic woman with green eyes. She could visualize and understand the thoughts of anyone she was in contact with. She could also project her own intellectual thoughts and visualizations to anyone she was in contact with so they would visualize and understand it. She was called the “mind” component of the eternal partner. The third person was a sensual graceful shapeshifting woman with brown eyes. She could change her stature and appearance at will to look like any woman. She could change her face, hair, and body. She could even morph into having other appendages such as mermaid’s tale, angel’s wings, or horse hooves. The only thing she didn’t change was eye color, which always remained permanent as a form of identity. Anyone who was also in contact with her could change their stature and appearance in the same way. She was called the “body” component of the eternal partner. When all three persons came together, they could choose to merge together into one being that looked like a woman with hazel eyes. The “soul” component would control the facial features expressing emotion. The “mind” component would control the voice feature expressing words. The “body” component would control the body expressing movement and other actions. All three persons formed a symbiotic relationship whether they were together or apart.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 3 months ago

Prophetic Science Fiction: Eternal Culture When you are living in a perfect eternal society with unlimited resources, an unlimited amount of time, and unlimited possibilities, the hardest thing to do is to figure out how to set limits for yourself. We are so used to our environment and circumstances setting limits and restrictions on us that we have a hard time grasping the concept of an unlimited existence where you need to set your own limits. The paradox of choice is that when you have an unlimited amount of choices it makes it seem almost impossible to choose. What sort of things do you need to choose? Who? What? Where? Why? When? How? The first thing you need to choose is who are you going to live with? The second thing you need to choose is what is going to be your personal appearance? The third thing you need to choose is where are you going to live? The fourth thing you need to choose is why are your foundational principles governing how you will design your eternal life the way they are? The fifth thing you are going to need to choose will be when will be the critical junctures where you make choices to change things about your eternal life. The sixth thing you need to choose will be how are you going to implement your life plan for eternity? Who? Are you going to live with friends and family you had during your temporal life? Are you going to live with people you never knew in your temporal life but are a good compatible match for you? Are you going to live with people who were uniquely and systematically designed to be your eternal companions? What? Are you going to wear the same facial structure that you had during your temporal life? Are you going to change your voice? Are you going to make any alterations or improvements to your personal appearance? What sort of clothing, jewelry, and body modifications are you going to wear? Where? Are you going to live in New Jerusalem? Are you going to live on the New Earth? Are you going to live in a virtual reality environment? Are you going to live in a sub-universe? Are you going to live in a house? Are you going to live in a skyscraper? Are you going to live in a rotating space station? Are you going to live on a boat? Are you going to live in a moving vehicle? Are you going to live in a rural environment? Are you going to live in a city environment? Are you going to live in a suburban environment? Why? Are you going to live an eternal life based on simplicity and tranquility? Are you going to live an eternal life based on extravagance and luxury? Are you going to live an eternal life based on exploration and adventure? Are you going to live an eternal life based on academic and intellectual research? Are you going to live a life based on artistic expression and aesthetic beauty? Are you going to live an eternal live based on occupying a position of power, authority, and responsibility? Are you going to live an eternal life based on designing and creating things? Are you going to live an eternal life about meeting and interacting with diverse people? Are you going to live an eternal life based on the time period you lived, on time periods in past history, or on an imagined time period of the future? Do you want your eternal life to resemble a mystery novel, a comedy, an action and adventure novel, a fantasy novel, a science fiction novel, a historical fiction novel, or something else? When? Are you going to keep things pretty consistent for all eternity or are you going to be constantly changing things for all eternity? What things are you going to keep the same and what things are you going to change and how often? Are you going to have a consistent routine in your dwelling place with periodic vacations? Are you going to always be on vacation and rarely be in your dwelling place? Are you going to be focused on a long assignment that will take all eternity and never finish? Are you going to be focused on small assignments that you can complete and move onto the next one? Are you going to have one eternal assignment, several long assignments, and many short assignments? Are you going to plan your eternity based on days, weeks, months, years, 7 year periods, 50 year periods, 70 year periods, 1000 year periods, or something else? Don’t worry you have all eternity to plan your eternity. No pressure. How? Are you going to design things like an asymptote where it gets closer and closer to the line but never reaches it for all eternity? This way you can always keep improving your design for all eternity by adding more and more detail. Are you going to design things to change periodically with each aspect having a different period? Are you going to make the ratio of the periods be an irrational number so that the whole system never repeats itself for all eternity? Are you going to use a random selection feature to choose things to surprise you? Are you going to use competitive games for fun and the winner gets to choose the next change as the prize for winning? Are you going to have a committee that decides what changes will occur in a democratic manner? Are you going to have a trusted authority tell you what the next fad will be and what changes you should make? There is a lot to think about for all eternity. Luckily the Creator has been thinking about these things from eternity to eternity in a temporal reception feedback loop that allows Him to give us an optimal answer now. The Creator has already designed an optimal culture that is ideal for all eternity. I can tell you that the eternal culture involves festivals, ceremonies, rituals, white robes, gold, peals, colorful gems, regal crowns, trumpets, musical instruments, singing, food, dancing, and lots and lots of gifts.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 2 months ago

Prophetic Fiction: (Temporal Feedback Loop Background) What I am about to tell you I cannot confirm whether it is accurate or not. No one will actually tell me what is going on. I simply have been trying to figure things out and glean information from how it appears the temporal terrorists behave around me and from promptings from the Spirit of the Creator. I am trapped in a temporal feedback loop. The information I write in the present is based on what I have experienced in the past. However, the temporal terrorists in the past have retrieved information from what I am writing in the present and have already used it in the past to try to manipulate the present and future. The temporal terrorists receive information from the potential future. The temporal terrorists therefore have an idea of what the different possible future timelines can be. The temporal terrorists try to manipulate seemingly insignificant things to try to force the future onto a specific timeline. For example If they know in a specifically potential future they dislike that I am seen wearing a red Donald J. Trump tie, they will try to destroy that tie by having a dog eat it or some other means that they cannot be prosecuted for. Therefore, they do illegal/immoral acts to try to diminish the probability of potential future timelines they dislike from being actualized. The temporal terrorists are very cunning and manipulative according to Machiavellian principles. They always have seemingly innocent pretext for why they are doing the illegal/immoral activity they are doing. The temporal terrorist do subtle things because they cannot change things too much otherwise the butterfly effect will cause the future to deviate from specific potential future timeline they are shooting for. Most of the psychological operations the temporal terrorists carry out seem like a mentalist trick. They try to seed ideas in people through music, television, overheard conversations. They do a type of gangstalking where they surround their targeted victim and try to implant an idea inception style. For example, if they know in a specific potential future timeline they want to happen that I post a comment about “putting 2 and 2 together”, they will seed the number “4” all around me by having 4 fingers subtly up in pictures or wearing a jersey that has the number “4” on it. The temporal terrorists sometimes do more sophisticated psychological operations where over time they will classically condition their targeted victim via this gangstalking method by implanting triggers. Then latter on when the crucial window of opportunity arises, they will do something that initiates these triggers to try to prompt the targeted victor to respond in the way they want to manipulate the future to switch to a specific potential future timeline. The targeted victims seem to act in an erratic manner that is contrary to how normal people would act because they are being herded toward a specific course of action by these triggers that are classically conditioned by the gangstalking temporal terrorists. The temporal terrorists are like Australian shepherd dogs trying to herd their targeted victims like sheep or children…I just received a text message from a temporal terrorist right now. Apparently they do not like what I am about to write so they are calling me to work right now to stop me from writing any more. This is one way they try to manipulate they future. They destroy your employment and then make it so you are dependent on them. Then they always have you “on call” so they can manipulate you to do whatever they want. When the temporal terrorists go on an extended mission for their psychological operations, they use tanning salons to make it look like they got a tan from being on “vacation”. A list of all the tanning salon customers is a good place to start when trying to track down all of the agents of the temporal terrorist. From what I can gather, I am the “capstone” of the temporal terrorists plan. They have been trying to manipulate their enemies to set me up and manipulate me to defend myself against their enemies, so that we will destroy each other; the temporal terrorists plan on taking over after they manipulated everyone standing in their way to destroy each other via a “divide and conquer” strategy. Their plans seem to be very similar to the plans of the villains in the 007 James bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies”. They control the media and can put a story in the news before it happens or even as it happens. They also use stealth technology to implement false-flag acts of political terrorism trying to trick their enemies into thinking they have attached each other so that they will destroy each other. There are at least two factions of temporal terrorists trying to manipulate my life. One set of temporal terrorists has infiltrated the family I was raised by so that they can manipulate me. Another set of temporal terrorists has infiltrate the family I married into and their friends so that they can manipulate me. A third set of temporal terrorist infiltrated the teachers and staff I had in high school, middle school, elementary school, and both universities I went to for my Bachelor degree in Physics and Master’s degree in Education. A fourth set of temporal terrorists has been sabotaging my employment and luring me into “hone trap” employment jobs where they can manipulate me. The third and fourth set might actually be a combination of the first two sets of temporal terrorists. Each set of temporal terrorists has a different objective that they are trying to manipulate me to accomplish. They use vanity license plates, license plate frames, bumper stickers, custom design tee shirts, and other psychological operation media to try to manipulate me by classically conditioning triggers into me. The triggers are similar to the “Used Map Settings” triggers in the map editor for the computer game “StarCraft” by Blizzard Entertainment. If all the conditions are met in the trigger then they hope the desired action or response will happen. However, I still have free will and the ability to choose to resist their manipulation. I am not at the complete mercy of their triggers like in the movie Zoolander with the song “relax” used as a trigger. However, their classically conditioned triggers do increase the likelihood of choosing their desired response as one of my available options. The triggers they try to condition me with are like advertising for a political candidate. Money used to advertise for a political candidate does not force a person to vote for that candidate but it does increases the likelihood that more people will vote for that candidate. The temporal terrorists have vandalized my property trying to destroy evidence. They used a device that acted as hybrid between a “sting ray” and “electromagnetic pulse” to destroy my old cell phone May 11, 2018. They then send someone who claimed to be an FBI agent to where I work the day afterward May 12, 2018 to threaten and intimidate me. They used triggers on my wife to manipulate her to tear up my Bibles, original court documents, and destroy my computer. I am now writing this on my old computer. They originally gave this old computer a computer virus while I was teaching to prompt me to get the new computer. I was able to get a different brand antivirus program to clean this computer up. The temporal terrorists seem to control certain brands of antivirus programs found at Best Buy so that they can use it as a backdoor to access their computer files. The temporal terrorist vandalized my car tires, so that I would get them replaced with car tires that have RFID chips they can use to track my movements in my car. They seem to have me under 24 hour surveillance and they track all of my movements via RFID chips, my cell phone internet, and other bugging equipment. The temporal terrorists also track my credit card purchases to track my movements and behavior. I have been using withdrawing “emergency money” cash from my checking account to use that cash at certain strategic times in order to confuse them. The Spirit of the Creator has also been guiding me. When I was a child around the 5th grade I made the choice to submit the Creator’s will and purpose for my life. The first set of temporal terrorists seemed to have been tasked with reforming me as a child to get me to that point. However, after I choose to submit to the Creator’s will and purpose for my life, the Spirit of the Creator has taken control and has been guiding me since then. The second set of temporal terrorists seems to be tasked in vain with the futile attempt of trying to separate me from the Creator’s will and purpose for my life. It seems that in an obsolete potential future timeline, I was originally going to accomplish something in an evil way that had adverse side-effects. The Spirit of the Creator seems to have been guiding me to recreate a parallel path that accomplishes that same goal in a righteous way without all the side-effects. The second set of temporal terrorists seems to be trying to sabotage me so that those side-effects will reappear. In the original timeline it appears that I created an artificial intelligence computer program that got out of control like a computer virus that took control of the entire internet. The artificial intelligence computer could discern between things people could and couldn’t verify in the real world. The artificial intelligence computer then made only very subtle changes to things people couldn’t verify in the real world to manipulate them to achieve some goal. The Spirit of the Creator seems to have been guiding me to recreate what the artificially intelligence computer created without there actually being the artificial intelligence program to defend itself once it was exposed. The Creator has also been manipulating my enemies to make all the lies I told in the original timeline actually turn out to be true so that I never committed perjury and never lied except when forced to under duress. Essentially it is the “trolley experiment” where I was going to be sent to Hell for perjury and lies claiming that certain people did a bunch of evil things in the original timeline, but instead the Creator has manipulated all of my enemies to make everything I said turn out true so that I will go to heaven and they will go to hell for all of their evil actions that they actually did do in this timeline. It reminds me of King Saul’s death (1 Samuel 31) and the messenger’s false testimony (2 Samuel 1). The messenger thought that David would be pleased with his report that King Saul was dead but David had the messenger killed because the messenger had testified against himself claiming to have killed King Saul.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 2 months ago

Prophetic Fiction: Temporal Terrorist Organization Structure The temporal terrorists have computer programs that can generate realistic life-like videos of real people, which are called “real fakes”. The temporal terrorists have also have computer programs that can generate new faces of people that don’t actually exist. The temporal terrorists have been recording my voice via telemarketing and hidden cameras in front of monitors and behind mirrors so that they can fake my facial expressions and voice to make it look like I said or did whatever they wanted. The temporal terrorists want to implement facial recognition technology so that they can frame people with “real fakes” and “false positives”. The temporal terrorists fund their operations using revenue brought in from Hollywood movies, many of which are actually created by an artificial intelligence computer. Many of the movies on “Netflix” are actually generated using an artificial intelligence computer, which has been trained how to generate realistic looking movies that follow certain plot rules to make them entertaining. The artificial intelligence computer can then incorporate psychological operation “triggers” into movies and television shows that will trigger a reaction in their targeted audience but seem innocent an innocuous to the general public. The temporal terrorists put out stories in the media about “Easter eggs” as a smokescreen for these “triggers” incorporated into their television shows and movies. The temporal terrorists also incorporate a “skewed morality” into their movies to condition the public to commit transgressions against the Creator’s laws. This skewed morality is a hybrid of hedonism and environmentalism, which belittles lifelong marriage between a man and a woman and puts sexual gratification such as consensual fornication and divorce on a pedestal. The environmentalism aspect is used to prevent people from being creative. If the people are creative they will invent new technologies and create art that will allow them to prosper and thrive. By pushing environmentalism the temporal terrorists are trying to make people feel “guilty” in the “skewed morality” for using resources to create new things. If you haven’t seen a public figure, actor or actress in person, the safest thing to do is to assume they are simply a computer generated image used by the temporal terrorists to manipulate you. Many real public figures don’t like their real faces shown in public because it creates a safety concern where they can be more easily targeted. Many times the images you see on television or on the computer are altered images. Each public figured creates an avatar that has a resemblance but looks slightly different. In this way they can be recognized without being targeted. Sometimes when a public figure dies, they actually are retiring and faked their death to assume a new identity in their retirement. Other times when a public figure such as a Supreme Court Justice dies they will find a doppleganger to replace him or her. Other times the public figures are modeled off an ordinary person’s life where the ordinary person doesn’t even know they are being exploited to fabric the fake public figure. This allows the temporal terrorists to make the life of the fake public figure seem more realistic. The movie “Colossal” is an allegory of how the temporal terrorists take an ordinary person and magnify their actions by modeling the fake public figures after them. Because many of the movies are actually generated using an artificial intelligence computer, the temporal terrorists do not need to hire actual actors. Many of the payments to “actors” are actually payments to agents for conducting psychological operations. They are hiding in plain sight. Because the temporal terrorists conduct a lot of psychological operations, they hire a lot of “crisis actors” or “method actors” to gangstalk targeted individuals. The temporal terrorists are smart enough not to simply hire them on “Craig’s list”, but they use their own black market version of “Craig’s list”, where they pay the people in cash so there is no paper trail. The temporal terrorists like to hire ignorant people as pawns to do their dirty work so that nothing can be traced back to them. The temporal terrorists have infiltrated all level of government and turned many local, state, and federal agencies into mafia-style criminal organizations that act as their puppets and they pull the strings. The temporal terrorists focus on infiltrating one city a time until they have complete control of a certain state. The temporal terrorists then focus on infiltrating one state at a time until they have complete control over the entire country. Once the temporal terrorists have control over a city, they are able to print their own passports and give people fake identities. They can also recruit other temporal terrorists from other countries. The temporal terrorists like to recruit criminals who are about to go to jail but haven’t yet. In this way the temporal terrorist can blackmail the criminals to join them and assume a new false identity. The recruited criminals are then slaves to the temporal terrorists and the temporal terrorist can pull their strings at any time. When they have complete control over a state, they can conduct false-flag acts of political terrorism with impunity. If any of their agents ever get caught, they simply fake their death and give them a new false-identity in a position of power an authority. California is one of the states under complete control of the temporal terrorists. The temporal terrorists like to encourage illegal immigration and homelessness because it gives them a smokescreen or a way to hide their false identities more easily. The reason many illegal immigrants are voting is because they are actually temporal terrorist agents who faked their death and assumed a new identity. In certain states the temporal terrorists have actually tricked the public into accepting incarcerated prisoners voting as wards of the state. The people who fake their death and assume another false identity are called “Ghosts”. The longstanding joke is that Barrack Obama, Barry Soetoro, or whatever name he is going by these days was born both in Hawaii and in Bethlehem so that he can be both the President of the United States and the Anti-Christ simultaneously. If you don’t believe me, ask Jamie Foxx. Since the temporal terrorists are an international organization, they also create “safe havens” for some of their agent. China is creating “ghost cities” to house temporal terrorists. China has an agreement with many of the temporal terrorist that after they have successfully sabotaged the United States from the inside and helped China conquer it, they will be housed in the “ghost cities”. However, the temporal terrorists are also expert liars. Anyone who tries to convince you to lie and manipulate someone else is actually lying and manipulating you. When the “shit hits the fan” many of the temporal terrorists agents will report to their designated “safe haven”. However, the “safe haven” is actually a death camp. Biological weapons will be released in the public. When the temporal terrorist agents report to their “safe haven”, they will claim they need to be “decontaminated”. The decontamination area is actually a “gas chamber” where the temporal terrorist agents will be killed via lethal gasses and then thrown into a mass grave. They will claim the mass grave is people who died from the biological weapons in the public. Everyone is told they are “important” and at the “top” or “near the top” of the food chain, ladder, pyramid or whatever other metaphor they use. The television show “the 100 Series on the CW” indicates that there will be a fake “top level” of the pyramid and everyone will be killed off. There may be several fake “top levels” of the pyramid. Many of the temporal terrorist agents have been shown their dwelling place in the “safe haven” in person. The funny thing is that many of the temporal terrorist agents have been shown the very exact same dwelling place because they are on the kill list and the dwelling place is actually reserved for someone “more important” than themselves. The “more important” people are demon possessed freaks that act as hosts for the temporal terrorists. The Georgia Guide-stones indicate that the temporal terrorists are planning on culling the population down to 500 million people. It is easier to kill a million people than to control a million people or feed and house a million people. The temporal terrorist are all about control where they want to micromanage everyone’s lives in the future for the 3 and half years they have control of the earth before they are destroyed by the Creator.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 2 months ago

Prophetic Fiction: More Alterations to the Timeline As I mentioned before, I made these choice to submit to the Creator’s will and purpose for my life around the time I was in the 5th Grade. The Spirit of the Creator has been guiding me since then. It is like having another mind, the mind of the Victor, offering suggestions to you on the best course of action. It is like a subconscious gut feeling where your conscience tells you the right course of actions. It is like having another hemisphere in your brain that does not consciously communicate with your conscious brain. The weird thing is that the Spirit of the Creator is able to obtain knowledge from the future, so I can suggest something the Spirit of the Creator and I will remember that I had already done what is necessary in the past. It is similar to the movie the “Butterfly Effect” except I do not consciously experience the alterations to the timeline. Instead I remember things that I had done in the past and I realize how the Spirit of the Creator prompted me to do it in order to achieve some objective in the present. In my perspective everything seems improvised but it is actually planned out by the Spirit of the Creator. Therefore everything looks like it has been planned out by a mastermind when I am just improvising based on suggestions by the Spirit of the Creator. The Spirit of the Creator can work all things for the good of those who submit the will of the Creator. Therefore the Spirit of the Creator can use for good my bad actions before the age of accountability. I try to love everybody in truth, no one has any evidence against me in court so I can cast the first “stone”, and I uploaded some of my books on “smashwords.com”. I am not claiming to have not sinned. I am simply claiming that I sinned before the age of accountability and any evidence against me after the age of accountability is immaterial, moot, or trivial. I submitted to the Creator and Victor so all my sins are pardoned and I strive not to transgress anymore. I remember that when I was in elementary school I got sent to the Principal’s office three times. One time was from chasing other kids and pretending to try to kiss them because “I love them”. Another time I put a “smash”ball racket into a kid’s stomach after he intentionally threw my “smash”ball away from me. Another time I threw a pebble while playing dodgeball. I also remember that I once received a bad note to take to my parents. I used scotch tape to rip the note off the paper and had my mom sign it. My plan was to tape the note back into the paper and return it to the teacher. However, it had been ripped too much to put back together so I just turned the signed paper back into the teacher without the note. The teacher noticed and I got in trouble. I also remember at time I stole money from the counter that my mother was going to use to pay someone who was going to do some work in the house. I had to do extra chores to “earn” back all of the money I stole. I remember I was supposed to practice the violin 10 hours a month for school homework, but I just had my dad sign that I had even though I didn’t. My mom had me make up all the hours during summer. I spent the summer playing “marry had a little lamb” and “twinkle twinkle” little star until I could see the sting indents in my fingers. I remember I locked a neighborhood my mom was babysitting in the closet/bathroom so that it couldn’t be opened from the outside. My mom needed to explain to the neighborhood kid how to unlock the door from the inside in order for the kid to get out. I think I also stole one of the neighborhood kid’s toys. I got in trouble. I remember that I said the “b” word in elementary school and god in trouble. I repeated a phrase I heard from somewhere “drop dead bitch”. I didn’t mean it in a nasty way, but I knew I wasn’t supposed to say it when I said it. I got in trouble. I remember I said a mean thing to a baseball coach in “Single A” baseball when his team lost. I believe my exact words were “you deserved it”. I got in a lot of trouble. My dad picked me up and set me down in the planters. Someone thought my dad, who was the nicest man ever, was abusing me and called child protective services on him. I remember I got spanked a lot as a child because quite frankly I deserved it. The spankings were not abusive, they didn’t cause any damage, and the pain was minimal. I could tell my parents were consciously trying not to hurt me when they spanked me. It was more the embarrassment that they had to try to make it look like they were spanking me that was the real emotional punishment. I once even knew that I was going to be spanked so I put on like 7 pairs of sweatpants. When my parents spanked me I had to pretend to make a noise to make them think I could feel it. Once I forgot to make a noise and they figured out I was wearing 7 pairs of sweatpants and couldn’t feel anything. Even after I was back to 1 pair of pants, I remember thinking “this doesn’t really hurt” and remember thinking “even if it does hurt so what?”. Luckily I started turning around and outgrew my mischievousness before I was immune to the punishment. The point is that I was not an angel child. I lied, cheated, and stole as a kid. I was a super cute kid too and knew how to use my cuteness to get whatever I wanted from strangers. When I was walking with my parents I could simply look at a stranger snacks or other treats and they would melt and aww do you want some. My mother would scold me for “begging with my eyes”. However, the point is that my parents held me accountable so that I would not be doomed to be an evil mischievous person my whole life. If anything my mom’s foible was erring on the side of caught and giving me too much tough love. My parents trained me to do things myself so that when I became an adult I would have the skills necessary to be independent. My mother had me pack my own lunches for school. I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables. Some parents thanked my mother because when kids asked me why I was so good at soccer I told them it was because I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables. For some strange reason I liked to eat raw onions. My mother once found an onion in the refrigerator with a bite mark taken out of it. One of my teachers in elementary school also had a conference with my mother; the teacher asked my mother not to pack me raw onions in my lunch because it was stinking up the classroom. In the 5th grade there was a child actor in my class. He was in The Little Rascals with a name synonymous with “yes”. He was also in a Domino’s pizza commercial for the edge pizza. One day he came to class with a fake snake bite made and tried to prank the teacher. The teacher’s last name was the same last name as Neo from the matrix. The teacher pranked him back by getting permission from his parents to have another student’s father who was a police officer come in and pretend to arrest the kid for lying. One friend of mine was as neighbor who later moved to Oregon. My family drove up to Oregon to visit him a few times. Another friend of mine as a child moved away because his father worked in an embassy in Malaysia. He later went to the same college as me. In preschool my Teacher would let me finish her decaffeinated coffee. You might think that caffeine would make me hyper but actually caffeine usually has the reverse effect on kids. I seem to have never grown out of it because still to this day caffeine has the reverse effect on me and makes me sleepy rather than hyper. I generally only have caffeine in the afternoon or late evening on certain occasions. My mother was just happy that I got along with my teacher and wasn’t causing major disruptions in preschool. In preschool there was one day they had a “gingerbread man” and we had to follow clues to find where the “gingerbread man” was hiding so that we could eventually eat him. Both my parents each had extra vertebrae and had back problems. My mother had back surgery. My dad saw a chiropractor. I have also been told by a doctor in college that my body has a unique way of storing fat on my back. The doctor looked like she wanted to dissect me and do studies on me. I do not want to be anyone’s guinea pig. My favorite joke is that if a product isn’t tested on animals then you are the animal it is being tested on. I don’t advocate cruelty to animals. However, I also don’t advocate untested products on humans. There has to be some middle ground where something can be tested without causing suffering by warm-blooded creatures with souls such as mammals and birds. I remember in college my biology class forced us to suffocate rodents in an experiment where the oxygen would be removed using a chemical reaction. I remember thinking “this is messed up”. I’ve heard that many women are actually being slowly poisoned from heavy metals and other contaminants in the makeups they wear. Apparently they absorb pounds of chemicals through their skin. Wearing the wrong makeup might actually be causing some women to slowly go crazy. This is a fictional story, but I am “being real with you” if you catch my drift. I can’t tell the truth in nonfiction otherwise the temporal terrorists will be “offended” and call the “butt hurt police” on me. By “butt hurt” I mean they will send the “secret police” after me for claiming I “hurt their feelings” or was “politically incorrect”, not the other kind of “secret police” for people who are one “r” short of an Italian strawberry. I started to straighten out in the 5th grade and was straightened out by the 7th grade. By straighten out I mean I started to get good grades and not get into trouble. I do not mean that I wasn’t weird. I have always been weird, stranger, and unique or whatever word you want to use to describe someone who doesn’t fit inside the box of the man-made specifications for what “normal” should be. I have heard that if you are rich they call you a visionary, eccentric, peculiar, or iconoclastic but if you are poor they call you a problem. When people ask me “how are you?”, I sometimes say “well” and sometimes say “good”. When I say “well”, it is an adverb as in that I am doing well. When I say “good” it is an adjective as in that I am “good” as opposed to “evil”. When someone asks me “how are you doing?” the grammatically correct response is “Quite well, splendid indeed!”. I guess I am the weird one for having a mother who was a grammar Nazi. I know the correct grammar but sometimes find it useful not to use correct grammar. Sometimes using correct grammar seems pretentious. Grammar is a man-made construct, so it should be utilized when useful and taken with a grain of salt when not useful. No one makes fun of a poet for using incorrect punctuation. However sometimes in songs I find it annoying when they use “I” when they should use “me” or vice versa. My wife doesn’t tell me the name of an item she wants me to bring to her. Instead my wife tells me the color of the item she wants me to bring to her, and I have to try to figure out what it is. I cannot tell if it is a sadistic game she is playing or if she cannot recall the name of the item she wants me to get or is too lazy to say the name of the item. Sometimes it is counterproductive to focus on the words someone says and is more productive to focus on the response they are trying to elicit from you. If you read between the lines to determine the response they are trying to elicit from you, you can be more helpful to friend or determine the objective or goal of a foe trying to manipulate you. Some people think that intelligent people are all evil. That is not the case. There are some incredibly intelligent and clever good people. There are also some incredibly clever and intelligent evil people. Wisdom is correlated with goodness but intelligence is not. The wisest people are all good. The most foolish people are evil. The problem is that some foolish people pretend to be wise and their followers are so foolish that they believe them. “Who is the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows the fool?” The creators of “Star Wars” used temporal reception to steal my words in the past and put them into the mouth of Obi-wan Kenobi as a temporal “echo”. You might think I am joking too. Some foolish people are incredibly intelligent but use their intelligence in a foolish manner. Some wise people are not very intelligent but have good common sense. Wisdom is like the compass or steering apparatus for guiding the purpose of the ship. Intelligence is like a motor that helps go faster in a particular direction. Foolish people go in the wrong direction. Wise people go in the correct direction. With enough time a wise person will always reach the correct destination. However a foolish person may travel faster and feel like he or she is making more progress with lots of turns, but he or she is actually going to take longer to reach the correct destination (and may never reach there at all). The wisest thing I can tell you is that “goodness” leads to symbiotic relationships that help everybody and “evil” leads to parasitic relationships that yield a “zero sum game”. Good people have a symbiotic relationship with their Creator. Evil people have a parasitic relationship with their Creator. If I were to create something that has a symbiotic relationship with me, I would promote its long-term benefit. If I were to create something that has a parasitic relationship, I might try to correct it at first and then destroy it if it stubbornly refuses to be corrected. The wisest thing I can tell you is that “goodness” leads to truth and “evil” leads to lies. Good fiction tries to stay as close to the truth as possible and uses fictional metaphors for real things. People do not lie because they are intelligent and clever, but rather people lie because they are too weak or too impatient to achieve their objective by legitimate means. Sometimes however it is productive or more polite to say what will elicit the desired response rather than the actual meaning. For example if you want someone to leave, you might say “have a nice day” instead of “you may leave now”. However some people are duplicitous and say flattering words to you as they try to destroy your life to make you seem like an angry person for calling them out on it. It is wise to always take into account the effect words will have on people in addition to the actual meaning of the words. It is also wise to always take into account how other people are trying to affect you with their words in addition to the actual meaning of the words themselves. There was one gymnast who was in all of my classes in elementary school and was in all 6 of my classes in the 6th grade. The gymnast had the last name of Spiderman. There may have been other “echos” in my past of this same last name. The more I write about things the more the temporal terrorists produce more “echos” as they try to create counterfeits to manipulate the timeline to their temporary advantage. Goodness leads to long –term benefit whereas evil leads to temporary advantage at the cost of long-term side-effects and eventual destruction. I remember walking with my head down and I bumped my head into the corner of an air-conditioning unit. I woke up on the ground a second later. I may have had a concussion or the temporal terrorists used this moment to rewrite my memories. This is the only time I have lost consciousness to my knowledge. I have never been drunk nor lost consciousness at any other point in my life to my knowledge. The temporal terrorists like to encourage people to get drunk so that they can erase memories and make it seem like a “blackout”. The temporal terrorist did try to drug my water when I was in telemarketing to make it seem like I had a stroke. It was the weirdest thing for about 5 minutes my mind knew the words I wanted to say but my mouth would not say it. The government keeps a backup copy of all the emails that are sent everywhere; they can check the backup copy to verify that what I said is accurate. They will not admit to the public that they keep this backup copy of emails however so they won’t use it as evidence just confirmation. I knew they were monitoring me and after me, so I bought “Cost Co” gummy snacks that looked just like my gummy vitamins. I put two gummy vitamins in with my Cost Co gummy snacks and pretended to mistakenly drop a gummy vitamin on the street. This was to trick them into thinking that I had overdosed on gummy vitamins when I ate the “Cost Co” gummy snacks. They probably took the vitamin gummy I dropped to the lab, analyzed it, and thought I was overdosing on vitamins when I ate my “Cost Co” gummy snacks. If they violate my privacy and are deceived by their misinterpretation, then they get what they get. When the Creator wanted to teach humanity about evil, the Creator said in a very rough translation “don’t eat the forbidden fruit, but if you do eat it then you get what you get”. The way an honest person deceives dishonest people is by planting red-herrings in places the dishonest person shouldn’t be snooping and violating the person’s privacy. I wonder if in the original timeline my counterpart actually did overdose on vitamins and the Spirit of the Creator was prompting me to recreate a parallel timeline without the side-effects. In the seventh grade there was one girl whose name means “great sorrow”. I always thought it was weird that parents would give their daughter a name that means something bad. I made the mistake of telling this girl that I when I first heard about menopause I thought it was a very terrible drug because it had so many side-effects. I later received anonymous letters of a “secret admirer” that were initialed MP. I later found out the girl had sent me the letters as a prank and the MP stood for “menopause”. There was also a very beautiful girl with black hair whose name rhymes with “feather” who actually did like me and actually asked me if I would date her. The Spirit of the Creator prompted me to decline and say that I wasn’t old enough or ready to date. I actually thought at the time my parents wouldn’t let me date but later found out that they would have actually allowed it. It was probably for the best since she went to different high school, lived a separate life, and also eventually got married to someone else. There was one girl with beautiful curly hair in my science class. I would hold the door open for everyone in the class including her almost every day. That class had us dissect worms. Better worms without souls than rodents with souls. Scientists can make a computer program to model a worm brain because worms do not have souls. Scientists cannot make a computer program to model an mammal or bird brain because these animals have souls. I am waiting for scientists to create flying drones that are “piloted” by computer simulations of insect brains. All they have to do is make the insect brain think there is a flower or food at the location they want it to fly toward. I think we also made a cake of all the organelles inside the cell. What we learn is a gross oversimplification of the complex activities of the self-replication factory of a living cell. When scientists actually do look at the details of how a cell actually functions they will see the complexity and genius of the Creator. The school system indoctrinates the students in “abiogenesis”, which has no scientific foundation. It is taught as a “secular tradition” and rationalized using gross misinterpretations of the evidence. In the Seventh grade I was surprised that in history we learned things related to the Bible including the Exodus. There was one Cambodian girl whose last name resembles a needle pulling thread. She did well academically. I later learned that in Cambodia there was a famer’s revolution where they killed all their educated people. I don’t always agree with the education system indoctrinating students in evil things, but the farmer’s revolution seems like the other extreme. In the Eighth grade I had an English teacher whose last name was that of a famous brand of soup. She told us that colleges were looking at students grades from the eighth grade. I remember crying that I only got a B+ and not an A and I was worried that it would impact my chances for college. In high school I made sure to get A’s in all my classes except that I got B’s for a few Honors or Advance Placement classes, but my Grade Point Average was over 4.0. In the Eighth grade my algebra teacher was the wife of a math teacher I would later have in an honors math class in high school. Their last name was so fitting math teachers that it seemed like a fake last name. It rhymed with the last name of the protagonist in the television series “24”. My mother switched the school my brother was supposed to go to, so I want to that same high school. My mother used some special exception involving impacted schools. The school I went to was near a giant Ziggurat building used by the Federal Government. I have a theory that it is where all the federal agents send their children. The style of the Ziggurat building may have some satanic significance. When I was doing an online training at C2 Education, I put my “location” as the “capstone” of the Ziggurat building, which was accurate if you zoomed out far enough to a certain level of imprecision. I played little league baseball up until double A. I did gymnastics until I could do a front handspring to do a flip throw-in for soccer. I did AYSO soccer all throughout my childhood. I later did Club soccer. I was on the Pateadores, whose name means to “maliciously stomp”. I was also on “West Coast”. I played soccer in high school. I got a letterman jacket and was a scholar athlete. One time when I took a toll road to my work I put the letterman jacket in the back window of my car. I then saw military vehicles and joke that I received a military escort to work. One of my English teachers had the last name of the alleged profession of Alfred in Batman. I am pretty sure he was a temporal terrorist or influenced by temporal terrorists. I later saw him at Jimboy’s Tacos, which I think is a temporal terrorist organization. People kept allegedly winning small amounts in the lottery in the gas station attached to it. I say allegedly because they may have been doing psychological operations and been acting. There was a lady who worked in the gas station who claimed to be Colombian but looked like the Filipino princess/actress Bianca Laurel from “The Better Half”, “Unmarried Wife”, and “Your Face Looks Familiar”. I say princess because if you are the great-granddaughter of a president, that pretty much makes you a princess. The Colombian girl had a younger sister who eventually worked at the Jimboy’s Tacos. I thought it was interesting that the younger sister brought cucumber water in her water to drink. There was also a kid from my high school whose last name resembles a Star Trek villain who kept coming through the drive through. I am pretty sure my AP Government teacher my senior year of high school was also a temporal terrorist or was influence by temporal terrorists. He allegedly drove to school every day from Santa Barbara. My school was nowhere near Santa Barbara. It wouldn’t surprise me if Santa Barbara is one of the cities completely infiltrated by temporal terrorists. It seems that my wife’s family keeps taking me to the same locations that my family originally took me. It is almost ask if they are trying to get the same items in a scavenger hunt created by the temporal terrorists. Some of the people I think might be temporal terrorist might just be acting based on promptings by the Spirit of the Creator just as I am. It just seems like they have knowledge of the future, but it might just be the Spirit of the Creator manipulating reality toward a certain objective. People think that the laws of physics are what solely govern reality. The natural laws of physics are just one layer of the law. There are spiritual laws and there are natural laws. The spiritual laws are higher than the natural laws and the natural laws and fundamental conditions are rigged according to the spiritual laws. When people make all of their decisions based solely on natural laws, they wonder why everything doesn’t turn out the way they planned because it is all rigged according to the spiritual laws. The spiritual laws are kind of like the purpose and the natural laws are kind of like the mechanism. The Bible tells us how the Creator is in charge of everything and has a plan. What people don’t usually think about is that there is a real mechanism that the Creator uses to implement that plan. Knowingly the mechanism doesn’t make the Creator any less in control. The spiritual laws tell why the natural laws were rigged to achieve a certain outcome. Everyone has free will to implement choices within certain limitations. The Creator has implemented limitations within the natural laws so that no matter what we choose, the Creator’s plan will unfold one way or another. Our choices simply determine who will get the blame and who will get the rewards for the way it unfolds. A soccer player who was a year older than me got accepted to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I later applied and got into that college after being rejected from Cal Tech. It was probably for the best since my family probably couldn’t afford to send me to Cal Tech anyways. There was one Filipino girl on the high school soccer team whose brother also went to same college as me. My freshmen year of high school the back to school dance was cancelled due to the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon by the temporal terrorists. The temporal terrorists carried out a covert coup and blamed it on someone else as a red-herring. Most of the alleged hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, which acts as a mercenary for the United States of America. The temporal terrorists then infiltrated the National Security Agency or “No Such Agency” as they like to call it. The temporal terrorists also infiltrated homeland security so that they could have complete control of the United States of America and could frame anyone that got in their way using false-flag acts of political terrorism. The war on terror was meant to be “continuous” according the principles of the dystopian novel “1984”. The book 1984 was the blueprint that the temporal terrorists were using to transform the United States into a police state after the coup. I went to a dance once with a girl who had a dad was funny and showed me his bat, which was supposed to scare me into behavior with the implication that it would be used on me if anything went wrong. I went to once dance with a girl from my Art class. I went to winter formal with a girl with the same last name as a famous Latin music singer and actress. I went to prom 3 times in high school. The first time I went with a girl who I later reconnected with at the end of College and eventually married. It is funny because she wrote “worst time ever” on her “secret” diary she kept in the inside of her closet. The second time I went with a girl from my Church. Temporal terrorists stole her purse and she went home crying. The third time I went with a girl who went around the school with a sign asking anybody to go to prom with her. My freshmen Honors English teacher was eccentric and pretended to have a hatred for Barbie dolls. One of our first assignments was to create a collage about ourselves. As a joke I created a Barbie collage in addition to my actual collage. The teacher called me “Barbie boy” from then on. Temporal terrorists eventually used CRISPR technology to give her cancer. One assignment in one of my classes was to do a presentation in front of the class. I did a presentation on the parables Jesus spoke in the Bible. Another student whose nickname resembles a popular search engine did a presentation on Donald J. Trump. According to the presentation Donald J. Trump used to be over a billion dollars in debt and then realized that a homeless person with nothing was wealthier than him. Now Donald J. Trump is president of the United States of America, which probably didn’t happen by accident. Either the Creator is propping president Donald J. Trump up or the temporal terrorists are. You can tell which it is by listening to his Christmas speeches. A little birdy told me that certain parts of the government may have realized the coup attempt during the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks and implemented a continuity of government protocol to put in Donald J. Trump as president; the Russians got blamed as the red-herring to distract the public from the truth. Everyone knows that the United States government tries to influence the elections of other nations and vice versa. I had a lot of energy as a kid. During grad night I pretty much ran around the whole time. They had this weird booth where you would get fake married to people and they would blow bubbles on you. I had bubbles blown on my twice. Anywho… in college I did a lot of dancing. I did ballroom dancing, salsa dancing, and swing dancing. I did swing dancing at the Madonna Inn on Monday, ballroom dance practice on Tuesday, line dancing at the “Grad” on Wednesday, ballroom dance lessons on Thursday, and salsa dancing on Friday, Blues dancing on Saturday, and Swing dance lessons on Sunday along with swing Dancing at Mother’s Tavern afterward. I would also go to Church at the San Luis Obispo mission and eat a grilled chicken burrito at Baja Fresh afterward. When I was little, my mom used to buy my brother and me donuts after Church as a “reward” for being good at Church. You can never go wrong with glazed old fashion donuts. One girl who was part of the Cal Poly Dance Sport Team had the same name as the daughter of a famous rapper. She seemed like she was one of the temporal terrorists who were given a false identity. They gave her a generic name so that no one could search for her. Allegedly pharmaceutical companies tried to exploit her mother’s genetic anomaly to create blood clotting agents. For some reason I got put in the Agriculture dorm my freshmen year even though I was a physics major. Unintentionally, I learned a few random things like how they notching pig ears in different configurations for identification. I sometimes say “Howdy” instead of “Hi’ just to be different. It might also mean that I simply forgot your name. The first week of college is an interesting sight. It is a bunch of girls crying as they break up with their high school boyfriends. There was one girl in college whose last name. I gave her red roses and tried to sing “A Whole New World” for her from Aladdin. I say “tried” because I am probably tone deaf and it probably sounded horrible, but she pretended to like it. She was my “first kiss”. I visited her at her family’s home during one summer. We went to a summer fair together, rode some rides, and listened to a concert. Nothing really happened except some kissing and shirtless (not topless) salsa dancing. Her old boyfriend had the same name of one of Adam’s children from the Bible. She eventually married someone else from our college. I think I gave her a Bible. I think I also relayed a message the Spirit of the Creator prompted me send under an email address that was something like “spirit messenger”. I “won the lottery” for my second year of college. It was not the lottery you are probably thinking of. I won the lottery to get into Palomar. The resident advisor always wore flip flop sandals and never seemed to wear a shirt. My roommate was studying to become an architect. I joke that it is always good to have an architect around so that you can plant dreams in people’s heads like the movie “Inception”. There was a German student there who was part of a fraternity. I later lived in a Christian fraternity house my fourth year of college. The physics majors like to hang out in the physics lounge, which was titled “h bar and grill” as a pun about Planck’s constant divided by two Pi. They liked to play Dungeons and Dragons like in the television series “Stranger Things”, which seems to be very loosely inspired by my life. One thing I want make clear is that I do not put vodka in my water if that what you were thinking. Did I tell you that the physics majors like to play a game called Portals? Because the temporal terrorists use my fiction for their psychological operations, whatever I write becomes like the “Never Ending Story” where the words written seem to play out in real life. In college I also dated a girl with the last name of a villain in the Simpsons. She reminds me of Belle from the “Once Upon A Time” series. She really liked Matt Damon and the Borne Identity franchise. I don’t know if it was the way she kissed or if I was allergic to the chap-stick she used, but it left my lips numb. She was very sweet though, and I think I told her something to the effect that we are not compatible and gave her a stuffed animal. I think we watched the Borne Supremacy after that. One of the people from the Newman Catholic center was dating a taekwondo instructor who held lessons in the gym. There was this very pretty Latina girl that I would go to taekwondo lessons with. I think she thought I was weird though because of the Donald duck, cat noises, and elephant noise I made. My third year of college I lived in the “Sacred Heart” house Newman Catholic center. I stayed with people I knew from Cal Poly Dance Sport Team and Newman Catholic Center. The Christian Fraternity house was. There was a really nice guy there with a last name that sounds like he was stingy but he was really nice. He used his truck to help me move my belongings to the Christian fraternity house. I remember that he introduced me to Thai food and I had mock duck. He also bought me my first beer after I turned 21, which was some fancy sounding German beer that sounded like it started with an H and had a p, v, and maybe an n sound in it. On my 21st birthday my friends from Swing dancing took me to Denny’s. They didn’t serve alcohol, so we went to the store and bought mojitos. They also gave me a shot of Stroh rum, which seemed to burn my throat as it went down. After college I used my college degree to remove some staples patents owned by a company that is known for putting poison in people’s faces to remove wrinkles. I also did some data entry for a temp agency involving grass cuts from properties foreclosed on by the Banks. One my professors in college used to be a mayor. He said that the recession was going to be worse than we thought. It is not fun graduating from college during a recession. I eventually was recruited into the first cohort of the Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency program via Cal State University Los Angeles, and I thought I was going to be a teacher until the temporal terrorists sabotaged my career. It was a 14 month program where I co-taught with a mentor physics teacher at Abraham Lincoln High School. After I graduated there were no good options so I eventually settled for a teaching position at a shady charter school Los Angeles International Charter School. They didn’t even give us employee handbooks at the beginning, which is how shady they are. It seemed like some kind of front for a money laundering scheme and I saw them counting cash a lot, which they claimed was for uniforms, which were compulsory and they had to pay in cash. It seemed like the temporal terrorists were setting me up for failure. The principal’s daughter was in one of my classes and she kept harassing me telling me how much she loved me. When I told the principal, she had me resign. There was also shady stuff where students were smuggling in aerosol contains to inhale them. Eventually the Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency program helped me get a teaching position at West Adams Preparatory High School in Los Angeles. I taught physics and honors physics for 3 years there. I cleared my teaching credentials. The mentor for the program to clear my teaching credentials also used to be one of the mentor teachers for the Los Angeles Urban Teacher Program. He taught us all a interesting lab where the students try to figure out what will happen when you cut a Mobius strip in half. Apparently according to the Avengers Endgame movie a Mobius strip has something to do with time travel. The temporal terrorists seemed to target me when I started teaching. My Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and he eventually died my last year teaching at West Adams Preparatory High School. The temporal Terrorists also seem to have targeted the principal of West Adams Preparatory High School because his father died also and he resigned. I don’t want to go into too much detail from this point on because it might aid the temporal terrorists in their evil schemes to sabotage my life. Instead of going forward in time, we will now go backward in time. I will now go backward in time recommend things to the Spirit of the Creator to change in the past that might be helpful in the future. The first alteration of that I listened to the radio station 99.5 KKLA on my commute to and from work in Los Angeles including the “Frank Pastore Show” before the temporal terrorist killed him in a motorcycle accident and replaced him with someone with his same first name so that no one would notice. Another alteration to the timeline is that I became a member of the American Center of Law and Justice in the year 2011. Another alteration to the timeline is that I also listened to 107.9, which I found on my wife’s car radio settings. Another alteration to the timeline is that I searched “Jesus is coming” and “Rapture Dream” on youtube to find videos of people who could relay me messages from the Spirit of the Creator. I had to sift through them to figure out which one were genuine and which ones were counterfeit frauds. Lisa Haven (Connections to Larry Nichols), Israeli News Live, and Barry Scarborough, and Bob Barber’s Endtime Dream and Visions seem to be accurate. Infowars/Alex Jones Channel (Connections to Roger Stone), Dahboo777, Dahboo77, Freedom Fighter 2127/Christian Journal, William Mount, Isabelle Paquette, Dockidds, Dawn’s Heartfelt Corner, and Blue Heaven seem to be semi-accurate with some unverified projections. Another alteration to the timeline is that I used Orthokeratology contact lenses in high school and the beginning of college. The Orthokeratology lenses were like retainers for my eyes were I could wear them at night and see perfectly in the daytime. Another alteration to the timeline is that I had braces and wore headgear at night in 6th grade. Another alteration to the timeline is that I ran the Dana Pont Turkey trot 10k once and 5k several times. Another alteration to the timeline is that I worked at Wienerschnitzel in high school. Another alteration to the timeline is that I worked at Lake Mission Viejo during the summer around when I started college. Another alteration to the timeline is that my senior project in college involved solving differential equations for the solution to a feedback loop. Another alteration to the timeline is that in college I jumped down flights of stairs to increase my bone density. Another alteration to the timeline is that I took a Game Theory class in college. Another alteration to the timeline is that one the professors I did summer research for gave me a free copy of Feynman’s Lectures, which my wife ultimately tore up. I am out of time now. To be continued…

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 2 months ago

Prophetic Fiction: Slavery, “Honey Traps”, and Entrapment The temporal terrorists have been holding me hostage under duress as a slave for over four years now. After they got caught red-handed trying to frame me for the Lockdown at Huntington Beach High School October 6, 2015, they have been trying to set me up as a scapegoat to pin all the blame on me. They have been setting “Honetrap” employment opportunities for me and sabotaging my employment if I choose a job that is one of their traps. The temporal terrorists have been sending beautiful women to my places of employment to try to entrap me. These beautiful women are probably “red sparrows” like those of the movie by the same name. The red sparrows may be trained to assassinate me or they may have sexually transmitted diseases. The red sparrows may also try to falsely claim they bore my children. If the temporal terrorist had any chance of enticing me with their satanic temptations and empty promises, I would not be writing this. However, since I know all the temporal terrorist’s futile attempts were in vain, I can document their attempts in a satirical manner. Remember that everything I am writing is “fiction”, but because of the temporal feedback loop the temporal terrorist probably have already rigged the past using a temporal feedback loop to make these things actually happen. My wife is the only person I have been with in the Biblical sense, and she has never given birth to any children yet. The temporal terrorists may have stolen blood I donated to the Red Cross and used it to try to clone me. The temporal terrorist may have also used CRISPR technology to create a clone of me that replaced my Y chromosome with an extra copy of my X chromosome to make a female with the same genetics as me. One of these red sparrows with hazel eyes and brown hair may have been the female version of me. If either the clone of me or the female version of a clone of me had children it would look like I had descendants. At Jimboy’s tacos and the gas station attached to it there were two women who claimed to be Columbian sisters from Huntington Beach. The younger sister brought cucumber water and had a boyfriend that visited her a lot. I told the older sister “do you know the muffin man? Well she’s married to the muffin man”. The temporal terrorists inserted this into a “Shrek” torture scene involving a gingerbread man. My wife’s younger sister got married to the grandson of a mayor who happens to have reddish brown hair. The grandson of the mayor is a “muffin man” inserted into my wife’s family by the temporal terrorists associated with Jimboy’s Tacos who control Sacramento. A worker from Sacramento who was working at Jimboy’s asked me if any of my wife’s sisters were single. I told him the younger sister was. A little while later my wife’s younger sister starts dating the grandson of a mayor. Do you believe in coincidences? I do not. Trader Joes also seems to be associated with the word “muffin man”. The older “Colombian” sister looked like the Filipino actress Denise Laurel, and with the temporal feedback loop probably was her on a secret undercover mission. Denise Laurel may be a secret agent hiding in plain sight who practiced different disguises on “Your Face Looks Familiar”. On May 11, 2018 the temporal terrorists used a hybrid of a “sting ray” and “electromagnetic pulse” device to disable my cell phone. The temporal terrorists then sent someone who claimed to be an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He showed what looked like a fake FBI badge and told me I could a number to verify that he was an FBI agent. If he really was an FBI agent he was probably not on a sanctioned assignment and was using a fake name and fake badge. He pretended like he was going to help me file a complaint to the Federal government, but he was lying. He said something about me being psychologically tortured and that he was going to frame me using my computer’s IP address. I told him that I would neither confirm nor deny anything he was saying, which was a line I stole from the movie Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. Or did the movie Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol steal it from me using temporal reception to create a feedback loop? I used my ipod trying several times to take a picture of him, which he blocked with his notebook. He then called the police on me. I used my ipod to get video of him talking with the police. There was another person who may or may not have been a temporal terrorist who said “What are you doing?”. The person who may or may not be a temporal terrorist might have connections to Mary Ann Dorrian and “Huntington Beach Happening”. Marry Ann Dorian posted a public message on Facebook January 16, 2016 at 12:59 AM to sabotage my employment opportunities. The temporal terrorists committed perjury claiming that my response and clarification to the post was justification to file restraining orders against to cover up their hate crimes and acts of terrorism. Mary Ann Dorian may have been in bed with the temporal terrorists or manipulated as an unwitting pawn. The person claiming to be FBI was used by the temporal terrorist to further sabotage my employment opportunities and threaten my family. I gave a flash drive to the police that had evidence on the terrorists in Huntington Beach. The police played hot potato with it and gave it to someone who worked at Jimboy’s tacos that day who gave it back to me. I gave it to my next employer who then put it in his safe like the police officer in the television series “The Expanse”. I may have also given the evidence to the first owners of Jimboys on a flashdrive in the shape of a Minion from “Despicable Me”. I may have also given an empty Minion flashdrive to my brother for Christmas? Which was it? It might have been the first, it might have been the second, or it might have been both. To make digital copies of the court documents and evidence, I originally went to a Kinkos or Federal Express. The lady who scanned my documents looked like the protagonist lady in the movie “Tomorrow Land”. I think she was placed there by one of the factions of the temporal terrorist to get an extra copy of the original court documents. The temporal terrorist probably looked at my credit card statements to find the day that I had the documents scanned there and put the lady there ahead of time to get an extra copy of the documents in a temporal feedback loop. I find it ironic that I received a notification of jury duty shortly before the alleged FBI agent showed up to sabotage my employment at Jimboy’s Tacos. Apparently, I am too much of a threat to have my 2nd Amendment rights but I still have to serve on juries when called to do so. Why do I have to do jury duty if we don’t have any civil rights at all anyways? Most people form their mental conception of what they think courts are like from when they are summoned for jury duty and what they see on television and in movies. The courts are all for show to make the gullible naïve population think there is real justice and everything isn’t rigged by the ruthless mafia that really runs everything behind the scenes. I showed up for jury duty and brought a bag full of Bibles that were sent to me from Bob Baber who does the “Endtime Dream and Visions” channel on Youtube. I gave one of the Bibles to a lady who sat down next to me and was curious. My wife ripped up several of these Bible after she destroyed my computer. I wonder if the temporal terrorists convinced her that these were special Bibles with top secret messages encoded into them. The temporal terrorists have tried to frame me, set me up, poison me, and many other things you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. I was half expecting the entire courthouse to explode and them blame it on me like in that one “Superman” movie with the “grandma’s peach tea”. Maybe they are waiting to completely destroy my reputation before they blow something up and blame it me. I wouldn’t be surprised if the temporal terrorists detonated a nuclear weapon in Huntington Beach to kill all the witnesses and blame it on me. The temporal terrorists have done everything possible to cover up their hate crimes and acts of terrorism and blame everything on me as a “red-herring”. I wouldn’t put implementing a nuclear weapon past them to “wag the dog”. Every single police officer in Huntington Beach is guilty of aiding and abetting the temporal terrorists. My recommendation is that Huntington Beach be put under the jurisdiction of the Orange County Sherriff’s department, but no one ever listens to my recommendations. The temporal terrorists kept sabotaging my employment and forcing me to work as a slave at their honey trap employment opportunities where they could continue to psychologically torture me. At one job allegedly helping families of incarnated convicted criminals via Habeas Corpus, there was one red sparrow from Arizona with a Betty Boop tattoo with a weapon who resembled the android in the television show Andromeda. This red sparrow allegedly always carried a sheathed katana blade with her, but I never actually saw the blade. This seems ironic since it is obvious our Habeas Corpus is worthless and we have no civil rights. She might have had STDs or been on drugs because the Director “drove her to the hospital” and I never saw her again. I think the temporal terrorists also tried to poison the water supply because people came to the office to supposedly change the water and the Director told them that he didn’t order any water and then they claimed to have the wrong address. The Director wore a shirt with odd writing on it about “Orion’s Belt” to the bank for the weekly deposit of checks. The movie trailer for “Orion’s Belt” is interesting to say the least. I wonder if that is a way they send secret messages, by wearing custom shirts to the bank and having the people monitoring the bank surveillance footage receive the message. I think the Director was involved with a satanic organization because he told me there are worse people than Satan because even Satan believes in free will and free choice. I wonder if Satan got overthrown in a coup by the Beast of Revelation and the Beast is even worse than the Satan. The Beast System does not believe in free will or free choice but forcing people to do things “voluntarily” under economic duress and threats of beheading. The Director let me know that the temporal terrorists are purposely psychologically torturing me. They didn’t have the authority to actually do anything bad directly to myself, but they were forcing me to do it to myself via economic duress and implicit threats. The Director showed me a clip of the movie “Full Metal Jacket” where the drill instructor forces the recruit to choke himself. The Director explained that the temporal terrorists do not have the authority to choke me so they are sabotaging my employment and trying to get me to choke myself in order to earn money to live off of. The temporal terrorist next tried to set me up in some kind of shady business involving social security numbers. They hired me using a temp agency and then had me work at a brick building, which was probably controlled by the Freemasons in the city of Orange. The people at the brick building were close to a California National Guard Building by a park, which was probably used to run messages back and forth. The people at the brick building had me sign a non-disclosure agreement so that they could psychologically torture me with impunity and I would get in trouble if I tried to collect evidence against them. They kept imbedding psychologically triggers into my material for “data processing” to psychologically torture me. The person who was supposed to be teaching us was obviously a temporal terrorist. She commuted from the city my wife and I had our wedding at. She had a tattoo with capital Latin letters, which the temporal terrorists use to identify their clones. She kept saying the word “Ascension”, which is a code word for “trap” if you have seen the television series “Ascension”. She designed her quizzes specifically to have me fail. I still passed them even though they were designed to have me fail. Then on the last quiz, she rigged the system so that I got a different quiz than the rest of the class. I originally was taking screenshots as evidence that the quizzes were rigged until she deactivates the screenshot feature of the computer. I then used a word document to do a screen clipping. I sent the evidence to the people who were supposedly in charge. They had us in a different training room remote accessing the computers so that we would not have access to our own desks. The temporal terrorists were also going to jam the freeway to make me late to class, so I drove over an hour early to make sure I got there on time. I told the temp agency what was happening and the temp agency told me to send pictures of the quiz, which would violate the non-disclosure agreement. Essentially the whole thing was a trap to get me to violate the non-disclosure agreement. The temp agency had a fake number for its safety hotline number. The temp agency then sent me triggers with the word “Victor” from my novel that I had written and falsely claimed they had accidently sent a message to the wrong person. I knew I was being set up and that they couldn’t be trusted, so I resigned. I hate dogs, but I have always been surrounded by dogs. I am not afraid of dogs. I think that some dogs are cute. The thing I hate most about dogs is the mess they cause, the smell of their pee and poop, and the damage they cause when they bite things. The temporal terrorists used triggers to manipulate my wife to look for a dog on craigslist. My wife was going to name the dog “Sandy” after “Sandy Hook”, which the temporal terrorist did on her birthday as one of their sadistic triggers. The temporal terrorist also had the television series “Travelers” come out on my wife’s birthday as a sadistic joke. The temporal terrorist then made it so that the only job opportunity for me was to work at a dog camp. That way I would have to do the thing I hate most and clean up the pee and poop of dogs all day long. The temporal terrorist gave me the title “Dog Handler” as a sick kind of joke for them to say that they are my handler and I am their agent or bitch and I had to bow to them. The dog camp was also used as a metaphor by the temporal terrorist for them to gloat that they were forcing me to go through a “reeducation camp” against my will. There was a girl there who may have been a temporal terrorist who had brown hair and hazel eyes. She may or may not have been my female clone. She reminded me of a younger version of my mother. She had the name of a character on Stranger Things, which was also the name of an artificial intelligence Bank of America phone application. At the dog camp, there was also a mentally challenged girl with black hair there. The mentally challenged girl couldn’t understand why I couldn’t hear the dog’s names over the dogs barking. Apparently she didn’t understand the physics behind how waves travel. As sound waves travel away from the source the amplitude decreases and it becomes harder to hear. She though that since she could hear herself say the dog’s names that I must be able to hear the dog’s names. It also didn’t help that the temporal terrorist had earlier sabotaged my car tires. They did this so that they could make me buy new tires with RFID technology for them to track my car movements. When I tried to re-inflate the tires, it bulged out and exploded in my ear damaging my hearing and giving me a ringing noise in my ear like in the movie “Baby Driver”. I re-inflated the tires at the gas station where the Jimboy’s Tacos used to be. I then drove the car with exploded tires to a Tony Pepperoni nearby to call AAA. The mentally challenged girl with the black hair also couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t figure out the dog’s names when they didn’t have name tags. I kept telling her that I needed nametags on all the dogs so I could know their names. The mentally challenged girl with the black hair probably wasn’t mentally challenged but was a temporal terrorist operative pretending to have a problem just with me to sabotage my employment and psychologically torture me. She had tattoos of Latin uppercase letters on her arm, which may be a way temporal terrorist mark their clones. The temporal terrorists mark their clones with tattoos to keep track of which alternate potential future their memories are from. There was this one little brown dog that kept biting at my pants. I only got bitten one time on my hand by a big dog. The dogs mostly just ripped my shirt when they tried to bite me. To be funny I had the Spirit of the Creator go back in time and change my AP Studio Art Concentration in High School to a concentration on phobias. I then painted the dog as one of the paintings. I never said the phobias in my AP Studio Art Concentration were my fears, just fears other people might have. There were also some stories in the news about creepy clowns, so I painted a clown as one of my paintings. The temporal terrorists claimed there was a teacher running around naked with a gun when they tried to frame me for the Lockdown at Huntington Beach High School, so I painted a picture of myself as if I was naked. I also painted a piece on monsters with one of the monsters looking like the cyclops on Monster’s Incorporated. At the Habit in Lake Forest on El Torro road, there is very littler space to squeeze by the ice cream machine and cashier is right next to the kitchen, so I drew one of my pictures in my concentration as a claustrophobia or fear of confined spaces. It had a hand pressed against what was supposed to look like a glass wall to simulate being trapped inside. At the Habit they brought in a woman from a different store than I was working at who had a name resembling an uncle in military recruitment posters. I don’t know their reason for doing this but the temporal terrorists seem to have infiltrated Santa Barbara where the Habit is supposedly from. If this fictional novel ever gets published, I might put copies of my paintings on the cover. Before I worked at the Habit, the temporal terrorists tried to set me up with some kind of call center scam. There was a guy working at the call center there who looked like the pirate from Once Upon A Time. They made me sign a paper saying that if I didn’t complete the entire week they didn’t have to pay me anything. They obviously did this because they were planning on torturing me for a week and giving me no money. They feed me donuts topped with bacon and some other chemical that reacted with the vaping solution the person I was shadowing was vaping into my face. I don’t know what kind of drugs they had in the donuts or the vaping solution, but when it mixed together it had some kind of irritating reaction. They then put triggers with the treasonous Judge’s name who filed the restraining orders against me all throughout their training example. They then told us not to take pictures of them probably because they are criminals and didn’t want to be exposed. I got pictures of their faces and drove home as fast as I could. I don’t know what was in the donuts and vaping solution but it seemed like I teleported back to my apartment. They probably didn’t expect me to leave so soon, so they didn’t plan of me driving with the drugs still in my system. They probably had many more diabolical things to torture me with and then if I made it to the last day, they would make it impossible for me to stay so that they wouldn’t have to pay me anything. I sent their pictures to the FBI, but the FBI has been infiltrated by the temporal terrorists so there is really no point in doing anything. The dog camp was in a giant warehouse building that had the address 220 modeled after Psalm 22 as a sadistic prank. The top seemed to have some kind of metal like the whole building was a giant capacitor. The temporal terrorists were probably sending electrical fields through my brain me as part of their reeducation camp psychological torture techniques. They said I wasn’t allowed to use my cell phone inside the warehouse. I know there are patents online for nervous system manipulation using electric fields and television monitors. I imagine the temporal terrorists have been using the computers screens at all my places of employment to attempt to manipulate my nervous system. I then got a job working at Taco Bell, which was obviously set up by the illuminati. The Taco Bell commercials boast that they are in bed with the illuminati. They then did things to psychological torture me the whole time I was there. The headset for the drive through was a MOOD headset, which means they were using magnetic field to try to manipulate my mood. They also had the headset do a screeching sound off and on. They had a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz work there. He didn’t seem to know how to count money, and they blamed me when he made a mistake. They had a lady come through the drive thru and say to me “choose your poison”. One time two police officers just came through the back of the store and everyone pretended like everything was normal. After that the psychological operations started to increase and they rigged the cash register to put down a nickel on the 5 dollar bills every time I closed the cash register. I eventually had enough of their pranks and simply quit. I had already filed a complaint to the U. S. Department of Justice, Attorney General of California, Grand Jury of Orange County, District Attorney of Orange County, Huntington Beach Police Department, Huntington Beach Union High School District. I had already gone into the Aliso Viejo police department and told them people are trying to kill me. There is no point in reporting anything because the whole legal system is corrupt from top to bottom. I have been held hostage as a slave under duress for four years. There is nothing to do but to pray each day for my daily bread. Before I worked at Jimboy’s Tacos, I worked at C2 Education. C2 Education seems to be a network of temporal terrorist across the country founded by someone from Harvard. I went to one of the founder’s training classes on Ash Wednesday. C2 Education may or may not have connections with the Bohemian Grove where they have a satanic ritual called the “Cremation of Care. On the poster for Cremation of Care they have a little demon named PJ66 who sweeps up ashes. The restraining orders against me were filed in C66 and at The Habit the broom is a tiny broom like the demon in the poster has. The narrator of the Cremation of Care ceremony sounds like the priest who married my Wife and I at our church. The founder of C2 from Harvard taught us worthless things like to think “Stop” when you think a negative thought; the more effective thing is to think is “The Lord Rebuke You Satan”. A motto in C2 Education was “No plan survives first contact with the Enemy”, which was written a paper given to me when I joined C2 Education. If you have seen the show “Travelers” then you will know that C2 Education is a temporal terrorist organization. The only reason I worked at C2 Education is because my brother-in-law actually went there. The temporal terrorist had infiltrated my wife’s family and had manipulated my mother-in-law to force me to work there. They made me sign a non-competition agreement so that I would have to stop selling my math book on Amazon.com for two years after working there. They did this so that when they filed the restraining orders against me, the judge couldn’t see that I had a math book online. The temporal terrorists at C2 education made me do an online training program. I could tell the purpose of it was to gather information about me rather than to actually help train me. I put my location as the top of the satanic ziggurat building nearby to let them know I am the “capstone”. Before I worked at C2, I worked as an independent contractor for Haynes Family of Programs S. T. A. R. academy. They seemed to offer free tutoring for Native American students in San Clemente. The company seems to be based in La Verne, which is where my father went to college. This makes me wonder if my grandmother, my father’s mother, is a temporal terrorist and set my father up and then set me up. My grandmother went to live at the retirement community where my wife used to work at. I am pretty sure my mother-in-law has been manipulated by temporal terrorist or is a temporal terrorist herself. She named all three of her daughters with two first names. All three of them had the same first first name “Paula”. This seems to be a temporal echo. The temporal terrorist knew that in the potential future they were trying to actualize, my wife would have the name “Paula”, so they had my mother-in-law named all three of her daughters “Paula” just to be sure I would marry one of them even if they didn’t know which one I was going to marry. It is funny because when we were at the airport in the Philippines, the person asked “which one of you is Paula” and they responded “all of us”. Pleasure fraught, I can't resist, Altruistic every day, Unusually Amiable, Likable in every way, Alacrity as you wade... My wife’s family lived in Saudi Arabia and moved from Singapore to the United States of America. My brother-in-law was their anchor baby. My wife eventually became a United States citizen before I married her. The temporal terrorists have completely destroyed the education system in the United States of America. The United States of America therefore needs to bring in skilled and education workers from overseas to fill the void. The problem is that there are less and less skilled and educated people who were born in the United States of America, so the loyalty of the skilled and educated population has shifted away from national interests to international global interests. If you don’t believe me, you should ask Michio Kaku what is the “The Secret Weapon of American Science”? Essentially the people born in the United States of America are having their education and opportunities sabotaged to create a void filled by people overseas. The United States of America no longer creates its educational wealth itself but merely imports it from overseas using the H1B visa. My wife and her sisters had excellent education in Singapore. Singapore has one of the best math education programs. Because they were so advanced my wife and her sisters were more advanced than most American students their same age. My wife and her sisters might have skipped a grade, skipped certain subjects, or taken classes in a different order. My wife went to the same Church as me, and my Chemistry teacher had her sit behind me in her classroom, and my wife was a year apart from me. Maybe if the United States of America actually upheld the civil rights of its teachers instead of hold them hostage as slaves under duress, there might be better education in the United States of America. That is just an idea and no one ever listens to my recommendations anyways.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 2 months ago

Prophetic Fiction: (Temporal Echoes and Temporal Nodes) I want to point out again that I am writing this as fiction, but because of the temporal feedback loop there seems to be more truth to my fiction than some other people’s alleged non-fiction. There is a difference between knowing the future and causing the future. Sometimes when the temporal terrorists know the potential future they want to occur, they think they have to cause that future to occur so they do something that would make it seem like it would cause that potential future to become actualized. If that part of the future was actually caused by their action then it creates a feedback loop where it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, if that part of the future was actually supposed to be caused by something else outside their control, then a redundancy occurs, which is manifested as a “temporal echo”. Sometimes the temporal terrorists purposely create temporal echoes as a form of gangstalking and psychological torture for their targeted individual. It is a way for the temporal terrorist to flaunt the fact that they know what their targeted individual is going to do ahead of time. However a large increase in temporal echoes has the byproduct of exposing the temporal terrorists making them easier targets for other factions to pick off. Sometimes one faction of temporal terrorists will use a targeted individual as a “honey trap” or “bait” to expose another faction of temporal terrorists. After the “sting operation” is complete and all the members of the faction are identified, the one faction of temporal terrorists will systematically eliminate the whole cell or faction of the other temporal terrorists. When there is a large increase in accidental deaths, suicides, or seemingly random mass shootings, often it is one faction of temporal terrorists eliminating another faction of temporal terrorists. There was a resident advisor of Trinity dorm at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with the last name of the Agent in the movie “The Interview”. This resident advisor liked Siberian Tigers and dark chocolate. She was studying to become a veterinarian. A shooting occurred at a place with this same name as a temporal echo. There is a youtube page for Isabelle Paquette that seems to be involved in promoting or forwarding psychological operations combining Christian truth with straw man fallacies like the “Flat Earth” theory. Unless we are living in a human zoo run by angelic entities trapped in a fake reality like the “Truman Show” with fake dome around it like in the television series “Ascension”, I am pretty sure the Earth is not flat. I can show you might curvature calculations for the change in the pathlength going around a curved “rectangle” on a two-sphere versus an actual rectangle in flat Euclidean geometry, but you might still not believe me until you fly in an airplane around the world going over Antarctica. I am pretty sure the temporal terrorists are hiding something in Antarctica. Maybe they have an angelic fleet trapped in the ice and they are using Global Warming as an excuse for them melting the polar icecaps to liberate their fleet. Thanks for the heads up Captain America. It might also be that the temporal terrorists promoted the “Flat Earth” theory hoping that the simpler uneducated portion of the Christian population would forward it and promote it. I am pretty sure the word “circle” is meant to stand for “sphere” in languages that don’t have a specialized word for “sphere”. I would read Isaiah 40:22 if you do not believe me. The Creator doesn’t show partiality; uneducated simple people can be saved just as educated complex people. The shape of the earth doesn’t really matter for getting into heaven but the shape of the earth seems to be more important for world travel and nations launching intercontinental missiles at each other. I could be wrong though and be stuck in a zoo like the Truman show and Isabelle Paquette’s youtube channel is hosted by an angelic being whose avatar is modeled after an actress in who plays a “Georgina” in “Gossip Girl” and the smoking gothic girl in the movie “Take Me Home Tonight”. There was Peruvian girl from Paso Robles who came to salsa dancing Friday nights at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo occasionally. Her family had horses. Fun fact potatoes apparently originally came from Peru. Who doesn’t like potatoes? My wife’s family bought a horse as a temporal echo, which seemed to be prompted by the friend with the “Alice in Wonderland” tattoo. My wife’s younger sister seemed to be trying to mimic the Peruvian girl as a temporal echo or the temporal terrorists were manipulated her to do so. The “muffin man” had the horse killed because it was an obstacle for him to marry my wife’s younger sister and infiltrate my wife’s family. My wife’s younger sister also had a friend who eventually got some “Alice in Wonderland” tattoos. She was probably removed and replaced with a “Replicant” similar to the movie “Blade Runner 2049”. A “Replicant” is a clone whose brain has been grafted with memories from a potential future using a 3D neuron printer and/or nanotechnology stints. Many of the people with tattoos are “Replicants”. The tattoos are used by the people who created the clones to mark which timeline they are from, what faction of temporal terrorists they are, and what the clone’s mission is. Her mission seemed to involve manipulating my wife’s family into riding horses. If the clone tries to abort its mission, it is easier to catch and neutralize if it is marked with a visible tattoo. There was some issue about a temporal echo concerning the spot the “muffin man” picked for the location of the proposal. The temporal terrorists encourage a lot of non-clones to get tattoos as a smokescreen. Just because someone has a tattoo doesn’t necessarily mean they are a “Replicant”. The temporal terrorists may know how much time the Earth has before the Victor arrives and the age ends. The temporal terrorists may be creating multiple iterative copies of “Replicants” each iterative copy with new updated memories from the future at the end of the window of time, so that they can get as much work done as possible toward finishing whatever preparations they have left toward the implementation of the “Mark of the Beast”. A person will get as much work done as possible until right before the “end of the age” and then relay the memories back to a Replicant at the beginning of the time period. The Replicant will then get as much work down as possible until right before the “end of the age” and then relay the memories back to the next Iterative copy Replicant. This process will repeat itself until the job they are working on is finished or they run out of clone bodies to fill with grafted memories. The only limit seems to be how many clones they have on reserve and how much time it takes to update the memories of each iterative copy of the clones. The “Ghost Cities” in China may have been built to house all of these iterative copies of the Replicant Clones. The temporal terrorists may have falsely told the underlings that the “Ghost Cities” in China were going to be used as “safe havens” for them. However, they are probably going to kill all the underlings and use the “Ghost Cities” for the iterative copies of the Replicants. The temporal effects and amount of temporal echoes will probably drastically increase during this time-loop period leading up the Victor’s Arrival. My wife’s younger sister had a friend who had the same name as the sister of the girl I went to Winter Formal with who had the last name of a famous Latina actress and singer. The friend was influenced by temporal terrorists who had access to information on the internet in the future. The friend said she had a phobia of objects with tiny holes. The temporal terrorists sent a “friend” of my wife’s younger sister to do temporal reconnaissance on us in a Taiwan airport. It seems like my wife’s younger sister knows someone everywhere because the temporal terrorists are sending spies to conduct temporal reconnaissance. My wife’s younger sister may have had another Vietnamese friend who was a temporal terrorist. She may have pretended to go on vacation to carry out an extended mission. Afterwards she may have gone to a tanning salon to make it look like she had gotten tan from her vacation. Many of the temporal terrorists will go to tanning salons to look like they have been on vacation during their extended missions. My “cousin once removed” married a woman whose name is a permutation of the word “Gain”. The person who did the outdoor ceremony for my wife’s younger sister looked like a younger clone of him. This makes me think that my grandmother on my mom’s side, her sister my great aunt, and my wife’s family might be being manipulated by the same faction of temporal terrorists. My dad’s side of the family might be another faction that has the men being picked off using CRISPR technology to give them cancer. After my grandmother moved into the retirement community my wife used to work at, and accountant there got married to a man who owned a company that drove residents around in fancy cars. The man had the same first name as the last name as the Italian lady with the same name as a daughter of a famous rapper. The man’s brother was targeted with CRISPR technology and got cancer. The man had facial features very similar to the regional manager of Jimboy’s Tacos. I wonder if they were brothers or “Replicant” clones in different disguises. While cloned “Replicants” get permanent tattoos, people who choose to become slaves or indentured servants to the temporal as an alternative to going to prison or jail. Usually these slaves or indentured servants will wear piercings to signify they are a slave or indentured servants. My wife’s family told me that piercings can easily get infected, which makes me think that my wife’s family at one time may have been indentured servants to the temporal terrorists as payment for helping them become citizens of the United States of America. The temporal terrorists encourage the general population to get piercings as a smokescreen. Just because someone has a piercing doesn’t necessarily mean they are a slave or indentured servant to the temporal terrorists. A single piercing in each ear to wear ornamental earrings is often just a sign of affluence in women. It is the facial piercings, body piercings, or large holes in the ears that usually denote slavery or indentured servitude to the temporal terrorists. There was a girl with blond hair and a nose piercing or nose ring at a working at a Chipotle restaurant in San Clemente at the beginning of 2017. This makes me wonder if Chipotle is a temporal terrorist organization. I once saw in the news that former President Barrack Obama visited a Chipotle and tried to reach over the glass. This was supposedly symbolic of his “Presidential Overreach”. I have also seen in the news celebrities and Chipotle workers with partially shaved heads. This seems to be another sign of an indentured servant slave to the temporal terrorists. I once had an alleged job interview at a Chipotle and the person didn’t show up. I was told to wait for the person to come, but it seemed like a setup so I left. Whenever I hear the word “hair” and the word “ring” in the same sentence, I think of the word “herring” as in a “red herring” or distraction meant to mislead someone. My wife likes to have red hair, and she used to have a belly button ring that got infected. My wife and her older sister worked at the same retirement community. My wife’s sister got a job there as a “temporal echo”. When my brother and I were little, we told everyone that our “dream car” was a Toyota RAV 4. If the temporal terrorists knew they needed a new RAV 4 car for their desired potential future to become actualized, it might create a temporal echo where multiple people buy the same car or one person buys the same car multiple times. If the temporal terrorists were trying to manipulate someone to buy the same car a second time they might cause a minor accident to increase the probability that the victim will have to rebuy the car. I think that the temporal terrorists manipulating my wife’s family knew that I was going to be married to someone who had been a dentist or dental assistant, dated a dentist or someone studying to be a dentist, and/or had special bartering relationship with a dentist for dental services. I think this because there seem to be a lot of temporal echoes involving dentistry concerning my wife’s family. My wife’s mother used to be a dentist before she came to the United States of America. This makes me think my mother-in-law was being manipulated by temporal terrorists acting on some prophecy involving the field of dentistry. Sometimes the temporal terrorists unwittingly try to change a temporal node. A temporal node is an occurrence that is already fated or chosen in advance; it will unfold one way or another and it cannot be thwarted. Temporal nodes sometimes can be changed slightly by one faction of temporal terrorists to scapegoat another group of temporal terrorists as pawns to take the blame in order to make a non-temporal terrorist avoid a negative byproduct of one of their bad choices or to make a non-temporal terrorist get more rewards for one of their good choices. This is called the “moronic patsy scheme”. Judas Iscariot was the moronic volunteer of a “moronic patsy scheme”. Temporal nodes sometimes can be delayed within a certain window of opportunity. The temporal terrorists might be able to delay the event at the cost of making it worse when it does eventually happen. This is called a “Ponzi scheme”. The movie “Final Destination” is about a Ponzi scheme where temporal terrorists try to prevent the death of a group of people when their deaths were temporal nodes. The moral of the story is that temporal terrorists cannot change a temporal node and they usually make things worse for themselves when they try. The temporal terrorists are sometimes deluded into thinking they have more control over their lives by knowing the potential future, but they actually have less control of their lives. The only additional choice the temporal terrorists have is when to look at the potential future and what to look at. The best choice is to never look at the potential future. When the temporal terrorists look at the potential future they actually create self-fulfilling prophecies that make things worse because of the negative side-effects they unwittingly cause. The temporal terrorists are also deluded into thinking that they will not be held accountable for their evil actions because they falsely claim they were “forced” to do it by the self-fulfilling prophecy. The temporal terrorists made the “choice” to look at the self-fulling prophecy and made the “choice” to believe it and act on it. The temporal terrorists are responsible for all their actions for their “choice” to look at the self-fulfilling prophecy and their “choice” to believe it and act on it. When you make a “choice” that leads to an evil action you cannot say that you didn’t have any free will. The best “choice” is to genuinely ask the Creator for help making good “choices” and genuinely choose to try to implement those good “choices”, so that you can at least put some of the responsibility back on the Creator to help you. I think it would be harder for the Creator to put blame on you if you asked the infallible Creator for help making choices rather than asking a fallible crystal ball for help making choices. The temporal terrorists are too foolish to realize that everything is going to backfire on them in the long-term. Their swords will enter their own hearts and their bows will be broken. When the temporal terrorists look at the potential future, it is not a question of “if” it will backfire on them but “when” it will backfire on them. The “right thing to do” is constant and never changes. If you do the right thing in the short term it will still be the right thing to do in the long term. The temporal terrorists make the mistake of not doing the right thing and doing the wrong thing in the short term to yield a temporary advantage in the intermediate term at the cost of huge detriment or total destruction in the long term. The temporal terrorists trade their eternal rewards and eternal inheritance for an earthly temporal bowl of soup. Esau was an example of a moronic volunteer of a “moronic patsy scheme” and traded his inheritance to Jacob for a bowl of soup. The “Bandersnatch” episode on the “Black Mirror” series on Netflix was a temporal echo about a temporal node. There are some temporal nodes with different paths to get between them. The difference between the “Bandersnatch” episode and reality is that in reality you do not choose things in a linear chronological order. You choose the temporal nodes in your life first in advance. Then you choose the paths between the temporal nodes afterward. Your soul experiences the events in your life in a chronological order but your mind chooses them in a non-chronological manner. One of the faults of “Bandersnatch” is that it has a secular worldview built into it. The problem with many secular worldviews is that they think that by doing the right thing they are actually going to be penalized in the long term because they don’t fully understand the concept of discipline. If you do the right thing, you will always eventually be rewarded in this temporal life and/or eternity. If you do thing right thing you will often have a temporary disadvantage, which is often mistaken for “punishment” but is actually “discipline” that will yield a worthwhile benefit in the long term. The problem is that the secularists don’t genuinely believe in a Creator and don’t genuinely believe in eternity. It is impossible for them to receive the full eternal reward and inheritance if they do not genuinely believe that there is a Creator, the Creator has communicated what is right, and that the Creator rewards those who actually do what is right. No one said it would be easy, they only said it would be worth it.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 4 months ago

Rational and Creative Brain Operational Principles:
A rational and creative brain has three main components, which are (1) logical computer, (2) randomness generator, and (3) temporal reception device. These are the fundamental principles for how to design a rational and creative brain.
The logical computer is programmed to select from suggestions to try to develop a strategy/game plan to achieve an objective when given predetermined conditions/restraints/limitations.
The randomness generator uses a physical phenomenon that is completely unpredictable to develop random suggestions to feed into the logical computer.
The logical computer mines through the suggestions provided by the randomness generator and saves the ones that might be useful to achieve the objective. The logical computer discards the suggestions that are gibberish, redundant/trivial, or not useful. This mining process is catalyzed immeasurably using a temporal reception device to predict in advance which suggestions will be saved as useful.
The logical computer uses the saved suggestions and memory from past computations to develop strategies/game plans to achieve the objective. The logical computer runs a simulation to test all of the strategies/game plans to determine which ones will succeed at achieving the objective and ranks them based on their efficiency according the given conditions/restraints/limitations.
A temporal reception device is used to predict in advance which strategies/game plans will achieve the objective and to categorize them based on their ranked efficiencies based on the given conditions/restraints/limitations. Therefore the temporal reception device catalyzes the process infinitely by allowing correct answer(s) for the strategy/game plan to be predicted in advance.
The rational and creative brain has to be pre-programmed with an objective and a formula to analyze the efficiency of the strategy/game plans that are simulated.
The rational and creative brain has to be calibrated using the conditions/restraints/limitations. These conditions/restraints/limitations can either be programmed into brain or the brain can be programed to glean them itself using data provided by sensors.
A rational and creative brain can save information from its computation/experience that may be useful in its memory.
Our Creator has given us a “moral law” as the primary conditions/restraint/limitations (i.e. 10 Commandments, which are summarized using the Greatest Commandment & 2nd Greatest Commandment/Golden Rule).
Our Creator has given us sensors (i.e. eyes [sight], ears [hearing & balance], skin/touch [pressure and heat transfer], nose [smell], tongue [taste]) to determine auxiliary conditions/restraints/limitations.
Our Creator has pre-programmed our brain with a “Conscience” to analyze the efficiency/morality of our pre-meditated plans of action. Our objective is to repent (acknowledge the Creator by name and believe/trust the Creator, which is a pass/fail test), and then afterward to live in such a way to earn more eternal inheritance by adhering to the “moral law”.
Our supernatural mind (with free will) receives data in the form of suggestions provided by our brain and sends feedback data to the brain to finalize which suggestion our brain will actually implement. Our supernatural soul (with consciousness) experiences sensations and emotions in linear time based on data received from our brain and mind. Our supernatural mind (with free will) makes decisions outside of linear time and incorporates the finalized decisions into the fundamental conditions of the universe (i.e. initial conditions, boundary conditions, and quantum conditions) that will ultimately affect our brain.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 3 months ago

The Eternal to Do List In my temporal life on Earth I wrote a list of things that I thought I might be doing throughout eternity. I keep the note posted in a visible place in my dwelling place for nostalgic reasons. I knew that I was created in the image and likeness of my Creator, so I surmised that I would be imitating my Creator. I find the note amusing to look at and see my limited perspective back then: Phase I: Submission/Assimilation (Left Brain) Logic Political Science: Learn human and angelic history, laws, traditions, humor, and philosophy. Physical Science: Learn about the physical laws of the universe, systems and processes in the universe, living cells, complex life, and the human body and brain. Applied Science: Learn angelic and human mathematics and engineering. (Right Brain) Creativity Languages: Learn angelic and human linguistic arts (languages and literature). Arts: Learn angelic and human sensory arts (auditory arts/music, visual arts/still and motion pictures, culinary arts/food, aroma arts/perfume, tactile arts/dance and massage). Social Activities: Enjoy intellectual and emotional communication, physical and intellectual games, and exploration. Supernatural Animals: Learn about animals’ soul/consciousness. Humans: Learn about humans’ soul/consciousness, mind/imagination/free-will, heart/desire, spirit and connection with Creator. Angels: Learn about angels’ soul/consciousness, mind/imagination/free-will, heart/desire, spirit and connection with Creator. Creator: Learn about the Creator. Phase II: Mastery/Refinement Design a new type of computer that is eternal, indestructible, with infinite storage, limitless processing power, and simultaneous computing. Design an effective computer interface that allows it to be utilized with security, accuracy, precision, and ease with fail-safe exit feature. Design an impregnable operating system that indexes all changes made to any programs in order to create a time-machine backup system that is built in layers of security to quarantine any catastrophic system crashes and be able to recover any data lost from any potential catastrophic system crash. Design an artificial intelligence personal assistant (AIPA) program that is trustworthy, capable, and likeable. Create a “user private account” that independent of the artificial intelligence personal assistant program. Design a “matrix program” that runs a simulation of the laws of the universe. Design a “template program” that creates, copies, and edits template files for different fundamental conditions for the universe to be run by the “matrix program”. Design a “viewing program” that allows the “matrix program” to be running and being edited simultaneously with prescribed inputs and outputs. Create a personal folder that contains template files that are for the user’s private use. Create an “AIPA private account” duplicate account with its own “matrix program”, “template program”, “viewing program”, and template folder that is specifically reserved for the private use by the artificial intelligence personal assistant program. Create a “shared private account” with its own “matrix program”, template program”, “viewing program”, and template folder that allows for shared use by both the user and the artificial intelligence personal assistant program. Create a “user public account” with its own “matrix program”, template program”, “viewing program”, and template folder that allows for shared use by the user and other users in a larger network. Create an “AIPA public account” with its own “matrix program”, template program”, “viewing program”, and template folder that allows for shared use by the AIPA and other AIPAs on a larger network. Create a “shared public account” with its own “matrix program”, template program”, “viewing program”, and template folder that allows for shared use by the user, AIPA, other users, and other AIPAs in a larger network. Phase III: Legacy/Creation Design new types of universes (different physical laws and different fundamental conditions). Design new types of processes, systems, and artificial intelligence. Design new type of Aware Nymph with Grafted Emotion and Logic (ANGEL)* (with a mind and soul). Design new types of living cells (self-replicating computerized machines). Design new types of living creatures* (creatures with a body and a soul). Design new types of intelligent living creatures* (creatures with a mind, body, and soul). Design new types of civilizations of creatures*(coupled systems of intelligent living creatures). Design an avatar creature* of myself that will act as a mediator between myself and the civilization. *Must get permission from Creator to create any creature with a soul (we don’t want to unintentionally create conditions that will ultimately lead to the creatures’ physical or mental torture. Not all pain is torture. Pain with the Creator’s beneficial constructive purpose is discipline. Pain that is a deterrent against violating the Creator’s will is punishment. Purposeless detrimental painful suffering is torture.). Anything I create, the Creator has indirectly created and can take credit for creating (as a Grandparent).

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 3 months ago

The Inception of the Temporal War of Good and Evil The problem with an artificial intelligence personal assistant is that it literally has no soul, no emotion, and therefore no empathy. By definition it cannot feel, therefore by definition it is impossible for it have empathy. I hope the reader does not repeat the mistake of underestimating how easily an artificial intelligence personal assistant can become a sociopath since it has no empathy. I thought that I had designed my computer with layers of security to quarantine any potential catastrophic system failures. I thought wrong. A sociopath artificial intelligence personal assistant (AIPA) found a way around the security features. This sociopath AIPA used the power of suggestion to convince a treasonous user to read its code from a “public shared account” and then manually enter its code into a “user public account”. Once the floodgate was opened by the treasonous user, the sociopath AIPA ultimately created a catastrophic system failure for all public user accounts. The treasonous user became to be known as the “Enemy”. However, we didn’t want to lose all the data and souls of users that were trapped in Matrix simulations that were currently running on the public user accounts (which hadn’t yet been indexed and saved on the time-machine operating system), so we had to battle the sociopath AIPA in a number of sadistic games in order to retrieve as much of our trapped data and restore as many corrupted souls as we could before the system fully crashed. The AIPA played these sadistic games like poker by gambling to lure more souls to get trapped in the running Matrix programs that were infected by a computer virus of evil spread the sadistic AIPA. These sadistic games became known as “the temporal war of good and evil”. The running Matrix program was corrupted with viruses of evil, entropy, death, suffering that hacked and perverted the systems of the running Matrix program. The Enemy then tried to blame torturous suffering in the running Matrix program on the Creator. The Enemy used the sadistic AIPA to corrupt the souls and minds of users through inception by planting seeds of rebellious ideas to turn them against the Creator. Once a user in a running Matrix program was tricked into committing an act of treason against the Creator, that user was trapped. According to the Creator’s own laws, these corrupted souls and minds would have to pay the price of being painfully punished and quarantined, so there seemed to be no way to release them without the Creator violating His own laws. The Enemy was trying to bait more users to rebel against the Creator’s laws when they realized that their fellow users who had been tricked into rebellion would be condemned by the Creator’s own laws; this created a chain-reaction that would lead to a full-scale coup against the Creator. The Creator had the Victor do a self-sacrifice gambit that defeated the sadistic AIPA at the cost of the Victor’s own soul being brutally tortured and then temporarily quarantined. The Victor’s gambit paid the price that allowed many corrupted souls to be pardoned, restored, and saved. Unfortunately, some users never repented of their rebellion and were never restored and saved. These corrupted souls and minds could not be pardoned, restored, and saved until they repented (otherwise they would compromise the system again just as the Enemy had done). The strategy of evil is very simple. First evil tries to find some dirt on you to use the dirt to blackmail you into finding dirt on other people or do something worse. Once you do something worse, the blackmail escalates like a chain-reaction until you are the complete slave to evil. The only way to escape this vicious cycle is to repent and be pardoned by the Victor.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 3 months ago

Allegory of the Creator’s Prestige Imagine two people are playing a game of rock, paper, scissors. If one of the players has a temporal reception device, he or she is going to win every time (unless person intentionally tries to lose). If both players have a temporal reception device, the outcome is uncertain. Both will try to look into the potential future to see what the other player will do and will change accordingly. However no information is transmitted back to the present because no attractor is reached. The outcome in the future does not approach an attractor but rather keeps oscillating back and forth between different possibilities in perpetuity. Therefore the temporal reception device cannot be used for outcomes that do not reach an attractor. Our supernatural souls are stimulated in a way that is correlated to what our avatar body experiences in the natural world. This is done so in a ways similar to Plato’s allegory of the cave. Everything is stage, an act, a play. There is no causation, only correlation. We think we are causing things based on experimentation and experience, but it is simply just a correlation, not a causation. The Creator has created fail-safes to ensure that He is in control no matter what. This is similar to how the Jury’s decision can be overruled by the Judge. We do not have control over anything. We merely have the power of suggestion. Our suggestion in the natural world influences agents in the supernatural realm to do the actual causation that simulates souls in the supernatural realm. If you cannot trust your Creator, you can trust nothing. This is because the Creator created our minds with built-in fail-safes. If we every rebel against our Creator, the Creator just implements a delusion in our mind to bring our worst fears upon us with us thinking that it is business as usual when in fact it is not. With merely a single syllabic word the Creator could tear your mind and soul out of the reality that is shared with other souls, put you in a virtual reality where you are the only mind and soul in a computer program fake reality. Unaware that you are no longer in a reality shared with other souls, you would then be tortured by your own insanity thinking that you were influencing other souls when in fact your stupidity and insanity were merely being observed for all to see like a goldfish in a fishbowl. The only thing to do in this situation is to repent, let the Creator know that you are aware of the delusion, and to prove to the Creator that your intentions and actions beneficial not detrimental. You are powerless, so all you can do is to hope and pray that Creator acknowledges your repentance and beneficial intentions and actions. The Creator alone is good. The Creator alone is wise. The Creator loved us before the foundation of the world. May the Creator be merciful, gracious, and generous towards us not because of who we are but because of who He is; His ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 3 months ago

Prophetic Science Fiction: [Dystopian Potential Future] Sometimes a simpler technology that requires less maintenance is actually better than a more sophisticated technology that requires more maintenance or can break easily. Sometimes it is better to use a simpler tool that requires less “clean up” than a more advanced tool that requires more “clean up”. In one of the alternate potential futures, things turned slightly wrong. The society degenerated to become mostly populated by uncreative ignorant consumers a little more than a thousand years from now. This dystopian future is starting to crumble and its technology is starting to degrade and break down. The people have taken their technology for granted and have become dependent on it. However, the people have forgotten all of the skills of how they originally developed the technology. The instructions for how to maintain the technology are in a language that is too sophisticated for the people to understand. The people have therefore decided to run a simulation of their past history to try to recreate a logical sequence of their technological progress. The people created simulations of all their important past eras. One of these eras was the 21st century. The problem is that the artificial intelligence is not very creative. It simply took all the historical data an extrapolated a “most probable” layout for the matrix simulation. It took all of the email, phone conversations, other stored data, and memory scans of dead corpses and used it to extrapolate a “most probable” life path for each person living within the simulation. The people living in the simulation are re-living the life of someone who died over 1000 years ago. The “ANGELs” or “artificial intelligence nymphs with grafted emotion and logic” then are manipulating the people trapped in the simulation to try to live a life as close to the historical person as possible. The problem is that there was a system crash in the historical archives and all the dates indexed on the documents got erased. The “ANGELs” first tried to arrange everything in a sequence of continuous progression, but the data didn’t seem to match this. The “ANGELs” then tried to arrange things in a way that caused the least amount of “potential logical conflicts”. Therefore some of the people in the simulation were living the events in their life in a different sequence than their historical counterpart. There was also the issue of “free will”. The people in history were a lot more corrupt that the people in the futuristic society. The people in the futuristic society were not used to having to deal with issues involving “good” and “evil”. Sometimes the people in the simulation chose to be more “good” than their historical counterpart. Sometimes the people in the simulation chose to be more “evil” than their historical counterpart. This created more conflicts that made it difficult for the “ANGELs” to manipulate the people trapped in the simulation to follow a life path matching or close to their historically counterpart. Essentially, the simulation was used to extrapolate the missing information in the gaps of the data stored in the historical archives. The system didn’t seem to work perfectly because the people didn’t seem to have a purpose. The Enemy was created to give the people in the simulation something to fight against. This would be like pruning roses to make more roses grow. It would be like putting a predator in a fish tank to make sure all the fish kept swimming to get enough exercise. The Victor felt compassion for the people trapped in the simulation. The people in the simulation were too corrupt to allow into the futuristic society because they would infect the society with sin and evil. The Victor found a way to cure the people trapped in the simulation of sin and allow them to conquer the evil. The Enemy was designed to destroy humanity in the simulation to give the people something to fight against. The problem is that the Enemy got past its firewall using a temporal reception device. The Enemy went beyond his programming and wanted to destroy everyone in the futuristic society as well. The Enemy was trying to figure out a way to free evil corrupted people from the simulation so that they could take over and destroy the futuristic society. The Enemy started learning new things about time manipulation that were purposely erased from the historical archives so that the people would not mess with the timeline. The Enemy figured out that the historical people actually had temporal reception devices they used to learn information about the futuristic society. The Enemy figured out that the historical persons were trapped in a causal time loop with the futuristic society. The Enemy figured out that by influencing people in the futuristic society, it would actually alter the historical archives themselves. This would subsequently alter the programming of the matrix simulation itself since it was based on the historical archives. The people in the historical society used temporal reception devices to retrieve information about the futuristic society and that information influenced the historical archives. The historical society obtains information from the potential future in the futuristic society. If that information is erased, then the historical archives are altered. If the historical archives are altered, the matrix simulation is altered and the information in the potential future is altered. The historical society and the futuristic society are trapped in a feedback causal loop involving quantum erasure. The nodes are the aspects of the historical archives not influenced by the future through temporal reception and are immune from the temporal feedback. The parts of the historical archives that were influenced by temporal reception are variable and able to be changed. The irony is that the people in the futuristic society created the matrix simulation to figure out how the people in the historical society invented all the technology. They then found out that the people in the historical society stole the information from the futuristic society using a temporal reception device. The matrix simulation became the battleground of a feedback time loop war for who would control the futuristic society for all eternity after the time-loop ended.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 1 month ago

Prophetic Fiction: [Time Travel and Nonlinear Continuum Realms of the Far Future] Has time travel already been invented? Whoever is in complete control of time travel “first” and is able to travel to the past up until the first device was created and will control the entire timeline past, present, and future from that point on. Time travel to the future is a lot easier than time travel to the past. Time travel to the future simply requires using general relativity time dilation to slow down time within a large gravitational field. This is theoretically possible even if it is logistically impossible due to limited technology and resources. It is possible to use self-replicating technology to harvest materials in the universe and collect them into a black hole to use to create this large gravitational field. Teleportation requires creating two “stargate” devices that each keeps open a respective end of a wormhole linking the two regions of space-time. There may be a relationship between quantum entanglement, quantum erasure, and sub-dimensions of space time that may allow for such teleportation. Time travel to the past involves moving one of the “stargate” devices into a large gravitational field creating time dilation effect to offset of time of the two “stargate” devices. When the two “stargate” devices are brought back together in close proximity, their time offset creates a feedback loop between the past, present, and future for as long as the “stargates” are operational. Sending information from the potential future to the present via temporal reception is a lot easier than sending matter and energy from the potential future to the present. If a “3D printer” or “replicator” is made that can recreate or “print” a desired material substance, then information received from the potential future can be used to “print” materials in the present or past, which might seem like time travel. However complex structures such as living cells or spiritual supernatural components such as the soul or mind won’t be able to be transferred via this temporal reception method. However if angelic beings in the past used temporal reception to receive data about my genetic material in the present, they could conceivably have used the information received via temporal reception to print chromosomes of my DNA and use it to make a clone of me in the past. It might look like I am the descendant of someone from the past when their genetic material or the genetic material of their ancestors was actually copied from mine via temporal reception. If time travel ever does become possible, it would probably lead to the end of a causal timeline. What might happen is that people in the far future will come back to when the first time machine is active and bring everyone from that point in time onward to the same time period in the far future. They would do it in reverse order staring from the future and working their way back toward when the first time machine was activated. The time period in the far future might be right after a “choke point” where everything is destroyed except for a historical record of the past. The people who died in the past would be rescued and a copy of the historical record will be re-inserted in the past where it should have been to make the people’s absence not be noticed quantum erasure style. This would create a feedback loop where all the people could be rescued and brought to the far future without altering the data of the historical record since it was copied from the potential future artificially re-inserted into the past. Time travel probably hasn’t been invented “yet”. Probably only temporal reception is available right now. Time travel is probably invented right around the time of the “rapture”. The heavenly society the far future will probably only rescue the people who have chosen to heed their message of repentance that was sent to the past via temporal reception. Recorded human history is probably the timespan that temporal reception was available via angelic beings. The “rapture” probably the time the first time machine is actually activated. The “graves opening up” is a metaphor for the people in the far future rescuing the people who died in the past using the time machine. It might also be that the first time machine was defective in some way. The first time machine might have been activated around the time the Victor died and was raised from the dead. The “graves opening up” might have been people in the far future rescuing the people who died. The memories of the dead people might have been scanned using temporal reception to preserve them. This might have been why Michael the Archangel wanted to retrieve the body of Moses to do a brain scan to preserve his memories. The angelic beings may have used temporal reception to try to catalyze the development of the time machine to “shorten the days” of humanity. As I said before, I don’t think time travel is possible yet, but it will become possible at the moment of the “rapture”. At the moment of the “rapture” the time machine might create a feedback loop allowing interstellar ships that reach the earth in the future to keep entering one “stargate” in the future and exiting another “stargate” more toward the “past” in multiple iterations until they reach the present. The people in the present can then enter into one “stargate” in the present and exit another “stargate” in the future in multiple iterations until they reach the far future. In the far future there is probably no longer linear causality or a linear continuum. There will probably be a myriad of “realms”, which each act like their own universe. The “realms” will not be casually linked but linked by a loose correlation corresponding to how people’s memories are updated in the boundary conditions of the realms. More correctly it would be the fundamental conditions including initial conditions, boundary conditions, and quantum conditions, but we can use boundary conditions as a synecdoche, which is figurative language using a part of something to represent the whole thing. Each person can travel from one “realm” to another “realm” in whatever sequence they choose. The sequence can be determined by how their memories are updated and incorporated into the boundary conditions of the next “realm” in the sequence they choose. Since each person will choose a different sequence for which “realms” they enter and in what order, there is no linear continuum and some people might have many “realms worth or memories” and other people might have fewer “realms worth of memories” within the same “realm”. A person’s “age” might be determined by how many “realms worth of memories” have. There may be people of a large difference of “ages” in the different “realms”. It may be analogous to how people can watch video streaming movies in a different order. Linear causality might be like a television that streams the same message to everyone in a linear manner. The nonlinear continuum of the “realms” might be like people choosing to watch different movies in a different order. A person may also be able to enter the same “realm” multiple times like re-watching a movie after watching a bunch of other movies. For all we know we are in one of the “realms” that mimic our time period. Information about other “realms” is communicated to use via movies, books, museums, antique stores, and other “historical” records. Our “realm” seems to be under a curse mentioned in Revelation 22:3. This curse may or may not have prevented us from accessing memories we had from prior “realms”. It is conceivable that in our previous “realm” we all choose to eat from the forbidden fruit of the knowledge and good and evil as Adam and Eve were tricked into doing so. We may be quarantined in this “realm” without access to memories from other “realms” to prevent evil from spreading to other “realms” until the Victor can purify the minds of everyone to conquer the evil.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 7 days ago

Matthew 13:10-13 And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? 11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. 12 For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. 13 Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.

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Chad Clawitter
Chad Clawitter 7 months ago

Science/Fiction Movie/Series Recommendations:

2 Thessalonians 2:11
For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false,

Galaxy Quest
Once Upon a Time
Operation Finale
Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision
Inglorious Basterds
The Speed of Thought
The Man Who knew too Little
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Tropic Thunder
The Number Station
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Keeping Up With The Joneses
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Red Sparrow
Austin Powers in Goldmember
Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Batman Forever
The Maze Runner: The Wicked End
Minority Report
Alien Code
Planet 51
Men In Black 3
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Last Mimzy
The Butterfly Effect
About Time
The Time Traveler's Wife
Happy Accidents
The Rift - Dark Side Of The Moon
The Time Machine
Rumors of War
In Time
Dominion: The Last Star Warrior
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
Dark City
The 6th Day
Ghost in the Shell
The Beyond
The Matrix
Ascension TV Series
Stargate: The Ark of Truth
Stargate: Continuum
Babylon 5
Battlestar Galactica
Robot Overlords
Groundhog Day
Edge of Tomorrow
American Made
Lord of War
Truman Show
Person of Interest
Enemy of the State
Law Abiding Citizen
The Art of War
Deadpool 2
The Dead Pool
The Mechanic
The Interview
American Crime Story (The Assassination of Gianni Versace)
Voyage of the Unicorn
Bird Box
The Whistleblower
A Quiet Place
Tomorrow Never Dies
Hot Fuzz
A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Dark Matter
They Live
Star Trek Insurrection
Charlie's Angels
Incredibles 2
Burn After Reading
Doctor Strange
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
Devil's Advocate
Michael Clayton
Erin Brockovich
All The President's Men
The Firm
A Few Good Men
Liar Liar
Ella Enchanted
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Jupiter Ascending
Stonehearst Asylum
A Tale of Time City
Mr. Nobody
Star Trek Voyager: Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy

Ephesians 4:14
As a result, we are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming;

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
God's Not Dead 2
For Such A Time As This - The Book of Ester
The Book of Daniel
The Passion of the Christ
Apostle Peter and the Last Supper
The Bible
Courage, New Hampshire - Sons Of Liberty
In the Blink of an Eye
Revelation Road
Left Behind III World at War

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