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Published on 10 Feb 2020 / In News and Politics

Craig Sawyer @CraigRSawyer Patriot❌, Navy SEAL Sniper 🐸, Marine 🇺🇸, Fed LEO 👮‍♀️, Defender of the Defenseless, Trainer, Producer 🎬,
#RiseWithV4CR @vets4childres #Contraland #EndChildTrafficking #Sawman #Veterans #ChildSafety

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 5 months ago

How to read things Back Wards…

Aleister Crowley had no SOUL……..., no knowledge…….., and “no way” too read the mysteries of this englosed Cosmology UNIVERSE!!! You say he was the Grand “KKK Puba” of the Shriner OTO Kaballa Zohar “TALMUD” Zionist Jesuit Movement when he was nothing more then just a Bigot and [A Child Rapist] saying you must DO Harm to access MAGIC when all magic is Intent and “Thought” Provoktion……., and you do not have to SACRIFICE “anything” to G.O.D. from Animals to Candle Wicks!!! This thought that “one man” should be SUPERIOR to another man is something only the unloved and “unlearned” would contemplate…..., and as we live in a Celestial Sphere World of PURGATORY who is “another man” be they MALE or FEMALE to tell you how to think….., and what to do…., how “you” will dress..., and HOW you shall Apply that {Satanic Makeup} of Hollywood and Bollywood TO YOUR FACE.., Your Body., and YOUR PROPERTY??? Own “Thy Self” is the true “rule of law” among we of Pak-Toe!!!

You were not born to be a SLAVE to anyone, and anyone whom lives under the MASTER SLAVE Mentality is a Slave not only to the ones “they think” they are MASTERS Over for what is a Ruler or Dictator or PRESIDENT if they do not OWN “this idea” that PEOPLE are Property to be used and disposed of on the Whim of ONE PERSONS [Wanton Soup] Desires for Hatred, and Cruelty, and Abusing the People “whom pay” the TAXES be it our RELIGIONS to all these PEOPLE in the Military and Government “whom pay none” cause they belong to that freak show known as the FREE MASON Lodge in “my home town” where we the nonmason Workers are the True Masonry of this FLAT “DUAL” EARTH of Doppelgangers…., and this United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of liars and cheats and “thieves” and the TRUMP to Pope Worshipers of the world?????

You thought “Back Masking” was the WAY OF THE PizzaGATE Satanist??? You thought holding Charms and Casting Hexes “was the Way” of the Wizards and Sorceress??? You thought you could READ BOOKS in the [Wrong Direction] and make some sense of whom you are, what you are, and where you are??? Your {whole life} has been RAISED on Fake Space, Fake DNA, Fake Archeology where STORIES “are all” you have ever knew…., and them STORIES where made by Fools and Crooks, and the ones “whom killed” your moms and Dads as little children themselves, and all your other LOVED ONES!!! You see Aleister “The Boy Lover” was no Magic Man at all for we all know about the EDISON of [Forced Technology] in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA that allows anyone “to do anything” in a Holographic SIMULATION with these Avatar Flesh and Blood and Bones Body Temple {TEMPORARY} Human looking beings we all walk around in trying to “pretend to be” something the TV Shows say we should do????, But I DO NOT let the TV “tell me” what to do anymore…

So hear me well my Visionaries, and Seer, and my Seekers….., it is NOT Reading things Back Wards that “will teach you” one thing in the Church Of SATAN these FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST LODGES “throughout” the world we do so employ…..., he only meant to do DUALITY TALK where you “say one thing” to The Public nonmason POPULATIONS, and then you speak the “Truth” only in PRIVATE with your só called Privileged TOWNS FOLK whom from the Preacher to the Teacher from the Mayor to the “County Court House” these FREE MASON all live off OUR Welfare!!! It meant to always SPEAK IN CODE “when around” we the nonmason POPULATIONS of our “Nations” and since we now know all FREE MASON Lodge members are Demons, and Monsters, and quite DETRIMENTAL “to our” TARTARIAN Way of life, then we need to keep these “Phoenicians” in check…., and lock up all FREE MASON “of this world” for High Treason – Sedition – Traitors “too we” The nonmason in every land….

Johnny Exodice


The Society of nonmason “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION!!!






Never Forget – Never Again – TIMES UP!!! FREE MASON Lodge “Members” put Hexes on your People, and your “Community” and in Your Towns Populations…


The Commander~



ih3 google user content +=+ When is “the last time” you did a P.I. on your own life?????


The Society of nonmason~

We are KILROY… We are The 5th Column… We are The RED hand….

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