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Emergency in India (How Democracy can Crumble) _ Analysis by Akash Banerjee on T_low.mp4

Conscious Mind's
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Published on 24 Jun 2020 / In Film and Animation

*********Chapter Heads*************
00:00 Introduction
01:29 Why did Indira Gandhi impose Emergency?
04:35 The Darkest Day for Democracy
06:08 Bhakts and the Emergency
08:11 Tukde-Tukde Gangs in 1975
10:54 Nasbandi: A Masterstroke?

When the press is censored, students are detained, opposition is absent, and the country is going through a state of emergency...it is democracy that suffers.

When the Prime Minister considers himself as the ruler; any voice of dissent is crippled and fundamental rights are being denied.

We have seen throughout the course of history how an overbearing leader drunk on power and fame can take steps that lead to democratic upheaval. Not very far ago in history - we had the National Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi - question is - have we learnt anything from that lesson?

In this episode of TheDeshbhakt, we’ll talk about the Emergency that has left a permanent stain on Indian Democracy. It has been 45 years since then and we are forgetting the lessons that Emergency taught us. Watch the full episode to find out why we need to revisit Emergency 1975 in 2020.

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