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Electrosensitivity: Tortured By Technology? (Short Documentary) ¦ BBC Stories

Max Anderson
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Published on 22 Apr 2020 / In Film and Animation

Fatigue, pain, headaches, dizziness, burning, twitching, nausea, palpitations.
Just some of the symptoms experienced by people who say they suffer from 'electrosensitivity'.

Electrosensitives – who are mostly self-diagnosed - say that electromagnetic fields from mobile phones, wi-fi and other modern technology are making them seriously ill.

Years of well-controlled, double-blind studies have found no evidence that electromagnetic fields cause these symptoms.

The World Health Organisation says electrosensitivity is not a medical diagnosis, and both the WHO and Public Health England say there’s no scientific basis that these symptoms are linked to electromagnetic field exposure.

But, with super-fast 5G mobile technology spreading across the UK, electrosensitives are getting increasingly worried.

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The BBC has looked at the evidence concerning 5G and health risks here: https://bbc.in/31whfyg

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