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Election Rigging, Big Lies, and Nuclear Threats

Dustin Nemos
Dustin Nemos - 115 Views
Published on 22 Aug 2020 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Teacher…, What is to happen to them’ even if they have Holy Spirit, and they DENY we are in PURGATORY.?.?.? When I was a Traveler for these last three years, there were those whom would talk to me, and I still had no clue that I carried the Christ Spirits, Soul, and Person within, and as I slept on the streets as the Homeless, God began to show me [all things] #QANON /_\ in this world, and how Nobody would help me cause they are not “allowed” too help them that are Chosen of God to be a Witness to the Cruelty of a People gone mad In the REAL Celestial Sphere all these Human Body Temple Avatars actually did live [this reality] Q` we are seeing as Celestial Beings in our Human Flesh, and Blood, and Bones Host… That said, it does not matter what Banking Government Religion you say you belong to for the DENOMINATION of your Religion be it Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Zoroaster and the Plethora of [False Gods] Q+ from the ROMAN Empire to the Greek Empire are no longer in play… The Golden Age Fell, The Silver Age Fell, The Bronze Age Fell, and we all fell in the Heroic Age when WE THE PEOPLE “fought back” against all the A.I. Technologist that were destroying Gods Creation, and though I prefer to use the Words The Source of All Creation, and The Source of Destruction for why we are Born into Purgatory, and the Book of Enoch shows we all have had over 10,000 times 10,000 years at Redemption, Reconsideration, and Reconciliation with our Creator as Fallen Angles ourselves, this is it, there will be no more De-Ja-Vu, there will be no more Oraborus “Phoenix” RISING out of the [Ashes] Q’ for the MANY chose to do WAR IS MURDER, and the Bible was Changed Extensively, as were many other Religions of Ink on paper, and this is why LAW that means LAND + AIR + WATER is now dead, for we can not be saved by the LAWS of man and men be they Male or Female for The FREE MASON are not G.O.D., they are only Government OVER Democracy, and in PURGATORY you only have Demon Mockery; otherwise, We The People “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition would not allow, or PARTICIPATE with these [U.N. FLAGS] Q that live off our Taxes, our Welfare, and OUR Charity, and what do WE THE PEOPLE Get from OUR GOVERNMENT.?.?.? Fake Space, Fake News, and Fake People for we are all in the land of the DEAD, and when my Walking Waking Dead body dies, Christ Jesus 2.0 will take me home, and when you die too this world, he will take you home as well, but woe unto them whom WORSHIP Money, and Sex and all these DEPLORABLES for they will be thrown into the 2nd Lake of Fire for “condemning” themselves to saying: I must Kill these Persons of the World even though I am just A Person myself, but this it is the FATE, and The Luck, and The Destiny of them that deny OUR God and {Our Creator} +=+ why we are here to learn the lesson of the NARROW Path of Christ Jesus 1.0 that is nothing more then HONESTY, and since most lie to themselves, and blame OUR God for their Troubles, once I am dead and gone, God will not return for he has made a home “for we all” whom do what is right, and good, and decent, and honorable, but them OATH BREAKERS without Integrity, they [sealed their fates] Q’ the Day they came out of their Mothers Womb as PROPERTY to The Vatican that {Synagogue of Satan} from the Book of Revelation… The Book of EXODICE!!!


The Pope is not Holy he is the Anti-Holy!!!! The U.N. is just the ROMAN Catholic Church Ruling Purgatory till we all get Judged by the Most High God, and 3D Flowers of OUR God rather then 2D Flags of Satan!!! Flowers instead of flags muther fucker!!! FLOWERS instead of Dead Flags on our Coffins!!!


Anyone whom is a Teacher of THE WAY and does Malfeasance has become The Seven Seals, and they are now just more of The Cursed, The Dammed, and The Forsaken by the God of Gods, the Lord of Lords, and The King of Kings, and woe unto any and all in the PUBLIC Arena of Social Media that still deny I Christ Jesus have returned, and I walk among you “the people” as one of We The People…

The Sentinel…


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